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Feniton, 47

and the Rector of

London, Consecration of, 588
Blumhart, Dr., Death of, 100
Bohemia, Persecution in, 100
Brahmins, Gifts to, 617

British Magazine, the, on Ordination, 37
Burmah, King of, Defender of the Faith,

Campbell, Answer to, on Christian
Immersion, 609
Campbellism, 408, 607

Canadian Religious Establishments, Lord
Durham's Report on, 208
Canonisation of Saints, 349
Catholic Institute of Great Britain, 89
Catholic Magazine, 89

Celibacy, the Oxford Tracts on, 249
Chastel, M., Appointment of at Geneva,


Cherokee Indians, Conduct of the Ame-
rican Government towards, 206
China, Remonstrance with Emperor of,


Chinese Converts, Persecution of, 95
Christian Church, Requisites for a, 172
Fellowship, 157

"Christian Witness," Quotations from,

History of, 102, 213, 317, 421,

Magazine, the, 257

of God, the, 1, 469

Scripture Estimate of

Service in the, 469

Rates, 364, 466

Use of the Word in the New

Testament, 159

Churches, American, 289

Two Thousand New, 560

Civilisation, European, Guizot on, 78
Clemens, Epistle of, 325
Clergy, 418, 604, 612, 613


Controversy of the, at Beverley,

Presents to the, 364
Superstitions of the, 518

Clergyman, Letter from, 612

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Neologian, Portrait of a, 613
Clerical Advertisements, 418
Clerkenwell Election of Minister, 604
Colleges, Dissenters', 456
Commentaries, Effects on the Minds of
Christians, 178

Concors Discordia.-The Episcopalians
and the Presbyterians, 81

Confirmation, its Evils in the Church of
England, 486

its Origin, 485
Congregational System, Portrait of, 551
- Union, 263

Constitution, Remarks on Church, 49
Conversion of England, Weekly Prayer-
meetings on the Continent for the, 90
Council of Orange, Second, 296
Cradock, Walter, Extracts from, 461
Craik, Mr., and the Bristol Young Men's
Society, 96

Dead, Prayers for the, 133, 520
Deists, the Liturgy of the, 196
Demons, Justin Martyr on, 426
Dependance of the Dissenting Clergy,


Dionysius "On the Promises," 539
Dissenters, 203, 456 550, 564

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Gladstone, Mr, and the "Christian Ob-
server," 414

Hall, Percy F., quoted on Magistracy,


Hall, Robert, of Arnsby, 299

Hermann, the Jew, Baptism of, 451
Hermas, Author of "The Shepherd," 339
Hicks, Elias, his Testimony against
Slavery, 308

History of the Church of God, Chap. I.,
101, Chap. II., 213, Chap. III., 317,
Chap. IV., 421, Chap. V., 525
Holy Ghost, Gifts of the, 610

Spirit, Dr. Isaac Barrow on the
Divinity of, 443

Hook, Dr., Vicar of Leeds, the Distresses
of, 40

Huntington, William, his Views of the
Millennium, 466

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Missionary Conference, 619

[blocks in formation]

Philippe, Louis, and the Queen of Tahiti,

Phoenix, the story of, 328

Pilgrim Tax in Hindostan, Abolition of
the, 264

Pitt's Death-bed, 524

Plymouth Brethren and the Eclectic
Review, 343

Reply to an Article
in the "Eclectic Review" on the, 492
Poetry, 48, 100, 156, 212, 315, 468, 524,
572, 620

Political Agitators, language of, 154
Pope, occupations of the, 100

letter of the Grand Dalai Lama of
Tibet to the, 194

Popery, 210, 373, 420, 466, 592, 603
Power, True, 479

Powerscourt, Lord, his letter to the
Clergy of Bath, 310
Prayers for the dead, 133
Prelacy, the pomp of, 582

Missions, character of Roman Catholic, Priesthood, 578

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Chrysostom on the, 2

Promises to a Jew dependent upon obedi-
ence, and promises to a Christian con-
nected with discipleship, compared,



Propagation of the Faith," annals of,

Prophecies, an Elucidation of the, by J.
Tyso, reviewed, 523

Protestants, practical Romanism of, 376
Prussia, emigration from, 100

Piety of the great, in, 93

Puseyism, 97, 133, 137, 142, 200, 244,
307, 518, 578

[blocks in formation]

of Chinese Converts, 95

in China, present state of, 95

Perpetua and Felicitas, 440

Persecution in Bohemia, 100

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on Human Restrictions to Chris-

tian, 573
Sharp, Archbishop, Life of, reviewed, 154
Shillitoe, Thomas, Journal of his Life

and Labours and Travels in the Ser-
vice of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
reviewed, 360

Simeon, Rev, C., inscription on his monu-
ment, 315

Sins, Remission of, 609

Slavery, 464

Smith, Dr. Pye, and the “Christian Ob-
server," 180

Remarks on his Transla-
tion of 2 Tim. iii. 16, 374
"Société de la Morale Chrétienne," Gen-
eral Meeting of the, 523
Sonship of Christ, 299

South Sea Islands, proceedings of Mis-
sionaries in the, 186

Spencer, the Hon. and Rev. George, his
Conversion to the Roman Catholic
Faith, 252

Strauss, appointment of to Professorship
at Zurich, 154

Strong, Rev. Leonard, Secession of, 282
Subscription, forms of, 516

Superstitions of the Early Christians, 429

Tahiti, Queen of, and Louis Philippe, 293
Temperance Meeting, 312

Page 14, for Arthusa, read Anthusa

16, for Euterpius, read Eutropius

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19, for Cacusus, read Cucusus

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43, for gloriæ, read gloria

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120, line 32, for eradicate, read vindicate

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,, 357, first column, for gradually in the faculty' read graduates in the faculty'

,, 361, first column, for earnestness and expostulation' read' earnestness of expostulation'
,, 427, line 41, for Tatian, read Justin Martyr

,, 442, in the note, for edidesse, read edidisse

,, 448, line 31, for betrays, read betray

454 36, for expostulate, read expostulation

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464 8, for feet, read foot

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6, for they; and we make faith as, read they and we make faith, as

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