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which carried this intelligence to the Por the Captain appealed to the Viceroy. A tuguese and British settlements in that course of investigation was consequently quarter of the world,

entered into by the Chinese, with no lack

of the parade and mummery characteristic We have inserted, on several occasions,

of that nation. The matter, however, was extracts from a periodical paper published soon arranged by the presiding mandaria, in Macao, giving the particulars of a revo by his enquiring of the senators and peolution which has lately taken place in that ple whether it was their wish to place settlement (if it may be so called), in themselves under the authority of the incommon with almost every other Portu dividual proposed as their president, in the guese colony. We have now before us a despatches from Goa. The universal cry private letter, and various numbers of the was in the negative; upon which the manpriodical paper above alluded to, “A darin immediately decided according to Abelha da China,” which communicate their wishes, such decision being required very late intelligence respecting the poli by the laws of the celestial empire. He tical state of this small community. It

likewise expressed great displeasure at appears that a frigate, despatched from the Captain for having given so much trouGoa, anchored off a Macao on the 16th of bie!! June 1823, with the avowed intention of Our correspondent informs us, that restoring the former government. Being trade of every kind is very dull at Macao. opposed, however, by the existing authori There is no sale even for opium. The ties, the frigate repaired to Canton, where cholera morbus is still raging.


Home Intelligence.

chioness of Ely, for Madras and Bengal;

aud Capt. Henry Hosman, Prince Regent, Jan. 2. A Court of Directors was held,

for Bengal direct.

16. when the following commanders took leave

The despatches for Bengal and of the Court, previous to departing for

China, by ilie ship Macqueen, were closed, their respective destinations, viz. - Capt. G.

and delivered to the Purser of that ship. Welstead, of the General Harris, for St.

17. The despatches were closed, and Helena, Bencoolen, and China; Capt. J.

delivered to the Pursers of the following Shepherd, Berwicksirire, for Bengal and

ships, viz.- Castle Huntley, and Thomas China ; and Capt. A. H. Campbell, Duke

Coutts, for Bombay and China ; and the of York, for Bombay and China.

Duchess of Athoil, for Bengal and China. 6. A Court of Directors was held, when Capt. Kinnaird Smith was sworn in to the

APPOINTMENTS. command of the ship William Fairlie, con M jor-General Sir Benjamin D'Urban, signed to Madras and China.

K.C. B., to be Lieutenant-Governor of 7. A Court of Directors was held, the Settlement of Demarara and Essewhen the following Captains took leave of quibo. the Court previous to departing for their Major-Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, K.C.B. respective destinations, rix.-Capt. H. A. to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief Drummond, of the Castle Huntly; and of the Island of Antigua, Capt. Alex. Christie, Thomas Coutts, for The Hon. Fred. Cathcart, (now SecreBombay and China; Capt. E. M. Daniell, tary to his Majesty's Embassy at St. Peters. Duchess of Atholl, and Capt. J. Walker, burgh) to be his Majesty's Minister PleniMacqueen, for Bengal and China. potentiary to the Diet at Frankfort.

8. The despatches for Bombay and William John Crosbie, Esq. (Secretary China, by the ship Duke of York, were to his Majesty's Legation in Switzerland) closed and delivered to the Purser of that to be Secretary to his Majesty's Legation ship

at Florence. 10. The despatches were closed, and Richard Pakenham, Esq. to be Secretary delivered to the pursers of the following to his Majesty's Legation in Switzerland. ships, viz.— Berwickshire, Capt. Shepherd, The Right Hon. Sir Robert Gifford, for Bengal and China; and General Har Knt., to be Lord Chief Justice of the ris, Capt. Welstead, for St. Helena, Ben Court of Common Pleas. coolen, and China.

