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5th. “

labouring under paralytic affections, blind merely to establishi, if possible, something ness and other causes rendering them phy- like a case, to support those groundless sically unfit for such employment.

allegations with which he has voluntarily 4th. “ For encouraging inebriation come forward without the slightest conamong the men, by granting them, on or sideration.' about the months of December and Ja 3d. “ For having, in the saine letter, nuary last, orders on the commissariat falsely and maliciously insinuated and sircar for large quantities of liquor, with stated as follows :—for Lieut.-Colonel out discrimination, and by giving them Robertson has no right to adopt such passes to cross the Jergoo, to procure de- arbitrary and, in military annals, unleterious spirits in unlimited quantities. heard-of measures, as that of privately

For, on or about the months of inviting every possible complaint against December 1822, and January 1823, punish me, on the part of acknowledged malining men for intoxication after having gerers, drunkards, and idlers, whom given them encouragement and oppor it is his duty, as much as my own, to tunity to get drunk; also for punishing restrain, using his present temporary and men illegally, and refusing to allow their personal authority to the former purpose conduct to be investigated by a court alone, while he has issued an order to martial.

Captains Weston and Jeffreys (if I under6th. “ For scandalous and infamous stand them right) not to allow me to make conduct, unbecoming the character of an a reference to any one official document officer and a gentleman, in having repeated or book contained in my late office.'-- All ly, between the 2d of November 1822, and and every part of which conduct being Ist May 1823, used opprobrious and abu disgraceful to the character of an officer sive language to the European soldiers and a gentleman, and in breach of the under bis command, comparing them to articles of war. pariah dogs, styling them skulkers, sham

(Signed) “ Thos. ROBERTSON, mers, who ought to be doing duty in the

« Lieut.-Colonel commanding." field, malingerers, and not worthy of the Chunur, the 17th Sept. 1829. naine of soldiers ; also occasionally shaking Upon which charges, the Court came to a stick in their faces, and violently threaten the following decision : ing them, thereby exciting a degree of ir. Finding and Sentence.-" The Court ritation in their minds, highly prejudicial having maturely weighed the whole of the to the service; all of which charges or any evidence before it, together with what the part of them being in breach of the arti- prisoner has urged in his defence, is of cles of war."

opinion. (Signed) Thos. ROBERTSON, “ That he is not guilty of the 1st charge.

Lieut. Colonel, Commanding." “ That he is not guilty of the 2d charge. Chunar, 28th August, 1823.

“ That he is guilty, in a lesser degree, Additional Charges.

of the 3d charge, inasmuch as Gunner Gall “ For gross contempt of my station as was compelled by him to do duty, which commanding officer of the garrison of he, from his infirmities, was unequal to. Chunar, and for conduct unbecoming the

« That he is not guilty of the 4th charge. character of an officer and a gentleman in

“ That he is not guilty of the 5th charge. the following instances :

“ 'That he is not guilty of the 6th charge. 1st. “ For falsely asserting, in a letter

• With respect to the Additional Charge : dated 15th September 1829, and addressed

“ That he is guilty of the 1st charge. to Captain Baldock, M.B., Benares, that

« That he is guilty of the 2d charge. I had encouraged men under his com

“ That he is guilty of the 3d charge. mand, not only to inake every possible

“ The Court having found the prisoner unfounded complaint, and to state every guilty in part of the 3d original charge, imaginary grievance without the power of a

and of the three (3) additional charges reply on his part, but to dispute his au but not to the extent contemplated by the thority afterwards as their commanding 20th article of the 12th Section, or the officer.'

Company's articles of War, does sentence 2d. “ For accusing me in the above him (the late Major, now) Lieut.-Colonel mentioned letter, of abuse of authority, John Staples Harriot, 32d regiment Native and imputing dishonourable motives io Infantry, to be suspended from rank and me, his superior officer, by stating as fol pay for six (6) calendar months, and to be lows:- where an officer in command of reprimanded in such manner by the Comthis garrison and station thus uses the mander-in-Chief, as his Excellency shall temporary power committed to his charge, deem proper.” the ends of substantial justice can never

Confirmed, be answered, and in thus sending for (Signed) Enw. Pagut, General, men by scores at a time, in order, by pri.

