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in addition thereto, although they may defrayed in the Judicial Department, and come under the description of officers en their amount shall be included in the titled to that allowance when proceeding monthly indents of the magistrate at to join.

whose requisition the troops are employed. 4th. Adverting to the General Order of Such extra charges shall be drawn in 5th ultimo, by which certain Regimental separate abstracts, under the signature of Staff Officers are permitted to draw office military officers. tentage when proceeding from one garrison Military Paymasters shall furnish Resistation to another, the Hon. the Governor- dents and Political Agents, Collectors of in-Council is pleased to intimate that this the Revenue, Commercial Agents or Reallowance can only be admitted to the date sidents, and Magistrates, with tables of of arrival inclusive, and not for any pe- the established rates of balta, or other riod subsequent thereto, and that the fore allowances issuable on account of the going rule is considered as equally appli- several ranks of the army. cable to every description of office-tentage, Batta for troops employed in escorting even on the reiurn of troops or depart treasure to be issued by Paymasters as ments from actual field service.

heretofore, and to be charged to the Mili5th. The existing rules regarding the tary Department, unless the requisition discharge of extra followers attached to for the troops shall specify that the escort corps on their march from station to is required for money intended for the use to station, as well as on their return of the Judicial, Revenue, Political, or from field service, not appearing to be in Commercial Department. all instances sufficiently understood, the All requisitions for troops from PolitiHon, the Governor-in-Council is pleased cal or Commercial Residents or Agents, to intimate that no charge on these ac Collectors, and Magistrates, are to specify counts can be admitted beyond the actual the particular service for which they are date of arrival at garrison stations, when required, and authenticated copies of them the followers in question shall be regularly are to accompany the abstract for batta, or mustered and discharged.

other extra charges. The Hon. the Governor-in-Council is also pleased to direct that batta, and all

COMPANY'S CRUIZERS. other extra charges incurred on account of troops employed on political, revenue,

Bombay Castle, Oct. 9, 1823.-A havil. commercial, or judicial duties, be here

dar's party of Native Infantry, serving op afier defrayed by the respective depart- board one of the Hon. Company's cruizers, ments, and to publish the following regu. having been placed under stoppages to * lations for general information and guid

answer for a portion of the law, or other ance, viz.

expenses attendant on the detention of No charges for batta, or other extra

certain vessels having slaves on board, the

Hon. the Governor-in-Council is pleased expenses which may be incurred on account of escorts attending political resi

to declare, that no officer of any descripdents or agents beyond the fixed regimental assign or appropriate his pay to any parti

tion shall ever cause a sepoy to agree to pay and garrison allowances of the troops employed on such duties, shall be here

cular design or purpose whatever. after paid by or entered in the disbursements of Paymasters; expenses of this SALARIES OF STAFF OFFICERS. kind not being considered as military Bombay Castle, Nov. 21, 1829. - Tbe charges.

Hon. the Governor has much pleasure in Abstracts for expenses incurred on ac notifying that the Hon. Court of Directors count of collection of the revenue (batta, have been pleased to annex to the follow. and other extra charges) are in future to ing officers on the staff the salaries here be discharged by, and appear in the ac after specified, with retrospect from the 1st counts of Collectors.

June 1821, and all Paymasters within Military officers are, therefore, to pre whose range of payments the several sent separate abstracts for such payments officers may fall, are hereby authorized to to collectors, respectively, on whose re discharge the abstracts accordingly. quisition troops have been furnished, in In cases where the salaries fixed are bestead of, as heretofore, drawing the amount low the scale temporarily sanctioned by from Military Paymasters.

Government, under date the 18th NovemExpenses incurred in consequence of ber 1820, or at any other period, the requisitions from commercial residents, reduced scale is to have effect from the 1st are to be discharged by, and appear in of the present month. the accounts of Commercial Residents on

Per Annun. the same principle as those incurred on Adjutant General ............... Rs. 18,000 account of collection of the revenue, Deputy Adjutant General .......... 6,000

Batta, and other extra charges incurred Quarter Master General............ 18,000 by the employment of troops upon the Deputy ditto

6,000 requisition of a public magistrate, shall be Secretary to Military Board 12,000


Per Annum.