The Right Hon, Sir Wm. Alexander, 14. A Court of Directors was held, Knt., to be Lord Chief Baron of the when the following Captains were sworn

Court of Exchequer. into the command of their respective ships, John Pearson, Esq. to be Advocate viz. -Capt. Charles Mangles, of the Mar General to the Hon. East-India Company


in Bengal, in the room of R. Spankie, received an elegant Silver Salver, valued Esq., who has resigned that office.

at six hundred guineas, which has been presented to him (we quote the words inscribed on the plate) “ from his friends

in the British Factory in China, in testiDetachments belonging to the 16th Regiment of Light Dragoons, and the

mony of their high approbation of his

conduct when Commissioner of Embassy 6th, 20th, 38th, 49th, 54th and 59th Regi.

to the Court of Pekin in the yeur 1816." ments of Infantry, have arrived from In

We have obtained through the means of a dia and the Cape of Good Hope, on

friend a copy of the letter which accompaboard the Thames, free trader.

nied this handsome present, and have Detachments belonging to the 20th and 47th Regiments of Foot, embarked on the

much gratification in inserting it in our

Journal, 15th Jan. on board the Castle Huntley, East-Indiaman, for Bombay.

“ To Sir George Thomas Staunton, Bart. Detachments belonging to the 11th

Sir:-We the undersigned members of Light Dragoons, the 16th Lancers, and

the British Factory in China, fully apprethe 13th, 38th, and 87th Regiments of ciating the extent and merit of your ser. Infantry, embarked on the 17th Jan. on

vices when a Commissioner of Embassy board the Duchess of Athol, Indiaman,

to this country, request your acceptance for Bengal.

of the accompanying testimonial of the Detachments belonging to the 30th, bigh estimation in which we hold the 46th, and 41st Regiments of Infantry, principles which governed your conduct. have received orders to march from Ports The decision and sound judgment dismouth, and to arrive at Chatham on the played by you under circuinstances the 6th of Feb., preparatory to their embarka. most trying, when less firm minds might tion for India.

have bent under the weight of responsiDetachments belonging to the 54th

bility which you incurred, maintained our and 89th Regiments of Fool, have receiv

national honour, while they have promoted ed orders to march from the Isle of Wight,

our commercial interests, and these must and to arrive at Chatham on the 6th of ever have a necessary and an intimate Feb., preparatory to their embarking on

connection. board the William Fairlie, Indiaman, for

We feel satisfied that every man whom Madras,

experience has made acquainted with the A Detachment belonging to the 13th

nature and constitution of the government Light Dragoons, has received orders to

of China, must entertain a similar opinion ; embark on board the above Indiaman for and it is to us a source of pleasing reflecthe same destination.

tion, that while the interests of the great A Detachmentof the Royal Staff Corps, and valuable commerce confided to your under the command of Ensign R. M. care, were by you ably upheld, our chaWestmacott, has received orders to em

racter as the subjects of a free and indebark on board the Orpheus free trader, in pendent state, has remained unsullied and the river, for the Mauritius.


We request you will receive this as the

expression of our deliberate opinion, and, RUSSIA

with best wishes for your health and hapSeven khans of several nomade tribes of piness, we remain, Khisgis and Kalmucks, on the frontiers of

Your sincere and faithful friends, Siberia and China, who have hitherto been under the protection of China, and

Jas. B. Urmston, John Jackson,
W. Fraser,

Tho. C. Smith,
have voluntarily placed themselves under
that of Russia, have arrived at St. Peters-

Wm. Bosanquet, John Livingstone, burgh to take their oaths of fealty, and to

W. H.C. Plowden, R. Morrison,

Charles Millett, Samuel Ball, pay their tribute. The fair of Nischney Novogorod ended

C. Marjoribanks, J. Reeves,

J. F. Davis, on the 3d of September. The value of

F. Hastings Toone,

A. Pearson, T. J. Metcalfe." all the goods at the fair is estimated at 94,380,000 roubles, of which tea alone is estimated at twelve millions ; Siberian

INDIA SHIPPING. furs, five millions ; copper, iron, and other

Arrivals. metals, above ten millions. At the close of the fair, the merchants are said to have

Dec. 30. Liverpool. Bencoolen, Kirkhad a clear profit of three millions of gal, 13th Aug., and St. Helena, 17th

wood, and Seaforth, M’Dowall, from Benroubles.

Nov.-Passengers per Bencoolen from

Bengal : Major J. C. Meacham, Mrs. SIR GEORGE THOMAS STAUNTON, BART.

Meacham, and three children; Lieut. Sir G. T. Staunton, Bart., M.P., the P. L. Dore, Mrs. Dorc, and child; Capt. late President of the Select Committee of R. Boyes; Lieut. G. H. Cox; Lieut. Supra-Cargoes at Canton, has recently Albert Fenton, and Miss Julia Smith. Asiatic Journ.-No. 98.

