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18. At the Presidency, the lady of Chas. 19. At the Black Town Chapel, Mr. G. Harris, Esq., of a daughter.

D. Laird, to Miss S. M. Heefke. 22. At Quilon, the lady of Lieut. Jas. 21. At the Black Town Chapel, Mr. Woodward, 16th Light Inf., of a son. John Fonceca, to Miss Anna Lane.

At Tranquebar, the lady of W. Aug. 11. At Arcot, Lieut. L. M‘Lean, Boyton, Esq., of a son.

2d bat., 6th N. I., to Harriet, youngest 23. At the house of Capt. Ormsby, daughter of the late Col. A. M'Cally, Mrs. Lawder, wife of Mr. J. Lawder, Madras Estab. Madras Med. Establishment, of a son. 15. At St. George's Church, Lieut.

- Mrs. Leggatt, wife of Mr. Conduc- Geo. Story, 19th N. I. to Hannah Eliza, tor Leggatt, attached to the department of eldest daughter of the late W. Wetherthe Adjutant Gen., of a daughter.

spoon, Accountant of Edinburgh. 28. At Trichinopoly, the lady of Capt. 20. At St. George's Church, Major Mackintosh, of the Engineers, of a daugh Conry, 12th Light Infantry, to Ellen ter.

Eliza, eldest daughter of D, Neale, Esq. 29. At Allepee, Travancore, the lady of Capt. Robt. Gordon, Bombay Engineers, of a daughter.

Aug. 2. At Quilon, the lady of Capt. June 3. In camp, at Jaulnah, T. W. Swanston, of a son.

Thomas Esq., Assist. Surg. 2d bat., 24th 4. At Trichinopoly, the lady of Lieut. N. I., attached to the Rifle Corps. Suter, H. M. Royal Regiment, of a 13. At Cuddalore, Lieut. J. P. Par. daughter.

sons, 2d bat., 3d N. I. 5. In camp, at Ragapoor, the lady of 19. Of the Spasmodic Cholera, Miss Capt. Matthews, 19th N. I. of a son. Eugenie Lereux, aged 23.

7. The lady of John Savage, Esq., of 20. At St. Thomé, to which place be a daughter.

had come from the Ceded Districts for the 8. At the Presidency, the lady of John recovery of his health, Capt. Rowland Gwatkin, Esq., of a son.

Gwynne, 10th regt. Madras N.I., in the 12. The lady of F. A. Robson, Esq., 38th year of his age, and 22d of his serof the Civil Service, of a daughter.

vice on this establishment. 13. Anne, the wife of Mr. A. A. Hill, Of a bilious fever, Oliver Thomas, of a daughter.

only son of A. J. Drummond, Esq., Civil 14. At Ellore, the lady of Capt. W. Serviee, aged nine years. Peyton, 2d bat., 19th regt., of a son.

22. At Connanore, the infant son of 19. The lady of Wm. Scott, Esq., of a J. Grant, Esq., Paymaster His Majesty's daughter.

20. At Punganore, in the palace of 24. At Arcot, of the spasmodic cholera, E. S. Royal, E. B. Rajah of Punganore, Jane, wife of First Dresser Thos. Chil. the lady of His Highness the Savahe Bus lingsworth. ralinga Rojadra, Rajah of Soonda, was 25. At Secunderabad, after an illness safely delivered of her seventh daughter, of twelve hours, Rosalina Gore, the wife and tenth child.

of Mr. Wm. Gore, Dep. Assist. CommisAt Vepery, Mrs. Margaret Fitzge- sary of Ordnance on this establishment. rald, of a son.

28. At Quilon, Eugenie, daughter of 22. The lady of D. Hill, Esq., of a son, Claud Currie, Surgeon 25th N.I. still-born.

31. Capt. J. Crichton, 2d bat. 17th 24. The wife of the Rev. J. W. Massie, regt., or Chicacole Light Infantry. of her first child, a son.

Aug. 1. At Vepery, Edward, the infant son of Mr. Wilkins, aged eleven months.

4. At Allepee, Fanny, the infant

daughter of Capt. Robt. Gordon, Bombay July 9. At St. Mary's Church, Mr. Engineers. John Nagle, First Dresser, to Miss Eliza 5. Mr. J. De Costa, aged 96. beth Holland

8. At Gooty, Mrs. Mac Viccars, in her 10. At Pondicherry, Capt. Arthur Wat- 26th year. kins, 7th regt. Light Cavalry, to Mrs. M. 14. At Negapatam, of Apoplexy, Capt. E. G. Fitzgerald.