Commander-in-Chief in India, vate examination at his own house, to In confirming the foregoing sentence, encourage these men to come forward, not the Commander-in-Chief finds it neceson their own account, certainly, but sary to make the following remarks.

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The X Xth article of the XIIth section vere pang than any censure of his could of the act of the 21st of George the se inflict. cond for the punishment of mutiny and With respect to the letter to Brigade desertion, &c. enacts, that whatsoever Major Baldock, on which the three ad“ commissioned officer shall be convicted ditional charges are founded, the Combefore a General Court Martial, of be- mander-in-Chief thinks it necessary, in baving in a scandalous infamous manner, the most unqualified terms, to express his such as is unbecoming the character of an marked disapprobation and condemnation officer and a gentleman, shall be dis- of the intemperate language in which that charged from the service."

letter was couched; but in consideration By the finding and sentence of the of Lieut. Colonel Harriot's contrition at Court upon the additional charges the having penned it, of his having requested Commander-in-Chief is led to infer, that to withdraw it, and to apologize to Lieut. although Lieut.-Colonel Harriot is ad Colonel Robertson for its contents, and in judged Guilty of a high breach of subor- further consideration of the grievous diffidination, he nevertheless is not considered culties with which he had to contend in to have behaved in a scandalous infamous the execution of his arduous duties in the manner, such as is unbecoming the cha- garrison of Chunar, his Excellency is racter of an officer and a gentleman, and pleased to remit that part of the sentence consequently, that the falsehood and ma which awards the suspension of six months lice imputed in these charges (which are from rank and pay. the most unofficerlike and most ungentle Lieut. Colonel Harriot is to be im inanlike of crimes), fall to the ground. mediately released from arrest, and will With this understanding of the Court's proceed to join the 2d battalion 32d regiintention, in introducing the words “but ment, to which he stands appointed. not to the extent contemplated by the 20th

Jas. Nicol, Article," the Commander-in-Chief bas

Adjt. Gen. of the Army. not hesitated to confirm the sentence. He would be very glad to stop here; but

SHIPPING. the circumstances of this case render it necessary to state, that the loose and dis

Arrivals in the River. orderly habits of the invalids, and es Oct. 29. Palmira, Lamh, from Lonpecially the European, stationed at Chunar, don.-30. Ganges, Cumberledge, from were so shamefully notorious, as to induce London.-- Nov. 5. John Taylor, Atkinthe late Commander-in-chief to select son, from Liverpool, and Kingston, Bowen, Lieut. Colonel Harriot as a fit officer to from London.-6. Albion, Swainson, from correct and reform these abuses.

Liverpool.-10. Royal George, Reynolds, A more difficult and irksome duty could from London. - 19. Nearchus, Baker, not have been imposed upon an officer, and from South America and Manilla.—Dec. it is with pain that the Commander-in- 17. Boyne, Lawson, from England. Chief is compelled to add, that if Lieut.

Departures from Calcula. Colonel Harriot had received from the

Nov. 8. Commandant of the garrison, that counte

Stentor, Harris, for London.

-11. Elizabeth, Swan, for Liverpool, via nance and support in his labours which he

Cape.-12. Madras, Clark, for London, bad a right to expect at his hands, he has little doubt that success would have crown- phy, for South America.—20. Loril Suf

via Madras; and Isabella Robertson, Mured his efforts. Of the six original charges preferred by field, Brown, and Cadmus, Talbert

, for

London. - 30. Grenada, Anderson, for Lieut. Colonel Robertson against Lieut.

Mauritius and London.-Dec. 7. Pilut, Colonel Harriot, the prisoner is most pro

Gardner, for London.-12. Lady Flora, perly acquitted of five, and with respect M.Donnel, for London, via Padang.-to the remaining charge, the Court has

22. Princess Charlotte of Wales, Gribble, found, " that he is guilty in a lesser degree of the charge, inasmuch as gunner Gall dras and London.

and Thomas Grenville, Manning, for Mawas compelled by him to do duty, which

The Ernaud, Jones; Research, Crawhe from his infirmities was unequal to.”

furd; Flora, Bails; Sophia, Chaw; and For this, and for the offences contained in

Planet, Bonnet, sailed for Chittagong on the additional 3d charge, Lieut. Colonel

the 230 Oct., with troops. Harriot is sentenced to six months' suspension, and to be reprimanded in such

Miscellaneous Notices. manner as the Commander-in-Chief shall

Loss of the Mary and Rangoon Packet.deem proper.

