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tripos, that our countrymen, and we, as mending the work to our readers, as represented by them, after all their la- promising to be the most judicious borious exertions in the cause of science in that region, have no claim, no right, and interesting publication of the no title, to the credit of such discoveries? kind that has ever fallen under our


The plan is; first, to give a general The Modern Traveller. Palestine.

description of a country, and a brief Parts I. and II. London: 1824.

historical notice of it: secondly, to The collections and compilations of furnish accounts of the various parts modern travels, which have hitherto that have been passed over by Eurobeen published, are generally in vo

peans or others : and thirdly, to selumes of a most inconvenient size, lect the most remarkable places or and are likewise very expensive; objects for particular description. This neither do they contain the valuable in- plan enables the compiler to bring into formation communicated by the latest a focus, on all occasions, the informatravellers. A work, therefore, on the tion communicated by the most intelliplan of the one we are here announcing, gent travellers. had become a great desideratum in We shall only add, on the present English literature. As yet, only the occasion, that we look forward with two first parts have appeared, con much pleasure to the continuation of taining a description of Palestine, and the series ; and particularly to the a summary of the various modern accounts, already advertised, of Syria, travels in that interesting country. Arabia, and Egypt, countries which Judging from the specimen before us, obviously lie within our peculiar prowe feel ourselves justified in recom vince.

Literary and Philosophical Intelligence.


Moorcroft, who is now on a deputation to On Wednesday evening, the 12th of Central Asia, dated Cashmeer, the 20th of November, a Meeting of the Asiatic So- July, 1823, announcing his having disciety was held at the Society's House, patched to the Society, a copy of the Chowinghee, Mr. Harington, the Presi- Rajah Taringenee. Mr. Moorcroft's indent, in the Chair.

quiries had been long zealously directed to At_this Meeting, Messrs. B. Roberts this object. He met with many abstracts and F. P. Strong, were elected Members of the work, but disfigured and corrupted, of the Society.

according to the Hindoo or Mussulman Vice Presidents. According to an notions and faith of the copyers. The nual custom, the members present then genuine chronicle of Cashmeer in Sanscrit

, proceeded to ballot” for Vice Presidents, the Rajah Taringenee, as it is called, is rewhen the following gentlemen were re ported to have been so common formerly, elected : Major General Hardwicke, and that almost every Hindoo family of reW. B. Bayley, Esq.

spectability possessed a copy; but from the Committee of Papers.- The Committee accidents of time, it has become so scarce, of Papers was next ballotted for, and the that not more than two or three were following members were re-elected :- known to be in existence. Mr. MoorJames Atkinson, T. Bently, James Cal croft was at length successful. Having der, Dr. Carey, G. J. Gordon, Capt. A. cured Eshur Das, a Pundit, of a painful Locket, and Courtney Smith.

affection of the ancle joint, pronounced Mr. Andrew Sterling and Dr. Hare, incurable, the grateful Pundit permitted a were also elected members of the Committee, in the room of Capt. Hodgson and * The fate of this book, Mr. Moorcroft thinks, the Rev. J. Parson.

reseinbles i he fortunes of the country of which it A variety of snakes and reptiles, pre

records the history. Tradition states, that in the

reign of Mahmood Shah, not many years ago, served in Alcohol, were presented by Capt. twelve hundred natives of Cashmeer were enHerman, A Hindoostanee matchlock was litled to keep palankeens, and that they were all presented by Mr. Gibbon.

in such good circunstancia, as to enable them to

118€ the privilege. At present, there is not a stugle The Secretary read a letter from Mr. palenheen kept by any native of the province.

copy to be taken from the one in his pos- bonate of ammonia, nitrate of silver, have session, which was written upon the bark no effect. Muriate of Barytes produces a of the birch tree, and bore obvious marks scarcely perceptible cloudiness ; nitrate of of great antiquity. This copy, which em lead, a white precipitate; and super aceployed ten Pundits for a period of three tate of lead, the same in greater quantity. months, Mr. Moorcroft had collated by This latter precipitate is soluble in the other Pundits, and the collated work is nitric acid. now on its way to Calcutta.