The salary and allowances of the MeAssistant Secretary to Mil. Board, Rs. 3,600 dical Storekeeper at Bombay are fixed as Fort Adjutant of Bombay ... 2,160 follows, from the 1st of the present month. Deputy Commissary General* 9,500 Salary

Rs. 1,000 Barrack Master of Bombay 3,000 Pay

120 Commissary of Stores 10,000 House-rent..

50 Deputy ditto

4,800 Agent for Gunpowder 7,200

1,170 Military Secretary to Governor 4,800 It being intended that the office of PaySecretary to Medical Board 7,200 master in the northern districts of Guzerat Commandant of Garrison of Bom

shall be abolished on the present Paybay

8,400 master's vacating the appointment, and Town Major

5,000 one Paymaster only allowed to the Surat Judge Advocate General


division of the army, under the increased Brigade Major of King's Troops 6,000 salary now sanctioned, the Governor-inPaymaster, Bombay

9,600 Council is pleased to allow the former Cutch

3,600 officers to draw the increased allowance of Guzerat...

6,000 rupees 6,000 from the 1st June 1821, so Baroda Force

6,000 long as the office may be continued. , Sholapore

3,600 The following officers are allowed to The salaries of the following offices are

draw full batta from the 1st of the present fixed from the same date at the rates speci. month : fied, subject to a further reference to the Aides-de-Camp; Extra Aides-de. Camp; Hon. Court of Directors on the subject, Brigade - Majors of Forces ;* Brigadeviz.


Per Annum. Military Auditor General...... Ns. 27,000 Commissary General

24,000 Bombay Castle, Nov. 21, 1825.- The Agent for Manufacture of Gun

Honourable the Governor-in-Council is Carriages

..... 10,000 pleased to extend from the 1st instant, the The Hon. Court having directed the provisions of the general order of 31st Members of the Medical Board to be July last, to all Staff Officers who are at delivered, at the expiration of every four present in the receipt of regimental allowyears, from the date of their respective ances, and on the house rent and tent-purappointments to the Board, as notified in chase system, which latter allowance is now the General Order dated the 11th of July entirely abolished, and to declare, that the last, have now resolved to equalize the existing rates of tent allowance, agreeably salaries of the different members, and to the principle on which they were origi. have fixed the salary of each at rupees nally established, are to be considered in 22,000 per annum, with retrospect from full of all charges for the personal accomthe 1st June 1821, which salary is to be modation of officers with camp equipage considered as exclusive of the nett pay, in the field, and quarters in garrison or batta, and garrison tent allowance of a cantonments in peace or war. Lieutenant Colonel, subject to the Ho. Referring to the IXth Article of the nourable Court's further orders,

above order, the Governor-in-Council conThe salaries of the Superintending Sur. fiding in the sense of duty which will geons have been fixed by the Hon. Court

actuate every officer to be ready whenever with the same retrospective effect, at ru called upon for actual service, is pleased, pees 15,000 per annum, which is to be in the case of Staff and other officers, who considered exclusive of the pay and field are permitted by the regulations to draw allowances of a Captain granted by the their regimental pay and allowances on General Orders by Government dated 3d their own separate abstracts, not to require December 1821.

the monthly certificates directed to be The present number of Superintending furnished by Commanding Officers of Surgeons is to be reduced from four to Corps, &c. three whenever a vacancy may occur.