By the arrival of the Anne, Capt. GibThe Commander-in-Chief is satisfied that

son, from Rangoon, we learn the loss of if Lieut. Colonel Harriot knowingly and the Mary, Capt. Crisp, and the brig Ranwilfully compelled a man to perform a goon Packet, Capt. Thompson : the for. duty, which he from infirmities was un mer was bound from this port to Rangoon, equal to, the recollection of such a fact and the latter from Rangoon here. The will occasion to him a much more se brig struck, at about noon, on the 1st ul


a son.

timo; she had been at anchor in five fa 25. At Meerut, the wife of Mr. J. W. thoms, working along the coast with the Eastwood, of a son and heir. tides; when in weighing she cast the 27. On board the H.C.S. Minerva, x wrong way, and in the act of wearing her sea, the lady of Maj. Craigie, of a son. she struck on the John-and-Margaret Oct. 1. At Kidderpore, Mrs. Shearman, shoal, and when the ebb-tide, just making of a son. set in strong, thumped so violently that 5. Mrs. John Thomas Bayley, of a her stern frame was soon completely daughter. knocked out; and her commander and 7. At Cawnpore, the lady of Lieut. Col. officers left her, in the boat, when she had James Nicol, Adj. Gen. of the Army, of filled to the upper deck, and proceeded to a daughter. Rangoon. The Mary got near the shoal At Cawnpore, Mrs. Parsons, of a on the 17th ultimo, and was keeping out into deeper water as a measure of pru 8. At Cuttack, the lady of Capt. Faithdence during the night, when instead of ful, of a son. deepening sbe shoaled her water rapidly, At Cawnpore, the lady of the Rer. and in a very short time afterwards struck H. L. Williams, of a son. on the sand; the flood tide had swept her The lady of P. S. Hewett, Esq., of in between the shoal and land, and in standing out, she struck on it: she held 9. Mrs. J. J. Fleury, of a son. together for a long time, notwithstanding Mrs. C. I. Godfrey, of a daughter. the hardness of the sand and the heavy 10. At Chowringhee, the lady of Mr. swell; but at length finding that she was C. Owen, of Modindarry, Jessore, of a filling fast, and that all hopes of saving son and heir. her were at an end, her commander con 11. The lady of James Mackenzie, structed a raft for the people, and putting Esq., of a daughter. some of them into the boats and others 12. At Buxar, the lady of T. E. Baupon the raft, they, in this manner, left ker, Esq., of a son. the vessel. They were subsequently obliged, 13. Mrs. J. Vander Beek, of a son and however, to take all the people into the heir. boats, and cut the raft adrift, as it was tow 15. At Elysium Row, the lady of R ing them to sea. _After this they succeeded T. W. Betts, Esq., of a daughter. in getting into Dalle river, and thence to 17. At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. Rangoon.-(Cal. Journ., Oct. 28. J. H. White, 1st Cav., of a son.

Ship Futty Romaun — The Arab ship At Saugor, the lady of Lieut. Col. Futty Romaun (formerly the Auspicious Perkins, of a son. of Calcutta), inward-bound from Muscat 18. At Chowringhee, the lady of Capt. and the Malabar coast, on the 20th Oct., W. Kennedy, First Assist. Mil. Aud. grounded upon Hog River sand, where Gen., of a daughter. she has bilged (being very old), and is 19. The lady of J. W. Higgens, Pilet considered as irrecoverably lost: great part Service, of a daughter. of her cargo has been saved.

At Banda, the lady of Dr. For Ship Ailas. The Atlas, Clifton, had all syth, 4th N.I., of a son. her cargo landed at Calcutta on the 5th 20. The lady of Lieut. J. S. Hele, of Dec., and Mi. John Breen, ship-builder, Artillery, of a daughter. had made a contract to raise the ship as 21. At Dauluspore, Tirboot, the lady she lay in Hog Creek, and if floated to of John Brown, Esq., of a daughter. Calcutta in twenty-five days was to re At Keitah, the lady of Lieut. Col. ceive 9,000 rupees.

