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city forty miles northeast of Ava, three of our best inquirers. They called, and made the following state- were attentive in every stage of the ment:-About two or three months discourse ; and, at the close, asked ago, one of their neighbors was in many questions, which indicates a Ava; and, hearing that there was a desire to know clearly the way of foreigner who taught a new religion, life. I am more than ever convinced and gave sacred books to the peo- that the simple exhibition of the ple, he called and obtained a book, Gospel of Christ, however foolish which, on returning home, was read and inefficient in the eyes of the by all the neighbors. The husbands world, is the sure way to the heart of these females were so interested of man, and the all-powerful weapon in what they read, that they had which awakens those who are dead sent their wives in search for more in trespasses and sins. books. I read passages from the

“ Pity the nations, 0 our God; View, and explained on the charac Constrain the earth to come! ter of that God who made all things, Send thy victorious truth abroad, and on the nature of that atonement And bring the stranger home.” which saves the soul from hell, and

My word shall not return unto me secures the blessings of endless life. void,” is a cheering promise in this

Nothing could exceed the interest land of trial. which they appeared to take in these truths, all new and wonderful to their

The Monthly Concert. dark minds. I should be glad to 3. Held our Monthly Concert for visit neighboring towns, and preach prayer, this morning before sunChrist and him crucified to the peo- rise. Bro. Cutter prayed in English, ple ; but this timid, jealous Govern- and four prayed in Burman. I be. ment would be alarmed at once, and lieve we all enjoyed the season,

but infer that some plot was being laid we do not feel as we ought. We to overthrow the government of the are too much looking for a distant empire. If there is no absolute in- day, for the fulfilment of the great terdict laid, I shall rejoice; for, in a and precious promises relative to the quiet way, much may be done to glory of Christ's kingdom. We are wards undermining the foundations on heathen ground: we are in a of idolatry. Public opinion is evi- great city madly devoted to idolatry, dently setting in against idol worship and therefore ought to feel more for Its fólly, its downright stupidity is our neighbors, the heathen, than so much felt, that intelligent Bur-Christians do at home.

We see mans, who have read our books, will enough to soften the hardest heart. not undertake its defence. Illustra- While I write, from my window, I tive of this fact, I will mention a see a long train of well-dressed peocircumstance which occurred a few ple repairing to a temple, a few steps days ago. The chief Secretary of east of our house. All have somethe Mekera prince hearing me remark thing for an offering. Some have on the blindness and folly of man- cakes, others fruit, others boiled kind, in making idols and worship- rice, others fowers, and some have ping them, while the God who made only a pitcher of water, a brush, or all things, was forgotten, quickly re- fan, or a little gilt paper. Within plied, that he did not worship idols, the recesses of this temple, is one and that such worship was only fit huge, and many small idols. Here for stupid people. Such remarks they pour out their offerings, prosare often made by persons among trate themselves in the most humble the higher class of society.

manner, and utter long and unintelEncouragements.

ligible prayers. Once, such an exMarch 2. Twenty-one Burmans hibition shocked me: while looking, at worship this morning, besides I could hardly believe my own several children. Among them were senses; but now, I often feel more

indignation than pity. This is

Enlargement. wrong. I desire to feel more com For some time past, we have been passion for these poor deluded be- enlarging the field of our labors; or ings.

I think I understand the rather, we have been endeavoring to meaning of that cominand, Preach preach the Gospel more extensively. the truth in love.” How necessary, Some days, we have had 800 or 900 how reasonable, and yet how hard! hearers in two different zayats.

23. Several persons in the veranVerandah Visiters.

dah, to-day, inquiring for books. I

gave them the View and Sciences. 10. Among several visiters who They said, “We want the Balance called to-day, I was pleased with the

and Investigator.” I replied, “ You appearance of one man, about forty

cannot have the Investigator, beyears old. I may never have occasion to mention him again, yet I

cause the Woongees are afraid of

that book." hope this is not the case. It seldom occurs that I meet with any thing ion is setting in against idolatry. It

It is clear to me that public opinnew: all opposers have one common is the Lord's doings, and it is martrack, which they pursue ; and those vellous in our eyes. Our assembly who come professedly to listen, ap- at worship, to-day, was as large as pear so inuch alike, that, to describe

usual. one, would be, in most cases, to de

Courage of Ko Gwa. scribe all.

April 6. Preached to an atten16. Had an assembly of 29 in the tive congregation, from these words, morning, and 27 in the evening. " Light has come into the world; Three of our good inquirers were but men have loved darkness rather present. One of them is a Secreta- than light, because their deeds are ry, and has a title from the king; evil; neither will they come to the and the other is a man of considera- light, lest their deeds should be reble standing also. In the reign of proved." Ko Gwa and his wife, the old king, he held an office in the two of our inquirers, were present. palace. His wife, a female of pol. He made an explicit declaration of ished manners, appears to be drink, his faith in Christ, and asked for ing in the truth. These three, I baptism. In the course of examinatrust, are near the kingdom of God. tion, he was asked, “Are you ready I read the 8th chapter of Acts, and to suffer for the name of Christ ? " exploined on all the verses, from the He replied, “I know there is danger, 26th to the end. The words of the but I must be on the side of the Ethiopian,-" I believe that Jesus eternal God.” He further said, “For Christ is the Son of God"--made an

a long time, I have been anxious to impression on their minds, just as be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I we might expect. They said that know he saves from sin, and brings inan received great light, because he those who believe to heaven.” believed on the word of God.'

