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offences come: but woe to that Take Mark and bring him with man by whom the offence com- thee: for he is profitable to me eth. Wherefore, if thy hand or for the ministry. And Tychicus thy foot offend thee, cut them have I sent to Ephesus. The OR. and cast them from thee: it cloak that I left at Troas with is better for thee to enter into life Carpus, when thou comest, bring halt or maimed, rather than hav- with thee, and the books, but esing two hands or two feet, to be pecially the parchments. Alexcast into everlasting fire. And if ander the coppersmith did me thine eye offend thee, pluck it much evil: the Lord reward him out, and cast it from thee: it is according to his works. Of whom better for thee to enter into life be thou ware also, for he hath with one eye, rather than having greatly withstood our words. two eyes, to be cast into hell fire. Take heed that ye despise not The Gospel. St. Luke 1. 1. one of these little ones: for I say THE Lord appointed other se. unto you, That in heaven their I venty also, and sent them angels do always behold the face two and two before his face into of my Father which is in heaven. levery city and place, whither he

himself would come. Therefore Saint Lake the Evangelist. said he unto them, The harvest The Collect.

truly is great, but the labourers ALMIGHTY God, who calledst are few: pray ye therefore the A Luke the Physician, whose Lord of the harvest, that he would praise is in the Gospel, to be an send forth labourers into his har Evangelist and Physieian of the vest. Go your ways; behold, I soul; may it please thee, that by send you forth as lambs among the wholesome medicines of the wolves. Carry neither purse, nor doctrine delivered by him, all the scrip, nor shoes; and salute no diseases of our souls may be man by the way. And into what. healed, through the merits of thy soever house ye enter, first say, Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Peace be to this house. And if

The Emistle. 2 Tim. iv. 5... (the son of peace be there, your W A TCH thou in all things, peace shall rest upon it: if not, it

VV endure afflictions, do the shall turn to you again. And in work of an Evangelist, make full the same house remain, eating proof of thy ministry. For I am and drinking such things as they now ready to be offered, and the give: for the labourer is worthy time of my departure is at hand. Of bis hire. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept.

P , Saint Simon and Saint Jude, the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righte

Apostles. ousness, which the Lord the 1 The Collect. righteous Judge shall give me at ALMIGHTY God, who hast that day: and not to me only, U built thy Church upon the but unto all them also that love foundation of the Apostles and his appearing. Do thy diligence Prophets, Jesus Christ himself beto come shortly anto me: For ing the head corner-stone; grant Demas hath forsaken me, having us so to be joined together in uniloved this present world, and ty of spirit by their doctrine, that is departed unto Thessalonica; we may be made an holy temple Crescens to Galatia, Titus unto acceptable into thee, through Je. Dalmatia. Only Luke is with me. Isus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Epistle.' St. Jude 1. unto you, The servant is not TUDE, the servant of Jesus greater than his lord; if they have V. Christ, and brother of James, persecuted me, they will also to them that are sanctified by persecute you; if they have kept God the Father, and preserved in my saying, they will keep yours Jesus Christ, and called: Mercy also. But all these things will they unto you, and peace and love be do unto you for my name's sake, moltiplied. Beloved, when I because they know not him that gave all diligence to write unto sent me. If I had not come and you of the common salvation, it spoken unto them, they had not . was needful for me to write un- had sin: but now they have no to you, and exhort you, that ye cloak for their sin. He that hateth should earnestly contend for the me, hateth my Father also. If I faith which was once delivered had not done among them the unto the saints. For there are works which none other man certain men crept in unawares, did, they had not had sin : but who were before of old ordained now have they both seen and to this condemnation; ungodly hated both me and my Father men, turning the grace of our But this cometh to pass, that the Godinto lasciviousness, and deny-word might be fulfilled that is ing the only Lord God, and our written in their law, They hated Lord Jesus Christ. I will there-me without a cause. But when fore put you in remembrance, the Comforter is come, whom I though ye once knew this, how will send unto you from the Fathat the Lord having saved the ther, even the Spirit of truth, people out of the land of Egypt, which proceedeth from the Faafterward destroyed them that ther, he shall testify of me. And believed not. And the angels ye also shall bear witness, bewhich kept not their first estate, cause ye have been with me but left their own habitation, from the beginning. he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness, unto the

All Saints' Day. judgment of the great day. E

The Collect. Ten as Sodom and Gomorrha,ln ALMIGHTY God, who hast and the cities about them, in like U knit together thine elect in manner giving themselves over one communion and fellowship, to fornication, and going after in the mystical body of thy Son strange flesh, ape set forth for an Christ our Lord; grant us grace example, suffering the vengeance so to follow thy blessed Saints in of eternal fire. Likewise also all virtuous and godly living, that these filthy dreamers

dreamers defile the we may come to those unspeakaflesh, despise dominion, and ble joys, which thou hast preparspeak evil of dignities.

