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any such applications shall be forwarded. - themselves, the Hon. the Governor in Officers of the Commissariat desirous of Council is pleased to notify in general returing to Europe, are to tender their re orders, that pension certificates are not signation of appointments in the commis- transferrable, and that the pensions are sariat to the Governor in Council, in a payable only to the individuals in whose letter to his address, to be transmitted direct names they have been granted, and to their to Government by the Commissary Gene. vakeels. ral; they are then to apply for their furlough in the same manner as is observed in such ADMINISTRATION DURING cases by other officers of the army, viz.

GOVERNOR'S ABSENCE. through the officer commanding the corps Fort St. George, Aug. 8, 1823.- The to which they may belong, and His Ex Hon. the Governor being about to proceed cellency the Commander-in-Chief. They on a visit to the Central Provinces, is shall notify their intention to do so to the pleased to declare in Council, that the Commissary General three months previous administration of the Presidency will, in to the computed period of their embarka his absence, be conducted by the remaining tion, agreeably to the General Order by members of the Government, His Exc. Government of the 20th of Sept. 1811. Gen. Sir Alex. Campbell, Bart, and K.C.B.

2. Officers of the Commissariat when officiating as President, and exercising as ordered from one division of the army to such the accustomed military command of another, will report their intended de the garrison, and all the powers and authoparture to the officer commanding the rities appertaining to the office of Acting division which they may be about to quit, President. All official correspondence is and in cases of emergency, which may to be carried on, and the resolutions of the render the detention of the Commissariat Government will continue to be passed in Officer absolutely necessary for the good of the name of the Governor in Council. the service, the officer commanding the The Hon. the Governor during his abdivision shall have authority to detain him sence from the seat of Government, will on his own responsibility, and shall im exercise all the powers which are vested in mediately report the circumstance and his him by law, when in Council at the Presireasons for so acting to Government. dency; and the several authorities in the

3. Officers of the Commissariat on join provinces, civil and military, are hereby ing a new station, shall report their arrival required to yield ready and implicit to the officer commanding the division. obedience to all such orders and instruc4. Officers of the Commissariat will at

tions as the Hon. the Governor may deem all times be at liberty to proceed on tem

proper to issue, porary duty to any place within the bounds of the division to which they may belong, as the exigence of the public service may render necessary or expedient; such move

Head Quarters, Choultry Plain, Aug. 8, ments being made with the knowledge and 1823— The Commander-in-Chief has great concurrence of the Commissary General,

satisfaction in recording the report made and being reported by them for the in

by the Board of Officers assembled at the formation of the officer commanding the division,

Presidency, for the examination of Lieut.

J. P. Woodward of the 9th regt. in his 5. The Commissary General shall cor

knowledge of the Hindoostanee language, respond with Government through the

which declares “ his general proficiency in Chief Secretary, and shall address His Exc.

that language sufficient to enable him to the Commander-in-Chief, and the Presi.

execute any duties that might be assigned dent and Members of the inferior Boards.

to him as a Regimental Staff Officer.” 6. Officers of the Commissariat in

His Exc. has also received from Col. charge of offices, shall correspond direct with all civil authorities, commanding

Boles, commanding the Hyderabad Subsi.. officers of divisions, detachments, or gar

diary Force, avery satisfactory report made

by a Board of Officers assembled at Se. risons with whom they may have business

cunderabad, for the examination of Lieut.

J. D. Stokes, of the 4th regt., of the ex7. The Commissary General shall trans

tensive acquirements which he has made in mit quarterly to the Governor in Council

the Hindooctanee language, and which a return, showing the distribution of the officers of the commissariat.

reflects the highest credit on that officer,

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, Fort St. George, July 11, 1823.-It

PROMOTIONS, &c. having been represented to the Govern Fort St. George, July 1, 1823. ment that a custom of mortgaging pension Horse Brigane, Artillery.—Lieut. W. certificates prevails, by which great distress F. Lewis, to be Quart. Mast. and Interp, has been occasioned to the families of vice Montgomerie promoted.--Lieut. J. native pensioners, and to the pensioners M. Ley to be Adjut., vice Lewis. Asiatic Journ.-No. 98.

