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a son.

46th regt.

18. At Trichinopoly, the lady of H. 27 Mrs. C. Aratoon, of cholera morPrichard, Esq., of a son.

bus, aged 47. 19. In camp at Jaulnah, the lady of 29. Of cholera morbus, John S. AraLieut. R. Gibbiygs, of a son.

toon, son of the late Mrs. C. Aratoon, At St. Thomas's Mount, the lady aged 13. of Capt. Abdy, Commissary of Stores at Sept. 1. At the residence of O. Viveash, that station, of a son.

Esq., T. Fraser, Esq., late of the H. C.'s 22. At Royapett, Mrs. A. De Souza, of Civil Service, many years Collector of

Nellore. - At the Hyderabad Residency, Mrs. At the house of Mr. Atkinson, AsJ. Rousseau, of a son.

sistant Commissary, Sophia, the wife of At Bellary, the lady of Lieut. A. Mr. S. V. Gore, aged 36. Fraser, Quarter-master 2d bat. 230 N.I., 2. Of convulsion, Mrs. Diana C. J. of a daughter.

Christenau, wife of Mr. H. Christenau, 27. At Masulipatam, the lady of Lieut. Master of the Garrison Band, aged 26. Col. D. C. Kenny, of the 17th N.I., of Of cholera, Catherine Grace, wife a daughter,

of J. Cox, Esq., of the Medical Estab. Oct. 1. At Seringapatam, Mrs. Walsh, 6. On the Mount Road, of cholera, of a daughter.

Emma 3d daughter of Mr. T. Brady, At Pondicherry, the lady of G. D. aged 9. Drury, Esq., Civil Service, of a son. 9. At Belgaum, Col. G. Molle, H. M.

4. At the Mount, the lady of J. Stephenson, Esq., of the Horse Brigade, of Henry F. Lyte, son of Mr. Cona daughter.

ductor T. M. Lyet, aged 11 months. 5. At Trichinopoly, the lady of Capt. 11. Eliza, infant daughter of E. GorC. A. Elderton, Mil. Paymaster, Southern don, Esq. Division, of a daughter.

15. Of cholera, Mary Annc, daughter 10. At Pursewaukum, the lady of H. of Mr. J. Mac Viccars, aged 5 years. J. Vardon, Esq., of a son.

18. At Negapatam, Major J. D CrompThe lady of T. Allsop, Esq., of a ton, 4th Nat. Vet. Bat. daughter.

Mrs. Julia Taylor, daughter of Mrs. 12. At Vellore, the lady of Capt. B. F. Godfrey, aged 19. Blake, 23d regt., of a son.

22. At Chittledroog, the infant daughter of Capt. N. H. Hatherly, 6th N. I,

24. In camp at Jaulnah, Rich. Henry,

infant son of Lieut. Gibbings. Sept. 8. At Jaulnah, Mr. Conductor

28. Of cholera, the infant daughter of M. White, to Prisciila, only daughter of

Mr. T. Mack, aged 11 months. Mr. Conductor Brookes, of that station.

29. Mr. W. K. Tolson, son of the late 22. At Wallajahbad, M. M`Neill, Esq.,

Major Gen. R. Tolson, of this Estah. Lieut. and Adj. 6th Lt. Cavalry, to Emily,

30. At Pursewaukum, Major Adam second daughter of Major Bennett, 69th

Browne, aged 58. regt.

Mr. W. Clemons, aged 30, second 29. At St. George's Church, Lieut. J.

son of Lieut. and Adjt. Jas. Clemons, 1st Simmons, of H.M. 41st regt., to Matilda,

Nat. Vet. Bat. youngest daughter of Wm. Rutter, Esq.

Oct. 2. Ann, only daughter of Mr. H. Oct. 7. At Bellary, Mr. J. White, First

Claudius, aged 2 years.
Dresser, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr.
J. Dyce.

6. At Bangalore, the wife of the Rev. A. Forbes.

- At the Presidency, E. R. Sullivan,

Esq., of the H. C. C. Service. Aug. 4. At Arcot, Hannah Sophia, only daughter of First Dresser Chillingsworth, aged 2 years.