W. S. Smith, 4th Nat. Vet. Bat. 16. At St. George's Church, Geo. 20. At Masulipatam, John Duncan, inSandys, Esq., 6th Light Cavalry, to Miss fant son of Capt. J. Ogilvie, 1st bat. 17th Short.

regt. 17. S. P. Arathoon, Esq., to Miss Anna 24. At Persawaukum, Mary, wife of Maria, the only daughter of the late Dan.

the Rev. J. W. Massies. Baboom, Esq.

At Vepery, Mr. Conductor Hutchi19. At the Armenian Church, Nicholas son, aged 55. Barambeg, Esq., to Miss Hosanna Ma Lately. At Masulipatam, J. S. Nex. root, eldest daughter of A. J. Maroot, bolt, the infant son of J. D. Newbolt, Esq.

Esq., Madras Civil Service.

89th regt.




that if, on any particular occasion, you

should be of opinion that the co.itinued GOVERNMENT GENERAL

service of any member of the Medical ORDERS.

Board is indispensible to the public interests, you may continue him in the situa

tion until our decision on the case shall be Bombay Castle, June 12, 1829.-In re

made known to you. In every such case, ference to the General Order of 18th March last, the Hon. Governor in Coun- you will furnish us with the requisite in

formation with the least practicable delay. cil is pleased to fix, from the same date, the salary of the Superintendent of the lieved from the duties of the Medical

30. “ The medical gentlemen thus reOphthalmic Institution at Rs. 250 per

Board will be at liberty either to return to mensem, including the palenkeen allowance, and in addition to the pay and al- they may be respectively entitled, or to re

Europe on the retiring pensions to which lowances of his rank.

sume their duties as Surgeons on the es


31. “ The provision made under our Bombay Castle, June 16, 1823.—The present orders, for the comfort and advan: Hon. Court of Directors having in their tage of the officers of your Medical Es

tablishment, added to those they already military despatch of 27th Dec. last, di- enjoy, of retiring on pensions at an early rected' the immediate abolition of the period, under our orders of 1796 and office of Inspector of the Cavalry under 1812, together with the provision now this presidency, it is to be considered as

made for their more early attainment of having ceased from the end of the present seats at the Medical Board, is, in our month. The Hon. Governor in Council has the advantages of our military servants in

opinion, ample and commensurate with much pleasure in acknowledging the unre

general.” mitting attention manifested by Col. Dal. biac of H. M. 4th regt. Light Dragoons, to the interests of the cavalry on this establishment since his succession to the

Bombay Castle, July 8, 1823.-— Richard office of Inspector, and the zealous and

Thomas Goodwin, Esq., appointed by the liberal offer which he bas made to continue Hon. Court of Directors to be a member his services gratuitously to any extent that of this Government, has this day taken the may be thought expedient.

oaths and his seat in the Council of Bombay, as fourth member, under the usual salute from the garrison.



Bombay Castle, July 11, 1823. The

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS, Hon. Court having directed the members of the Medical Board to be hereafter re

Terrilorial Department. lieved at the expiration of four years, the

June 20. Mr. Robt. Boyd to be Acting Governor in Council is pleased to direct

Collector at Broach, that that period be in the first instance com

21. Mr. John A. Forbes to be first As. puted from the 1st May last.

sistant to the Collector at Surat, With reference to the 83d par. of the

Judicial Department. Court's letter, the Hon. Governor in June 21. Mr. John Williams to be ActCouncil is pleased to declare, that the in- ing first Register to the Court of Adawlut structions therein contained will have effect

at Ahmedabad. on any future appointment to the office of Mr. Alex. Bell to be Register to the Secretary and Accountant to the Medical

Court of Adawlut at Kaira. Board.

Mr. Henry H. Glass to be Register to 28. “ Our sanction of the appointment the Court of Adawlut in the Northern of a third member to the Medical Board Concan. was communicated in our letter of the 3d April 1822, and our orders in respect to the salaries of the members of that Board

MISCELLANEOUS. will be conveyed to you in a separate dis


June 20, 1823.—This being the first 29. “ It is our intention that the mem day of the third term for the present year, bers of the Medical Board shall hereafter the court met at eleven o'clock precisely. be relieved from that situation at the ex The business of the court commenced by piration of four years from the date of swearing the following gentlemen into the their respective appointments to it; this commission of the peace. regulation, however, to be subject to the George Barnes, David Setton, Alexsame modification as the appointments of ander Bell, Geo. Alex. Prinsep, James General Officers to the Staff, namely, Forbes, Charles Keys, William Ashburner,


