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Página 15 - Geoffrey left two daughters and coheiresses, married to Robert de Venuz and Gilbert le Marshal, which latter seems to have acquired the office indicated by his name, not however without a dispute from his co-inheritor, whose lands being held by virtue of serving the office, would entitle their holder to fill it.
Página 5 - This family gave its name to two mills, one at Breteuil, the other at Carentonne near Bernai, an estate which it had held for a long period.
Página 16 - By the Pipe Roll of 31 Henry I, it appears that John, son of Gilbert the Marshall, paid a sum of money to have the office of his father, then recently deceased.
Página 16 - Marshall, or De Bee, of the family of Crispin, who bore lozengy ; and, as Gilbert took his father-in-law's arms and office, he probably married the elder coheiress.
Página 1 - ... bearing local names, and names derived from occupations, cannot be traced nearly so high, while not half the titled families of the kingdom can carry their pedigree back to the Crusades. Most of the Ellises of England are descended from a Norman ancestor, who came over with William the Conqueror, and he, in common with most of the Ellises, or synonymous families of France, were descended from the early kings of that country, and as such bore the royal fleurs-de-lis, the name being originally...
Página 19 - Motuutieon, which, in this case, is the correct date, 1134), gave to the monks of St. Peter, at Gloucester, the church of St.
Página 13 - Helles, had a charter of free-warren (exclusive right of killing game) granted to him and his heirs, for his lands here and at Dartford, in the 17th year of King Edward I. One of his descendants, Richard Hills, for so the name was then spelt, about the beginning of King Henry VII's reign, was possessed of this manor of St. Margaret Hilles. He left one sole daughter and heir, Anne, who carried it in marriage to Henry Melhard, and he left issue two daughters and co-heirs, Alice and Joane, who divided...

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