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timber and planks imported from the dominions of the King of Ava, are now liable, according to the thirteenth clause of the import regulations, shall be suspended until further orders, from the first proximo. A. D. MAINgy, Acting Collector. Custom House, Prince of Wales Island, July 22, 1823.

Government Advertisement.

Public notice is hereby given, that the Honourable the Governor-in-Council has been pleased to direct the following modifications of the port charges, to have effect from and after the first proximo. 1st. that the period for which ships and vessels are allowed to remain in the port without incurring port charges be extended from twenty-four hours to three days, provided they do not break bulk or receive freight within that time. 2d. That port charges will only be levied once in six months on the same ship or vessel. 3d. That vessels under foreign colours be subject to the same rates of pilotage and anchorage duties as those under British colours. 4th. That the pilotage charged on all vessels proceeding through the southern channel, be reduced from one dollar to half a dollar per foot. C.W. H. Waight, Mast. Attend, Master Attendant's Office, P. W. Island, July 29, 1823.

Suicide.—The Chinaman, Gay, on whom sentence of death was passed at the last session for the murder of Puenseng, hung himself in his cell on the night of the 9th inst., and was found at half-past six o'clock the following morning suspended to the iron cross-bar of the window. The height of the bar from the flooris about eight feet and a half, and it appears, that having released his hands from the irons put on them, he rolled several straw mats on which he slept, round his pillow, which being thus strengthened to support his weight, he raised himself up and fixed a rope, made out of his palampore, to the bar, by which he suspended himself and effected his purpose—[Penang Gazette, Oct. 15.

Case of Insanity.—On the night of Friday last, at nine o'clock, as a Golundauze, placed sentry by the telegraph on the outer works of the fort, was about to be relieved, the party was challenged by him and warned not to approach at their peril, stating that the spot of ground he stood upon belonged to him, and which he was determined to protect, threatening at the same time to shoot the first person that dared to trespass on it. The astonished

Naik halted the relief and applied to the Havildar of the guard, on whose appearance he repeated the same words, and proceeded deliberately to load his musket. The Havildar finding the man was determined, returned and reported the circumstance to the European Serjeant of the Main Guard, who proceeded to the spot with two or three privates, and on their approaching were also warned not to come near him, repeating the former threat, and declaring that he was determined to keep that spot of ground to himself. One of the privates who accompanied the Serjeant offer. ed to seize him, and accordingly ventured up a rugged part in his rear; but being soon observed by the sentry, he brought his piece immediately to the charge, and in that position fired; he was, however, just in time to push the muzzle of the musket aside, and fortunately escaped, the ball passing very near his head, upon which he closed with him, when a violent scuffle ensued, and both fell; the Golundauze was then immediately seized and put in confinement. He was examined the following day, and we understand appeared to be deranged.—[Penang Gaz.,

sov. 12.

Trial of Mr. Anderson.—(Extract from letter dated 2d Oct. 1823.)—“Mr. J. Anderson, of the Civil Service, was yesterday put to trial on a criminal information, on the part of Capt. Luke, of the Britannia, for defamation of character in a correspondence he printed and sent to Madras. In one of these letters he called Captain Luke a blackguard; this occurred when Captain Luke was here on his last voyage ; and the letter in question was given when sailing out of the harbour. The Britannia returned here about fifteen days ago, and Captain. Luke wrote to Mr. Anderson for an explanation; but his letter was returned unopened. Captain Luke called at his office, but could get no satisfaction. Mr. Anderson posted a placard at the jetty where the Government proclamations are affixed, avowing himself the author of the letter, and making use of harsh language : for this act of disrespect he was suspended the service; but restored on making an apology. About seven in the evening the Jury retired; they were locked up all night, and this morning delivered their verdict—guilty: but strongly recommended him to mercy. The Court will pronounce judgment on Monday next.”

We learn by a subsequent letter, that the judgment of the Court was, that Mr. Anderson should be imprisoned for two months; and give security for his peaceable conduct for two years: himself in 5,000 dollars, and two securities in 500 dollars each.

Commercial Arrangements.-The same regulations it appears, are now in force at Malacca as at Java, since 1st August; namely, all goods imported into Malacca from all parts and places east of the Cape, are liable to an import duty of 24 per cent. The same duty, we presume, is levied at Padang. This notice, we trust, will prove useful to some of our trading readers. Dutch gratitude is a scarce article we suspect, at least, in a national sense. The benefits conferred on the Hollanders by Great Britain, have been of the most substantial kind; and what is the return of the cold, plodding, unfeeling government of that people? The most mortifying one,—-a contemptuous opposition to all the generous plans of policy laid down by the British, persecution of their ancient allies and friends, and ungrateful fetters upon their commerce wherever the Dutch have influence in the Eastern Seas.-[Ind. Gaz.