BOMBAY 17. At Cannanore, aged 13 months,

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. W. Douglas, youngest child of Capt. Wigan, 18th N. 1.

Sept. 19. Mr. F. J. H. Reeves, 2d 20. At Trevandrum, Travancore, Cor Assist. to Collector at Kaira. nelia, seventh daughter of the late A. Oct. 6. Mr. Walter Elliott, Madras Civil Lunel, Esq. of Cochin, aged 21.

Service, 2d Assist. to Principal Collec21. At Jaulnah, Rosa Stanley, daughter

tor in Southern Marhatta country. of Capt. Bentley, 2d bat., 13th N. I., aged 16 months.

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, 24. At Wallajahbad, H. Wm. Robert,

PROMOTIONS, &c. only child of Lieut. R. J. H. Vivian, aged 2 years.

Bombay Castle, Aug. 29, 1823.- Mr. 27. Jane Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Fen T. Dickson admitted cadet, and pro. wick, Madras, Europ. regt.

moted Ensign.


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Sept. 9.-Assist. Surg. Lloyd Walker 11th N.I.; T. Dickson, 7th do.; J. Whit. appointed to marine duty, and to relieve

more, 6th do. ; G. C. Pulling, Europ. Assist. Surg. M. Lennan on board H. regt; J. Chesshyre, 8th regt. N. I.; T. C. Cruizer Ternate.

G. Fraser, Europ, regt.; J. B. Bellasis, Mr. Surg. Powell relieved from duties 5th regt. N. I.; G. Wilson, 5th do.; J. of Vaccinator in Guzerat Division. Jackson, 3th do.; J. C. Bowater, 1st regt.

Sept. 13.-Assist. Surg. S. Love to per N. I.; W. D. Cruickshanks, 9th do.; form duties of Garrison Surg. at Tannah, E. S. Tompson, ist do.; G. Johnson, on departure of Surg. Geraud on sick 9th do.; G. J. Graham, 3d do.; T. C. certificate.

Nead, 12th do. Capt. Graham, Barrack-master at Kai The rank of the undermentioned Assist. rah, to take charge of Pay Department in Surgs. having been received, commissions Northern Districts of Guzerat, during are assigned to them severally, vis.Major Preston's absence.

Thos. Bradley, date of rank 12 July Lieut. A. Morse, Assist. Quart. Mast. 1822.; David Ormont, 12th Aug. 1822. ; Gen., Guicowar Subsidiary Force, to per Charles Ducat, 2d Sep. 1822.; Edward form duties of Commis, of Stores to same, Milward, 6th Oct. 1822.; Lloyd Walker, during absence of Capt. Lester, on sick 27th Nov. 1822. ; Henry Johnston, 26th certificate.

Feb. 1823.; Samuel Love, 5th March Sept. 18.- Capt. Stokoe, Invalid bat., to 1829.; David Forbes, 1st April 1823.; command Garrison of Tannah, vice Maj. Martin Thomas Kays, M. D., 4th April Butter, dec.

1823.; Donald Stewart, M, D., do. do. Sept. 19.-Lieut. W.H. Waterfield, 7th Assist. Surg. Hathway, in charge of N. I, to be Fort Adj. at Tannah.

Lunatic Asylum, to have med. charge of Sept. 20.-1st Regt L. C. Lieut. and Garrison of Tannah, vice Surg. Geraud, Brev. Capt. W. Wilkins to be Capt. of a dec. Troop ; and Cornet C. J. Conyngham to Oct. 4.- Lieut. Browne, lst. bat. 4th be Lieut., in succession to Sollieux dec.; regt., to officiate as Interp. to 1st bat, 10th date 3d Aug. 1823.

regt., during absence of Lieut. and Interp. Sept. 22.-Capt. E. Jervis, 3d regt. L. Hancock. C., to succeed Capt. Sollieux in duty of Oct. 6.-Lieut. Waddington to be Erepurchasing Horses in Persian Gulf. cutive Engineer at Baroda, during Lieut.