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to transact.


Daniel Archer, M. D. admitted on the Ens. J. Smith, 2d bat. 6th regt, at Vel. Establishment, as an Assist. Surg.


Ens. H. T. Yarde, 1st bat. Sd regt., at
Head Quarters, Choultry Plain, Presidency Cantonment.
June 14, 1823.

Ens. D. Strettell, 2d bat., 17th regte, at Assist. Surg. A. E. Blest, M. D. is re. Wallajahbad. moved from doing duty with H. M. 41st Assist. Surg. C. C. Johnson and E. regt., and appointed to medical charge of Tracy, with H. M. 41st regt. Details in Wynaad.

July 1, 1823.
June 24, 1823.

Capt. C. Poulton to join the detachment Removals in Artillery.-Major W. M. of 2d bat., 5th regt. at the Presidency, Burton, (late prom.) to first bat. ; Capt. T. Y. B. Kennan, (late prom.) to 2d bat. ; Fort St. George, 4th July, 1829. Capt. H. Gregory, (late prom.) to 1st Assist. Surg: Daniel Archer, M. D, to bat. ; Capt. P. Montgomery, (late prom.) do duty under the Garrison Surgeon of to 1st bat. ; Capt. T. H. Thoresby, Fort St. George. from 1st to 2d bat. ; Capt. H. Lindsey, Conduct. Sam, Clark, to be a Dep. As from 3d bat. to Horse Brigade; Capt. F. sist. Commissary of Ordnance, and staDerville from Horse Brigade to 3d bat. : tioned at Gooty, vice Thomas Clarke, deLieut. G. F. Symes, from 2d bat. to ceased. Horse Brigade; Lieut. T. Cussans, from

July 8, 1823. 1st bat. to Horse Brigade; Lieut. T. W. The name of Ist-Lieut. Thos. Walker Friday, from 2d bat. to Horse Brigade; Friday of Artillery, is struck off the list of Lieut. D. H. M'Kenzie, from 2d bat. tɔ the Army, from May 27, 1821. Horse Brigade; Lieut. P. Hammond, Assist. Surg. J. Ricks, M. D. to enter from 3d bat. to Horse Brigade; Lieut. G. on the general duties of the Army. W. Onslow, to 2d bat. ; Lieut. C. H. Best,

July 11, 1825. to 2d bat. ; Lieut. R. D. Patterson, from Capt. Wm. Fenwick, Madras, Europ. 2d to Ist. bat.

regt., to act as Assist. Secretary to MiliRemovals.

tary Board, during absence of Capt. MurLieut.-Col. A. Fair, from 14th to 18th ray. regt. and 2d bat. ; and Lieut. Col. J.Welsh,

July 15, 1823. from 18th to 14th regt. and 2d bat.

2d Regt. N. I. Sen. Ens, A. H. Jeffries 2d Regt. Lieuts. A. R. Mackenzie and to be Lieut., vice Weller dismissed; date T. A. Chauvel, from 2d to 1st bat. of com., July 1, 1823.

4th Regt. Lieut. J. Metcalfe, from 1st 3d Regt. N. I. Sen. Ens. James Power to 2d bat.

to be Lieut., vice Armstrong dismissed; 11th Regt. Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) T. J. date of com. July 1, 1829. Hammond, from 2d to 1st bat.

23d Regt. N. 1. Sen. Ens. H. J. Nixon 14th Regt. Lieut. R. Thorpe, from 2d to be Lieut., vice Young, dec.; date of to Ist bat.

com., July 3, 1823.- Lieut. John Wal15th Regt. Capt. J. Napier, from 2d to lace removed from situation of Quart. 1st bat. ; Lieut. A. D. Cameron, from 1st Mast. and Interp. to 2d bat., for insuborto 2d bat.

dinate and disrespectful conduct towards 17th Regt. Lieut. R. Gibbings, from 2d Commanding Officer. to 1st bat.

Assist. Surgs. J. R. Gibb, M.D. and J. 19th Regt. Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) J. W. Dunn to enter on general duties of the Cleaveland, from 1st to 2d bat. ; Lieut. E. Army. T. Clarke, from 2d to 1st bat. ; Lieut. D.