Ferocity of a Tiger.—The following fact serves further to illustrate the ferocious boldness of a tiger under certain circumstances.

“Lately an Arab ship sent over her boat for Penang to the Kidda shore for sand ballast ; after taking some sand into the long boat, one of the Kiddies, a Caffree, landed, and went up into the jungle a little way, where he was attacked by a tiger. The boat's crew saw him, and gave such a yell, and made such a noise,

that the tiger let him go and ran off; the crew of the boat landed and helped their comrade into the boat, where he was hardly seated, when the tiger followed them, having recovered from his fright; the brute tried to get into the boat, but the Arabs filled their baskets with sand and threw it into his face, and thus blinded him, and kept shoving off the boat at the same time. At length they got off, though the tiger would not desist till the water became too deep for him. The poor man recovered at the hospital.”—[Ibid.

Markets.—(Extract of a letter dated 26th Oct.) “We shall not want any rice from you next year, as we have a population of about fifteen thousand souls settled in Province Wellesley, opposite the island, in length eighteen miles, and in shore, in breadth three to four miles. All the poor Keddah population has come there to settle under our able Lieutenant Governor.

Rice is at two and a quarter dollars per bag; Capt. Earl got that for his, and little demand. Europe goods are some at 50 per cent. discount, and the best sorts of chintz, madapollams, and handkerchiefs, &c., are at a discount of 25 to 30 per cent. and take payment in barter of rattans at 2} dollars per pecul, or pepper at 12 dollars per pecul. There are now more Europe goods here, I hear from the merchants, than will be sold in three years.”

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Account of the quantity of Tea exported from Great Britian, from 5th January 1819, to 5th January 1824.

Ireland and British Colo- Foreign

Years. British isles. nues. wrope &c. 1819 ft 3,557,093 787,358 34, 156 1820 3,520,743 667,093 14,087 1821 3,036,522 459,924 8,231 1822 3,860, 151 474,968 7,277 1823 3,696,006 387,231 10,213 1824 3,570,595 410,856 11,855

Account of the quantity of Sugar imported into Great Britain from the British Colonies and plantations, and from Foreign Countries, from 5th January 1823, to 5th January 1824.

British Foreien Plantation. Plantation. British, viz. cwt. cwt. Antigua......... 135,466 Barbadoes......

Dominica Grenada


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British Foreign - British Foreign Plantation. Plantauon. Plantation. Pluntalion. British cwt. cwt. British cwt. cwt. Montserrat ... 24,466 - St. Vincent ...... 53 Nevis..... ... 44,283 - Trinidad ... . 2,953 St. Kitts ..... 76, 181 - Bahamas ......... - 120 St. Lucia ...... 62,148 - Bermudas...... 796 St Vincent...... 232,575 1 Demerara......... 5,417 Tobago ......... 113,015 - Berbice...... ------ 18,537 Tortola......... 21,583 - Coast of Africa l 89 Trinidad ...... 186,891 - Foreign, viz. ' Bahamas ...... - 986 Cuba ............ - 24,057 . Bermudas...... 3,415 - St. Thomas - 7,250 Demerara...... 607,858 * 11 St. Domingo...... — 44,422 Berbice......... 55,999 - Brazils............ - 12,467 B. N. America 71 228 Buenos Avres... — 64 Foreign, viz. Carraccas......... — 3,604 St. Thomas ... 1. - United States ... — 1,636 — 122,170 Foreign Europe 2,782 - 71,438 Ireland............ 79 - 3,065 Foreign Europe — 10,683 Account of East-India Coffee imported Ireland......... 1,155 - during the same period : viz. from the - East-Indies and China.-cwt. 36,734. Total......3,583,874 208,598

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Gulph of St. Lawrence, in room of C. D. Smith, Esq. resigned. Army Brevet. Capt. C. O. Aveline, Hon. East-India Company's Service, and Adjut. to Cadets at Royal Military Seminary at Adiscombe, to have local rank of Capt. while so ememployed, vice Lester, who resigns. Lieut. T. Rithedon, of ditto, and Assist. Adjut. of that Institution, to have local rank of Lieut. whilst so employed. MISCELLANEOUS. A great variety of interesting matter is before us which would claim attention in this department of our number if we had space to devote to it. The most important is the treaty between Great Britain and the Netherlands, which has already appeared in the public prints. This treaty makes certain commercial arrangements for the trade in the Eastern Seas, which we shall probably advert to on a future opportunity. The principal of the other provisions are as follow:—Both parties engage not to molest the native trade. Both parties engage to do their utmost to suppress piracy. Both parties engage that their agents abroad shall not so establish new factories on any of the Eastern Islands without the previous permission of their respective governments in Europe; under this engagement, however, the Malacca Islands are not included, excepting so far as to admit Great Britain to the same privileges as may be granted, at any future time, by the Netherlands Government, to other foreign nations. All the Dutch settlements on the continent of India are ceded to Great Britain, as well as the town and fortress of Malacca. Fort Marlborough, and all the British Possessions in Sumatra (of course including Natal), are ceded to the King of the Netherlands. The latter renounces all claims upon Singapore, and Great Britain upon the island of Billston and its dependencies. The cessions are to take place on the 1st March 1825.

