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And in his sacred paths sliall lead the humble and the meek.

10 Through all the ways of God
both truth and mercy shine,

To such as, with religious hearts,
to his blest will incline.

11 Since mercy is the grace,
that most exalts thy fame,

¥ irgive my heinous sin, 0 Lord, and so advance thy name.

12 Whoe'er, with humble tear, to God his duty pays.

Shall 6ud the Lord a faithful guide,

in all his righteous ways.

13 His quiet soul with peace shall he for ever bless'dj

And by his numerous race the land successively possess'd.

14 For God to all his saints his secret will imparts,

And does his gracious covenant write in their ohedient hearts.

15 To him I lift my eyes, and wait his timely aid,

Win' breaks the strong and treacherous which for my feet was laid. [snare,

16 O! turn, and all my griefs, in mercy, Lord, redress;

For I am compass' d round with woes, and plunged in deep distress.

17 The sorrows of my heart to mighty sums increase;

O! from this dark and dismal state my troubled soul release!;

28 Do thou, with tender eyes, my sad affliction see;

Acquit me, Lord, and from my guilt
entirely set me free.

19 Consider, Lord, my foes,
how vast their numhers growi

What lawless force and rage they ,use,
what boundless hate they show 1

20 Protect, and set my soul from their fierce malice free;

Hot let me he ashamed,who place my steadfast trust in thee.

21 Let all my righteous acts to full perfection rise;

Because my firm and constant hope on thee alone relies.

22 To Israel's chosen race continue ever kind \

Aadtin the midst of all their wants,
iei them thy succour find.

JUDGE me, O Lord, for I the paths
of righteousness have trod;
I cannot fail, who all my trust

repose on thee, my God. 2,3 Search thou my heart, whose innocence will shine the more 'tis try'd; For I have kept thy grace in view, and made thy truth my guide.

4 I never for companions took the idle or profane;

No hypocrite, with all his arts, could e'er my friendship gain

5 I hate the busy plotting crew, who make distracted umes;

And shun their wicked company, as I avoid their crimes.

6 Til wash my hands in innocence, and bring a heart so pure,

That when thy altar I approach,

my welcome shall secure. 7,8 My thanks I'll publish there, and tell

bow thy renown excels; That seat affords me most delight,

in which thy honour dwells.

9 Pass not oo rae the sinners' doom, who murder make their trade;

10 Who others' rights, by secret bribes, or open force, invade.

11 But I will walk in paths of truth and innocence pursue,

Protect me, therefore, and to me thy mercies, Lord, renew.

12 In spite of all assaulting foes,
I still maintain my ground;

And shall survive among thy saints,
thy praises to resound,

TTITHOM should I fear, since God to uit

T V is saving health and light? Since strongly he my life supports what can my soul affright?

2 With fierce intent my flesh to tear, when foes beset me round,

They stumbled, and their haughty crest* were made to strike the ground.

3 Thro' him my heart, undaunted, dare* with mighty hosts to cope j

Through him, in doubtful straits of war, for good success I hope.

4 Henceforth, within his house to dwell, I earnestly desire;

His wondrous heauty there to view, and of his will inquire.

5 For there I may with comfort rest, in times of deep distress;

And safe, as on a rock, abide in that secure recess:

6 Whilst God o'er all my haughty foci my lofty head shall raise;

And I my joyful tribute bring, with grateful songs of praise. PART IT.

7 Continue, Lord, to hear my voice, whene'er to thee I cry \

In mercy my complaints receive, nor my request deny.

8 When us to seek thy glorious face, thou kindly dost advise;

"Thy glorious face III always seek, my grateful heart replies.

9 Then hide not thou thy face. O Lot dj 'nor me in wrath reject \

My God and Saviour, leave not hira

thou didst so oft protect. lOTho'all my friends, aiid kindred too,

their helpless charge forsake, Yet thou, whose love excels them all,

wilt rare and pity take.

11 Instruct me in thy ftaths, O Lore', my ways directly guide;

Lest euvious men, who watch my steps, should see me tread aside.

12 Lord, disappoint my cruel foes; defeat their ill desire,

Whose lying lips, and bloody hands, against my peace conspire.

13 1 trusted that my future life should with thy love he crown'd;

Or else my tainting soul had sunk, with sorrow coinpass'd round.

14 God's time with patient faith expect, who will inspire thy breast

With i uward strength: do thou thy part, and leave to him the rest.


OLORI), my rocs, to thee I cry, in sighs consume my breath; O! answcr,orI shall become

like those that sleep in death. 2 Regard my supplication, Lord,

the cries that I repeat, With weeping eyes, and lifted hands,

hefore thy mercy-seat. S Let me escape the sinners' doom,

who make a trade of ill, And ever speak the person fair,

whose blood they mean to spill.