July 18, 1823. Duff, from 1st to 2d bat.

Lieut. (Brev. Capt ) Harry Salmon, 6th 20th Regt. Lieut. G. S. Wilkinson, from

regt. N. I. to act as Paymaster in Centre 2d to 1st bat.

Division during absence of Capt. Watson. 22d Regt. Capt. G. H. Budd, from 1st

July 25, 1823. to 2d bat. Assist. Surg. T. Keys, from 4th Nat.

Capt. John Crisp, 24th regt. N. I. to be

an Assistant under the Deputy Surveyor Vet. Bat. to 24th regt. and 2d bat.

General, vice Young, dec. Assist. Surg. E. Jessop, M.D., from

Lieut. A. Fraser, 23d regt. N. I. to be Carnatic Europ. Vet. bat. to 4th Nat. Vet.

Quart. Mast. and Interp. to 2d bat. of that Bat.

corps, vice Wallace. Officers lately arrived, appointed to do duty.

3d Regt. N. 1. Sen. Ens. T. G. E. G. Cornets W. P. Deas and C. B. Lind- Kenny to be Lieut., vice Parsons, dec.; say, with 6th regt. Light Cav., at Arcot date of com., July 14, 1823.

Ens. James Thomas, 2d bat., 8th regt., Messrs. Simon Fraser Mackenzie, and at Arpee.

Walter Shairp, admitted Cadets of Caval. Ens. Charles Yates, 2d bat., 10th regt., ry, and promoted to rank of Cornet. at Wallajahbad.

Messrs. G. C. C. Rand, and W. Edw, Ens. É. W. Snow, Ist bat., 3d regt., at Gibb, admitted Cadets of Infantry, and Presidency Cantonment.

promoted to rank of Ensign.

Lieut. J. J. Underwood, of Engineers; Ens. J. W. Rickards, with 2d bat. 10th Lieut. E. Franklyn of Madras Europ. ditto. Regt; Surg. W. Mackenzie, and Assist. Ens. W. E. Gibb, with 2d bat. 17th do. Surg. N. A. Woods, have returned to their Assist. Surg. N. A. Woods will do duty duty without prejudice to rank; arrived at with H. M. 41st regt., until further Madras, 20th July, 1823.

orders. Mr. Thos. Powell admitted on the establishment as an Assist. Surg.

Fort St. George, Aug. 1, 1823.
July 29, 1823.

Lieut. H. J. C. Memardiere, 15th regt. 10th Regt. N. I. Sen. Lieut. (Brev.

N. I. has returned to his duty without preCapt.) James Friswell to be Capt., and judice to rank; arrived July 27, 1823. Sen. Ens. J. O. Milne to be Lieut., vice

Aug. 5, 1823. Gwynne, dec. ; date of com. 21st July Capt. Johnstone Napier, 15th regt. N. I. 1823.

to be Superintendent of the Gunpowder 14th Regt. N. I. Sen. Ens. Chas. Brad

manufactory, from date of Capt. Balmain's ford, to be Lieut., vice Hutt, dec.; date embarkation for Europe. of com., 23d July 1823.

17th Regt. N. I. Sen. Lieut. (Brev. Messrs. J. W. Rickards, and Edw.

Capt.) James Glass to be Capt. ; and Sen. Wm. Ravenscroft, admitted Cadets of In Ens. G. Affleck to be Lieut., vice Crichfantry, and promoted to rank of Ensign. ton, dec.; date of com. Aug. 1, 1823.

Assist. Surg. Thos. Powell, to do duty under Surgeon of Horse Brigade.

Aug. 8, 1823.
During the absence of Lieut. Col. Mo-

rison from Madras, the duties of the ComHead Quarters, Choultry Plain,

missariat at the Presidency, to be conduct. July 11, 1823.

ed by the Deputy Commissary General Assist. Surg. J. Ricks to do duty with Major H. A. Purchas. Head Quarters of H. M. 46th regt., Capt. A. Walker, 25th regt. N. I., to and to join detail of that Corps at Poo be Assist. Adjut. General to Light Field namallee, and afford medical aid to it on

Division of Hyderabad Subsidiary Force, march to Bellary.

vice Napier. July 14, 1823.

