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The essays and articles here presented to the reader represent for the most part the outcome of the thoughts and studies and observations of a busy man, made in the intervals of his severer labours. Their author was, in his active days, a mathematician of repute, a profound scholar, a man of long experience in educational work, both by pen and voice, and a painstaking editor and registrar. The contents of the volume comprehend two classes or descriptions of literature, yet the dividing line is withal so fine that the two blend happily. There are in the first part of the volume some papers on the observation of Nature and kindred subjects, some of them reprinted from the pages of Nature Notes, and other journals, which are not inaptly termed “ Nature Studies.” They have no pretence to be scientific articles, and are collected and printed here because it is believed that they present enough of observation of Nature and her ways, coupled with enough of good English and happily conveyed directions for the profitable employment of leisure time, to warrant their preservation.

The literary and critical essays printed in the latter part of the volume need little comment beyond the remarks that they were originally written as lectures, and in that form have been delivered on various occasions by their author to highly appreciative audiences.

One of the main objects of this volume, however, is to present to the many friends of Mr. Miller an enduring memorial of his more active days, now unfortunately spent, and to preserve in tasteful form such of his articles as may have met with appreciation. It is to be regretted that, on account of no good recent photograph being obtainable, a better portrait could not be given than the one which is presented, which, indeed, was only reproduced with considerable difficulty.

H. K. S.

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