Culinary Tourism

Lucy M. Long
University Press of Kentucky, 2004 M01 1 - 306 páginas

""From Kosher Oreos to the gentrification of Mexican cusine, from the charismatic cook of Basque communities in Spain and the United States to the mainstreaming of southwestern foodways, Culinary Tourism maps a lively cultural and intellectual terrain."" -- from the foreword by Barbara Kirshenblatt-GimblettCulinary Tourism is the first book to consider food as both a destination and a means for tourism. The book's contributors examine the many intersections of food, culture and tourism in public and commercial contexts, in private and domestic settings, and around the world. The contributors argue that the sensory experience of eating provides people with a unique means of communication. Editor Lucy Long contends that although the interest in experiencing ""otherness"" is strong within American society, total immersion into the unfamiliar is not always welcome. Thus spicy flavors of Latin Aermcia and the exotic ingredients of Asia have been mainstreamed for everyday consumption. Culinary Tourism explains how and why interest in foreign food is expanding tastes and leading to commercial profit in America, but the book also show how tourism combines personal experiences with cultural and social attitudes toward food and the circumstances for adventurous eating.


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Culinary Tourism A Folkloristic Perspective on Eating and Otherness Lucy M Long
Culinary Tourism in Public and Commercial Contexts
Tasting an Imagined Thailand Authenticity and Culinary Tourism in Thai Restaurants Jennie Germann Molz
From Montezumas Revenge to Mexican Truffles Culinary Tourism across the Rio Grande Jeffrey M Pilcher
Flavors of Memory Jewish Food as Culinary Tourism in Poland Eve Jochnowitz
Incorporating the Local Tourist at the Big Island Poke Festival Kristin McAndrews
Culinary Tourism in Private and Domestic Contexts
Of Course in Guatemala Bananas are Better Exotic and Familiar Eating Experiences of Mormon Missionaries Jill Terry Rudy
Culinary Tourism among Basques and Basque Americans Maintenance and Inventions Jacqueline S Thursby
Culinary Tourism in Constructed and Emerging Contexts
From Culinary Other to Mainstream America Meanings and Uses of Southwestern Cuisine Amy Bentley
Rites of Intensification Eating and Ethnicity in the Catskills Rachelle H Saltzman
Pass the Tofu Please Asian Food for Aging Baby Boomers Liz Wilson
Ethnic Heritage Food in Lindsborg Kansas and New Glarus Wisconsin Barbara G Shortridge

Kashering the Melting Pot Oreos Sushi Restaurants Kosher Treif and the Observant American Jew Miryam Rotkoviiz

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Acerca del autor (2004)

Lucy M. Long teaches folklore and food studies in the International Studies and American Culture Studies Programs at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She is the editor of the American Folklore Society's foodways section journal, Digest.

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