Managing on Her Own: Dr. Lillian Gilbreth and Women's Work in the Interwar Era

Engineering & Management Press, 1998 - 278 páginas
After the death of her husband Frank Gilbreth in 1924, industrial psychologist Lillian Gilbreth struggled to provide for her 11 children by continuing her husband's work and extending scientific management to several sites of women's work, including the department store and the home. This book emerged out of the author's fascination with the growth of Lillian Gilbreth's career during the early years after Frank's death. On her own, she moved out of Frank's shadow and extended her expertise to a variety of work sites populated by women.The book takes a close look at her struggle to close the gap between her professional goals and the needs of her family. It draws upon diverse primary source materials to enhance our understanding of how her family and career fed off one another, ultimately transforming her into a public icon of a new type of woman -- a superwoman ahead of her time.

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