For some time past, we have felt 17. Have just taken into consid- that this man and his wife were trueration the propriety of locating our. ly born of the Spirit of God; thereselves on the bank of the river. The fore it was with thanksgiving to God, ill health of Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, that we extended to this man the and the approaching hot season, ad. hand of Christian fellowship. Ko monishes us to get out of the dust Gwa reads the Scriptures incessantof the city, if possible. From past ly; and, for some time past, he has experience, I should think a situa daily instructed his household (15 or tion just without the walls of the 16 in nuinber) in the principles of city, equally good for the dissemina- the Christian religion, as far as his tion of the Gospel, and far prefera- knowledge extends. Ko Shoon inble, if we take into consideration the fornisme, that the whole number subject of health.

are nominal Christians,

Fresh Triumph of the Cro88. bro. Judson to send him back, as 13. Lord's-day morning had an soon as he has visited his family and assembly of 331, to whom I preached friends. froin these words.—“God sent not his Son into the world, to condemn

Visit to the King's Brothers. the world, but that the world through May 1, Called, this afternoon, on him might be saved." The atten- Prince S., the king's own brother. tion of my hearers was such as would As is usual for him, he received us have done honor to an American kindly. Mr. Cutter having never congregation. At the close, Moung seen him before, he inquired who he Shway Nee came forward, and made was. I told him he was a religious the following declaration. About six printer. “ Did he come from Ameror seven months ago, Ko Shoon was ica, too ?” “ Yes.” To which he preaching in his part of the city, gave a significant smile, and said, about God and the kingdom of heav-* You say you are not English: what en. He listened with amazement to is the difference between Americans the new things which he heard, and and English? Your religion and invited him to his house, to inquire language are the same.”

" True ; more particularly about this religion. but your Highness will understand He immediately began to read; and, that the Governments are distinct. after five or six weeks, made me a For instance, the Burmans ard Arvisit. For two months past, he has racanese have the same religion, fully believed that the eternal God language, dress, and customs, yet is God, and that Jesus Christ is the they are different Governments.” He Son of God, sent to open the way of turned off this subject, at once, and life to mankind. He further added, began to ask questions on Geogra" I wish to be baptized, that I may be phy, and Astronomy; but he objecta disciple of Jesus Christ ; for he has ed to every statement, on the ground, taught me to discern between car that it was in opposition to their nal and spiritual things."

sacred books. After spending an The Gospel of Christ triumphs. hour, we took leave, and called on Here is a man of learning, of first- Prince M., confessedly the most rale talents, one who has always learned and accomplished man in moved among the higher classes of the empire. He is eager in the acquisociety. He sat down to the read-sition of knowledge—always asking ing of the Scriptures; and, after an numberless questions on scientific imparti..) investigation of six months, subjects, and generally manifests a he renounced the religion of his good deal of interest on the subject country, and embraced the Gospel of religion. This evening, he exof our Lord Jesus Christ. He says pressed his thankfulness for two or his mind was dark till he read that three scientific books which I gave passage—“The Word was made him some months ago. He said he flesh, and dwelt among us; and we had read them with great interest, behold his glory,—the glory as of the because he found them more plain only begotten of the Father, full of and intelligible than any thing of grace and truth." The mediation of the kind he had ever seen before. Christ, and the expiatory sacrifice He was delighted with the list of he made on the cross, filled his mind precious stones, ores, minerals, &c., with new and sublime conceptions and their various properties, uses, of the divine character. Our prayer and relative value, also with the speis, that God would make himn a pol- cific gravity of each other. After a ished shaft, in working the redemp- little conversation of this kind, he intion of this empire.

quired about the doctrine of the Major Burney and lady have taken trinity, and said it was a subject he their final leave of Ava. Ko Shoon, could not comprehend. I told him my valuable assistant, has gone down every attribute of the Deity was into Maulmein. I have written to comprehensible, yet we dare not say

