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Captains. J. H. Cave, 21st regt. N.I. J. Gabb, 1st do. do. T. Barron, 10th do. do. F. Young, 13th do. do. W. A. Yates, 18th do. do. G. B. Bell, 30th do. do. H. T. Smith, 25th do. do. G. Young, 24th do. do. Lieutenants W. Grant, (B.C.) 10th do. do. H. Wilson, (do.) 30th do. do. J. Smith, (do.) 5th do. do. N. Penny, (do.) 14th do. do. A. McMahon, (do.) 24th do. do. J. Thompson, (do.) 10th do. do. R. S. Phillips, (do.) 26th do. do. C. Thoresby, 29th do. do. H. Lawrence, 19th do. do. T. Moodie, 1st do. do. C. Marshall, 15th do. do. L. Wansandau, 8th do. do. R. P. Fulcher, 20th do. do. J. B. Fenton, 23d do. do. A. G. Ward, 1st do. do. G. Iliff, 12th do. do. G. H. White, 4th do. do. J. Frederick, 15th db. do. G. H. Dalby, 9th do. do. T. Smith, 15th do. do. S. Twemlow, 24th do. do. A. M. L. Maclean, 5th do. do. W. F. A. Seymour, do. do. F. Macrae, 13th do. do. E. Jackson, 29th do. do. J. Ross, 21st do. do. Fort-William, Sept. 12. — The Right Hon. the Governor General in Council is pleased to make the following promotions and transfer: Infantry. Lieut. Col. J. N. Smith to be Lieut. Col. Commandant of a regiment, from 20 July 1823, vice Marshall, deceased. —Maj. J. S. Harriott to be Lieut. Col. from same date, vice Smith.-Maj. W. B. Walker to be Lieut. Col. from 18th Aug. 1823, vice Cumberlege, deceased.—Lieut. Gen. R.Phillips is transferred to the senior list, from 4th Sept. 1823, vice Morris, deceased. – Lieut. Col. T. M. Weguelin to be Lieut. Col. Commandant of a regiment from same date, vice Phillips-Maj. G. Sargent to be Lieut. Col. from same date, vice Weguelin. 31st. Regt. N. I. Capt. B. Roope to be Major ; Brev. Capt. and Lieut. T. Hepworth to be Capt. of a comp.; and Ensign G. Cumine to be Lieut. from 20th July 1823, in succession to Harriott, promoted.—Brev. Capt. and Lieut. R. Becher to be Capt. of a comp., and Ensign W.M. Ramsay to be Lieut., from 21st July 1823, in succession to Shaw, deceased. 10th Regt. Ensign A. Macdonald to be Lieut. from 4th Aug. 1823, vice Phelips, deceased. 3d Regt, Capt. J. Nesbitt to be Major; Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. Eckford to be Capt. of a comp.; and Ens. W. D. Stewart to be Lieut., from 18th Aug. 1823, in succession to Walker, promoted. 27th Regt Brev. Capt, and Lieut. G. A. Vetch to be Capt. of a comp.; and Ens. R. L. Burnett to be Lieut. from 20th Aug. 1823, in succession to Fortune, dec. 24th Regt. Ens. J. Macdonald to be Lieut. from 27th Aug. 1823, vice Delap, deceased. 33d Regt. Ens. J. Knyvett to be Lieut. from 29th Aug. 1823, vice Watt, transferred to the cavalry. 32d Regt. Capt. N. Bucke to be Major; Brev. Capt. and Lieut. C. Andrews to be Capt. of a comp.; and Ens. A. Knyvett to be Lieut., from 4th Sept. 1823, in succession to Sargent, promoted. 30th Regt. Capt. C. Bowyer to be Major; Brew.Capt. and Lieut. P. H. Dewaal to be Capt. of a comp.; and Ens. E. J. Watson to be Lieut. from 11th Sept. 1823, in succession to Alder, invalided.