Sept. 25.—Major Campbell, 2d bat. 9th Sight's employment on Survey duties in regt., resigned office of President of Kattywar. Committee of Survey.--Capt. Morison, Oct. 9.-Infantry. Sen. Maj. James Sen. Member of Committee, appointed to Sutherland to be Lieut. Col., vice Smith, succeed him.- Capt. F. Roome, Superin- dec.; date of rank 28 Sept. 1823. tend. of Cadet Estab., to be a Member of

5th Regt. N. I. Sen. Capt. Charles Committee.

Whitehill to be Major. ; Lieut. John H. Mr. T. Robson admitted Assist Surg. Belassis to be Capt. ; and Ens. R. T.

Brevet Rank. Officers, (Subalterns of Lancaster to be Lieut., in succession to 15 years' standing), to have rank of Capt. Sutherland, promoted ; do. from 16 Sept. 1823. viz,

Capt. J. H. Aitchison, 3d N. I., ProLieut. G. Moor, 9th regt. N. I.

vincial Major of Brigade, to be Assist. Lieut. T. C. Rybot, 2d regt. L. C. Adjut. Gen. to the Guicowar Subsidiary Lieut. J. B. Seely, 4th regt. N. I. Force, rice Whitehill, promoted.

Sept. 27.-- 5th Regt. N. I. Sen. Capt. Lieut. Rankin, 12th N. I., Fort AdjnC. W. Ellwood to be Major; Lieut. S. tant at Surat, to be Brigade Maj. to ForPowell to be Capt. ; and Ens. P. Daw

ces, vice Aitchison, appointed Assist. ney to be Lieut. ; in succession to Gibson, Adjut. Gen. Guicowar Subsidiary Force; dec. ; date of rank, 20 March 1829. ditto. Oct. 3.- 1st. Regt. N. I. Ens. R Phil.

Capt. W.Ogilvie, 12th N. I., to perform lips to be Lieut., vice Wilkins, dec. duties of Assist. Adjut. Gen. to Guicowar

4th Regt. N. I. Ens. A. N. Maclean to Subsidiary Force until return of Capt. be Lieut., vice Baynes, dec.

Aitchison from Calcutta. 5th Regt. N. I. Ens. J. Back' to be

Oct. 16.- Assist. Surg. R. T. Barra to Lieut. vice Say dismissed, 28 Sept. 1823. have charge of Lunatic Asylum in room

The following Ens. (recently admitted) of Assist. Surg. Hathway, and Assist. are posted permanently to regts.:

Surg. D. Shaw to succeed Mr. Barta as A. C. Heighington, posted to Europ. Vaccinator at Presidency: regt.; G. Constable, 10th regt. N. I.; Oct. 18.--Ens. A. C. Heighington, E. H. Hart, 7th do.; H. M. Cosby, Europ. Regt.; and Ens. E. T. Thornson, Europ. regt. ; Sterling, doo; E. Marsh, 1st N. I., allowed to exchange corps. 5th regt. N. I.; D. Davidson, 9th do.; Oct. 20.---Lieut, and Quart. Mast. SparJ. G. Malet, 9th do. ; John Wright, 2d row, 1st. Light Cav., to act as Adjut. to do.; C. Shirt, 10th do.; G. Ellis, 4th do.; regt. in absence of Lieut. Hunter, on sick Wm. P. Eyre, 10th do.; J. Holland, 11th certificate. do.; R. Shortreed, 7th do.; J. Tyndall, Oct. 21.-Lieut. Swanson, 2d bat. 10th

regt., relieved from Survey in Deckan, 14. At Poonal, the lady of Lieut. and appointed Adjutant to that bat. in Dickson, H. M. 67th regt., of a son. room of Lieut. Foquett, removed.

The wife of Mr. Barnes, Pilot SerOct. 25.-Lieut. J. Scott, 12th N. I., vice, of a son. to act as Fort Adj. at Surat, vice Rankin. 15. In the Fort, the lady of R. Wood

Lieut. J. W. Gordon, 4th N. I., to act nouse, Esq., of a son, still born. as Adj. to 1st Extra Bat., vice Bellassis, At Poonah, the lady of Capt. A. W. promoted.