The duties of Superintending Surgeon in the North and Southern Concan are

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS. then to be executed by the Junior or Third

[In our last number, page 564, for Member of the Medical Board, who, dur

“ Capt. Browne to have command during ing his circuit on duty, is to draw the

Lieut. Col. Edward's absence from disfield allowances of his military rank.

trict of Candeish,” read “ An order of The duties of Superintending Surgeon the late Lieut. Col. Edwards, dated 16th within the garrison and island of Bombay,

Feb. 1823, directing the next Senior Offi&c. devolve on the Second Member, with cer, Capt. Browne, to command during his out any augmentation to his allowance.

absence from the district of Candeish, is

confirmed." Lieut. Col. Dyson, Ist * Abolislied by Government Order dated 7th Nov, 1888.

* Brigade. Majur to King's troops not included.

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regt., was appointed to the district of rooms in this country must be a great
Candeish on the 12th of March 1823, check to the spreading of infection. -
and, we believe, still continues in com. Bom. Cour. Nov. 1.


Government has sanctioned the tempo rary appropriation of the Honourable Com

pany's ship Hastings to the purpose of The late prodigies we have read and heard of, are all thrown into the shade by performing Divine Service, every Sunday, an illustrious personage, who has lately harbour as may find it contenient to at

to such of the European sailors in the made his appearance at Bombay from tend, and the Senior and Garrison ChapMocha. He is yclept Haji Syud Ahmed lains have kindly undertaken to per Peer Zada. It is said that we, of this

forin this duty alternately.-[Bom. Cour. city, are not unacquainted with his holi,

Nov. 29. ness, for he was here about a year ago. The zeal for Islamism burns so furiously

SHIPPING in his bosom, that his views, it is said, extend to nothing less than driving the

Arrival. whole of the Christian unbelievers from Cambrian, Clarkson, from London. this land of the sun. We happen to know something about the Peer Zada; for MARRIAGES AND DEATH. we had heard of him when he was levying contributions on the followers of the prophet in the environs of Calcutta, to enable ander, Esq., Assist. Surg. Horse Brigade

Dec. 4. At Aurungabad, J. B. Alexhim to prosecute his pilgrimage to Mecca. We were told, at the time, by several re

of Artillery, to Miss Hornby. spectable Mahomedan gentlemen, that his Elliot, Ordnance Department, to Mrs.

11. At St. Thomas's Church, Mr. R. boliness was an ignorant, illiterate, and

Eliza Metcalf. presumptuous impostor; that the Marques of Hastings having destroyed the Pindaree hordes, and Ameer Khaun being deprived of his power, he was compelled to disband

Dec. 6. At Belvidere, Lieut John D. his troop of freebooters, and that the Peer Saltwell, 2d bat. Grenadiers, aged 22 Zada was one of the suwars of this chief; years. and that since the sword and spear,could not now yield him his curry and rice, he

CEYLON. had betaken himself to the profession of a faqueer of the superior order.-(Cal. Jour. Sept. 29.

Nov. 5. At Colombo, the lady of Lieut,

Deacon, Staff Officer, of a son.

8. At Colombo, the lady of William

Granville, Esq., Paymaster General, of We fear we shall have much reason to

à daughter. lament this year, the absence of the latter rains, called here the Elephanter. It is calculated that there is a deficiency in the

PENANG usual supply of water in the island, at this

An application was made by the merperiod of the year of almost fifteen inches, chants (European and native) of Penang, and it behoves us all to be very provident

raying Government

establish Penang in this necessary article of life. Our let

as a free port, like Singapore. This request ters from various parts of the country has been deemed inadmissible by the austate the deficiency to be much greater, thorities of Penang; but soine modificaand that a season of drought is so much to

tions have been adopted in the mode of be apprehended that the inhabitants are

collecting the duties, aecording to the doalready removing to parts more favoured.

cument that follows:-[Penang Gaz. Seasons of drought and sickness generally go together. Whether it is from the ab

