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The Wanderings of Cain. By S. T. Australia, a Poem, by Mr. T. K. Her. Coleridge, Esq.

vey, of Trinity, Cambridge. Scripture Topography : an alphabetical Travels among the Arub Tribes in Coun. arrangement of all the Names of Places tries East of Syria and Palestine. By Mr. mentioned in the Old and New Testament; Buckingham. 4to. accompanied with Historical and Descriptive Information derived from Ancient Writers and Modern Travellers, and par The Friend of India, No. VIII.- The ticularly useful in the illustration of the following are the contents : Art. 1. On Prophecies.

the State of the Agricultural Classes in Astronomical and other Tables ; calcu. India, and particularly in Bengal. 2. lated and compiled for the purpose of

Observations on the Malay Language, with facilitating Computations in Navigation Remarks on the Batavian Translation of and Nautical Astronomy. By Thomas the Scriptures, and Extracts from certain Lynn, late Commander in the Service of Malay Works. 3. Desultory Thoughts the Honourable East-India Company - on the Introduction of English into India. The work will contain upwards of 800 4. Observations on the Exposé read and pages of royal octavo, 650 of which are solemnly sanctioned by the Hindoo Litealready printed. The Tables will consist rary Society at its formation in Calcutta, of about 750 pages very closely printed. Feb. 16, 1823. 5. Sketch of the ChaThe remaining pages will be occupied by racter of the late Rev. William Ward, of a copious explanation and exemplification Serampore.—(Serampore.) of the Tables.

Zumeendaree Accounts. - A complete Critical Researches in Philology and Geo Set of Bengalese Revenue Accounts, acgraphy.—Among the Articles in this Work companied by a Translation, together with there will be found a Review of Dr. Lee's a few explanatory Remarks, Price 16 Edition of Jones's Persian Grammar, and rupees, in boards.-(Calcutta.) an Examination of the various Opinions Divine Grace the Source of all Human that in modern times have been held res Excellence, a Sermon occasioned by the pecting the Source of the Ganges, and Death of the late Rev. William Ward, the correctness of the Lama's Map of including a brief Memoir of the Deceased. Thibet. Evo.

By J. Marshunan, D.D.-(Serampore.)

asiatic Intelligence.




in Regulation IX., 1810, and other subse

quent Regulations; and particularly to GOVERNMENT REGULATION.

extend to the commerce of the said tertitory the benefit of the rule, whereby mer

chandize having once been subjected to The following Regulation is published the prescribed duty, may be freely transfor general information :

ported from place to place throughout the A.D. 1823. Regulation V. provinces to which the said Regulation is A gulation for giving currency applicalle, And whereas, it has also throughout the provinces dependent on the appeared io be expedient and proper to Presidency of Fort William to rowannabis reduce the transit duty with which pieceissued by the officers in charge of the goods, the manufacture of the Company's Dehlee territory, for reducing the transit territories, are chargeable under the produty chargeable on piece goods, the manu vinces of the Regulation above-mentioned; facture of the British territories, from 7£ the following rules have been enacted to to 25 per cent., and for inaking certain be in force throughout the territories imother alterations in the rules applicable to mediately dependent on the Presidency of the collection of customs ; passed by the Fort William. Governor General in Council on the 19th

II. Ist. Section xvii., Regulation June 1823, corresponding with the 6th IX., 1810, is hereby rescinded. Assaur 1230, Bengal era ; the 26th Jeyte 2d. The rules contained in Clause 1230, Fussily; the 7th Assaur 1230, Wil Third, Section xii., and Clause First, laity; the 17th Jeyte 1880, Sumbut; and Section xxiii. of the aforesaid Regulathe 8th Sowaul 1238, Higeree.

tion, shall be applicable to goods on which Whereas it has been determined to assi the transit duties prescribed by that and milate the rules under which the collection subsequent Regulations shall have been of customs within the Dehlee territory is to paid within the Dehlee territories, and to be conducted, to the provisions contained the rowannahs iesued by the Revenue




Officers in charge of the several divisions

On Foreian On British of that territory, on the payment of the If esported to other quar

Bottoms, Botions. said duties.

ters.......... III. Ist. The provisions contained in

2 ??