From the very low specific gravity(1,002) The Secretary also read a communica. this water may be judged to contain not tion from Capt. J. D. Herbert, containing so much as one grain of solid matter in some account of a hot spring, near Mon three thousand, and perhaps not one in ghyr.

five thousand. It does not appear that it The hot spring near Monghyr, called owes its increase of weight to any of the Seetacoond, is situated a few miles below neutral salts generally found in mineral that place, by the river side, on a plain waters, or even to any iron. From the bounded to the S.W. by ranges of hills effect on tincture of litmus, it must contain covered with jungle. At no great dis some uncombined acid, or else sulphurated tance from the well, isolated ridges rise up hydrogen. The white precipitate, with of inconsiderable elevation; the bare rock the super acetate of lead, excludes the assuming a singularly mottled appearance latter substance and confines the test to carfrom the action of the atmosphere. Capt. bonic, sulphuric, pshosphoric, and boracic Herbert had not an opportunity of ascer acids. Nitrate of silver excludes the first, the taining the nature of this rock by a perso- precipitate by super acetate of lead being nal examination on the spot, as the un soluble in nitric acid. The second-the usual rise to which the river had attained, third has never been found, Capt. Herflooded great part of the plain, and bert believes, in mineral waters, but the rendered the approach difficult. At Be- fourth frequently. In Italy there are senares, however, he had the pleasure of veral hot springs, it is said, and even small finding, in the very interesting collection of lakes which contain uncombined boracic Dr. Yeld, a series of Specimens, collected acid. We may, therefore, observes Capt. on the spot by Dr. Adam, from an exa- Herbert, regard this spring as similar mination of which, it would appear that in its nature and properties. It is worth Quartz and Quartzose Sandstone, are the remarking, that the Italian springs are in prevailing, if not the only rocks. No

the neighbourhood of a valcano. rock comes to the surface in the im The water of Seetacoond is beautifully mediate vicinity of the well ; but near it clear, and being perfectly tasteless, is geis a small morass in which the irridescent nerally preferred for consumption to the appearance of the water would seem to in. river water, even when purified by alum. dicate the presence of iron.

Many have supposed it medicinal in a A tank of about 30 feet by 20 has been slight degree; but, judging from the very built to receive and confine the waters minute proportion of foreign ingredients of the spring, the sides diminishing by it contains, it can scarcely be said to differ steps down to the well, which is said to be from common water. Seetacoond is consix feet deep. The temperature, the at sidered by the Hindoos to be a place of tending Brahmins say, is high during some sanctity.--[Cal. Gov. Gaz. eight months of the year, and sensibly lower during the remaining four. It is variable even in the eight months, and is

The Anniversary Meeting of the Literary highest in the cold weather. Capt. Herbert Society of Bombay was held at their found it 139; but the tank was quite full,

rooms on Monday the 24th Nov., when and it must be considered that a spring the following gentlemen were elected furnishing only a small supply, and ex Office Bearers and Members of Composing so large a surface to the air, would mittees for the ensuing year. necessarily have its temperature something President, The Hon. M. Elphinstone. lower than if the waters were allowed to Vice Presidents: His Excellency Lieut. run off without giving an increased sur Gen. the Hon. Sir C. Colville, G.C.B.; face of evaporation. Air-bubbles were the Hon. Sir Edw. West, Knt. ; the Vė. continually rising to the surface, but there nerable the Archdeacou George Barnes, was no possibility of collecting them or

D.D.; John Wedderburn, Esq.; John ascertaining their nature. There is a cold Robert Steuart, Esq. spring within thirty yards.

Major Vans Kennedy Secretary. The water has no taste. It slightly

Messrs. Forbes and Co. Treasurers. 3 reddens tincture of litmus, the change of Committee of Papers: the President colour being barely sufficient to be detect and Vice President; Richard Woodhouse, ed by the method of Dr. Wilson Philip, Esq.; Lieut. Col. Edmund W. Shuld. which makes this a test of great sensi- ham; Wm. H. Wather, Esq.; Geo. Norbility. The muriatic, sulphuric, nitric, ton, Esq.; Major Kennedy, Secretary. and oxalic acids, prussiate of potass, car Committee for the Superintendence of


of the Library, Museum, and Accounts: precious metals. The religious zeal of the Venerable the Archdeacon, President; the Spaniards destroyer by fire almost John Wedderburn, Esq. ; James Farish, every thing relating to the mythology and Esq. ; Benjamin Noton, Esq. ; John Rć history of the Mexicans. The more pona Steuart, Esq. ; Lieut. Jas. J. Robinson ; derous sculptures, however, found in the C. J. Fair, Esq. ; James Brydon, M.D.; ancient capital, were chiefly employed as Major Kennedy, Secretary.- (Bom. Gaz., foundation stones for the modern city of Dec. S.