4 According to their crimes'extent, let justice have its course;

Relentless he to them, as they have sinn'd without remorse.

5 Since they the works of God despise, nor will his grace adore;

His wrath shall utterly destroy, and build them up no more.

6 But I, with due acknowledgment, his praises will resound,

From whom the cries of my distress a gracious answer found.

7 My heart its confidence reposed in"God, my strength and shield;

In him I trusted, and retura'd

triumphant from the field. As he hath made my joys complete,

'tis just that I should raise The cheerful tribute of my thanks,

and thus resound his praise:

8 " His aiding power supports the troops, '* that my just cause maintain:

** Twas he advanced me to the throne;

■' 'tis he secures my reign." 8 Preserve thy chosen, and proceed

thine heritage to bless; With plenty prosperthein,in pence;

in battle, with success.


YE princes, that in might excel,
your grateful sacrifice prepare
God's glorious actions loudly tell,
his wondrous power to all declare.

2 To his great name fresh altars raise; devoutly due res1iect afford;

II in L in his holy temple pmise, where be'r with solemn stale adored.

3 Tis he that, with amazing noise, the watery clouds in sunder breaks:

The ocean trembles at his voice,

when he from heaven in thunder speal,'. 4,5 How full of power his voice appear*!

with what majestic terror crown'd'. Wliich from their roots tall cedars lean,

and slrews their scatter'd brand. • round. 6 They, and the hills on which they grow,

are sometimes hurry'd far away, And leap, like hinds that hounding go,

or unicorns in youthful play. 7,8 When God in thunder loudly speaks,

and scatter'd flame* of lightning ncink The forest nods, the desert quakes,

and stubborn Kadesh lowly bends. 9 He makes the hinds to cast their young?,

and lays the beasts1 dark coverts bare; While those that to bis courts helong,

securely sing his praises there. 10,"11 God rules the angry floods on high

his boundless sway shall never cease, His saints with strength he will supply.

and bless his own with constant i**Ve. PSALM 30.

rLL celebrate thy praises, Lord, who didst thy power employ To raise my drooping head, and check

my foes' insulting joy. 2,3 In my distress I cry'd to thee,

who kindly didst relieve, And from the grave's expecting jawi my hopeless life retrieve.

4 Thus to his courts, ye saints of his with songs of praise repair;

With nie commemorate his truth, and providential care.

5 His wrath has but a moment's reigsy bis favour no decay;

Your night of grief is recompensed with joy's returning day.

6 lint 1. in prosperous dn\s presumed; no sudden change I fear'd;

Whilst, in my sunshine of success, no lowering cloud appear'd.

7 But soon I lbuml thy tavour, Lord, my empire's only trust;

For wlten thou hid'st thy face, I saw my honour laid in dust.

8 Then, as I vainly hud presumed, my error I confess'd;

And thus, with supplicating voice, thv mercy's throne address'd:

S "what profit is there in my blood, "congeaf' d by death's cold night'

* Can silentashes speak thy praise, "thy wondrous truth recile?

10 "Hear me, O Loni, in mercy hear; u thy wonted aid extend;

"Do thou send kelp, on whom alone "I can for help depend."

11 Tis done! thou hast my mournful to songs and dances turn'd; [scene

Invested ine with rohes of state, who late in sackcloth mourn'd.

12 Exalted thus, I'll gladly sing thy praise in grateful verse;

And, as thy favours endless are, thy endless praise rehearse. PSALM 31.

DEFEND me, Lord, from shame, for still I trust in thee:'

As j ust and righteous is thy name, from danger set me free.

2 Bow down thy gracious ear, and speedy succour send;

Do thou my steadfast rock appear, to shelter and defend.

3 Since thou, when foes oppress, ray rock and fortress art,

To guide me forth from this distress, thy wonted help impart.

4 Release me from the snare, which they have closely hud;

.Since I, O God, my strength, repair to thee alone for aid.

5 To tiiee, the God of truth, my life, and all that's mine,

(For thou preservedst me from my youth,) I willingly resign.

6 All vain designs I hate of those that trust in lie*;

And stiH my souLm every state, to God for succour flies. PART II.

7 Those mercies thou hast shown, I'll cheerfully express;

Jfor thou hast seen my straits, and known my soul in deep distress.

8 When Keilah's treacherous race did all my strength enclose,

Tliou gav'st my feet a larger space, to shun my watchful foes.

9 Thy mercy, Lord, display, and hear my just complaint;

for both my soul and flesh decay, with grief and hunger faint.

10 Sad thoughts my life oppress; my years are spent in groans;

My sins have made my strength decrease, and ev'n consumed my bones.