Vol. XVII. 2 F

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Jan. 7. Gravesend. Thames, Haviside, from Bengal 6th Sept., and St. Helena from China, 6th Aug., Cape, 5th Nov., 24th Nov. and St. Helena, 22d Nov.-- Passengers

Departures. from the Cape: Colonel Skerret, lady Jan. 7. Portsmouth, La Belle Alliance, and child, H. M. 55th regt. ; Major Pes. Rolfe, York, Talbert, and Clyde, Driver, ter and lady, Dr. Mostyn and lady, Ben for Madras. Cambridge, Barber, for Bomgal establishinent ; Lieut. Rolson, H. M.

bay, 55th regt. ; Lieut. Barker, H. M. 49th Deal. Henry Porcher, Thompson, regt. ; Dr. Nelson, H. M. 55th regt. ; for Cape, Madras, and Bengal. Dr. Yateman, from Bengal ; and Mr. 11. Deal. Duke of York, Campbell, Mellor.- From St. Helena : M.D. Louis, for Bombay and China. - Passengers: of France.

Sir C. H. Chambers, one of the Judges of 9. Gravesend. Pyramus, Brodie, from the Supreme Court of Judicature at BomMadras, 5th Sept., Cape, 6th Nov., and bay; Capt. C. B. Sale, 4th Light Dram St. Helena, 22d Nov.-- Passengers from goons; Lieut, Wainwright, 47th Infantry; Madras : Mrs. Brodie, and two Misses Ensign J. Lardner, ditto ; Lieut. MacaBrodie; Madame Kerchoft; Henry Mort- lister, 20th Infantry; Rev. M. Davis; lock, Esq., Civil Service; Charles Thack. T.Hopkins, Esq., Messrs. G. Rowley, C. ary, Esq., Barrister at Law; Alex. Ward Babington, H. Aston, S. Landon, W. Varrop, Esq., Merchant; Mr. Fairquhar; don, S. K. Christopher, and A. Goldie, Dr. Rolland; Ensign Wilford. - From Cadets to Bombay ; Mr. H, Caulfield to the Cape: J. Manuel, Esq.

Ceylon ; Lady Chambers; Mrs. Colonel 9. Gravesend. General Palmer, Truscott, Molle; Miss Molle; Miss Philipps ; from Madras 2d Sept., and St. Helena 20 Mrs. Hopkins; also detachments of His Nov.- Passengers: Lieut.-Col. Stewart, Majesty's 4th Light Dragoons, and 20th 24th regt. Madras N.I.; Col. Becket, and 47th Regiments of Infantry. 23d regt., ditto; Major Hindley, Madras

14. Gravesend. Lord Hungerford, Cavalry ; Major Gummer, 23d regt. Farquharson, for Madeira and Bengal. Madras N.I. ; Capt. Balmain, 6th regt. 15. Deal. Berwickshire, Sliepberd, for Madras Cavalry; Capt. Bluett, H. M. Bengal and China, and General Harris, 41st regt. ; Lieut. Dacre, R.N.; Lieut. Welstead, for St. Helena, Bencoolen, and Matsey, R.N. ; Lieut. Dowker, 2d regt.

China. Madras Infantry; Lieut. Dyer, 23d regt.

16. Gravesend. Macqueen, Walker, Infantry; Lieut. Puget, Madras Europ. for Bengal and China, and Castle Huntley, regt. ; Ens. Thursby, 4th regt. Madras Drummond, for Bombay and China. army; Mrs. Hindley and family ; Mrs. 17. Ditto. Duchess of Athol, Daniell, Belmain ; Mrs. Bluet; Mrs. Dore; three for Bengal and China, and Thomas Coutts, Misses Balmain ; Miss Dore and Miss Chrystie, for Bombay and China. Mann; three Misses Bluett; Masters C. H. Symonds, Gordon Duncan, J. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND Parrot, and W. H. Creighton; and seven

DEATHS. teen invalids, one woman, and one child.

10. Gravesend. Princess Charlotte, Blythe, from Ceylon and Mauritius,

Dec. 24. At Edinburgh, the lady of 11. Ditto. Circassian, Wasse, from

George Govan, Esq., M.D., Bengal es.

tablishment, of a son. Bengal, Madras, and St. Helena, and Lonach, Wildridge, from Batavia.