Silk and mixed piece-
Regulation IX. 1810, and subsequent
Regulations, relative to the duty to be

goods, if exported to


7} charged on piece-goods, are hereby de

If exported to other quarclared subject to the following modifica

21 73 tions : 2d. On piece-goods, cotton, silk, and

Published by order of the Honourable mixed, the manufacture of the Company's the Governor General in Council, territories, a transit duty shall be levied

W. B. BAYLEY, Chief Sec. to Gov. at the rate of 24 per cent., instead of the

Council Chamber, 19th June 1823. duty of 7 per cent. prescribed by the aforesaid Regulation.

GOVERNMENT GENERAL 3d. Piece-goods, the manufacture of

ORDERS. the Company's territories, shall, on importation by sea, be similarly charged with a duty of 2 per cent.

Fort William, May 2, 1823.— It being

deemed essential to the order and regu4th. Piece-goods which shall have paid the transit duty of 2} per cent. shall, on

larity of the several Departments, as well exportation by sea from Calcutta, or any

as just and equitable in itself, to place the

several corps of Local or Provincial other port or place belonging to this Pre

Troops each on one uniform scale or sidency, be further charged with the duties specified in the Schedule annexed

proportion, with regard to rauk, emoluto this Regulation, with the exceptions

ments, and establishments, with reference therein provided.

to the importance of their respective 5th. Piece-goods, for which rowannahs

duties; the Governor General in Council or proof of import by sea may not be

directs that the following rules be establishproduced by exporters, shall, on exporta

ed, in place of those now in force, relion by sea, be charged with a duty of two

specting all the irregular troops serving

under this Presidency. and a half per cent. in addition to the duty to which, if covered by a rowannah,

Local Infantry. they would be subject under the foregoing 1. That the fourteen battalions named class.

in the margin* be declared “ Local Bat6th. No drawback shall be paid on talions,” raised for the service and defence piece-goods which shall have been charged of the provinces or districts in which with transmit or import duty of 2} per they were formed, or elsewhere on emer. cent.

gency, and liable to active service in the 7th. Persons applying for rowannahs field; that they have rank and precedence are already required to specify in their next after the troops of the line, and be applications the value of the goods to be considered as entitled to the benefits of the passed :- It is hereby further enacted, that Invalid Pension Establishment under reif in any case a Collector of Customs shall gulations to be issued separately; in consehave reason to believe that any piece- quence of which they are to pay stoppages goods for which a rowannah may have been when sick in hospital, according to the issued are considerably undervalued, it rules and rates laid down in Sec. 29, Apshall be competent to him to take the pendix Medical Regulations, excepting goods on paying to the owner, or person the Bencoolen Local Battalion, which, in charge of the same, a sum equal to from its situation beyond sea, is exempted the value specified in the application, with from stoppages. an addition of 10 per cent. on the amount, 2. The pay of all Local Infantry will and interest at the rate of 8 per cent. per prospectively be as follows, excepting the annum from the date of the rowannah. Bencoolen Local Battalion, which will Schedule of Duties payable on Exportation

continue to enjoy all the pecuniary advanby Sea of Cotton and Silk Piece-Goods, tages of a corps of the line, viz. and Goods made partly of Silk imported

* Ramghur Local Battalion, from the Interior of the Country.

Bhagulpore Hill Rangers,
On British On Foreign

Divagepoie Local Batialion.

Chumparun Light Infantry.

1st Nusserri (Gorka) Battalion. Cotton piece-goods, the

ditto manufacture of the Bri

Sirmoor ditto tish territories ......... free 21

Kungpoor Light Infantry.

Goruckpoor Light Infantry. Do., the manufacture of

Rampoorah Local Battalion, Oude, or other foreign

Calcutta Native Militia.

Kemacon Local Battalion. states, if exported to

Bencoolen Local ditto Europe


Mhairwaira ditt ditto Asiatic Journ.--No. 98.

Vor, XVII,


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Subadar Rs. 30 Naick ........Rs. 8 N.B. A second in command is continuJemadar......... 15! Nat. Drummer 6 ed to the Rungpoor and Mhairwara BatHavildar........ 10 i Sepoy.......... 54 talions, as a temporary measure.

All Orphan School or Christian Drum 8. The Commandant of each Local mers will be transferred to corps of the Battalion shall be entitled to the followline, excepting those with the Bencoolen ing allowances, viz. Battalion, under orders from His Exc.

His annual proportion of compensation the Commander-in-Chief.

in lieu of off-reckonings. 3. Full batta is only allowed to Local The batta of the next superior rank. Infantry and their establishments when

For Guides and Hurkaras, when on actual service with troops of the line, and so entitled .....