ed for those who unfeignedly The Gospel. St. John xv. 17. I love thee, througb Jesus Christ THESE things Icommand you, our Lord. Amen. .

that ye love one another. If For the Epistle. Rev. vii. 2. the world hate you, ye know that! AND I saw another angel asit hated me before it hated you. Al cending from the east, havIl ye were of the world, the world|ing, the seal of the living God; Would love his own: but because and he cried with a loud voice to ye are not of the world, but I the four angels, to whom it was

avechosen you out of the world, I given to hurt the earth and the therefore the world hateth you. sea, saying, Hurt not the earth, Remember the word that I said neither the sea, nor the trees till

we have sealed the servants of all the angels stood round abou our God in their foreheads. And the throne, and about the elder: I heard the number of them which and the four beasts, and fell be were sealed; and there were fore the throne on their faces sealed an hundred and forty and and worshipped God, saying four thousand, of all the tribes of Amen : Blessing, and glory, and the children of Israel.

wisdom, and thanksgiving, and Of the tribe of Judah were seal- (honour, and power, and might ed twelve thousand.

be unto our God for ever and Of the tribe of Reuben were ever. Amen. sealed twelve thousand.

The Gospel. St. Matt. v. 1. Of the tribe of Gad were seal- | JESUS seeing the multitudes ed twelve thousand.

I went up into a mountain; and of the tribe of Aser were seal. when he was set, his disciples ed twelve thousand.

came unto him. And he opened Of the tribe of Nephthalim his mouth, and taught them, say. were sealed twelve thousand. ing, Blessed are the poor in spi• Of the tribe of Manasses were rit: for theirs is the kingdom of sealed twelve thousand.

heaven. Blessed are they that Of the tribe of Simeon were mourn: for they shall be com. sealed twelve thousand.

forted. Blessed are the meek: for Of the tribe of Levi were seal- they shall inherit the earth. ed twelve thousand.

Blessed are they which do hunOf the tribe of Issachar were ger and thirst after righteousness: sealed twelve thousand.

for they shall be filled. Blessed Of the tribe of Zabulon were are the merciful: for they shall sealed twelve thousand.

Johtain mercy. Blessed are the Of the tribe of Joseph were pure in heart: for they shall see sealed twelve thousand.

God. Blessed are the peace-maOf the tribe of Benjamin were kers: for they shall be called the sealed twelve thousand

children of God. Blessed are they After this I beheld, and lo, a which are persecuted for righte. great multitude, which no man ousness' sake: for theirs is the could number, of all nations, and kingdom of heaven. Blessed are kindreds, and people and tongues, ve, when men shall revile you, stood before the throne, and be- and persecute you, and shall say fore the Lamb, clothed, with all manner of evil against you white robes, and palins in their falsely for my sake. Rejoice and hands; and cried with a loud be exceeding glad: for great is voice, saying, Salvation to our your reward in heaven: for so God, which sitteth_upon the persecuted they the prophets throne, and unto the Lamb. And I which were before you.

Administration of the Lord's Supper,


If among inose who come to be partakers of the Holy Communion, the Minister shall know any to be an open and notorious evil liver, or to have done any wrong to his neighbours by word or deed, so that the Congregation be thereby offended: he shaul advertise him, that he presume not to come to the Lori's Table, umul he have openly declared himself to have truly repented and amended his

former evil life, that the Congregation may thereby be satisfied; and that he hath recompensed the parties to whom he hath done wrong; or at least declare himself to be in full purpose so to do, as soon as he conveniently may. The same order shall the Minister use with those, betwixt whom he perceiveth malice and hatred to reign; not suffering them to be partakers of the Lord's Table, until he know them to be reconciled. And if one of the parties, so at vari. ance, be content to forgive from the bottom of his beart all that the other hath trespassed against him, and to make amends for that wherein he himself hath of fended; and the other party will not be persuaded to a godly unity, but remain, still in his frowardness and malice; the Minister in that case ought to admit the penitent person to the Holy Communior, and not him that is obstinate: Provided, that every Minister so repelling any, as is herein specified, shall be obliged to

give an account of the same to the Ordinary, as soon as conveniently may be. * The Table, at the Communion time, having a fair white linen cloth upon it,

shall stand in the body of the Church, or in the Chancel; and the Minister standing at the north side of the table, or where Morning and Evening Prayer are appointed to be said, shall say the Lord's Prayer and the Collect following, the people kneeling; but the Lord's Prayer may be omitted, if Morning Prayer bath been said immediately before.