26. At Edinburgh, the lady of Major15. Ditto. Amity, Gray, from Batavia, daughter.

Gen. the Hon. Patrick Stuart, of a 7th Sept.

28. In Upper Bedford-place, Russell21. Liverpool. Westmoreland, Coulter, square, the lady of John Loch, Esq., of from Bengal 13th Aug., and St. Helena a daughter. 22d Nov.

29. In Mortimer Street, Cavendish22. Of Dover. Claudine, Crabtree, square, the lady of Col. Hugh D. Baillie, from Bengal 9th Sept., and Cape 12th of a daughter. Nov,

31. In the neighbourhood of NottingDitto. Euphrates, Meade, from ham, the lady of J. W. Sherer, Esq., late Bombay 5th Sept., Cape 8th Nov., and Accountant General of Bengal, of a son. St. Helena 24th Nov.-Passengers from Jan. 1. At Bedale, the lady of Sir J. Bombay : Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Co. Beresford, Bart., of a daughter. gan; Lieut.-Col. M‘Coy, H. M. 67th 2. In Burton Crescent, Brunswickregt.; Major Green, H. M. 20th regt. ; Square, the lady of Lieut. Col. Hogg, of Capt. Waugh, Ist Bengal Cavalry; Lieut. the Hon. East-India Company's service, Oakley, H. M. 20th regt. ; Lieut. Lewis, of a daughter. Artillery; Lieut. Cogan, H. C. Bombay 3. At Shelford, the lady of Sir Charles Marine; Mr. West, Mr. Robinson; and Wale, K.C.B., of a daughter. Mr. Griffith, Assistant Surgeon.

4. The lady of Lieut. Gen. Sir John 24. In the Downs. Mellish, Cole, Oswald, of Dunikeir, of a son.



17. In Baker-street, Portman-square, the Hon. India Company's service, and the lady of Major Rivett Carnac, of a son. daughter of the Rev. Dr. Gamble, of


26. At Rottingdean, Mrs. Paterson,

relict of Wm. Paterson, Esq. formerly of Jar. I. At Repton, in the County of Devonshire-place. Derby, by the Rev. William Palgrave At Brampton, Robert Godby, Esq. Manclarke, of Loddon, Norfolk, John 27. At Paris, Mrs. Browne, wife of Herbert Carige, Esq., son of the late James Browne, Esq. M.P. Major John Carige, of Monghyr, in the 28. In Dyer's-court, Aldermanbury, East Indies, to Jane Elizabeth, daughter Mr. Joseph Mallet, aged 68. of the late Austin Palgrave Manclarke, At Herne Hill, Surrey, John Curtis, Esq.- Also, on the same day, Richard Esq. aged 58. Beatniffe Manclarke, Esq., of Repton Samuel Pell, Esq. of Lywell Hall, Park, Derbyshire, to Eliza Marian Elea- county of Northampton, aged 70. por, daughter of the late Major John At Lyndhurst, the Rev. Mr. CharCarige.

ret, Curate of Milford, near Lymington. At St. Andrew's the Less, the Rev. 30. In Bloomsbury-square, after giving Samuel Lee, A.M., of Queen's College, birth to a son, Martha, wife of Dr. R. Professor of Arabic in Cambridge Uni- Bright. versity, to Mrs. Palmer, of Regent-street. At Leytonstone, Elizabeth, relict of

7. At Chippenham, Wilts., the Rev. the late Philip Sansom, Esq. aged 78. George Crookshank, M.A., of West At Staines-lodge, Middlesex, ElizaCharlton, Somerset, to Rosa, only daugh. beth, widow of Edw. Cooper, Esq. of ter of the late Capt. Robert Kelly, of Doctor's Commons. Madras.

At Myerscough-hall, Lancashire, 13. At Staynton, Geo. L. Elliot, Esq., Edward Greenalgh, Esq. of the Hon. Company's Civil Service, At Forthampton Court, GloucesBombay, to Thomasina Gertrude, eldest tershire, the Hon. Mary Yorke, relict of daughter of H. Leach, Esq., of Milford, the Hon. and Right Rev. James Yorke,

21. Francis Law, Esq., of the Bengal late Bishop of Ely. Civil Service, to Eliza, eldest daughter of At West Ham Abbey, Essex, Wm. the late Samuel George Evans, Esq., of Kebbell, Esq. Proctor, Doctor's Comthe Bengal Medical establishment.

mons, aged 42.