An immense idol represented as comASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF LONDOX.

posed of rattle-snakes and buman skulls, At a meeting of this Society, held on and smeared with blood, has been found the 12th March, a letter was read from entire, and recognized as a personificatios Sir Thomas Brisbane, Governor of New of the goddess of war.- From the exhibi. South Wales, to F. Bailey, Esq., accom

tion with which Mr. Bullock has favoured panied by Mr. Rumker's observations of the public, we should argue that the relithe Summer Solstice 1823, at Paramatta; gious worship of the ancient Mexicans the results of which are,

was quite as sanguinary in its character as For the mean obliquity } 23° 27' 44." 39 however, to lead us to suppose that it was

that of the Hindoos; there is nothing, of the ecliptic For the latitude of the

likewise as sensual.

33° 48' 42." 61 place of observation

Also the mean of twelve months' me EARTHQUAKE AT CALCUTTA. teorological observations, made at Para A rather smart shock of an earthquake matta between May 1822 and May 1823. was experienced yesterday at about ten

minutes before twelve. This circumstance

was first mentioned to us on the instant Geographical position of the Basses da under our roof. We did not perceive it on India and the Europa Rocks, two dangers the ground floor, but it was very sensibly in the Mosambique Channel ; by Capt. w. felt by every individual in the upper part F. W. Owen, R.N.

of the house.

At Garden "Reach, not only was the motion sufficiently strong to be sensibly felt, but also to agitate the spangles which hang on the wall shades. There were two shocks, and they were accompanied by a low rumbling noise, similar to that erperienced in a room over an arched gate way, when a heavy loaded waggon is passing over the stones underneath it.[Cal. John Bull, Nov. 27.


200 577

BARTHQUAKE AT SEA. Another instance of an earthquake being felt at sea, has been communicated to us by Capt. Miller, of the Layton.

On the voyage from London to Bombay, on the 27th July last, the Layton being in S. lat. 35' 19", pot far to the westward of Tristran d'Acunha, at halfpast eleven P. M., a shock of an earthquake was felt so strongly, that it awoke every person in the ship; it was a trembling motion, similar to that produced by a ship forcing its way over a wreck or a coral bed. The hands were turned up, and every part of the vessel etamined, but no injury of

any kind could be discovered; the tren. MEXICAN ANTIQUITIES.

bling was accompanied with a hissing An exhibition bas just been opened in noise. On the following night, at about Piccadilly by Mr. Bullock, principally half past two, another and more violent *consisting of relics of the idolatrous wor. shock was felt, which lasted a few seconds, ship of the ancient Mexicans, lately dug but not so long as the first. On the Sist

, up from the foundations of the capital in lat. 36' 51", the Layton having in the city of that infant but rising empire. We mean time rup between five and sis de hope that this mine will be worked with grees to the eastward, the Duteh brig as much enthusiasm by our enterprizing Phelentait, bound 6 Batavia, was spoken countrymen as those which contain the with, and her master reported that the

Longitude Fast
of Greenwich.
39° 20 30"
39 35
39 92 45
Longitude East

of London.
40° 15%
40 12
40 19+

40 157

East of De-
vil's Mount
C. G. Hope
21 12

East of De-
C. G. Hope,

21 527


Basses da India.
Europa Rocks (called Europa Island, by Capt. Owen).

Lat. South. vii's Mount

22° 15' 21° 52
N.B. The old charts place these dangers in a reverse position with re.
spect to each other; or the Basses da India nearly where Capt. Owen

Lat. South.