Rs. 150 for the numbers only so employed, viz. Horse allowance in all situations... SO Subadar ..... , Rs. 30 Naick..........Rs. 8

Stationery ditto ditto......... 30 Jemadar........ 15 Nat Drummer 4

For repairs of arms and accou-
Havildar .....

trements, including petty sto. 4. Half batta is allowed to Local Infan

res, butts, and targets, &c. per try only when on actual service within or


25 beyond the limits of the British territory For repairs of camp equipage, (no troops of the line being present), or &c. as directed in Gen. Ord. on the duty of escorting treasure, and for Governor Gen. 27 Dec. last. the exact number so employed only, viz. For two carts or hackeries for Subadar ..... Rs. 15 Naick Rs. 4

spare arms, accoutrements, &c. Jemadar .......... 75 | Nat. Drummer 2

when marcbing only, each...... 30 Havildar...... 4 Sepoy........ iz

The separate allowances heretofore In all cases the certificates prescribed in

drawn for petty stores, butts, and targets, General Orders, Vice President of 12

&c. are abolished in Local Corps, being May 1815, (Sec. 141, Chap. ix., last code)

consolidated in the above. shall be annexed to the abstracts to autho. rize the payment of half or full batta to

9. The Adjutants of Local Battalions Local Troops and their establishments.

shall from the first proximo draw the fol5. The several ranks of Native Com

lowing allowances, viz. mandant, Soobah, Native Adjutant, Suba Staff Pay, (2 Rs. per diem) Rs. 62 dar Major, and Color Havildar, are pros

Writer pectively abolished in the corps of Local Stationery, candles, books, &C....., 20 Infantry, on the demise, promotion, or re

Office tent or quarters.......

......... SO tirement of those now holding those ranks,

Horse allowance .................... SO the two latter being distinctive privileges, applicable only to corps of the line; ex

172 cept in cases of extraordinary bravery or and in all Local Corps in which a mess is good conduct in the field, which can be regularly certified to exist, the reduced specially brought to the notice of Govern mess allowance of sixty rupees per menment through the Commander-in-Chief. sem, to be drawn by the Adjutant.

6. The establishment of each company 10. The Medical Officer in charge of of Local Infantry to be in the proportion of each Local Battalion will draw a medicine one Subadar, one Jemadar, * two Native allowance of four Sonat annas per man, Drummers, and generally one Havildar or twenty-five Rs. per 100 men monthly, and one Naick to every sixteen privates for the whole of the fighting men, officers, which may be ordered for each company; and staff. He will conform in every from 80 the regular establishment, as far respect to the rules laid down for the as 100 on emergency.!

establishment, management and attend7. The staff of all Local Battalions to ance of hospitals in native corps of the be generally as follows, with reference line. Doolies and bearers in cantonments however to their aggregate strength; for or marching will be provided as usual by instance, corps of four or six companies are the commissariats not entitled to a Drill Naick, or Fife 11. The following scale of QuarterMajor, but only to a Drill Havildar and Masters and other establishments, with Drum Major, and one Native Doctor, their several rates of pay and batta, is laid instead of two, viz.

down for all Local Battalions (with exCaptain or Major Command. ception to the Bencoolen corps, whose al1 Adjutant 1 Assist. Surg. lowances are equal to the line) from the 1 Serj. Major 1 Q. Mr. Serj. first proximo, when all in excess thereto 1 Sirc. or Writ. 1 2 Native Doctors will be finally struck off; ample compen1 5 1 Drill Naick at.. 2 sation being provided for the expense of i Drm. Maj. 5 i Fife Major at... 5 the forge and other duties of a contingent or 1 Bugle Maj. only in Lt. Cps. 5 nature, in the increased scale of allowances 1 Pay Havildar per Company at... 5 which will henceforward be applicable to

the Rajpootana and Hill corps, equally * Except the mixed corps, as the Bhagulpocr and Mhairwara Battalion, which will continue at

with the other Local Battalions, vit. two Jemadars a company.

the line

Non. Eff. Effect.