Capt. C. Cracroft, 22d regt. N. I., to Artillery, Capt. J. N. Abdy removed

be Brigade Major to troops in Ceded Disfrom 2d to Ist bat., and Capt. P. Mont- tricts, vice Walker. gomerie from 1st to 2d bat.

Lieut. W. G. Gordon, 2d regt. N. I., Lieut. Col. J. Marshall removed from

to be Adjut. to 1st bat. of that Corps., vic 18th to 14th regt., and 2d bat., and Lieut.

Dowker. Col. J. Welsh from 14th to 18th regt.,

Capt. A. M‘Laren, 8th regt. N. I., perand 1st bat.

mitted to resign the situation of Dep. Lieuts. J. Robins and E. J. Johnson

Assist. Com. Gen., and to return of 3d regt , removed from 1st to 2d bat. Europe on sick certificate.

Lieut. F. F. Robertson, of Mad. Europ. regt. will relieve Lieut Paget, in charge

Head Quarters, Choultry Plain, of Detachment of that Corps, at the Presi

Aug. 8, 1823. dency.

11th Regt. Capt. R. L. Evans removed Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) G. Maxwell, of from 1st to 2d bat., and Capt. H. M. Mad. Europ. regt., attached to 1st bat. Cooper from 2d to 1st bat. of Pioneers, to join his Corps.

9th Regt. Capt. G. H. Field removed Ens. W. c. MacLeod, Ist bat. 15th from 1st to 2d bat., and Capt. W. H. Rowregt., to do duty with 2d bat. 6th regt. at ley from 2d to 1st bat. Vellore, until 1st Jan. 1824,

21st Regt. Lieut. Brev, Capt. H. A. July 25, 1823.

Thompson, removed from 2d to 1st bat.,

and Lieut. M. G. Fitzgerald from 1st to Assist. Surg. C. C. Johnson removed

2d bat. from doing duty with H. M. 41st regt.

Aug. 15, 1823. and placed at disposal of the Superintend. Surgeon at Secunderabad.

Ens. J. R. Sayers removed from 1st

to 2d bat. 5th regt. July 31, 1823. Ens. R. S. Gledstanes, 2d bat. 5th regt.

Aug. 16, 1823. will take charge of, and march to their duty with 2d Nat. Vet. bat., and will

Capt. H. Conway, 4th regt. N.I., to do stations, the under-mentioned officers recently arrived and promoted :

command detachment at Nellore, during Cornet W. Shairp, to do duty with 2d.

Capt. Turner's absence. regt. L. C.

Capt. C. B. Robinson, 3d regt., remov. Cornet S. F. M-Kenzie, with 6th ditto.

ed from 2d to lst bat. Ens. G. C. C. Rand, with 2d bat. 8th

Aug. 18, 1823. Text. N. I.

The under-mentioned officers recently


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promoted, are appointed to do duty, viz. “ The Junior Servants of the present Ens. E. W. Ravenscroft with 1st bat. 23d day have a great advantage over those of regt., and Ens. J. C. Boulderson with 1st former times, in the aid afforded to them bat. 3d regt.

by this institution, in acquiring a know. Ensign Horne doing duty with 1st bat. ledge of the native languages. Before 15th regt. to join his corps, the 1st bat. the establishment of the college many of 1st regt. at Bangalore.

the civil servants never learned any of these 11th Regt. N. I. Lieut. F. Darby re languages; and, being incapable of acting moved from 1st to 2d bat., and Lieut. G. without interpreters, the public duties en. Gray, from 2d to 1st bat.

trusted to them were often but imperfectly 15th Regt. N. I. Lieut. B. J. C. Me. executed. But since the establishment of mardier removed from Ist to 2d bat., and the college almost every young man, who Lieut. E. Servante, from 2d to 1st bat. has passed through it, has been able, I

believe, to discharge his official duties FURLOUGHS.

without an interpreter. This has already To Europe.