Nation, of a daughter.

At Dinapore, the lady of Lieut.

Col. Alfred Richards, Com. 2d bat. 35d BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

N.I., of a daughter.

22. At Bhassulpore, the lady of Majer

T. G. Alder, of a son. Aug. 12. At Nathpore, the lady of At Bareilly, the lady of Robert Li. Capt. J. Gerrard, Agent for Timber, of mond, Esq., 15th regt. N.I., of a daughter

23. The lady of F. Paschoud, Esq., of Sept. 7. At Berhampore, Mrs. Harriet a daughter. Phelips, relict of Lieut. C. H. Phelips, 24. At Bally Gunge, the lady of Capt late Adj. of Moorshedabad Prov. Bat., of T. Macan, 16th lancers, of a daughter. a daughter.

25. Mrs. L. F. Jacob, of a still-born son. 12. At Mhow, in Malwah, the lady of At Barrackpore, the lady of Lieu. Lieut. Henry Gastin, 6th L.C., of a son Exshaw, 20th N.I., of a daughter. and heir.

The lady C. K. Robinson, Esq., of 22. Mrs. Gomiss, wife of Mr. J. M. Gomiss, of a daughter,

26. Mrs. Joseph Leal, of a son. 25. At Midnapore, Mrs. E. Miranda, 27. At Hazzaree Baug, the lady of of a daughter.

Capt. H. L. Playfair, of a daughter.

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28. The lady of John Bagshaw, Esq., 29. At the New Buildings, Cooly of a son.

Bazar, Mrs. Conductor Macdonald, of a 29. In Fort William, the lady of J. daughter. Sullivan, Esq., Assist. Surg., of a son. 24. At Kamptee, the lady of Lieut.

At Chittagong, the lady of Capt. Ripley, Europ. Regt., of a daughter. W. Hodgson, 13th N. I., of a daughter. 26. At Sylhet, the lady of Charles

At Cawnpore, the lady of Capt. W. Tucker, Esq. Civil Service, of a son. W. Davis, 6th N.I., of a son and heir.

The lady of the Rev. Dr. Bryce, of 30. At Monghyr, the lady of Capt. W. a daughter. B. Salmon, of a son.

27. At Meerut, the lady of Lieut. Mrs. Phillips, wife of Mr. Wm. Bingley, Horse Artillery Brigade, of a Philipps, Assist, Harbour Master, of a daughter.

28. The lady of the Rev. W. Yates, of The lady of Col. Edwards, H.M. 14th Foot, of a daughter.

29. At Chowringhee, the lady of G. At Chowringhee, the lady of Capt. Swinton, Esq., of a son. Ed. Browne, 30th N.I., of a daughter.

The lady of G. Vrignon, Esq., of 31. The lady of Mr. Spencer, Surgeon, of a daughter.

30. At Hurrissaul, the wife of J. A. Nov. 1. Mrs. Wm. Duhan, of a son. Coimbra, Esq., Indigo Planter of Mus2. The lady of C. A. C. Cavorke, Esq., tafapore, of a daughter. of a son.

The lady of Wm. Ainslie, Esq., of At the house of Mr. Rickett's, a daughter. Collinga, the widow of the late Mr. Tho. Dec. 9. In the Circular Road, the mas Vaughan, of a daughter.

lady of Henry Cooke, Esq., jun., of 3. At Allypore, Mrs. Parrock, of a daughter.

Lately. At the Cape, the lady of W. 4. _At Dacca, the lady of Lieut. W. T. Blair, Esq., H.C. Civil Service, of a H. Terraneau, District Barrack Master daughter. 18th Division, of a son.

At Moradabad, the lady of A. N. Forde, Esq., Civil Service, of a daugh Sept. 14. At Chanda, near Nagpore, ter

Capt. G. R. Crawfurd, Superintendent 5. At Ghazeepore, the lady of John of Affairs, to Charlotte Ann, second Sherlock, Esq., Paymast. H.M. 87th daughter of the late Wm. Dring, Esq., regta, of a daughter.