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..... 30

Pay, H.B. F.B.

gencies and Quarter Master's establish1 Sircar at..... 15 012 8/50 ments, shall take place from 1st June Staff 2 Native Doc

next, when all military allowances not tors.......... 15 0 2 8 5 0 here numerated shall cease. 1 Tindal........... 7 8 1 0 2 0 1 Lascar per 2 Com

Local Horse. panies in Cants. at

1. These troops * to take post as Irre

4 12|0 810 gulars after the Local Infantry, being nei1 ditto per Compa

ther clothed nor armed by the state. They ny marching, at i Hand Bhisty per

are not liable to pay hospital stoppages. Company....... 4 80 81 0

The orders respecting invalids will be isi Mate Carpenter..... 6

01 02 0

sued hereafter. 2 Bildars................

80 81 0

2. The peace establishment and rates of 1 Bazar Chowd. at 11

pay of the Local Horse are stated in the 1 ditto Mootsuddy, 5

abstract No. 2; and in order to equalize 3 Flag or Weigh

the whole in every respect, the following men at ........... 3-9 25 0100100

alterations will take place from 1st June :

3. The Commandants, seconds in Com* Subject to the foregoing Rules regard- mand, and Adjutants to be supplied in fuing Half or Full Batta.

ture from the effective officers of the line, 12. The Peepawallas now with the

and will continue on their present consoliKemaoon battalion, will, like those of the

dated allowances, except the Adjutants, other Hill corps, be made over to the

who shall draw beside their regimental commissariat from the first proximo.

pay, &c. the same staff or other allowances Thirty for each Hill corps will be retained

as those of Local Infantry from the 1st and paid by that department.

proximo, viz. 13. No more than one English writer is

Staff Pay (2 Rs. per diem), Rs. 62 allowed to the Commandant of each Local


30 Battalion, as the Pay Havildars being

Stationary, candles, books, &c. 20 extended to all, must supersede the neces. Office tent or quarters

30 sity of having native or Persian writers. Horse allowance 14. These corps are clothed, armed,

172 equipped, and supplied with ammunition The seconds in Command and Adjutants at the expense of the state, and under the

with local and temporary rank will remain same rules as prevail with troops of the

as at present. line, excepting--their belts and accoutre

4. The pay of the Trumpeters and Naments, which are black instead of buff. garchees of each corps will, from the 1st They are supplied also under the like proximo, be equally Rs. 25 a month each. orders with camp equipage, and stores

There shall be an equal number of each in when necessary. The dress and discipline every corps, and a Trumpet Major (nonare the same, except that the men supply effective) with a staff pay of Rs. 5 is allowthemselves with half mounting, on which ed to each regiment. account Commandants are strictly pro The contingent allowances for specifie bibited from making any deduction, ex

purposes in each corps shall be equalized, cept in cases of confirmed slovenliness, or

vix. inattention of the men to cleanliness and

For stationery, monthly ........ Rs. 30 the standing orders; which being special For iron, steel and charcoal for recases, will be noted in orders, and the Ad- pairs of arms, &c. ......

20 jutant directed to supply the parties de

For match 14 anna per matchlock. ficient of half mounting, deducting the

Two doolies to be furnished by the actual cost thereof from the men's pay. Commissariat in cantonments, or on ordi15. Such Local corps as have details of

nary marches, and the Dooly per Rissalla Artillery or Irregular Horse attached,

on actual service. will retain them till further orders, as

Medicine allowance to be drawn by the separate and temporary establishments.

Assistant Surgeon with each corps, as in the 16. The rates of pay and allowances to

Local Infantry, viz. Rs. 25 per 100 fight. all Local corps being thus equalized with ing men present, monthly. their several establishments, will have 6. The establishments will also be equaleffect from 1st June, with all other altera

ized, viz. tions directed, except those specially post

1 English Writer, at............ Rs. 40 poned. But all the reductions of pay, &c. 1 Persian do.

30 to native commissioned or non-commis

1 N eb

20 sioned officers shall only have prospective 1 Vakeel, per Rissalla

20 effect as they are promoted, or removed by 1 Native Doctor

20 retirement, 'disease, &c.; while all augmentations of pay to any rank shall date

* 1st Regiment (or Skinner's) Local Horse. from the 1st proximo. The alterations of

(or Gardner's) allowances to the European officers, and

(or Blair's) do, staff, and drummers, with the contingen

(or Baddeley's)

(or Gougi's) do.


end Do.
3d Do.

5 h Do.


6 6

ances, viz.