22 21 ...22 203

.... 22 23
North West End, ..21° 26'

do. ......21
Southernmost part... 21 33
places the Europa Rocks, and vice retsa.
North End,
West do.
East do.
South do.

first shock, but not the second, had been exhibition of Capt. Parlby's rockets is aufelt on board his vessel.-(Bom. Courier. thorized by Government to take place at

Dum Dum, to shew the comparative powREVENUE SURVEYOR-GENERAL OF INDIA. ers of his weapon; and that yesterday

Government have constituted a new (1st Dec.) one of the small experimental office, under the designation of Revenue rockets, denominated a 1} pounder, was Surveyor-General, for the purpose of con. thrown by Capt. Parlby to the distance of trolling and directing all village surveys 1,473 yards, where it penetrated the soil instituted for revenue or judicial purposes,

three feet, in the presence of Capt. Nicheland have appointed Capt. J. A. Hodgson,

son, Major Wood, and some officers of of the 31st regiment Native Infantry, tó. Artillery. the situation.-(Beng. Hurk.

It is expected that the larger rockets will

range nearly 300 yards. PARLBY'S ROCKETS.

Capt. Parlby bas, it appears, been able We understand that Capt. Parlby, Model

to communicate the rotary motion of a Master at Dum Dum, has so far improved rifle ball to his rockets, by a peculiarity of the Native War Rocket of Hindoostan, their internal structure which makes them as to excel even the Congreve Rocket. range in very true lines.-(Bong. Hurk. In a few days, we learn that a public

Dec. 2.



the apparent Distance of the Moon from Vindiciæ Serumporiana ; or a Review of the Sun, or Fixed Stars, on account of a Pamphlet by Mr. John Bowen, en Refraction or Parallex. By Capt. Lynn. titled “ Missionary Incitement and Hin Royal 8vo. doo Demoralization; including some ob.

In the Press. servations on the Political tendency of the A Narralive of a Pedestrian Journey means taken to Evangelize Hindoosthan.” through Russia and Siberian Tartary, from 8vo. 18. 6d.

the Territories of China to the Frozen The Wonders of Elora ; or, the Narra Sea and Kamschatka, performed during tive of a Journey to the Temples and the years 1820, 21, 22, and 23. By Capt. Dwellings excavated out of a Mountain of John Dundas Cochrane, of the Royal Granite, and extending upwards of a mile Navy. With a Map. 8vo. and a quarter in length, at Elora, in the The Cross and the Crescent, an Heroic East-Indies; by the Route of Poona, Metrical Romance. By the Rev. Jas. Ahmed-Nuggur, and Toka, returning Beresford, M.A., Rector of Kibworth, by Dowlutabad, and Aurungabad. With Leicestershire. general Observations on the People and A Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor, Country. By J. B. Seely, Captain in the with Comparative Remarks on the AnBombay Native Infantry, and late in the cient and Modern Geography of that Military Service of his Highness the Ra Country. By W. M. Leake, F.R.S., jah of Nagpore. 8vo. with plates. 16s. &c. With a Map. 8vo.

Australia, with other Poems. By T. K. Preparing for Publication. Hervey, Trinity Coll., Cambridge. 8vo. 68. A New Map of India, on Six Large

The Modern Traveller; or, A Popular Sheets; exhibiting its Natural and Politia Description, Geographical, Historical, &c. cal Divisions; constructed from Original of various Countries of the Globe. Vol. Materials, principally supplied by Lieut. 1. containing “ Palestine" 18mo. 5s. Colonel Blacker, C.B., Surveyor-General

An Essay townrds the History of Arabia, of India. prior to the Birth of Mahommed, from A Narrative of Four Voyages of Survey Original Persian Authorities. By Major in the Inter-Tropical and Western Coast of David Price, of the E. I. Company's ser Australia, between the years 1817 and vice. 4to. £1.58.

1822. Undertaken by order of His MaJournal of a Second Voyage for the Dis- jesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, covery of a North-West Passage, from the in H. M. Surveying Vessels, Mermaid Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, performed and Bathurst. By Philip Parker King, in the Years 1821-22-23. By Capt, Parry. R. N., Commander of the Expedition. 4to, with 39 Plates. £4. 14s. 6d.

With Maps, Charts, Views, &c. 4to. Memoirs of Mrs. Matilda Smith, late of An Appendir to Captain Parry's Second Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope. By Voyage of Discovery, containing the NaJohn Phillips, D.D. 8vo. 6s.

tural History, &c. 4to. Memoirs of a Three Years' Residence in A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Japan; with Observations on the Country Expedition, dispatched by His Majesty's and the People. By Capt. Golownin, Government to explore the Northern Coast of New Edition. 3 vols. 8vo. £1. 11s. 6d. Africa, in 1821 and 22; con.prehending

Lunar Tables and Rules for correcting an Account of the Syrtis and Cyrenaica ; of



the ancient Cities composing the PentapoJis, and of other various existing Remains. Ricciardo, a Tragedy, in Five Acts. By Captain F. W. Beechy, R. N., and By James Atkinson, Esq., from the H. W. Beechy, Esq. With Plates, Maps, Italian of Ugo Foscolo. &c. 4to.