Alexander McIntosh, and Robt. Keith a donation of not less than a hundred ru. Arbuthnot, Esquires.

pees shall be meinbers of the society. William Fenwick, Esq., afterwards took 4th. The business of the society shall be the oaths as Master in Equity and clerk of under the management of a committee, the Court of Small Causes, in the place of consisting of a vice president, a president, William Erskine, Esq.

a secretary, a treasurer, and six directors, The court was afterwards engaged in who shall be chosen annually from among hearing motions of little or no interest, the members of the society. The combeing chiefly for postponing the trial of mittee shall meet for the transaction of causes set down for this term, and which business every quarter, viz. the first Tues. being quickly disposed of, the court rose day of February, May, August, and Noat an early hour.-(Bom. Gaz. June 25. vember, and oftener, if necessary. Three

of the committee sball constitute a quoAUXILIARY SCOTTISH MISSIONARY SOCIETY,

The committee shall have power A meeting of European inhabitants of to choose, as corresponding members, such Bombay was held on Thursday, 22d May, a number of subscribers residing at outin the Scottish Church, for the purpose of stations as may be judged by them ciinstituting an Auxiliary Scottish Mis. pedient; and such corresponding members sionary Society at this Presidency.

shall be authorized to receive subscriptions, John Stewart, Esq., at the request of and have the privilege of attending the the meeting, took the chair.

meetings of Directors. The Rev. James Clow explained the 5th. A general meeting shall be held object of the meeting. He stated that the annually, on the first Tuesday of March, Scottish Missionary Society has established and oftener if necessary, to choose the a mission under this Presidency for the office bearers, to receive reports and acpurpose of promoting the intellectual, mo counts, and to deliberate on what further ral, and religious condition of the natives; steps may best promote the interests of the that one of the means of effecting these society. All matters proposed shall be objects, which every real Christian must determined by a majority of the members consider in the highest degree important present. The president for the day shall and desirable, is the erection and improve- sign the minutes of the proceedings. ment of schools and the preparation of

6th. The funds when collected shall be books, for the purposes of distribution; lodged in the hands of the treasurer, who that as the missionaries sent out by the

shall be authorized to issue any part of Parent Society are men of liberal educa them on receipt of an order from the se tion, who mingle daily with the natives, cretary, acting by direction of the comand make these objects, together with the mittee, who shall bave power to lay out all preaching of the Gospel, the principal or any portion in promoting the objects of business of their lives, no schools are like the mission in India, without previously ly, for the present at least, to be more consulting the Parent Society. flourishing and efficient than those under 7th. Donations and subscriptions shall their superintendence, nor any books more be payable either to the secretary or treajudiciously and correctly prepared than surer of the society, or to any of the dithose which they publish. That as these objects, which are so desirable, and which The society next proceeded to the elecmissionaries are generally so well qualified tion of office bearers, when the following to accomplish, cannot be effected without gentlemen were unanimously chosen. the Society's incurring very considerable John Stewart, Esq., President. expense, it is the duty of Christians in this John Leckie, Esq., Vice President. country to unite with their brethren at The Rev. Joseph Lawrie, James Farish, home, in contributing towards the attain- Esq., George Ogilvy, Esq., Capt. Wbite, ment of them, and that, in order to afford 20th regt., Wm. Nicol, Esq., and Crax. to individuals so disposed, a regular chan ford Macleod, Esq., Directors. nel through which to contribute, he pro

The Rev. James Clow, Secretary. posed that this meeting do now constitute

Messrs. Forbes and Co., Treasurer, itself into an Auxiliary Scottish Mission The secretary was directed to transmit a ary Society. This proposal having been copy of the minutes of the meeting to the seconded, was unanimously agreed to, and

Parent Society, and also to prepare a subthe following were adopted as the laws of scription paper for circulation.—[ Bom. the society.

Cour. May 24. 1st. The name of this society shall be the Bombay Auxiliary Scottish Missionary


Loss of the Dooria Doula-By official 2d. The object of this society shall be accounts received from Ceylon, we learn to aid the parent institution in its opera that the brig Dooria Dowla, of Surat, tions relative to India.

bound from Bombay to the Malay Coast, 3d. Persons subscribing five rupees or with a valuable cargo on board, was burnt more annually, and every benefactor making at sea on the 11th of June. Two boats





with the crew, forty-three in numbet, eldest daughter of Mr. John Cuthbert, of (Bengalees and Malays,) and five passen. the county Cavan, in Ireland. gers, reached Wellitotti, on that island, 17. Capt. J. Taylor, Bengal Commison the 19th, two days afterwards.

sariat, to Miss Sarah Falconer Graham, The people have been taken care of by daughter of William Graham, Esq. Hadorder of the Ceylon Government ; and are dington, North Britain. to be forwarded to Bombay by the first 22. By the Venerable Archdeacon opportunity.-[Bomb. Cour.