Fort William, Sept. 11.- Major T. G. Alder, 30th N.I., transferred to Invalid Est. Sept. 12.-Capt. W. Kennedy, 2d Assist., to be 1st. Assist. Mil. Auditor-Gen. ; and Brev. Capt. R. Armstrong, 14th N.I., to be 2d Assist. Mil. Auditor-Gen. ; in succession to Wiggens, promoted. Ens. G. Thomson, of Engineers, to be Lieut., from 5th Sept., in succession to Walter, dec. Mr. R. Grueber, late Adj. Baddely's Horse, to be Local Lieut. and Adj. of Skinner's Horse, vice Martindell. Mr. J. H. Hampton admitted a Cadet, and promoted Ensign. Mr. H. Harris admitted Assist. Surg. Major C. T. Higgins, 22d N.I., to be Agent for Army Clothing 2d Division, vice Stuart, promoted. Capt. J. Oliver, 11th N.I., to officiate as a Sub-Assistant to Hon. Comp. Stud, vice Capt. J. Hunter, removed. Head-Quarters, on the River, Aug. 25. —Assist. Surg. Lawrie to have medical charge of detachment under orders for Nattal. Assist.Surg. Smith to do duty with detachment under Major Parker, proceeding to Cawnpore. Aug. 26.—Capt. Pratt, 2d bat. 4th regt., to raise recruits at Sultanpore (Oude), in place of Capt. Axford. Aug. 28.-Exchange of appointments sanctioned between Lieut. Wheler, who is appointed Interp. and Quart. Mas., and Lieut. Ponsonby, who is appointed Adjut. to 2d regt. L. C. Lieut. Farley, recently transferred to Invalid. Estab., posted to Europ. Invalids at Chunar. Ensigns appointed to do duty with bats. as follows: -G. Halhed, 2d bat. 10th N.I., Berhampore; A. Tweedale. 1st bat, 23d do., Barrackpore; R. Wood

ward, 1st, bat. 23d do., Barrackpore; E. C. MacPherson, 1st. bat. 10th do., Barrackpore; C. Graham, 2d bat. 20th do., Barrackpore. Sept. 1. — Exchange between Assist. Surgs. R. D. Knight and J. Johnstone, the former removed to 2d Local, or Gardner's Horse, and latter to 2d Nusseeree Bat, Ens. C. G. Ross to do duty with 2d bat. 11th N.I., at Barrackpore. Sept. 2.-Assist. Surg. Wyatt to place himself under orders of Superintending Surgeon at Dinapore. Assist. Surg. Thompson to have medical charge of detachment under orders for Nattal. Fort William, Sept. 19.-Officers, subalterns of 15 years' standing, promoted to the rank of Captain by Brevet, from 16th Sept. 1823:Lieut. J. Thomson, 15th regt. N.I. Lieut. E. Herring, 29th do. Lieut. R. Robert, Artillery. Lieut. G. G. Denness, do. Lieut. J. W. Prideaux, 18th N. I. Lieut. A. Davidson, 7th do. Lieut. J. Hall, 9th do. Lieut. W. Aldous, 19th do. Lieut. J. Hailes, 1st do. Lieut. M. Ramsay, 8th do. Lieut. G. Oliphant, 2d do. Lieut. J. S. Marshall, 29th do. Lieut. W. Davison, H. C. Rurop. Regt. Lieut. J. A. Schalch, 14th regt. N.I. Lieut. T. M. Taylor, 5th L. C. Lieut. W. Burlton, 4th ditto. Capt. W. Kennedy, 1st Assist. Military Auditor Gen., to be a Member of Board of Superintendence for Improvement of Breed of Cattle, in room of Lieut. Col. Wiggens. Head-Quarters, on the River, Sept. 4.Surg. G. O. Gardner, 19th N.I., attached to 2d bat. of regt. Brev. Capt. Brown, 1st bat. 15th N.I., to receive charge of Engineer's Department at Allyghur, from Lieut. J. F. Paton, appointed a District Barrack-master. Sept. 6.—Major Harriott (previous to his trial by Court-martial) to deliver over charge of Europ. and Native Invalids at Chunar, to Major Alexander, 19th N.I. Lieut. W. Turner, 29th N.I., to act as Fort Adj. at Buxar. Sept. 8.-Ens. F. W. Anson, 24th N.I., to join 1st bat. 14th regt. at Pertabgurh. Lieut. A. Chitty, 1st bat. 1st N.I., to be Adj. to Moorshedabad Prov. Bat., vice C. H. Phelips, dec. Lieut. Col. Littlejohn, removed from 1st bat. 25th N.I., to 1st bat. 1st regt. Fort William, Sept. 19. — Lieut. A. Irvine, Engineers, to be District Barrack-master, vice Capt. Bowyer, promoted, and posted to 7th or Cawnpore Division. Capt. G. J. Shadwell, Barrack-master of 7th or Cawnpore Division, transferred