2 Addl. Doctor, at ........ Rs. 15

4. The contingent, staff, or other allowi Hurkara per 2 Rissalla.

5 ances attached to the Provincial Corps, will i Lascar per 2 Rissallas in canton from the 1st proximo be as follows: ment, and I per Rissalla marching.. 5 (Except the Agra, and Delhi battalions,

2 Hand Bhisties per Rissalla ....... 41 which are not clothed by the state.] The 1 Mistry Smith ......

12 Commandant is entitled to his proportion i Koonda Sauj

8 of compensation, in lieu of off-reckonirgs, 1 Fireman

7 annually to the batta of the next superior i Hammerman

regimental rank. 1 Bellowsman

Allowance for stationery, per menThe usual (reduced) Bazar esta


Rs. 30 blishment.

25 Ditto repairs of arms and accoutre7. The allowances of the European offi ments, and for petty stores, butts, cers, staff, and natives of all ranks, will, and targets, per company

121 with these alterations (to be made from 1st The separate allowances for petty stores, June next), continue as now in force, the butts, and targets, &c. being consolidated in men finding their own horses and arms the above, will cease from the 1st proximo. under the regulations heretofore prevailing. The Adjutants to Provincial Corps will These corps are in no case entitled to continue to draw their present staff allowbatta; ammunition for service and practice is supplied them under the rules laid Staff Pay (2 Rs. per diem) Rs. 62 down in General Orders Governor Gen. Writer, stationery and candles. 40 19 Jan. 1816, (vide Sec. 38 to 41, chap. iii). Horse allowance. .............. 30 8. No clothing or off-reckonings are al

132 lowed for these corps, nor are halt-mount 6. The medicine allowance to be drawn ing stoppages to be made by commandants. by the surgeons in charge of Provincial The uniform of each corps, as established, Corps is three and a half Sonat annas per to be supplied by the men themselves, and man monthly. No stoppages are to be no alteration made therein without special made from provincial troops in hospital. authority from head-quarters.

The rules under which they are entitled to Provincial Infantry:

the invalid pension if wounded or disabled 1. The 13 corps

are Provincial Batta- in the performance of duty will be issued lions, solely for the civil duties under this hereafter, presidency, and will take rank next after 7. The Quarter Master's establishments the Local Troops.

of all Provincial corps to be reduced to the 2. The whole of these corps will be following standard from the 1st proximo. placed on the same proportional scale,

1 Tindal at ..................... Rs. 7 8 rank for rank, whether their establishment

1 Lascar per 2 companies

4 12 be 8, 10, or 12 companies, viz. per company,

1 Bhisty, do. do. ......................4 8 1 Subadar,

1 Sikligur

5 0 I Jemadar,

1 Chuckler

...........4 8 5 Havildars,

No Bazar establishment is allowed to 5 Naicks,

any provincial corps. That with the Fur8 Drummers per Battalion,

ruckabad Provincial Battalion will be dis100 Privates per Company,

charged immediately. generally, or in the proportion of 1 Havil 8. The clothing, arms, accoutrements dar, 1 Naick to every 20 privates ; should

and ammunition of Provincial Corps, will 10 additional men per company be autho

be supplied as heretofore under the same rized in any corps, it would add i Naick

rules as to Local Battalions, with excepalso to each company ;-1 Havildar would tion to the Agra and Delhi Battalions, in follow with the next addition of 10 men,

which no alteration will take place in these and so on.

respects till further orders. The men are 3. A Commandant and Adjutant shall, in all cases to supply their own half mountas heretofore, be allowed to each Provincial ing, and no deduction shall be made on Corps, beside the following staff; the for

this account by Commandants, except in mer to be taken always from the class of cases of confirmed and obstinate slovenliInvalid field officers, the latter from the ness and neglect, when they will direct subalterns of the effective list.

the individual so offending to be supplied 1 Serjeant Major, at the usual rate. in the manner laid down in the 14th clause 1 Drill Havildar (non-Effective).. 5

under the head Local Infantry. 1 Native Doctor .........................


9. All former orders relative to the re2 Pay Sircars .................... 15 ports, duties, discipline, inspections, &c.

&c. of Provincial corps are hereby confirm. # Burdwan Provincial Cawnpore and Allaha ed; and separate orders will be furnished Battalion.

bad Provincial Batt. to the officers commanding the Agra and

Furruckabad and Ela. Chi'tagong do,

Delhi Battalions for the equalization of Moorshedabad do. Barelly do.

their corps as to rank and pay with the Saharunpore do. Agra do

other provincials. Benajes do. Delhido.

10. The two Nerbudda Corps of Nu

Dacca dos.

wah do,

Purneah do. Putna do.

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