Barnes, George Smyttan, Esq., surgeon, Arrivals.

to Miss Carr. Aug. 19. Ship Brailsford, Spring, from

Aug. 7. At St. Thomas's Church, John London.

Saunders, Esq., to Anna, daughter of the late Colonel Richard Jones, of East Wick


April 22. At Muscat, Capt. Frederick June 9. At Rutnaguree, the lady of Faithful, of the H.C.'s Marine, after a

service of nearly 23 years. John A. Dunlop, Esq. Collector, of a son.

June 18. At Luluck warra, about 44 17. At Seroor, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Pierce, Artillery, of a daughter.

miles from Baroda, Lieut. Thomas David

Hughes, 1st bat. 9th regt. N. I., aged 25 26. At Severndroog, the wife of Conductor Malone, of a daughter.

years. July 3. At Sans Souci, the lady of Guy Gulph, Lieut. John Henry Grubb, com

At Magoa Bay, in the Persian Lenox Prendergast, Esq. Member of Government at this Presidency, of a daughter.

manding the H.C.'s cruizer Mercury, 11. The wife of Sub-Conductor N.

aged 33 years. Hughes, of a son.

At the same place, Lieut. Richard 12. At Colabah, the lady of Lieut.

Reynolds, II. C.'s Marine, aged 28. Charles Waddington, of the Engineers, of

19. At Bhooj, George, the son of Lieut. Col. Mackonockie, aged two years and

two months. 19. Mrs. Stephen John Cross, of a daughter.

27. Suddenly, at Byculla, in the 68th At Darwar, the lady of Licut. Tho

year of his age, the Rev. Francisco de mas Harris, Darwar Sebundies, of a

Mello, minister of Mrs. Nesbitt's chapel. daughter.

July 5. At Surat, Henry Jeffreys, son 16. At Colabah, the wife of Mr. G.

of the Rev. H. Jeffreys, aged 12 months. Marshall, of a daughter.

At Kaira, Maria, the wife of E. J.

Siqueria, aged 25 years. 22. At Nagpoor, the lady of Lieut. Geo. Frankland, of the Survey Depart

9. Capt. Geo. Sangster, aged 37 years. ment, of a daughter.

11. Mrs. Begzada Stephanus, alias Kha23. At Fort Victoria, the wife of Sub

numjee, relict of the late Mr. Stephanus Assist. Surg. Cassidy, of a daughter.

Minas, aged 98 years. 26. Mrs. Marcus Joseph, of a son.

Mrs. Sarah Munday, aged 52 years. 27. The lady of Lieut. W. H. Water

12. Pramjee Bhowan, in the 54th year field, 1st bat. 7th N. I., of a daughter.

of his age, a respectable Banian merchant. 30. At Prospect Lodge, the lady of

15. Ensign Pickthall of the 9th regt. Major Arch. Robertson, of a son.

17. At Cavale, Mrs. Eliz. Westfold, Aug. 1. The lady of David Shaw, Esq.

the wife of Mr. Conductor Westfold, of M.D., of a daughter.

the Ordnance Store Department, aged 18 S. Mrs. Thomas Ferrar, of a son.


18. At the house of Lieut. Col. Sand10. The lady of Thomas Crawford, Esq. of a son.

with, Mr. Francis Beart, inidslipman of the H.C.'s ship Waterloo.

19. At Colabalı, Henry Pottinger, in

fant son of the late Mr. W. Pollock, ConJune 29. At Rajcute, Mr. Philip Ranger, ductor, Commissariat Department, aged Ist regt. Light Cavalry, to Maria de

two years. Cruz, only daughter of Senhor' Joze de 28. Brev. Major C. G. Butter, of the Cruz.

Invalid Bat. July 3. At St. Thomas's Church, Wil 29. Emma, wife of William Newnham, liam Cruickshank, Esq. Commander of Esq., the Chief Secretary to Government, the Hon. Company's ship Farquharson, to aged 24 years. Caroline, third daughter of Geo. Elliot, SO. At Colabah, aged seven months, Esq.

