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Into the Light of Things: The Art of the Commonplace from Wordsworth to John ...

George J. Leonard - 1995 - 250 Seiten
In this sweeping revision of avant-garde history, John Cage takes his rightful place as Wordsworth's great and final heir. George Leonard traces a direct line back from Cage ...
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Heart and Soul

Sally Mandel - 2002 - 415 Seiten
Heart and soul.

Glass: a portrait

Robert Maycock - 2002 - 191 Seiten
Philip Glass has had a unique impact on traditional popular culture over the past 40 years. Written jointly as an appraisal of his work and a biography, Glass details the ...

Bird at my window

Rosa Guy - 1966 - 282 Seiten

Selected Writings

Jean Baudrillard - 1988 - 230 Seiten
An expanded edition of the first comprehensive overview of Baudrillard's work, this new edition adds examples from after 1985.
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Composition in retrospect

John Cage - 1993 - 171 Seiten
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Writings about John Cage

Richard Kostelanetz - 1996 - 356 Seiten
Distinguished composers, performers, and critics offer views of one of the most important figures in twentieth-century music

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