Notification. sence of the Elephanter or not, it is too Notice is bereby given, that the Ho. certain that fevers are usually prevalent on nourable the Governor in Council has the island at the present moment, though been pleased to direct, that all duties now they are not at all considered of a serious levied on the exportation of goods, the nature. They are usually accompanied with produce or manufacture of Great Britain general pains in the limbs, sickness of the and Ireland, Foreign Europe, America, stomach, and an eruption very like that China, and British India, and on the exc known as the scarlet fever. We hear that this portation of oil, ghee, or hogs’-lard, salt fever has passed through the female charity and tobacco, pursuant to the first and school, with

the only instance of one child second clauses of the export regulations of escaping. The great ventilation of the Government, 'as well as the duty to which


timber and planks imported from the do- Naik halted the relief and applied to the minions of the King of Ava, are now Havildar of the guard, on whose appearance liable, according to the thirteenth clause of he repeated the same words, and proceedthe import regulations, shall be suspended ed deliberately to load his musket. The until further orders, from the first proximo. Havildar finding the man was determined,

A. D. Maings, Acting Collector. returned and reported the circumstance to Custom House, Prince of

the European Serjeant of the Main Guard, Wales Island, July 22, 1823.

who proceeded to the spot with two or

three privates, and on their approaching Government Advertisement.

were also warned not to come near him, Public notice is hereby given, that the repeating the former threat, and declaring Honourable the Governor-in-Council has that he was determined to keep that spot been pleased to direct the following modis of ground to himself. One of the prifications of the port charges, to have effect vates who accompanied the Serjeant offer. from and after the first proximo.

ed to seize bim, and accordingly ventured Ist. that the period for which ships and up a rugged part in his rear ; but being vessels are allowed to remain in the port soon observed by the sentry, he brought without incurring port charges be extended his piece immediately to the charge, and from twenty-four hours to three days, pro. in that position fired; he was, however, vided they do not break bulk or receive just in time to push the muzzle of the freight within that time.

musket aside, and fortunately escaped, 2d. That port charges will only be the ball passing very near his head, upon levied once in six months on the same ship which be closed with him, when a violent or vessel.

scuffle ensued, and both fell; the Golun· 3d. That vessels under foreign colours dauze was then immediately seized and be subject to the same rates of pilotage and put in confinement. He was examined anchorage duties as those under British the following day, and we understand colours.

appeared to be deranged.—[Penang Gaz., 4th. That the pilotage charged on all Nov. 12. vessels proceeding through the southern channel, be reduced from one dollar to Trial of Mr. Anderson.-(Extract from half a dollar per foot.

letter dated 2d Oct. 1823.) —" Mr. J. C.W. H.Wright, Mast. Attend, Anderson, of the Civil Service, was yes. Master Attendant's Office,

terday put to trial on a criminal informaP.W. Island, July 29, 1823.

tion, on the part of Capt. Luke, of the Britannia, for defamation of character in a

correspondence he printed and sent to Suicide.- The Chinaman, Gay, on whom

Madras. In one of these letters he called sentence of death was passed at the last

Captain Luke a blackguard ; this occurred session for the murder of Puenseng, hung when Captain Luke was here on his last bimself in his cell on the night of the 9th inst., and was found at half-past six

voyage ; and the letter in question was

given when sailing out of the harbour. o'clock the following morning suspender to The Britannia returned here about fifteen the iron cross-bar of the window. The days ago, and Captain Luke wrote to height of the bar from the floor is about eight Mr. Anderson for an explanation ; but feet and a half, and it appears, that having his letter was returned unopened. Captain released his hands from the irons put on Luke called at his office, but could get no them, he rolled several straw mats on

satisfaction. Mr. Anderson posted a plawhich he slept, round his pillow, which

card at the jetty where the Government being thus strengthened to support his proclamations are affixed, avowing himself weight, he raised himself up and fixed a

the author of the letter, and making use of rope, made out of his palampore, to the harsh language : for this act of disresbar, by which he suspended himself and

pect he was suspended the service; but effected his purpose. [Penang Gazette, restored on making an apology. About Oct. 15.