31. The Rev. Theophilus Houlbrooke, of Barnes, Surrey.

At Twyford Cottage, near WinchesOct. 15. Al Graham's Town, Cape of ter, Susannah, wife of Rear-Admiral Good Hope, Lieut.-Col. Geo. Sackville Miller. Frazer, of the Cape Corps.

James Zinzan, Esq. of the Butts, Nov. 18. At Liverpool, Isabella, the Brentford, aged 64. wife of Capt. Thomas Hodgson, of the Janet, the wife of James Walker, Hon. Company's Service ; “beloved, es Esq., of Limehouse, Middlesex. teemed, lamented.”

At Walthamstow, T. C. Warner, Dec. 15. At Nice, the Hon. and Rev. Esq., Treasurer of St. Bartholomew's HosT. A. Harris, brother to the Earl of Mal- pital. mesbury, aged 42.

At Rugby, Earle Armitage Gillbee, 18. At Paris, the Right Hon. Henry, Esq. Earl of Barrymore, aged 54.

Jan. 2. At Stuston Parsonage, Han21. Thermuthis, wife of Robert Ashe, nah, the wife of the Rev. Wm. Walker, Esq. of Langley House, Wilts, aged 77. Prebendary of Lichfield.

At Ballancrieff House, the Hon. Richard Meux, Esq. aged 56. Maria Murray, third daughter of the Right 3. In Upper Seymour-street, PortmanHon. Lord Elibank.

square, the Dowager Lady Sutton, aged 86. - Dr. John Rogerson, of Wampbray, 4. At Paris, Matilda, younger daughter first physician to the Emperor of Russia.

of Sir Grenville Temple, Bart. 22. Charles, son of the late Dr. Bowers, of Aldborough, aged 21.

At Middleton-Cheney, in Northam

tonshire, the Rev. Francis Lloyd, M.A. 23. At Lyons, the seat of Lord Cloncurry, Mrs. Douglas, aged 78.

late student of Christ Church, Oxford. 24. Harriet, daughter of Wm. Prater,

At Woodley Lodge, Berks, Mary Esq. of Noble-street, Cheapside, aged 17.

Teresa, and in twenty minutes after, FranAt Pleasant-row, Kingsland-road,

ces Margaret, the seventh and second James Vincent, Esq. aged 65.

daughters of James Wheble, Esq. 26. At his seat in Cornwall, Sir Ascott

At York, James Hamerton, Esq. Curry Molesworth, Bart.

late of Hellifield Peel, Yorkshire, aged 74. Fanny, wife of Colonel Frazer, of

5. At Turnham Green, J. Earnshaw,


Esq., late one of the Surveyors General of 18. In the Strand, Michael Kenny, His Majesty's Customs.

Esq., aged 30, late of the Army Medical 6. In Upper Bedford-place, the lady of Staff. John Loch, Esq.

19. At Brixton-place, Surrey, William At the Vicarage at Bosbury, Lally Taylor, Esq., in his 691h year. Colt, widow of the late Sir John Colt, 20. In Park-street, Westminster, the aged 77.

Rev. John Hallam, in his 71st year. At St. Edmund's-hill, Martin Thos. 21. At Chelsea, Mrs. Beckwith, widow Cocksedge, Esq. aged 42.

of the late Col. John Beckwith, aged 70. At Cheltenham, Elizabeth, relict of 22. At Islington, Jasper Cox, Esq., the late John Pycroft, Esq.

23. At his house, near Croydon, Chris. 7. At Cornsay, Mrs. Eliz. Kirkley, topher Taddy, Esq. aged 103.

Lately. At his chambers in the Albany, At Luddington-house, Surrey, Wal William Osgoode, Esq., formerly Chief ter Irvine, Esq., aged 76.

