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ask an interest in their prayers, and all her loneliness and trials, amid the prayers of all who love our Lord all her toils amongst the sons of the Jesus.

wilderness—without a friend to asYour ever affectionate brother, sist her or even a white face to look and fellow laborer in the kingdom of upon, we had seen her uniformly Christ,

calm and patient, self-denying, and Eugenio KINCAID. heavenly-minded; a nd now at the

close of her sufferings, though she gave no word, or token to her earthly

friends, yet we knew when we saw Death of Miss Cummings.

her lips become motionless in death, MR. BROWN TO MESSRS. KIN- that in the regions above angels CAID AND CUTTER.

were welcoming her, as a sister spi

rit, to their holy company, and the Maulmein, Aug. 9, 1834.

Saviour himself was extending his Dear Brethren,

arms to receive her as his own dear I am very much indebted to you child. for your kind letters, which were She does not appear to have been received last Thursday. They in the habit of keeping a private found us mourning under an afflict-journal. Indeed she did not leave ing stroke, which will be severely behind her a scrap of her composifelt by you all. Sister Cummings tion on any subject, except a few has ended her labors. She died at memoranda set down in a table after our house last Sabbath morning, a the manner of a counting-house little before ten o'clock. She came almanack, which it seerns she predown from Chummerah the Tuesdiy pared and set down in her account previous, very sick with the jungle book every year. Appended to this fever. The next day she appeared table for 1834, is the following strikto be somewhat revived, butoning note : Thursday night, her fever returned, Jan. 2. Thus have I completed accompanied with violent delirium, an almanack for 1834. I have written which lasted about 24 hours. Sat- it with the impression, that some urday she was free from the fever, of the blank lines may be filled up but exceedingly weak; and inclined with the record of my own death. to sleep during the whole day. If any, which I cannot tell. Lord Some hopes were entert ined that Jesus, prepare me for thy coming! her fever would not again return, A vile sinner, I cleave to thy cross, but about day-break we were sud- and implore pardon through the denly called by the watchers, when merits of thy death. That I have it appeared evident that the powers hitherto lived no more to thee, is of nature had sunk under the disease, my pain, my grief. Thou hast by and that death was rapidly stealing thy good providence led me into this on. She lingered till near ten o'clock, wilderness, and here hast thou oftenwhen, without struggle, she times spoken comfortably to me. I quietly surrendered her spirit into bless and adore thee for thy great the hands of her Maker. Her dis- goodness. Who of all thy daughters ease was so violent for the last three is more highly favored! And now, or four days, that we had little oppor- Lord, come unto me, and make thine tunity to learn her feelings while in abode with me. Without thee, I the immediate prospect of death. am a lonely being indeed ; but with For the last few hours she was una- thee, no one less so. ble to speak. But we had a surer only hope, my only inheritance, my evidence that hers was a happy God, my all.” death, than words, however joyous She was down at Maulmein, the or triumphant, could have furnished, latter part of April, and had consid-the evidence of a godly lift. She erable' hesitation whether to return was truly a godly woman, and amid (or remain here tili after the rains,


Thou art my

as prudence would no doubt have baptized Karens north of Mauldictated. But the Karens were mein, (as noticed in my last) and dear to her heart, and she thought seven to the Burman church in she might, at least, go for a few this place. In the latter number, is weeks, and if attacked with the Mah Yay, wife of the Moung Shway fever, return soon enough to escape Moung who accempanied bro. Wade its violence. It appears that from in his late visit to America. the time of leaving this place, she I hoped that, after finishing the enjoyed unusual peace of mind. In translation of the Old Testament, a letter to Mrs. Brown. while on her I should have a little leisure ; but way up, she writes, “I feel myself the endless Jabor of revising it for a pilgrim, and am happy.” She the press, (about one quarter is now reached the scene of her labors, and printed,) the care of the Burman became so engaged in her work church in this place, which now that when the rains came on, she felt consists of eighty members, and the as though she must stay as long as various avocations incident to mispossible, and so lingered till she sionary work, keep me so closely found herself attacked with the engaged, that I have no time, even fever. She called her little flock to make such communications to the together and gave them her farewell, Board, as in duty bound to do. expressed her willingness to live or