11 My foes my sufferings mock'd; my neighbours did upbraid;

My friends, at sight of me, were shock'd,

and fled, as men dtsmay'd. 1-2 Forsook by all am I,

as dead, and out of mind; And like a shatter'd vessel lie, . whose parts can ne'er be join'd, 1 T\A*X

13 Yet slanderous words they speak, and seem my power to dread;

Whilst they together counsel take, my guiltless blood to shed.

14 But still my steadfast trust I on thy help repose:

That thou, my God, art good and just, my soul with comfort knows. PART III.

15 Whatever events hetide, thy wisdom times them all;

Then, Lord, thy servant safely hide from those that seek his fall.

16 The brightness of thy face to me, 0 Lord, disclose;

And, as thy mercies still increase, preserve me from my foes.

17 Me from dishonour save, who still have call'd on thee;

Let that, and silence in the grave, the sinner's portion be.

18 Do thou their tongues restrain, whose breath in lies is spent;

Who false reports, with proud disdain, against the righteous vent

19 Flow great thy mercies are to such as fear thy name,

Which thou,for those that trust thy care dost to the world proclaim!

20 Thou keep'st them in thy sight, from proud oppressors free;

From tongues that do in strife delight, they are preserved by thee.

21 With glory and renown God's name he ever bless'd;

Whose love, in Keilah's well-fenced
was wondrously express'd!

22 I said, in hasty flight,
"I'm banish'd from thine eyes f

Vet still thou keep'st me in thy sight,
and heard'st my earnest ciies.

23 O! all ye saints, the Lord with eager love pursue;

Who to the just will help afford, am! give the proud their due.

24 Ye that on God rely, courageously proceed;

For he will still your hearts supply with strength, in time of need. PSALM 32.

HE's blest whose sins have pardon gain'd, no more in judgment to appear;

2 Whose guilt remission has obtain'd, and whose repentance is sincere.

3 While I conceal'd the fretting sore, my bones consumed without relief;

All day did I with anguish roar, but no complaints assuaged my grief

4 Heavy on me thy hand remain'd, by day and night alike distress'd,

Till quite of vital moisture drain'd, like land with summer's drought pTttHTd,

5 No sooner 1 my wound disclosed,
the guilt that tortured me within,

But thy forgiveness interposed,
and mercy's healing balm jwur'd in.

6 True peuitonls shall thus succeed,
who seek thee whilst thou may'st be

found; And, from the common deluge freed, shall see remorseless sinners drown'd.

7 Thy favour, Lord, in all distress, my tower of refuge I must own;

Thou shalt l haughty ioes suppress, and me with songs of triumph crown.

8 In my Instruction then confide,

ye that would truth's safe path descry; Tour progress I'll securely guide, and keep you in my watchful eye.

9 Submit yourselves to wisdom's rule, like men that reason have attaln'd;

Not like I ungovern'd horse and mule, whose fury must be curbed and rein'd.

10 Sorrows on sorrows multiply'd,
the hardened sinner shall confound;

But them who in his truth confide,
blessings of mercy shall surround.

11 His saints, that have perform'd his

laws, their life in triumph shall employ; Let them, as they alone have cause, in grateful raptures shout for joy.


LET all the just to God, with joy,
their cheerful voices raise;
For well the righteous it becomes

to sing glad songs of praise. 6, 3 Let harps, and psalteries, and lutes,

in joyful concert meet; And new-made songs of loud applause

the harmony complete. 4, ft" For faithful is the word of God;

Iris works with truth abound; He justice loves; ami all the earth

is with his goodness crown'd.

6 Ry his Almighty Word, at first, the heavenly arch was rear'd;

And all the burs ts of light at his command appenr'd.

7 The swelling floods, together roll'd, he makes in heaps to be ;

And lays, as in a store-house safe,

the watery treasure)* tn 8, ft Let earth, and all that dwell therein,

before him trembling stand; For, when he spake the word, 'twas made;

'twas ftVd at his command.

10 He, when the heathen closely plot, their counsels undermines;

His wisdom ineffectual makes the people's rash designs.

11 Wuaie'er the mighty Lord decrees, shall stand forever sure;

The settled purpose of his heart v'c ages shall endnr*.

PART li. 12 How happy then are they, to whom

the Lord for God is known! Whom he, from all the world besides,

has chosen for his own. 13,14,15 He all the nations of the earth,

from heaven, his throne, survev'cl; He saw their works, and vk-wM their thoughts;

by him their hearts were made. 16,17 -No king is safe by numerous bosn:

their strength the strong deceive*: No managed horse, by force or speed,

his w»i like rider saves. 18,19 'Tis God, who those that trust ir

beholds with gracious eyes; (him

He frees their soul from death; their want,

in time of dearth supplies. 20,21 Our soul on God with patienot waits;

our help and shield is he; Then, Lord, let still our hearts rejoice,

because we trust in thee. 22 The riches of thy mercy, Lord,

do thou to us extend; Since we, for all we want or wish,

on thee alone depend.