that boundless power was an absurd- obliging, and more than usually atity, because we could not compre- tentive to our accommodation. In hend the infinity of space, and the all of our conversation, no allusion boundless diversity of operations was made to our late controversy in over which this attribute of the eter- the Palace.* We then called on the nal God is employed. In the Holy City Governor, the Governor of the Scriptures, we are taught that the North Palace, and a few others. Father is God, the Son is God, the The conversation was mostly on reHoly Spirit is God, and yet these ligious subjects, and, without an exthree are one eternal God. This ception, all treated us in the most subject exceeds the reason of man, friendly manner. like every thing else which pertains How long before another fit of to the perfection and majesty of Je- bigotry will come over this singular hovah. The Prince then inquired, Government, no one can venture to “Why do you immerse people in predict. We may be permitted to the water? “It is the command go on in our labors for months withof God, that those who, believing in out any molestation, or we may be Jesus Christ, forsaking their sins, arraigned within a week. The and walking according to the divine only proper course appears to be, to commandments, should be admitted take advantage of every sunny seato the privilege of disciples, by being son, and scatier abroad as widely as immersed in the water." “Do not possible the incorruptible seed, which, the Papists sprinkle ? and why do with the Divine blessing will yield they not immerse ? " “ The religion a rich harvest, in days to come. of the Pope and the religion of Jesus May 8th. During an excursion Christ are entirely different. The through the western part of the religion of the Pope is made up of city, I sat down in the veranda of a the traditions of men ;-that taught cabinet-maker's shop ; began conby Jesus Christ is all divine.. Your versation with him on religion, and highness knows that the Papists bow soon found myself surrounded by an down, and worship idols, the same interesting group of people. With as all nations who have not the word one or two exceptions, the whole of God." The Prince then said, "A assembly remained silent and attenman tells you he believes: how do tive, for more than an hour. I read you know he believes ?”

to them part of the Balance, and who believes in Jesus Christ, rejects when I had finished iny discourse, the traditions of men, receives the some of the more intelligent rehearsdoctrine, and obeys the precepts

ed and explained the subject for a of Christ.” Many other questions, long line to others. tending to the same end, (the de

May 11. The Lord's-day has velopment of the Christian religion,) brought together all the disciples. were asked by the Prince; and the From “I was in the Spirit on the auswers given were listened to with Lord’s-day,” I preached on the obmuch apparent attention.

In the servance of the Christian Sabbath. close, he expressed a wish to see An Anti-Mission Man. the press in operation; and, for that May 18. For some days past the purpose, proposed a large court in number of visiters, at the house, has one part of his palace, where the been on the increase. Ko San-lone press and its appendages could be often meets with promising inquirers placed; but, when informed of its in various parts oi'the city. For two size and weight, he relinquished the days past we have had a valiant opplan, and requested Mr. Cutler to poser-he is a learned man, and takes send him a handful of the type. the ground that all religions are the Other Calls.

* See an account of this in our last May 22. Called to-day on the number, pp. 153–155. It took place about Ma-wa-de loon Gee. He was very I a month before.

“ A man

same in substance, and therefore to the midst of extremities, we have not propagate religion in a country been forsaken. Seven precious souls where the people are religious, is have believed and are now following cruel in the extreme—it unsettles in the footsteps of Christ. Several them in their ancient faith, disturbs thousand tracts and portions of the the peace of kingdoms, of families, Word of God have been put into the and individuals.

hands of inquiring people; all classes, Execution of Robbers.

from the Royal family, down, have May 26. The execution of 9 rob- life and immortality to light.

seen and read the word which brings bers but a little distance from our

I feel that a branch of the mission house, drew together an immense is now established in Ava, though the crowd of people. These robbers sat heathen rage; though the people in a row on the ground, about 3 feet imagine a vain thing; yet the Lord apart, their hands were tied behind sitteth in the heavens, and he will them, and the jailors (or, as the scrip- do all his will. tures aptly describes them, the tormentors, ) 20 in number were walking MR. KINCAID TO DR. BOLLES. about with their glittering axes, apparently enjoying the occasion.

Ava, June 8, 1834. They were more than 3 hours in this My dear Sir, situation. Most of the prisoners My plan of proceeding is the same spent their time in talking, laughing, now as that which I adopted on my and making sport of death ; there first arrival in Ava; thai is, preach were however two or three excep- every Sabbath, and every evening, tions.

at candle-lighting ; during the day In most cases, one stroke of the converse with all who call at the axe severed the head from the body. I

house. Ko San-loon, and Ko Kai, It is a horrible sight to see so many i go about the city, and presch, someheadless bodies scattered over the times in private houses, sometimes ground, and so many heads with the in temples, and sometimes in zayats mouth stretched open, and stakes —occasionally we visit Umumeradriven through the head into the pora and Sagaing. We have just ground. These bodies and heads received nearly 8 thousand books, are to be exposed three days. and tracts, including a few copies of

May 29. One of our old inquirers the New Testament bound. This is spent much time in listening to the a timely supply, as all our best tracts way of life, and acknowledged that were out. he believed in Christ. We hope he

In the school department Mrs. has a little of that faith which works Kincaid takes charge of the scholars by love, and purifies the heart. one day, and Mrs. Cutter the next.

Some of them can read quite well, Review of the Ava Mission.

can repeat the catechism, Lord's June 1. Had an assembly of 31 in prayer, and commandments; others the morning, and preached from are just learning to read, and others these words, "He that believeth in are at the spelling-book. I am happy the Son of God, hath the witness in to say that three of the girls appear himself; and he that believeth not quite serious. God, hath made him a liar.”

The establishment of the press Just one year since we come un- in Ava, appears to be making a good der the walls of the Golden City, impression on the public mind-it How rapidly the time has passed ! brings us more prominently before another year less remains.

the Government and people, and On reviewing the occurrences serves to stamp with more importhe past year, we find abundant rea- tance the cause which we advocate, son to bless God. We have been I beg to be kindly remembered to led in paths that we knew not. In the members of the Board, and to

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