Yours faithfully, die, just as God should appoint, and

A. JUDSON. hurried away from the pestilential Rev. Dr. Bolles. atmosphere. She arrived here in one day, and we had Dr. Richardson •The lateness of the arrival, and immediately called, and every means the scanty limits left for our Missionary was tried to break the fever; but it Register, oblige us to deser much interwas too late, and her precious life, esting intelligence to another month. like a jewel dropped into the ocean, is gone! I do hope this melancholy event may be a solemn warning to us all, to do everything in our power From the very valuable document for the preservation of our health. published in the Baptist Tract MagBut she is gone, and she is happy, azine, for January, brother Allen's and we will not mourn as being Annual list of Baptist Associations, comfortless; for we know that God we perceive that the nett increase is able to carry on all his gracious to our churches has been very large. designs, and will carry them on in There are 331 Associations ; 6,093 converting these Burnians and Ka-churches; 3,244 ordained ministers; rens to himself. I am glad to hear and 737 licentiates. Only 152 Asby your last letters that you are all sociations sent in their minutes to some better than you have been; but the General Agent, and their nete I fear that your health and constitu- gain amounted to 37,361 members. tions will not be able to bear up The same ratiu for the whole numunder the hot climate of Ava. Pray- ber (33:31) would give a nett increase ing that you may be directed in all of not less than sixty thousand for your steps by Him whose wisdom is the past year. perfect, and who knows how to direct all things, I am, my dear

ORDINATIONS AND INSTALLATIONS. brethren and sisters, Yours, &c.

Mr. BENAJAH Cook, Jr., ord. pastor NATHAN BROWN.

of the Baptist church, Willimantic, Conn.,

Fel). 4, 1835. MR. JUDSON TO DR. BOLLES. Mr. JOSEPH T. ROBERT, M. D., ord. Maulmein, June 30, 1834. pastor of the Baptist church, Robertville,

S. C., 4th Sabbath in Jan. 1835. Rev. and dear Sir,

Rev ROYAL C. SPAULDING, inst. During the last six months, nine pastor of the Baptist church, Corinth, Me., persons have been added to the March 5, 1835.


Account of Moneys, received in Donations, by the Treasurer of the General

Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States, for Foreign

Missions, from March 15 to April 15, 1835.
From Female friend in Claremont, N. H. a new year's gift to the Bar.
Mission, by Rev. L. Tracy.

Missionary Society at Church Hill, Abbeville Dist. S. C., 12,00
A brother, friend and helper of missions, at the same place, 5,00
by hand of Rev. A. M. Spaulding,

17,00 Renselearville Bap. Association, for the Bible in Burmah, 56,75 Proceeds of ordinary Jewelry, by Rev. E. Herrick,


57,37 Rev. Jacob Drake, of Delaware, Ohio, being the balance of $50 subscribed by him for the Burman Bible,

20,00 Mr. C. D. Everett, of St. Johos, N. B. for Burman Bible, by Rev. F. W. Miles,

10,00 Interest on a note of the Executor to the estate of Eleanor Blakely, late of Pawlet, Vt. for Bur. Miss. by Rev. H. Proctor,

6,00 Ladies in First Bap. Society in Albany,

65,00 Ladies in Pearl Street Bap. Society in Albany,-by Mrs. Eliz- 35,00 abeth Loomis, per E. C. M'Intosh, for sup. of Moung En,

100,00 American Tract Society, in two payments, for Burmal $2000, Siam $500, North American Indians $150,

2650,00 The Bequest of Elihu Osgood, Esq. late of Wendell, Mass. for Bur. Mission, from his son, by A. Sawyer, Esq.

25,00 Miss Betsey Capen of Stoughton, for Bur. Miss.

4,00 East Stoughton Fem. Tract Society, for Burman Tracts, 7,00 by hand of Rev. J. Smith,

11,00 Collections :it Monthly Concert in Bap. Church, Fall River, Mass. 17,22 Same in First Bap. Church, Providence, R. I.

75,51 by N. Waterman, Jr. Esq. Treasurer, R. I. Bap. Conven. 92,73 Mr. A. Spear, Treas. Ontario Miss. Society, N. Y.

80,00 Mark Peirson, Esq. Lower Alton, Ill. for Burman Mission, by D. R. Griggs, Esq.

10,00 A few friends in the Baptist Church in Canton, Mass. being the

third annual payment for educating a Burman child named
Lucinda Gill, by hand of F. Crine, Esq.

25,00 First Bap. Church and Society Providence, appropriated for the

purchase of a printing press for the Mission at Siam, by Rev.
R. E. Pattison,

New Market Street Burman Mission Society, Philadelphia, be-
ing the avails of Lectures on Anatomy, by Dr. Jewell,

40,00 Given by the following persons for the Bur. Miss., viz:- Martha

Ann Judson Roach, ,25; Harriet Atwood Roach, ,12; Sarah
Eliza Boardman Roach, ,25; James S. Jones, $5; Robert
Scott and wise, ,75; Greene Mosely, $1,75; Mrs. Overly,
$2; Diana Hubbard, $2; A colored woman, ,50; Daniel
Sanford, $19; Collection after preaching at Red House, Va.