seven in the evening the Jury retired ;

they were locked up all night, and this Case of Insanity.-On the night of Fri- morning delivered their verdict-guilty : day last, at nine o'clock, as a Golundauze, but strongly recommended him to mercy. placed sentry by the telegraph on the outer The Court will pronounce judgment on works of the fort, was about to be relieved, Monday next." the party was challenged by him and We learn by a subsequent letter, that warned not to approach at their peril, the judgment of the Court was, that Mr. stating that the spot of ground he stood Anderson should be imprisoned for two. upon belonged to him, and which he was months; and give security for his peaceadetermined to protect, threatening at the ble conduct for two years: himself in same time to shoot the first person that 5,000 dollars, and two securities in 500 dared to trespass on it. The astonished dollars each.

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Commercial Arrangements. The same that the tiger let him go and ran off'; the regulations it appears, are now in force at crew of the boat landed and helped their Malacca as at Java, since 1st August; comrade into the boat, where he was hardly namely, all goods imported into Malacca seated, when the tiger followed them, from all parts and places east of the Cape, baving recovered from his fright; the are liable to an import duty of 24 per brute tried to get into the boat, but the cent. The same duty, we presume, is Arabs filled their baskets with sand and levied at Padang. This notice, we trust, threw it into his face, and thus blinded will prove useful to some of our trading him, and kept shoving off the boat at the readers. Dutch gratitude is a scarce arti same time. At length they got off, though cle we suspect, at least, in a national the tiger would not desist till the water

The benefits conferred on the became too deep for him. The poor man Hollanders by Great Britain, have been of recovered at the hospital.”—[Ibid. the most substantial kind; and what is the return of the cold, plodding, unfeeling Markets.-(Extract of a letter dated government of that people? The most 26th Oct.) “We shall not want any rice mortifying one,--a contemptuous opposi- from you next year, as we have a population to all the generous plans of policy tion of about fifteen thousand couls settled laid down by the British, persecution of in Province Wellesley, opposite the island, their ancient allies and friends, and un. in length eighteen miles, and in shore, in grateful fetters upon their commerce breadth three to four miles.

All the poor wherever the Dutch have influence in the Keddah population has come there to Eastern Seas.-(Ind. Gaz.

settle under our able Lieutenant Gover. Ferocity of a Tiger.— The following Rice is at two and a quarter dollars per fact serves further to illustrate the ferocious bag; Capt. Earl got that for his, and boldness of a tiger under certain circum- little demand. Europe goods are some at

50 per cent. discount, and the best sorts “ Lately an Arab ship sent over her of chintz, madapollams, and handkerchiefs, boat for Penang to the Kidda shore for &c., are at a discount of 25 to 30 per cent. sand ballast ; after taking some sand into and take payment in barter of rattans at the long boat, one of the Kiddies, a 2 dollars per pecul, or pepper at 12 dolCaffree, landed, and went up into the lars per pecul. There are now more jungle a little way, where he was attacked Europe goods here, I hear from the by a tiger. The boat's crew saw him, and merchants, than will be sold in three gave such a yell, and made such a noise, years."



Home Jntelligence.

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Account of the aggregate amount in official value of Trade carried on between Great Britain and the Coast of Africa, from 5th January 1815, to 5th January 1824.

Imports into Amount of Exports from

Gt Britain. Customs re. Gt. Britain, Years,

ceived increon. 1815 £149,662 28,664 169,134 1816 197,474 30,895 159,656 1817 127,323 19,202 143,399 1818 122,352 30,715 198,868' 1819 110,280

36,190 240,883 1820 153,620 25,299 202,301 1821 63,282 29,011

227,023 1822 164,076 27,146 321,019 1823 114,969 26,528 360,511 1824 192,292 26,084 302,213

Note.-- In the last year there has been a very considerable increase in the following articles of imports :- Bugles, hides, guin, palm oil, pepper, rice, sea-horse teeth, timber, and wax.

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