The only Parliamentary intelligence which falls within our provinte and demands notice, is the presentation of Mr. Buckingham's petition to the House of Commons; and the notice given by Mr. Huskisson, that the Mauritius is henceforth to be placed on a footing with other British colonies, as to the duties paid on the importation of sugar into Great Britain.

A supplement of the Minister of Finance to the Tariff, respecting the tea trade at Kiakta, which has been in force ever since February 1812, orders, that there shall be henceforward, four sorts of green tea of the first quality, viz.: Vanskung, Holuntung, Tschamkow, and Peking, or pearl tea. On each of these, as well as on tea in chests, a duty of one rouble 85 copecs per lb. is to be paid : and for all inferior sorts, 31 roubles per pood (36 lbs.). This supplement repeats the strict prohibition of all money transactions in the Chinese trade, and in the barter with China no credit is either to be given or taken.

The Oriental Club expect to open their house, No. 16, Lower Grosvenor Street, early in June. The Members, in the mean time, are requested to send their names and addresses to the Secretary as above, and to pay their admission fee and first year's subscription to the bankers, Messrs. Martin, Call and Co., Bond Street. The following gentlemen constitute the Committee.— His Grace the Duke of Wellington, K.G., &c. &c. &c. Honorary President. The Right Hon. Lord William C. Bentinck, G.C.B., &c.; the Right Hon. Charles Williams Wynn; General Sir Alured Clarke, G. C. B. ; General Sir G. Nugent, Bart., G.C.B.; Lieut. General Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart., G.C.B.; Lieut. General Sir Miles Nightingall, K.C.B.; Vice Admiral Sir Richard King, Bart., K.C.B.; Vice Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, K.C.B.; Major General Sir John Malcolm, G.C.B., K.L.S., &c.; Major General Sir Patrick Rose ; Sir George Staunton, Bart., M.P.; Sir Chas. Forbes, Bart., M.P.; Sir Robert Far. quhar, Bart.; Sir Christopher Cole, K.C.B., M.P.; Major General Malcolm Grant; Major General Haldane, C.B.; Rear Admiral Lamber; Major General Rumley; Colonel Baron Tuyll; Colonel Alston; Colonel Baillie, M. P.; Alexander Boswell, Esq.; David Colvin, Esq.; Major Carnac; N. B. Edmonstone, Esq.; John Elphinstone, Esq.; Major Harding; James, Hallett, Esq.; D. Hemming, Esq.; Colonel Houstoun, C.B.; Colonel Hull; A. Macklew, Esq.; Colonel Nugent; C. E. Pigou, Esq; Colonel Ranken; Colonel Raban, C.B.; J. G. Remington, Esq.; Thomas SnodEsq.; Wm. Sotheby, Esq.; Wm. #. Trant, Esq.; Henry Saint George Tucker, Esq.; J. Ruddell Todd, Esq.; Colonel Weguelin. INDIA SHIPPING. Arrivals. April 25. Osprey, M'Gill, from Bengal 24th Dec.; at Greenock

29. Elizabeth, Swan, from Bengal 28th Nov.; at Gravesend. 30. Florentia, Wimble, from Bengal 24th Dec., and Admiral Cockburn, Briggs, from New South Wales, &c.; at Gravesend. May 1. Brailsford, Spring, from Bombay 26th Sept. ; at Gravesend. 3. Thalia, Munro, from Batavia 7th Dec.; at Portsmouth. 5. Alfred, Dolge, from Singapore 17th Nov., and Batavia 13th Dec.; at Graves. end. 6. Bridgewater, Mitchell, from China 3d Jan., and Scaleby Castle, Newell, from ditto 2d Jan. ; at Gravesend. 7. Repulse, Paterson, from China 18th Dec.; at Gravesend. 9. William Penn, Brown, from New South Wales and Mauritius; off Ply. mouth. 13. Lowther Castle, Baker, from China 6th Jan., at Gravesend. 20. Royal Charlotte, Graham, Bombay 5th Nov., at Gravesend. 24. Atlas, Mayne, from China 5th Jan., at Gravesend. Windsor, Haviside, from China 19th Jan. ; at Deal. 26. Hythe, Wilson, from China; off the Start.