The following for the Burman Bible, viz:-

John Gouch, $25,00; John Mercer, $1; Thomas Whaley,
$2; Henry Long, l; Richard Dowd, ,35; Albert Waller,
$2,50; P. W. Dowd, $3; Elias Beal, $5; Mrs. Williains,
$2,50; Collections, $10,57,

For Fund for support of Cor. Secretary,

6,42 all by Rev. Luther Kice, Treas. & Agent of Beneficent Soc. 100,00 Chapin Thayer, Esq. Hadley, Mass.

8,00 Rel. Soc. of Brown Univer. Providence, R.I. by Mr. B. Corbett, 13,00 Dea. Thomas Merrill, Treas. Oxford Co. Me. Miss. Soc.

38,00 Jaices Fosdick, Esq. Treasurer, Middlesex and Norfolk Miss.

Society, Auxiliary &c. for support of a Native Bur. Teacher,
$150; for suppori of a Burman Child named Maria T. Jack.
son, $25; for foreign Missions, $500,

Dea. Charles Swasey, Treasurer of York County B. F. Miss.
Society. Me. per Dr. Austin,

175,00 HEMAN LINCOLN, Treas.



Vol. 15.

June, 1835.

No. 6.


Richmond, Va., April 29th, 1835. At 10 o'clock, A. M. the Convention met, according to appointment, at the meeting house of the First Baptist Church. The former officers took their seats.

After singing a hymn, brother Mercer opened with prayer.

Credentials from Auxiliary Societies were presented and read, and the names of Delegates enrolled.

Resolved, that the Convention proceed to the choice of officers.

Brethren Taylor and J. C. Crane were appointed by the chair to collect and count the votes.

Rev. S. H. Cone was elected President.

Howard Malcom, Secretary.

G. F. Davis, Assistant Secretary.
Resolved, That brethren Lincoln, Brown, Webb, Ball and Beebee be a
Committee to examine the credentials of all the Delegates, and report.
[This Committee subsequently reported the following list of Delegates.)

Cumberland Co. For. Miss. Society, J. S. Maginnis, Portland.
York Co. Mission Society,

Adam Willson,
Kennebec Mission Society,

S. F. Smith, Waterville. Waterville Baptist Church,

VERMONT. Vermont State Convention,

E. Hutchinson, Windsor,

*J. Merriam, Assumpsit Village. His own Subscription,

Daniel Packer, Mt. Holley.

NEW HAMPSHIRE. State Convention,

Dura D. Pratt, Nashua, N. H.

* Absent.

Boston Bap. F. M. Society, Daniel Sharp, Boston,

Howard Malcom, Boston,
Baron Stow, Boston,
William Hague, Boston,
Heman Lincoln, Boston,
E. Thresher, Boston,
Lucius Bolles, Boston,
James D. Knowles, Newton,
John 0. Choules, New Bedford,

Matthew Bolles, Milford, N. H.
Old Colony Mission Society, Levi Pierce, Middleborough.
Worcester Bap. Association, J. G. Binney, Baltimore, Md.
Middlesex and Norfolk M. Society, J. Aldrich, East Cambridge,

William Leverett, Roxbury,
William Ruggles, College Hill, D. C.

*Bela Jacobs, Cambridgeport. Salem Bible Trans. and F. M. Soc., N. W. Williams, Newburyport,

John Parkhurst, Chelmsford,
John Wayland, Salem,
Jonathan Bacheller, Lynn,
*John Holroyd, Danvers,
*E. W. Freeman, Lowell,

*J. H. Duncan, Haverhill.

RHODE ISLAND. State Convention,

William Phillips, Providence.

Baptist Convention,

James IJ. Linsley, Stratford,
Gustavus F. Davis, Hartford,
*John Cookson, Middletown,
*George Phippen, Canton,
*William H. McCarthy, Colebrook,
*Robert Turnbull, Detroit, Mich. Ter.
*S. S. Mallery, Norwich,
*S. W. Baker, Lebanon,
*Nathan Wildman, Suffield,
*George Reed, Saybrook,

Edward Bolles, Hartford.

Oliver St. F. M. Soc., N: York city, Spencer H. Cone, New York,

William Colgate, New York,
Robert Ryland, Richmond, Virg.
Thomas Roberts, Middletown, N. J.
Zebedee King, New York,
William Crane, Baltimore, Md.
Charles L. Roberts, New York,

S. B. Smith, New York.
Oliver St. Bap. Fem. Miss. Society, Samuel Cornelius, Alexandria, D. C.

Stephen Chapin, College Hill, D. C. Amity St. F. M. Soc. N. York city, William R. Williams, New York. For. Miss. Soc. 1st Bap. ch.

*William Parkinson,

Daniel Dodge.
Mulberry Street Church,

A. Maclay, New York.
Miss. 8. of N. Beriah Ch., Duncan Dunbar, New York.

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