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PROMOTIONS, &c. IN HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES. Head-Quarters, on the Rirer, Aug. 16, 1823.-Lieut. T. Kettlewell, 30th Foot (a Subaltern of 15 years' standing) to be Capt. in the East-Indies only. Aug. 20.-Major Streatfield, 87th Foot, to be Mil. Sec. to Governor-Gen. Lieut. the Hon. J. Amherst, 59th Foot; Lieut. J. Cooke, Royal Marines; and Lieut. A. St. Leger M'Mahon, 16th Lancers, to be Aides-de-Camp to GovernorGeneral. Aug. 26.-Lieut. T. Taylor, 89th Foot (a Subaltern of 15 years' standing) to be Capt. in the East-Indies only. Aug. 29.--Capt. W. Fendal, 4th regt., to be Extra Aide-de-Camp to GovernorGeneral. Sept. 4.—Capt. Fenton, 87th regt., to proceed to England in charge of invalids and service-expired men. &pt. 7.—Lieut. Hartford, 59th regt., to do duty with invalids and service-expired men of H.M. service, and to proceed with them to England. Sept. 16.-Until his Majesty's pleasure shall be known : 13th Foot. Lieut.W. Thomas, from 89th foot, to be Lieut. vice Shiel, who exhanges, 15th Aug. 1823. 89th Foot. Lieut. A.Shiel, from 13th foot, to be Lieut., vice Thomas, who exchanges, ditto. Assist. Surg. Rutledge, 20th foot, to return to Bombay. Lieut. the Hon. J. Amherst, 59th regt., and Aide-de-Camp to Governor-Gen., to be Mil. Sec. to his Lordship. Sept. 22.-Lieut. John Magill, 38th foot, and Lieut. John Connor, 44th foot, (subalterns of 15 years' standing) to have the rank of Capt. in the East-Indies only. 54th Regt. Until His Majesty's plea. sure be known : Ens, R. T. R. Pattoun, to be Lieut., vice R. Holt, dec, and Mr. G.Holt, gent, to be Ensign, vice Pattoun. Sept. 24.—Lieut. Archer, 87th regt., to do duty with invalids and service-expired of H. M. service, and to proceed with them to England.

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Arrivals in the River.

Sept. 14. Glenelg, Weddell, from Bombay.—15. Fame, Young, from England; Hero of Malown, Neish, from Batavia; Asia-Felir, Jellicoe, from Bombay; and Maria, Reynolds, from the Cape.—16. Mary Ann, Wise, from Penang, and Francis Warden, Webster, from Rangoon. -17. Maitland, Kinsey, and Eduard Strettel, Allport, from Madras.-21. Abberton, Percival, and Atlas, Clifton, from London.-24. Georgiana, Rogers, from Madras.—25. Potten, Wellbank, from London; and Ospray, M'Gill, from Greenock.-28. Ernaad, Jones, from Bombay, and Florentia, Winble, from London.Oct. 10. Thomas Grenville, Manning, from London.—20. Marquess Wellington, Blanshard, from Madras and London.—21. Rockingham, Beach, from London.—22. Duke of Lancaster, Davis, from Liverpool. —23. Lady Campbell, Betham, from Madras.-25. Grenada, Anderson; Orient, White; and Minerva, Probyn, from London.—Also the Princess Charlotte of Wales, Gribble; Merborough, Shipton; Royal George, Reynolds; Kingston, Bowen ; and Palmyra, Lamb, from London.

Departures from Calcutta.

Sept. 13. Morley, Haliday, for London.—14. Ann and Amelia, Short, for London, via Madras.—0ct. 3. Bridget, Leslie, for Liverpool.—11. Norfolk, Greig, for London, and King George the Fourth, Beyts, for Bombay. — 12, Lady East, Richardson, for Mauritius and London. —13. London, Brown, for Liverpool.

Miscellaneous Notices.

Ship Atlas.-The ship Atlas, lately arrived, while laying at anchor, on the 21st inst., abreast Hog River, about seven o'clock in the evening, suddenly sprung a leak, which overcame all efforts to keep the ship free. The pilot determined, at once to save the lives of the crew, and the cargo, to run the ship on shore: the cable was accordingly slipped, and the ship ran up the creek. After running a considerable distance she grounded, and when the accounts came away at midnight she was laying with three fathoms amidships, and two and a quarter fathoms forward and aft —and the water was up to the hatches of the lower deck.—[Cal. John Bull, Sept. 24.

The Pilot of the Atlas yesterday morn

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