produced a considerable improvement in July 1. Capt. H. Walpole, 20th regt. the service, which I have no doubt will N.I., on sick certificate.

continue to be progressive as long as the Ens. T. Berry, 17th N.I., ditto.

standard of qualifications, now required in 8. Lieut. H.C. Albert, Invalid Estab

order to be enabled to leave college, shall lishment, ditto.

be maintained. No relaxation in this stand15. Lieut. H. T. Van Heythuyson, 4th ard can be allowed; and though a strict N.I., ditto.

adherence to it may now seem a bardship, Lieut. H. Dowker, 2d N.I., ditto. from its detaining you here so much longer, 18. Ens. C. Thursby, 4th N. I., ditto.

you will be sensible of its utility hereafter, 25. Capt. Hibgame, 15th N. I., ditto. when you come to experience how much 29. Capt. Balmain, 6th L.C. ditto.

your intercourse with the natives, and the Aug. 1. Ens. Wilford, 230 N.I., ditto. transaction of public affairs have been as. 5. Capt. S. S. Gummar, 230 N.I. sisted by your acquaintance with the lan

8. Capt. A. McLaren, 8th N. I., on sick guages; and you will then perhaps look certificate.

back with pleasure to the time you have Ens. W. Bremnar, 24th N.I., ditto.

spent here in the study of them. By the Lieut. J. B. Puget, Mad. Europ. regt.,

exertion of a little industry you now learn, for one year without pay.

in about two years, what many of the older

civil servants, from the want of such an To Calcuttu.

institution, never learned at all, and you Aug. 5. Capt. Jas. Dalgairns, 7th N.I.,

now enter upon your public duties qualifor two months.

fied to become every day more and more To Bombay.

efficient as servants of the Government, July 8. Lieut. J. Pinchard of Artillery, instead of stealing through the service useuntil 25 Jan. 1824.

less and unnoticed, like some men who, To Cape of Good Hope.

with very respectable talents, have been Aug. 5. Lieut.-Col. Thos. Stewart, 23d lost to the public from their never having N.I. for six months, and eventually to

acquired any of the native languages. As Europe.

a knowledge of these languages is so emiTo Sea.

nently calculated, both to benefit yourJuly 8. Capt. A. L. Murray, Assist. selves, and the Government, I trust that Secretary to Military Board, for six months,

those who are now leaving college will ou sick certificate.

endeavour to improve their skill in them by constant practice, and that those who

remain in it will prosecute their studies MISCELLANEOUS.

with spirit and perseverance.

“ It is highly gratifying to me to observe, The first half-yearly examination of the by the report of the Board of SuperintenJunior Civil Servants studying at the Col. dence, that the progress of the students lege of Fort St. George having been com bas in general been satisfactory; but that pleted, and the report submitted to Govern- that of Messrs. Elliot and Freese has ment, the Hon. the Governor was pleased been highly creditable: that the exercises to signify his intention of visiting the Col. of Mr. Elliot, in translating from Tamool lege, on Monday, the 30th of June. Ac into English, may be said to be without a cordingly on that day, the students having fault, and to be of a nature to manifest a assembled, the Hon. Sir T. Munro, at knowledge of the language beyond what tended by his personal staff, was received is usually attained; that Mr. Freese's on his arrival by the Members of the translations from Teloogoo into English, Board of Superintendence, and conducted and from English into Teloogoo were exto the top of the hall, when the Governor cuted with great correctness, and evinced was pleased to address the students nearly a perfect acquaintance with the idiom of in the following words.

the language; that the proficiency of both


in Hindoostanee is highly commendable; words, they still shewed that he is very and that both have established their claim little, if at all inferior to Mr. Elliot in his to the honorary reward. To praise like acquaintance with the idiom. this, from men so well qualified to judge, “ Both of these gentlemen converse with I can add nothing but my wish, that by Auency and with sufficient correctness. giving the same laudable diligence to the “ We consider Mr. Elliot and Mr. execution of the public duties, on which Freese to be fully qualified to enter the they are now about to enter, they may one public service, and to have respectively esday become valuable servants of the state.” tablished their claims to the honorary re- Mad. Gov. Gaz., July 4.

ward of 3,500 rupees, which we recom

mend may be conferred upon them.” Fort St. George, 8th July, 1823.- The Hon. the Governor in Council has much

SHIPPING, satisfaction in publishing for general infor

Arrivals. mation the following Extract of a Report from the Board of and John Munro, Greene, from Bombay.