Browne, Inspector of Forts, Deccan, of a Lieut. J. W. Gordon, 1st bat. 4th N. I., daughter. having resigned situation as Assist. Sur 26. At Colabah, the lady of the Rev. veyor in Deckan of 1st class, Lieut. G. P Joseph Laurie, of the Scotch Church, Le Messurier, senior, of junior class, to Bombay, of a son. succeed him; and Ens. Foster, corps of 28. At Belleville, the lady of Lieut. Engineers, to fill vacancy occasioned by Hall, of a daughter. Lieut. Le Messurier's promotion.

Oct. 2. At the Hermitage, the lady of Oct. 28.-Sen. Ens. F Outram, corps W. Ashburner, Esq., of a daughter. of Engineers, to be Lieut. vice M'Leod, 3. At Rajkote, the lady of Lieut. Wordeceased.

thy, Line Adjt., of a son.

5. At Bycullah, the lady of Capt. FURLOUGHIS.

Manson, regt. of Artillery, of a son.

6. At Seroor, the lady of Capt. Barton, To Europe. - Sept. 18. Brev. Capt. and

of Artillery, of a son. Lieut. M. F. Colis and Lieut. J. Saun.

7. The lady of Dr. Keys, of a son. ders, 18th N. I., for health.---Oct. 3.

At Poonah, the lady of Lieut. Col. Lieut. A. Riddell, 1st. bat., Gren. Regt. Mayne, of a daughter. on private affairs.-10. Surg. Hewitt, 5th

14. The lady of Lieut. Robert Mignan, N. I., ditto.-24. Capt. M. Blackall, 6th Bombay Europ. regt., of a son. N. I., for health.

15. At Poonah, the lady of Capt. J. H. Cancelled.-- Sept. 18. Ens. E. Neville, Dunsterville, Assist. Coin. Gen., of a Grenadier regt., to Europe.


25. Mrs. Leggett, of a son. GENERAL DEPARTMENT.

27. The lady of Lieut. Col. Cowper, of

Engineers, of a daughter. Oct. 24.-The Committee appointed to 28. The lady of Lieut. Col. E. W. examine the Junior Civil Servants, in their Shuldham, Quart. Mast. Gen. of the proficiency in the Country Languages, Army, of a daughter. have pronounced the undermentioned gentlemen qualified for the duties of the Public Service:

Messrs. N. Kirkland, W. J. Hunter, Sept. 7. At St. Thomas's Church, Capt. R. C. Money, R. G. Chambers, H. B. Thos M‘Carthy, of the Ship Carron, to Morris, W. Fullerton, C. Prescott, and Mrs. Capon, widow of the late Capt. W. P. Ricketts.

G. Capon.

25. At S:. Thomas's Church, Mr. W. SHIPPING.

Evans, conductor of Ordnance, to Mrs. Arrivals.

Anne Jane Johnstone, widow of the late

Conductor R. Johnstone. Sept. 16. Lord Castlereagh, Darant, from London.-Catherine Stewart Forbes,

30. At St. Thomas's Church, Lieut.

Alex. Adam, of the Nizam's Service, Chapman, from London.-28, England, Reay, from London.

to Miss A. Willis, niece of Major Willis.

Oct. 11. At Asseer-Gurb, in Khan

deish, Z. H. Turton, Esq., 11th B. N. I., BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

to Ann, daughter of Robt. Crump, Esq., DEATHS.

of Charlton, Gloucestershire.

13. Lieut. W. Reynolds, Revenue and Au;. 17. At Poonah, the lady of Dr. Topographical Department, to Miss AmeC. Ducat, of a daughter.

lia Gillio, eldest daughter of the late G. 19. At Bhooj, the lady of Lieut. Col. W. Gillio, Esq., of the Civil Service. Macbonocbie, of a son.

14. At Surat, G. W. Anderson, Esq., Sept. 1. The lady of the late Capt.

Civil Service, to Eliza, second daughter Johnson, Art., of a daughter.

of W. Ironside, Esq., of Houghton-le3. Mrs. J H. Young, of a son.

Spring, county of Durham.
The wife D. Seton, Esq., Sheriff of

21. At St. Thomas's Church, Charles Bombay, ofof a son.

South, Esq. L. H. M. 20th regt., to Miss 4: Ar Randal Lodge, the lady of Capt. Sophia Ann Alvarez. Bellassis, of a son.