The Lost Spirit, a Poem ; and Roard, A Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery in a Tale. By J. Lawson, author of “ Orient the Interior of Africa, from its Western Harping.” Coast to the River Niger, in 1818, 19, 20, Fourth Calcutla Quarterly Register (being and 21. With an Account of the Pro- the 82d number), containing full and acceedings of the Expedition under the Com curate Lists of the Civil, Military, Medimand of the late Major Peddie and Capt. cal, Clerical, and Marine establishments Campbell. By Brevet Major Gray, of of the Presidency of Bengal. the late Royal African Corps, and Staff The Unitarian Repository and Christian Surgeon Dochard. Undertaken by order Miscellany, No. 1. – To be continued of the Right Hon. Earl Bathurst. With monthly. a Map and Views. 8vo.

The Government Regulations respecting Indigo Planters and their Riots. Correctly

translated into the Bengalee language. Histoire littéraire des Arabes ou des Sar An Engraving of the Marquess of Hasrasins, pendant le moyen âge, traduit de tings. l'Anglais de Joseph Berington, par A.M.

The New Calcutta Journal Daily AdH.B. in-8vo.

vertiser. Histoire de l'Egypte sous le gouverne

The Trifler, No. I. - This publication ment de Mohammed Aly, ou Récit des

is intended to be continued weekly. événemens politiques et militaires qui ont

A Code of Signals, for the use of V'eseu lieu depuis le départ des Français jus- sels employed in the Merchants’ Service. qu'en 1823, par M. Félix Mengin, avec

By Capt. Marryatt, R.N. des notes de MM. Langlès et Jomard. A Treatise on Greyhounds, and other Paris 1823, 2 vols. in-8vo. et un atlas Sporting Dogs, with observations on their in-4to.

Treatment and Disorders. By Sir W. C. Voyages à Mergé, an Fleuve blanc, au Bart. Reprinted from London Edition. delà de Fazool, dans le midi du royaume de

In the Press. Sennar, Syouah et dans cinq autres oasis, The Family Market Book, exhibiting in faits dans les années 1819, 1820, 1821, one view, the produce of Fruits, Vegetaet 1822, par M. Frédéric Cailliaud, 2

bles, Game, Meat, Fish, &c. &c. provol de planches in-fol., le texte in-8vo.

curable in the markets of Calcutta, in the Les Juifs d'Occident, ou Recherches sur different months throughout the year, from l'état civil, le commerce et la littérature des January to December. Juifs, en France, en Espagne, et en Italie, pendant la durée du moyen âge, par M. Arthur Beugnot, Paris 1824, 1 vol. in

The Tuhfa-e Elphinstone, or a Grammar 8vo.

of the Hindustani Language. By Mahomed Ibrahim Mukhba, Munshi, Inter

preter to the Honourable Court of Re. The Accounts given by John Forzlan and corder. other Arabic writers, respecting the Russians

Preparing for the Press. in Ancient Times. The text is edited by The Sud-Shuma, or Hundred Lamps: Professor Frähn, who has added a German a work in Persian in praise of the Hon. translation, Notes, and an Appendix. Mountstuart Elphinstone, Governor of I vol. 4to.




Debates at the East India House.

East-India House, Friday, March 5. the capacity of a writer, any person who A General Court of Proprietors of shall not have resided during four tertus East-India Stock was this day held, pur at the Haileybury College; and for introsuant to adjournment, for the purpose of ducing a clause into the said act, appointresuming the consideration of the motion ing a public examination at such times

, submitted to the Court on the 25th of and under such regulations, as the Court February, namely, “ That application be of Directors, with the approbation of the made to Parliament for the repeal of the Board of Controul, may direct; to which 46th clause

of the act of the 53d Geo. 3, examination all persons shall submit their cap. 155, by which the Court of Directors acquirements and qualifications for a is prohibited from sending to India, in proval, previous to their being permited

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