Ju-tice in Canada, aged 70. 8. In Cumberland-street, Richard Bul. In the Albany, Wm. Cruise, Esq., ler, Esq. in his 92d year,

Barrister-at-Law, aged 72. In Lord's-bane, Hoddesdon, Mrs. In Paris, Sir John Gifford, Bart. Christian, relict of Edw. Christian, Esq., At Fenney Bentley, near Ashborne, late Chief Justice of the Isle of Ely. the Rev. John Bowness, late Perpetual

At Builth, Thos. Price, Esq., aged 82. Curate of Brassington, Derbyshire. 9. In York-street, Baker-street, Richard The Rev. J. Ford, one of the MiDennison, Esq., in his 720 year.

nor Canons of Canterbury Cathedral. Edw. Williams, Esq., of Eaton, near In Mallow, Ireland, Miss Alice Salop, aged 94.

Cox, grand-daughter of Lord Chancellor At Graige, county of Wexford, Cox. George Carr, Esq., Barrister at Law.

At Birstall, near Leads, Mr. Joshua In Caermarthen-street, Bedford Priestly, brother to the celebrated Dr. square, Walter Pye, Esq., Barrister at Priestly, aged 88. Law, aged 72.

The Rev. James Thomas, A.B, Mrs. Kitwood, mother of Capt. Kita Vicar of Bolton-le-Sands, &c. wood, High-street, Boston, aged 105.

In Rutland-square, Dublin, John At Eaton Hall, the Hon. Gilbert Patrick, Esq. Grosvenor, infant son of Lord Belgiave.

At Stukely, Huntingdonshire, Miss 10. At Clapham Common, Joseph Bayley, sister to Judge Bayley, aged 65. Brandney, Esq., aged 49.

At Rochdale, aged 80, W. Holland, At Clapham, John Prior, Esq. Esq.

At Kingston upon-Thames, Samuel Lost, in his Majesty's sloop Arab, Cox, Esq., aged 75.

Mr. Charles Mason, Midshipman, son of 11, In Great Queen-street, Edw. Cox, Capt. Mason, C.B., R. N. Esq. aged 79.

At Barling, Essex, the Rev. Mr. At Odiham, the Rev. Henry Wash Salt, Vicar of Barling, and of Ilordon. ington, M A., aged 28.

12. The lady of Colonel James Smith, Bombay army, of Somerset-street, Port INDIAN SECURITIES AND man-square, aged 48.

At Little Stonham, Suffolk, the Rev.

By advices from Calcutta to esth Ang., 1993, J. R. Vernon, Morning Preacher at St. Remittable Paper is quoted at a premium Paul's

..... S. Rs.94 to 34 8 per ceat.

Non Remittable ........Do. ....13 to 140 do, - Joseph Marryatt, Esq. M. P. aged 60.

Bank of Bengal Rates for Discount on Private 13. At Felpham, near Chichester, the

Bills al ...

S. Rs. S o per cent. Hon. Mrs. Edw. Percival.

Dinto Government Bills


Interest ou Luanis on Deposit,
At Kinsale, the Hon. Governor de

open date......

do. Courcey. aged 67.

Diiio months certain..
At Newhailes, Edinburgh, Lady Exchange on London at Six Mont be.

Per Sicca Rupees.

Horne, widow of the late Vice-Admiral
Sir George Horne, Bart., of Blackadder.

is. 11d. to is. 11d.

Is. 11.4. to 25. 14. In Panton-square, John Ross,

Bank Shares, 50 to 60 per cent, nominal. Esq., Lieut.-Col., late of the 28th regt. Bullion..........S. R. 207 4 to 207 8 per 100 Drs. 17. In Stanhope-street, May-fair, Bam. Sovereigns

10 12 10 Il 0 fach

B. of Eng. Notes.... 100 to ber Gascoyne, Esq., aged 68. At Carshalton, Surrey, Mrs. Rose,

ARTICLES OF PRODUCE. wife of the Rev. Wm. Rose, aged 68.

SALTPETRE continues to be an article of in. At Camberwell, Surrey, Willam teresi, and large purchases bave been made. Hammond, Esq., aged 69.

Price at 5 4 10 5 10 per Factory Maunds.

INDIGO.-The crop it is supposed will not er18. At Barnham-House, near Dingle,

ceed 90.000 inannds; the falling off is chiefly in Lord Ventry.

Bengals, which will not amount to half of last


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