THROUGH all the changing scenes of in trouble and in joy, [fife

The praises of my God shall still my heart and tongue employ.

2 Of his deliverance I will boast, till all that are distrest,

From my example comfort take, and charm their griefs to rest.

3 O! magnify the Lord with me, with me exalt his name:

4 When in distress to him I callV. he to my rescue came.

5 Their drooping hearts were soon rt who looked to him for aid; [fresh c,

Desired success in every face a cheerful air displayed.

6 "Behold," say they, "behold the In*, "whom providence relieved;

"The man so dangerously beset, "so wondrously retrieved!"

7 The hosts of God encamp around the dwellings of the just;

Deliverance he affords to all who on his succour trust.

8 O! make but trial of his love, experience will dec'uIe

How blest t hey are, and only they, who hi his truth confide.

9 Fear him, ye saints; and you will lbs have nothing else to fear:

Make you his service your delight, your wants s, l,e bis care.

10 While hungry lions lack their prey, the Lord will food provide

For such as put their trust in him, and see their needs supply'd.


11 A|'pniaru,\e piously disposed,
and my instruction hear;

I'll te.ich you the true discipline
of bis religious fear.

12 Let hi-n who length of life desires, ami prosperous days would see,

13 From slandering language keep his


his lips from falsehood free; f-i The crooked paths of vice decline,

and virtue's ways pursue; Establish peace, where 'tis begun;

an:l where'tis lost, renew. IS The Lord from heaven beholds the just

with favourable eyes; Arid, when distress'd, his gracious ear

is open to their cries; 16 Hut turns his wrathful look on those

whom mercy can't reclaim, To cut them off, and from the earth

blot out their hated name.

17 1 )eliverance to his saints he gives, when his relief they crave;

18 He's nigh to heal the broken heart, and contrite spirit save.

1? The wicked oft, but still in vain, agai nst the j us t conspire;

20 For under their affliction's weight he keeps their bones entire.

21 The wicked, from their wicked arts, their ruin shall derive;

Whilst righteous men, whom they detest, shall them and theirs survive.

22 For God preserves the souls of those who on his truth depend ■

To them, and their posterity, t 1i s blessings shall descend.


A GAINSTallthosethatstrivewithme, ^L O Lord, assert my right *, v'ith such as war unjustly wage, do thon my battles fight. Thy buckler tal-e, and bind thy shield ii .»..t thy waxlike arm; Land up, O God, in my defence, and keep me safe from harm. Bring forth thy spear; and stop their

course, that haste my blood to spill' iv to my soul, "I am thy health, "and will preserve thee still." Let tfccm with shame be cover'd o'er, v. I;o my destruction sought: ul such as did my harm devise, ,« to confusion brought, "hen shall they fly,dispersed like chaff before the driving wind; .fl's vengeful miinster of wrath hall follow close behind. nti when,thro'dark and slippery ways, hey ';triv« his rage to shun, , cengeful ministers of wrath jjoud them as they run.

7 Since, unprovoked by any wrong, they hid their treacherous snare;

And, for thy harmless soul, a pit did, without cause, prepare *,

8 Surprised by mischiefs unforeseen by their own arts hetray'd,

Their feet shall fall into the net, which they for me had laid:

9 Whilst my glad soul shall God's great

name for this deliverance bless, And, by his saving health secured, its grateful joy express.

10 My very bones shall say, wO Lord, "who can compare with thee! Who sett'st the poor and helpless man •' from strong oppressors free."


11 False witnesses.with forged complaints, against my truth combined;

And to my charge such things they laid, as I had ne'er design'd.

12 The good which I to them had done, with evil they repaid;

And did, by malice undeserved, my harmless life invade.

13 But as for me, when they were sick, I still in sackcloth mourn'd -,

I pray'd and fasted, and my prayer to my own breast return'd.

14 Had they my friends or brethren been, I could have done no more;

Nor with more decent signs of grief a mother's loss deplore.

15 How differentdid their carriage provt, in times of my distress!

When they, in crowds, together met,

did savage joy express. The rabble too, in numerous throngs,

by their example came; And ceased not, with reviling words,

to wound my spotless fame.

16 Scoffers, that noble tables haunt, and earn their bread with lies,

Did gnash their teeth, and slandering jests maliciously devise.

17 But, Lord, how loug wilt thou look on? on my behalf appear;

And save my guiltless soul, which they like ravening heasts, would tear. PART III.

18 So I, before the listening world, shall grateful thanks express;

And where the ereat assembly meets, thy name with praises bless.

19 Lord, suffer not my causeless foes, who me unjustly hate,

With open joy, or secret signs, to mock my sad estate.

20 For they, with hearts averse to peace. industriously devise,

Against the men of quiet minds to forge malicious lies.

21 Nor with these private arts content, aloud thcv rent their spite j

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