Peter Frederick, son of Lieut. H. Dun. 6. Mr. Lucas Joseph, to Miss Hosanna babin, 2d bat. Ilth regt. N. I. A. Johanness,

Miss Jessy Elier, aged three years, 8. At the Scotch Church, Mr. James Aur. 4. Mrs. Goodfellow, wife of Maj. Hill, Free Mariner, to Mrs. Jane Davis, Goodfellow, Asialis Journ. ---No. 98.




4. Mrs. Laughton, a native of the outline of the mathematics, five rix dol. Orkneys. She was in the service of Mrs. lars per month : the children furnishing Newnham.

themselves with the necessary books, &c. 7. Miss Mary V. C. Conyers, aged one As pecuniary emolument is not an object year and fifteen days.

of the institution, whatever funds may be Lotely. At Salvaco, in Mahim, after a realized above the current expenses will painful illness of three months, Maria de be expended in the purchase of books, and Cruz, aged about 54 years, the relict of the mathematical and philosophical instrulate Joseph de Miranda.

ments, for the use of the advanced pupils. David, the infant son of David Mal 4. The school will commence precisely colm, Esq.

at 10 o'clock in the morning, and close at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The children

on the establishment must assemble a CEYLON.

quarter of an hour earlier, in clean and WESLEYAN NEW CHAPEL AT TRINCOMALEE decent apparel ; as a neglect of cleanli.

ness will be sufficient ground for imme

diate exclusion. On Sunday, the 23d March, the Wesleyan new chapel 31 Trincomalee, was

5. Although all the children will be

educated in one room, the utmost attenopened for divine service, The services appointed for the occasion

tion will be paid to prevent improper comwere conducted by the Missionaries in the

munication between the scholars. Those English, the Portuguese, and the Tamul

on the foundation will occupy a distinct languages; and much interest was ex

part of the room, and the children of cited. The building is in a central situa

Burghers and Singhalese head-men will tion, and has cost eighteen thousand rix

be seated apart. To prevent improper dollars; towards this sum, between six

communications out of the school, the and seven thousand rix dollars have been

children of Burghers will be dismissed at contributed by a liberal and generous

9 o'clock precisely; those of Singhalese pubiic, for which the missionaries desire

head-men a quarter of an hour after; and to make a grateful and public acknowledg

these on the foundation at half past 3

o'clock ment. - [ Vad. Cour.

6. The children on the foundation will be assembled on the Sabbath at five o'clock

in the afternoon, for reading the scriptures, ACADEMY, COLOMBO.

and attending on divine worship at the 1. The primary object of the institution Mission House. being to communicate to the poor a cor

7. There will be two vacations in the rect knowledge of the English language, year of three weeks each, vis. at Christmas and an education in the brauches of useful and Midsummer; and prior to the Christknowledge, best calculated to prepare them

mas vacation, there will be a public exafor efficiently filling situations of useful- mination of the classes, when appropriate ness in society; fifty children of reduced rewards will be distributed. Burgher families, and fifty Singhalese 8. Three suitable masters are provided; children, will be admitted to gratuitous and the academy will be under the immeinstruction. The period of continuance diate inspection of the Wesleyan Misin the school will not exceed six years;

sionaries residing in Colombo. and the course of education will be read The school will commence on the Ist of ing, writing, English grammar, arithmetic, July next. Gentlemen wbo are desirous abridged history, and an outline of geo of having their children instructed in the graphy. The friends of the children must academy, are requested to signify their infurnish them with the necessary books, &c. tention by letter, directed to the Rev. J.

2. No child is eligible for admission M'Kenny, prior to the 15th of June ; and who is under the age of eight years, or

they are respectfully informed, that the who is unable to read the New Testament education of a child who is unable to read in English. Applications for admission the New Testament cannot be undertaken. must be made in writing to the Wesleyan Missionaries residing in Colombo, signed by the parents or guardians of the children, before the 1st of June next, when a day The congregation of the Oratory of St. will be appointed for examining and re Philip Nerie, at Goa, has been pleased to ceiving the candidates.

appoint the Most Rer. Father Vicentie 3. The academy will also be open for de Rosario to be Superior and Vicar Gethe instruction of the children of respect neral of the Mission of Ceylon, to comable Burghers, and of Singhalese head mence from the 29th June last : on which men, upon the following terms :--reading, day he took charge of his office, and was writing, arithmetic, and English gram- pleased to appoint the Rev. Padre Caytan

three rix dollars per month ; history, Anthony to be Registrar or Secretary to geography, the use of the globes, and an the said Mission.-(Cey. Gaz., July 12.





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