Calcutta; and on the same day and place, At Berhampore, the lady of Capt. Lieut. J. S. Pitts, Bengal Europ. Regt., H. Pennington, Europ. Invalids, of a to Cornelia Harvey, third daughter of the still-born daughter.

late Wm. Dring, Esq., Calcutta. The lady of John Lowis, Esq., of 22. At Patna, Mr. John L'Blanc to a still-born daughter.

Mrs. Mary Rose David, widow of the 6. Mrs. J. P. Bellew, of a son.

late Mr. Anthony David. The lady of Lieut. Ouseley, 14th 26. At Serampore, at the house of his N.I., of a daughter.

Exc. the Governor Krefting, Capt. Wal7. At Dum Dum, the lady of J. Bell, ter Snow, of his Majesty's service, to Esq., of a son.

Sophia Fredericka, eldest daughter of the 10. At Moradabad, the lady of N. J. late N. Robelholm, Esq., of the Danish Halhed, Esq., of a son.

Civil Service. 11. The lady of the late Capt. James Oct. 11. At Asseerghur, Lieut. Z. H. Green, of the late ship Liverpool, of a Turton, 1st bat. 11th N.I., to' Miss Ann daughter.

Crump. 12. Mrs. N. Baillie, of a daughter. 13. At the Cathedral, Mr. John Ma

The lady of M. M-Kenzie, Esq., thews to Miss Mary Ann Robarts. of Sindoorie, Jessore, of a daughter.

At the Cathedral, Mr. Thomas 13. The lady of G. P. Bagram, Esq., Bartlett to Miss Eliza Edmonds. of a son.

15. At Chinsurah, Lieut. Wright, 12th The lady of C. Carey, Esq., Civil N.I., to Mrs. Gordon, relict of the late Service, of a son.

Capt. Gordon, and daughter of the Hon. 16. At Agra, the wife of the Rev. Mr. Overbeck, Governor of Chinsurah. J. Irving, B.A., of a daughter.

At St. John's Cathedral, Isaac Jor. At Chandernagore, the lady of J. dan Goodlad, Esq., of Commercolly, to G. Verploegh, Esq., of a son.

Harriet, relict of the late Lieut. Wogan, 17. At Alipore, the lady of Henry H.M. 66th Foot. Newmarch, Esq., of a daughter.

At St. John's Cathedral, C.P. Sealy, 19. At Kishnaghur, Nuddea, the lady Esq., to Maria, eldest daughter of the of J. Row, Esq., Assist. Surg., of a son. late John Bartlett, Esq.

22. At Balasore, the lady of John Be. 16. At Cawnpore, Mr. C. Mackintosh, cher, Esq., of a son.

to Miss D. C. Honeyburne.


24 years.


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18. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. Thos. daughter of Sir Archibald Campbell, Clarke, H.C. Marine, to Miss Louisa K.C.B. Morgan.

19. At Chandernagore, Mr. M. Ni. cholas, to Miss Rose Adolfe.

Sept. 8. At Berhampore, Mrs. Urmston, 20. At St. John's Cathedral, Eueas wife of Lieut. Urmston, 38th Foot, aged Mackintosh, Esq., to Henrietta Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Charles

11. On the river, Brev. Capt. J. E. Child, Esq.

Conway, 6th N.I. 22. At Ghazeepore, Lieut. Alex. Car 28. At Dinapore, Mr. John Leopold, negy, 11th N.I., to Miss Isabella Don.

of the Warrant Medical Staff. 31. At St. John's Cathedral, James

Wm. Jeffries; and on 2d Oet. ThurFraser, Esq., of Damodeah, to Miss Anne ton Joseph, aged 4 months, the twin sons Gould, of Kidderpore.

of Mr. Hooper, of the Town Hall. Nov. 1. At Commillah, Lieut. T. 29. At Nussecrabad, Lieut. Bennett, Fisher, Dep. Assist. Quart. Mast. Gen., Quart. Mast. 3d Light Cavalry. to Emily Maria, daughter of Wm. Ter At Cutwa, Jane, the infant daughraneau, Esq., of Sylhet.

ter of William Lambert, Esq., aged five 3. Mr. Wm. Barradge to Miss Maria months. D'Silva.

