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John Cage's Theatre Pieces: Notations and Performances

William Fetterman - 1996 - 282 Seiten
The experimental composer John Cage (1912-1992) is best known for his works in percussion, prepared piano, and electronic music, but he is also acknowledged to be one of the ...
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John Cage Uncaged Is Still Cagey

David Antin, John Cage - 2005 - 71 Seiten
Literary Nonfiction. Poetry. The two texts that make up this book originated as talks Antin gave in honor of John Cage's seventy-seventh birthday. Using Cage's poem ...

The Music of John Cage

James Pritchett - 1996 - 223 Seiten
The first book to examine fully the work of John Cage, leading figure of the post-war musical avant-garde.
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