UR Father, who art in Hea-, Minister. Thou shalt not make U ven, Hallowed bethy Name; to thyself any graven image, nor Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will the likeness of any thing that is be done on Earth, as it is in Hea- in heaven above, or in the earth ven; Give us this day our daily beneath, or in the water under bread; And forgive us our tres- the earth. Thou shalt not bow passes, as we forgive those who down to them, nor worship them: trespass against us; And lead us For I the Lord thy God am a not into temptation; But deliver jealous God; and visit the sins of us from evil: For thine is the the fathers upon the children, Kingdom, and the Power, and the unto the third and fourth generaGlory, for ever and ever. Amen. tion of them that bate me; and The Collect.

. show mercy unto thousands in A LMIGHTY God, unto whom them that love me, and keep my A all hearts are open, all de- commandments. sires known, and from whom no People. Lord, have mercy upon secrets are hid; cleanse the us, and incline our hearts to keep thoughts of our hearts by the in- this law. spiration of thy Holy Spirit; that Minister. Thou shalt not take we may perfectly love thee, and the name of the Lord thy God in worthily magnify thy holy name, vain: For the Lord will not hold through Christ our Lord. Amen. him guiltless that taketh his name 1 Then shall the Minister, turning to the in vain.

People, rehearse distinctly the Ten: People. Lord, have mercy upon Commandments; and the People still' us, and incline our hearts to keep kneeling, shall, after every command- this law. ment, ask God mercy for their trans- Minister. Remember that thou gressions for the time past, and grace to keep the law for the time to come. keep holy the Sabbath-day. Six as followeth.

days shalt thou labour, and do all Minister.

· įthat thou hast to do; but the seCOD spake these words, and venth day is the Sabbath of the

said, I am the Lord thy God: Lord thy God. In it thou shalt Thou shalt have none other gods do no manner of work; thou, but me.

and thy son, and thy daughter, People. Lord, have mercy upon thy man-servant, and thy maidus, and incline our hearts to keep servant, thy cattle, and the stranthis law.

ger that is within thy gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven these two commandments hang and earth, the sea, and all that all the law and the prophets. in them is, and rested the seventh |

Let us pray. day; wherefore the Lord blessed ALMIGHTY Lord, and everthe seventh day, and hallowed it. V lasting God, vouchsafe, we

People. Lord, have mercy upon beseech thee, to direct, sanctify, Als, and incline our hearts to keep and govern, both our hearts and this law.

| bodies, in the ways of thy laws, Minister. Honour thy father and in the works of thy coin and thy mother; that thy days mandments, that, through thy may be long in the land which most mighty protection, both here the Lord thy God giveth thee. and ever, we may be preserved in

People. Lord, have mercy upon body and soul, through our Lord lis, and incline our hearts to keep and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. this law.

Then shall be said the Collect of the Minister. Thou shalt do no! Day: and immediately after the Colmurder.

lect, the Minister shall read the Epistle, People. Lord, have mercy upon

saying, The Epistle (or, The portion of

Scripture appointed for the Epistle] Ms, and incline our hearts to keep

is written in the chapter of be this law.

ginning at the - verse. And the EpisMinister. Thou shalt not com tle ended, he shall say, Here endeth the mit adultery.

Epistle. 'Then shall be read the GosPeople. Lord, have mercy upon

pel (the people all standing up) saying,

the holi Gospel is written in the us, and incline our hearts to keep chapter of , beginning at the this law.

verse. Minister. Thou shalt not steal. |

Here the people shall say, People. Lord, bave mercy upon| us, and incline our hearts to keep

Glory be to thec, O Lord. this law.

1 Then shall be read the Apostles or Ni· Minister. Thou shalt not bear cene Creed: unless one of them hath

been read immediately before, in the false witness against thy neigh-|

Morning Service. bour.

T Then the Minister shall declare unto People. Lord, have mercy upon the People what Holy days, or Fasting us, and incline our hearts to keep days, are in the week following to be this law.

observed; and (if occasion be) shall

Notice be given of the Communion, Minister. Thou shalt not covet

and of the Bans of Matrimony, and thy neighbour's house, thou shalt)

other Matters to be published. not covet thy neighbour's wife, 1 Then shall follow the Sermon: after nor his servant, nor his maid, nor which, the Minister, when there is & his ox, nor his ass, nor anything

Communion, shall return to the Lord's

Tabie, and begin the Offertory, saying that is his.

one or more of these sentences follow: People. Lord, have mercy upon

ing, as he thinketh most convenient. us, and write all these thy laws in T ET your light so shine before our hearts, we beseech thee. L men, that they may see your

Then the Minister may say, good works, and glorify your FaHear also what our Lord Jesus ther which is in heaven. St. Christ saith.

Matt. v. 16. THOU shalt love the Lord thy Lay not up for yourselves trea.

1 God with all thy heart, and sures upon earth, where moth with all thy soul, and with all thy and rust doth corrupt, and where mind: This is the first and great thieves break through and steal: commandment. And the second But lay up for yourselves trea. is like unto it; Thou shalt love sures in heaven, where neither thy neighbour as thyself. Ons moth nor rust doth corrupt, and

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