5. At Colabah, the lady of Capt. G Rotton, H. M. 291h regt. of a daughter. Sept. 7. At Malligaum, Emma Louisa, Asiatic Journ.-No, 100.

Voz, XVII. 3 P







the wife of Lieut. Col. Dyson, command. and Buckinghamshire, Glasspoole, from ing in Khandeish, aged 23.

Mr. Gabriel de Nello.

At Broach, 0. Hanson, Esq., of the
Civil Service

Sept. 18. At Macao, James F. N. Daniel, 9. Amelia, the infant daughter of C. Esq., of the Hon. E. I. Company's FacKeys, Esq.

tory in China, to Jane Anna, eldest daughAt Kaira, Helen Elizabeth, the in ter of the Rev. Philip Le Geyt, of Marden, fant daughter of Mr. J. Fern, aged 1 year. Kent.

12. Dr. B. W. Geraud, of Med. Est.

14. Richard, infant son of Mr. Barnes, Pilot Service.

Sept. 7. In Macao Roads, Mr. J. H. 16. Mr. Constant Ter Petrus, Arme

Buttivant, chief mate of the Royal George. nian, aged 68.

Serg. G. Chestrall, Europ. Indep. Vet. Bat., and formerly Band-master to

Funimary. Bombay regt.

20. Madeline Maria, the infant daugh For obvious reasons we are unable to ter of the late Capt. J. Johnson, Bombay furnish miscellaneous extracts from the Artillery.

Indian newspapers in our present num27. At Bhooj, Lieut. Col. J.J. Smith, Com. Ist. bat., 3d regt. B. N. I.

we must not omit, however, to insert Oct. 4. Ens. R. J. Mc Nab, Bombay a slight summary of such intelligence as is Europ. regt., aged 19 years.

most interesting. 7. The infant son of Lieut. Worthy,

CALCUTTA. An important question Line Adjt., Rajkote.

was introduced into the Supreme Court 8. At Naundoorah, near Aurungabad, Lieut. M. Goldsmith, of the Nizam's Ar

on the 19th Sept. 1823, whether the Go tillery.

vernment possessed the right of confining 12. Of a lock-jaw, Ann Mott, daugh an individual ordered to leave the country, ter of the late Thos. Mott of the H. C. until a vessel could be provided for his Marine, aged 8 years.

conveyance. This question arose in the Ellen, youngest daughter of Patrick

case of a Mr. Arnot, Assistant Editor of Letwitch, late Marshal of Bombay.

20. Ai Tannah, the infant daughter of the Calcutta Journal. An offensive paraMr. Francis Horne.

graph bad appeared in that newspaper (S0th At Poona, Mrs. Charlotte Gourley, Aug.) adverting to the old story of Dr. wife of Conductor A Gourley, Ordnance

Bryce and Mr. Buckingham, and the new Department. 27. At the residence of the Apostolique

laws restricting the Calcutta press. Mr. Vicar, in Medow Street, the Rev. Fr.

Arnot was residing in India without license: John Luis, Vicar General to the Bishop in consequence, therefore, of the paraof Antiphila, and Apostolical Vicar in the graph we have just mentioned, a warrant Dominions of the Great Mogul, residing was issued for his immediate transmission at Bombay, aged 52 years.

to Europe. On appearing before the

magistrates, he was required to furnish PERSIAN GULF. proper security for immediately comply.

ing with the mandate. This being refused,

or at least omitted on his part, he was Aug. 2. At Bushire, Capt. Frederick Soileux, 1st regt. Bombay Lt. Cavalry. apprehended and placed under confine Sept. 12. Dr. Milward.

ment. A writ of habeas corpus was imme15. Mr. Sturmey, of Bussorah. diately obtained by his legal advisers, and 20. At Bushire, Capt. M'Leod, Resi.

Mr. Arnot was brought before the Sudent at the Persian Gulf.

preme Court, where the question was

argued at great length by counsel before CHINA.

Sir F. Macnaghteri and Sir 'A. Buller.