30., In Garden Reach, Mr. Blake, late 5. At the Cathedral, Mr. Henry Critch Chief Officer of the brig Caroline, bely, H. C. Marine, to Mrs. Marian longing to Messrs. Breen and Co. M.Carthey

Oct. 3. At Dacca, Mary Ann, the lady At the Cathedral, Mr. Wm. Scott of T. C. Harrison, Esq., Assist. Surg. of to Miss Eliza Jones.

Burrisaul, in her 24th year. 6. Mr. John Peter to Miss Larrinia

4. Capt. B. S. Woodhead, formerly Robinett.

Commander of the ship Eliza, aged 29 At the Cathedral, Capt. G. Tom

years. kyns, 7th N.I., to Jessie, second daughter 7. At Burrisaul, Assist. Surg. John of Capt. Alex. Nash, of Gravel Hill MacRae, Extra Sub-Assist. Com. Gen. House, Chalant, St. Peter's, Bucking 8. At Cawnpore, Henry, the infant hamshire.

child of Capt. Parsons. At the Cathedral, H. Cavell, Esq., 9. At Kurnal, Lieut. P. Middleton, Ist Garrison Assist. Surg , to Miss Jane 22d N.I. Poole.

13. At Berhampore, Mrs. Eliz. Pearce 7. H. C. Gordon, Esq., Lieut. in Taylor, wife of Lieut. Aldwell Taylor, H.M. navy, to Miss Christina Lucas. H.M.'s 38th regt., aged 23 years.

8. At Barrackpore, Lieut. Vincent At Meerut, Louisa Henrietta, daughShortland to Miss Mary Charlotte Es ter of Capt. W.P. Cooke, Dep. Judge Adv. tello Defouchy

Gen., Meerut Division, aged one year. At Chinsurah, at the Portuguese 14. At the house of R. Walpole, Esq., Church, Mr. I. D. Bean, of the H.C.

Allipore, at the age of 19, the lady of Marine, to Miss Magdalina Elias, the Henry Oakeley, Esq., of the Civil Ser. only daughter of Mr. Nasier Elias.

vice. Mr. John Pereira to Miss Mary At Culpee, Georgina Anne, the inAnn Gonsalves.

fant daughter of Lieut. W. Bignell, 1st bat. 17. At the Cathedral, Capt. Walker, 32d N.I. H.C. Bombay Artillery, to Eliza, daugh 15. At Cawnpore, Francis Pauline, the ter of the Rev. Mr. Wilson, of Banff. infant daughter of Capt. J. H. Cave.

20. At St. John's Cathedral, Eneas Mrs. H. Alexander, aged 50 years. Mackintosh, Esq., to Henrietta Louisa, At Entally, Mr. William Pigou, youngest daughter of Chas. Child, Esq.

aged 35 years. 22. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. R.

16. At Sultanpore, Benares, Walter Hollow to Miss Sarah Bulkeley, daugh- Herbert, fourth son of Major G. H. Gall, ter of the late Dr. Henry Bulkeley. 8th L.C., aged 20 months.

27. At the Cathedral, the Rev. W. H. 17. The infant son of M. C. Radeliffe, Mill, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Esq. Cambridge, Principal of Bishop's Col At Saugor, the infant son of Lieut. lege, near Calcutta, to Maria, eldest Col. Perkins. daughter of the Hon. J. R. Elphinstone, 19. At Coligunge Factory, district of Sen. Member of the Board of Revenue Jessore, Miss Frances Jane Carlow, aged for the Central Provinces.

Dec. 6. At St. John's Cathedral, W. Master Murat, youngest son of Swainson, Esq., Commander of the ship Arratoon Avietick, Esq., of Rangoon, Albion, to Miss Eliza Moore.

aged 11 years. Lately. At Berhampore, J. J. Snod 21. Mr. Samuel Sweeting, Branch Pigrass, Esq., Lieut. and Adj. of H.M. lot, H.C. Marine, aged 39 years. 38th regt.,, to Maria M'Donald, eldest Mr. Richard Scott, aged 23 years.

16 years.

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