Aug. 9. Sophia, Sutton, from London, Superintendence for the College of Fort

12. London, Brown, from Liverpool.St. George, dated 21st June 1829.

20. Asia, Pope, from Bombay.—29. Ed" Mr. Elliot's acquireinents in Tamil

ward Streltel, Allport, from Batavia.- 24. are of the most valuable kind. He has a

Mary Ann, Webster, from Penang.–Sept. very correct and extensive knowledge of

5. H. C ships, Princess Charlotte of words, and a perfect comprehension of the

Wales, Gribble, and Allas, Clifton, from idiom. He translated two papers from London. Tamil, one of moderate difficulty, the

Departures. other, both in style and in the selection of words, a difficult paper. He performed

Aug. 7. Atlas, Mayne, for Penang and

China.-12. John Munro, Greene, for Calboth exercises, it may be said, without a fault.

cutta.-14. William Miles, Beadle, for “ These exercises are particularly cre

ditto.-15. Sophia, Sutton, for ditto. ditable to Mr. Elliot, as they could not

19. Mailland, Kinsey, for ditto.-20. Lonhave been executed so successfully without bert, for ditto.—23. Asia, Pope, for ditto.

don, Brown, for ditto. --21. Cadmus, Tala knowledge of the language superior to

-26. Britannia, Luke, for Penang and what is ordinarily acquired. “ Mr. Elliot's translation into Tamil, Singapore.-27. Madras, Clarke, for Cal

cutta.Sept. 2. General Palmer, Trusthough less perfect, was extremely good.

cott, for London.-5. Pyramus, Brodie, It was grammatical and well arranged, and

for ditto. the choice of words generally excellent.

“ He reads and converses well, and his pronunciation is good.

We are concerned to find that a disorder, “ Mr. Freese translated a difficult Te- resembling the Cholera, has made its aplugo story into English with very great

pearance on board His Majesty's ships, correctness. His translation from Eng- Liffey and Alligator, and that some of the lish into Telugo was also remarkably well

cases have terminated fatally. The ships executed, and shews him to possess not

were ordered out to sea immediately, a only a very extensive command of words, measure, which, we trust, will have the debut also a very comprehensive knowledge sired effect. - Mad. Gov. Gaz. Sept. 2. of the idiom. Mr Freese has not been much accustomed to read official letters, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND but speaks the language with great fluency.

DEATHS. “ In Hindoostanee, the progress made by Mr. Elliot and Mr. Freese, since the June 10. At St. Thomé, Mrs. G. E. last examination, is highly creditable to Askin, of a daughter. thers. Their versions into English were 11. Mrs. Rhenius, of a son. not without errors and defects, but the 13. At Fort St. George, the lady of originals were more than ordinarily diffi Lieut. Sutherland, 4th regt., of a son. cult, and the mistakes in the translations July 2. At Bellary, the lady of Anstru. were not important.

ther Cheape, Esq. of the Civil Service, of a “ In translating into Hindoostanee both daughter. these gentlemen were very successful. 10. At Jaulnah, the lady of Ensign J.

“ Mr. Elliot's exercises displayed a S. Impey, Ist. bat. 8th regt. Madras, N. I., great command of words and knowledge of a son. of the idiom, though in some passages he 13. At Negapatam, the lady of Lieut. endeavoured to adhere too closely to the J. S. Kinsey, of a daughter. original, and was thus betrayed into some 15. At Cottagam, in Travancore, Mrs. idiomatic improprieties.

Fenn, of a son. “ Mr. Freese's translations were more 17. At Bangalore, Emma, wife of Ramfree than Mr. Elliot's; and, though per say Sladen, Esq., Surgeon, 4th Light haps not exhibiting so great a command of Cavalry, of a son.


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