Owing to some little indistinctness in Warren Hastings, Rawes; Lowther the wording of the Acts of Parliament Castle, Baker; Farquharson, Cruick- authorizing the Governor-General in Coun. shank; Herefordshire, Hope; Inglis,

cil to send home any individuals residing in Serle; Charles Grant, Hay; Repulse, Paterson ; Kellie Castle, Adams ; Bridge

India without license, the Judges embracwater, Mitchell; Atlas, Mayne ; Scaleby ed opposite sentiments. Sir F. MacnagCastle, Newall; Bythe, Wilson; Wind ten argued, that liberty being imperfect in xor, Havside; Väisiitari, Dalrymple; India, it was therefore the more necessary



to be careful of what existed ; he thought, arrival of the Bishop, who was expected therefore, that the applicant was strictly in about a month from that time. So far entitled to the benefit of the most favour as we can judge from the correspondence, able construction of the Acts. Sir A. we are disposed to think that the objection Bulter, in pronouncing an opposite opi- was not untounded; at all events we think nion, observed, that every individual re that the most proper course would bave siding without a license was, by law, in been to postpone the adoption of any new hourly commission of a misdemeanor ; measures until the arrival of the Bishop. and that when under such circumstances We have no wish, however, to enter furthe several Acts enabled the Company, ther into the subject at present, and sin. through the Governor-General, to seize, cerely hope that we shall never have any take, arrest, and send to England any occasion to advert to it again.. British subject who should so come to this country in opposition to the law, he con Education appears to be making most ceived that the Legislature did intend to rapid progress. The School- Book Society, vest him with the power of keeping and which our readers are well aware is most detaining him, till an opportunity offered extensively and liberally patronized, has of sending him to England.” Sir A. published a report of its proceedings: Buller laid great stress upon a precedent The establishment of a society to furnish quoted by the Advocate-General (Mr. Fer. books for every branch of eclucation gusson), viz. the case of Duban, in 1791, amongst the natives of India, has given when a writ of habeas corpus was applied an impulse which has produced effects for, and a return being made that he had beyond our most sanguine hopes. “ Eurobeen confined in the fort by order of the pean teaching is found to lie highly accepGovernor-General, Sir Robert Chambers, table to the natives.” Previously to the the chief justice, decided that the Court formation of the School-Book Society could not release him.

there were but few native schools under On the decision of the Court (Sir F. European management ; but the Calcutta Macnaghten filling the office of Chief Jus School Society, independently of other tice pro lem.), Mr. Arnot was immediately establishments, has now eighty-four schools released.

within the limits of the town. The SchoolWe congratulate the profession in In. Book Society supplies all schools indiscri. diá in having now two opposite precedents minately with the most eligible elementary to facilitate their future pleadings. books. So persuaded is the Government of

the great advantages that may be expected The new Bishop of Calcutta arrived at to result from the system of education Fort William in the beginning of October. which is now in progress, that it has deterWe hope that he will be the means of coin mined to appropriate a lac of rupees posing certain unfortunate differences annually to this object, in addition to all which have most unaccountably arisen be former grants. tween the leading members of several epis. The Serampore. Native Female Society, copal societies for the conversion of the lately established, meets with the greatest Hindoos. The friends of the Church Miso encouragement. There are seventeen schools sionary Society proposed lately to esta on the Society's lists, and three hundred blish an association at Calcutta for the better and thirty-five children. The average at. accomplishment of the objects of the gene- tendance is about two hundred and thirty. ral institution. It appears from the corres. This is in Serampore and the immediate pondence inserted in the Calcutta papers neighbourhood. In former nunibers of between the chief promoters of this de our Journal we have detailed the prosign, and two other gentlemen, viz. Mr. gress that has been making in and about Mill, the Principal of Bishop's College, Calcutta : we are happy to add a third and Mr. Hawtaine, the Chaplain of St. place, whicle, we humbly trust, is likely James's Church, that the latter gentlemen to become shortly the centre of an extenconsidered that several material innova sive sphere of female education, an options were about to be introduced, and that portunity of introducing female schools they deprecated the formation of the asso- having lately occurred at Allahabad. ciation on the principles proposed, until the

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