Departures. April 30. Thames, Haviside, and Orwell, Farrer, for China; from Deal. May 9. David Scott, Thornhill, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 10. Resource, Fenn, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 12. Lord Amherst, Lucas, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 15. Fairlie, Aldham, for Madras and Bengal; from Deal. 18. H. M. Ships Hecla, Parry, and Fury, Hoppner, on a Voyage of Discovery to the North Pole; from the Nore. 20. Ermouth, Owen, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 23. Lady Raffles, Coxwell, for Madras and Bengal; from Portsmouth. – Marchioness of Ely, Mangles, Rose, Marquis, and Pyramus, Brodie, for Madras and Bengal; and Cornwall, Bunyon, for Madeira, Madras, and Bengal; from Gravesend. 24. Asia, Balderston, for Madras and Bengal; and Simpson, Simpson, for Bombay; from Deal. 25. Triumph, Green, for Bombay; from Portsmouth.

Passengers from India, &c.

Per Florentia, from Bengal: Mrs. Major Wood; Mrs. B. Roberts; Mrs. Capt. Oliver; Mrs. Capt. Fraser; Major W. Wood, H. C.’s service; B. Roberts, Esq. firm of Macintosh and Co.; Capt. A. Oliver, H. C.'s service; Capt. J. Fenton, H. M.'s service; Capt. D. G. Scott, H.

C.'s service; Capt. G. Jenkins, H. C.'s service; Lieut. D. Jones, H. M.'s service; two Misses Roberts; three Misses Wood ; Miss Fraser; two Masters Roberts; Mas. ters Wood, Barlow, G. Ross, C. Nicholson, C. J. Fox, A. Shaw ; four servants; and 48 invalids. Per Elizabeth, from Bengal; Miss Wilkinson; Capt. J. Smith; Miss M. H. Holbrow; Master W. Holbrow; Miss C. Trueman; Mr. J. Denhain, from the Cape; Mrs. Denham, ditto; W. Dorin, Esq.; Robert Morrison, Esq.; (Lieut. Colonel Cummins; Dr. Thomas Smith; Capt. W. H. Wilkinson; Mrs. Wilkin. son; Capt. Edward Day ; and nine servants, were landed at the Cape). Per Admiral Cockburn, from N. S. Wales: Capt. O'Reilly, Madras Inf.; Mr. Ware; Miss Harris; Mr. and Mrs. Salvah and child; Mr. and Mrs. Lafond ; Miss Munro; Mr. Jamelin; Mr. Jeoffry; Master Jacquelin; Master Mestuer; and two servants. Per Brailsford, from Bombay : Mrs. Frome; Capt.Collis; and Lieut. Sanders, Native Infantry. Per Scaleby Castle: Mr. Thos. B. Brooke; from St. Helena; Mr. Domingos Joze Gornez. Per Alfred, Dolge: two Masters Brown, from Penang, Per Repulse, from China and St. Hele. na: Sir W.W. Doveton, from St. Helena; Thomas Greentree, Esq.; Mrs. Eliza Greentree; four Misses Greentree; Master Thomas Greentree; Lieut. J. B. Spiller; Master George Jenkins, Master Stephen Cole; two invalids; and one native servant. Per Royal Charlotte, from Bombay : Mrs. Graham; Mrs. Bathfield; Mrs. Kenny; Dr Kelly, H.M. 67th regt. ; Lieuts. Peache and Lana, H. M. 47th regt. ; Capt. Shea, H.M. 89th regt. ; and a detachment of invalids from Cannanore. Per Portsea, from Tellicherry (recently arrived); Mrs. Col. Clifford and five children; Mrs. Hewson and son. Per Lourther Castle, from China: Mr. J. D. Parkes of the Horticultural Society. Per Windsor, from China: Charles Magniac, Esq., from Canton. (Mr. E. Edwards, surgeon of the Windsor, was drowned soon after the ship left the Straits of Sunda.)

Passengers to India.

Per Marquis Huntly (recently sailed): Messrs Drury, Fulcher, and Brown, for Anjeer; Mr. and Mrs. Magniac, and Thos. C. Smith, Esq., for China. Per David Scott, for Madras and Bengal: Gapt. Guise; Capt. and Mrs. Huoband; Lieut. and Mrs. Bond; Lieut. Wilkinson; Mrs. Cook. Per Resource, for Madras and Bengal : Dr. and Mrs. Smith; Ens. Lambert.

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