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The number baptized belonging ceived as candidates for baptismo. here, and many other particulars re- On Sunday, these six, and another specting this station, will probably female, who had been received bebe recorded, and forwarded you by fore, all full Cherokees, were solemnsome other person. The whole ly immersed in the name of the number who have attended school, Adorable Trinity, by bro. Bushyis twenty-four, nearly all of whom head. have learned to read. The sum ap- Notwithstanding a heavy rain, propriated to the board of these which fell on Saturday night, and scholars, is 180 sicca rupees. The continued the greater part of Sunday, punctuality and diligence of the the congregation was large and atchildren have been such as might tentive, and so strong, was the gensatisfy the most sanguine expecta- eral impression, at night, that when tions of their patrons.

an opportunity was given, to manifest At the throne of grace, remember their anxiety, the places were your servant, for Jesus' sake, crowded, and many weeping sinners


could not find room. It was a time Rev. L. BOLLES.

of deep mourning, on account of sin, and I sincerely hope it was the pre

lude to the exercise of living faith, Ændian stations.

in the atoning sacrifice of our Lord

Jesus Christ. We are still cheered by the tokens of The minds of the brethren apdivine favor, inanifested in this depart- peared to be strongly exercised, and ment of our Missions. The following is their affections drawn out towards the latest intelligence.

dying sinners. Many affectionate and ardent prayers were offered up,

which I trust will be returned, EVAN JONES TO DR. BOLLES. charged with efficient influences of

the Divine Spirit. Valley Towns, N. C. Sept. 30, 1834.

On Monday morning, we intended Rev. and dear Sir,

to meet for an hour at sunrise, and Yesterday morning, we concluded part. The exercises, however, were our meeting, which commenced on protracted till about 10 o'clock, when Thursday last. We have cause for we had a most affectionate parting, thankfulness, for the manifestations in the hope that the spirit of the of the Lord's faithfulness and love. mecting will be carried to many During the whole of the meetings, habitations, hitherto strangers to the there was solemn and continued at- life of grace. tention to the word preached, and, It is matter of substantial encouron several occasions, an affectionate agement to know that several (about and softening influence per:aded the ten,) who last year joined in our assembly.

meeting at this place, and wept and We were favored with the aid of rejoiced with us, have laid down bro. Bushyhead and bro. Foreman, their mortal part and entered eternity a native preacher,convected with the in the confident and peaceful hope of Presbyterian mission. Their labors a glorious immortality. were able and acceptable, and, I We earnestly solicit the continued trust, attended with the demonstra- prayers of our Christian friends, for tion of the Spirit. On each evening, more of the influences of the Spirit invitation was given, to those, who of grace, to sanctify our minds, and were concerned for their souls, to excite to more vigorous exertions, come forward for prayer.

A few for the diffusion of the glad tidings care, the first evening; more on of salvation to the inquiring CheroFriday; and on Saturday, two males kees. and four females, related the ex- I am, Rev. and dear Sir, yours, &c. ercises of their minds, and were re

Evan Jones.


Missionary Register.


REV. EVAN JONES TO HON. children of the forest, who have for-

saken the superstitions of their Valley Towns, Oct. 11, 1834. fathers, to becoine the followers of a Dear Brother,

dying Saviour. It was a solemn and

comfortable season, and I trust will I have the pleasure to add to a be a blessing to some precious souls. communication, dated a few days Since my last visit to this place, ago, that two more full Cherokees, the brethren have erected a good one male and one female, were ad- log cabin, for a place of worship. I mitted and baptized on a profession trust the work of God is extending of their faith in our blessed Re- and deepening its influence here. I deemer, at Dsiyohee, about thirty had many applications for the parts miles from this place. We had a two of Scripture which are printed in days' meeting there on Saturday and Cherokee. Sunday. The congregations were large and attentive, especially on

I am, "dear brother, yours most Sabbath day, when we surrounded affectionately, the Lord's table, with fifty or sixty

Evan Jones.

Operations of other Societies.


AMERICAN BOARD OF COMMISSION- not far from 80,000 persons. Connect

ed with the missions of the Board, are 7

printing establishments, including 13 The 25th Annual Meeting was held in presses. To the amount heretofore reUtica, on the 8th of September. The ported as having been printed at the Board have, under their care, 36 mis- presses, is now to be added 21,735,463 sions, and 65 stations; being nine more pages; making a total, from the comstations than were reported last year. mencement of their operations, of about Connected with these missions and sta- 38,000,000 pages in 16 different lantions, are 96 ordained missionaries; (7 of guages, 7 of which have been reduced whom are regularly educated physicians, to writing by missionaries of the Board. and others have prosecuted medical stu- The following short extracts are made dies to such an extent as to render them from the Annual Report of the Board:useful in that capacity;) 7 physicians, Domestic Operations.-Within the not ordained; 6 printers; 33 other male last year, the following associations bave assistants, teachers, catechists, farmers, been formed : The Foreign Missionary and mechanics, and 151 married and Society of the Western Reserve, and unmarried female assistants; making a the Foreign Missionary Society of the total of 293 missionaries and assistant Valley of the Mississippi, both auxiliary ; missionaries sent from this country, 48 the Central Board of Missions for the of whom entered the service during the States of Virginia and North Carolina, past year.

There are now 5 native and the Southern Board of Foreign Mispreachers, and 39 other native assist- sions for South Carolina and Georgia. ants. There are 40 churches connected The last two are not auxiliary, according with the missions of the Board, contain- to the common meaning of the term, but ing, at the last return, 2,360 converts. they are, by their constitution, "conAt the schools established through the nected with” the Board, and their deagency of persons sent forth by the Board, i clared object is, “ to promote in all suitand taught by them, or by persons, to a able ways," within their limits, "the greater or less extent, under their direc- foreign missionary spirit.” The Rev. tion, there are now about 40,000 schol- Harvey Coe is the Secretary of the ars; and there have been instructed, Western Reserve auxiliary ; the Rev. since the establishment of the schools, | Artemas Bullard, of the Society in the Valley of the Mississippi, and the Rev. / ries, 16 ordained persons, 2 physicians, William J. Armstrong of the Central 1 printer, and 29 other assistants ; total, Board. The Southern Board have yet | 48. no Secretary: The amount thus far con- Receipts and Expenditures. The tributed by the last named is $3,457 12 ; receipts of the past year have exceeded and the Central Board about $2,000. | those of the preceding year by $5,541, The Rev. John B. Adger has been em- 33, and have amounted to $155,002 24. ployed as a temporary agent. The con- The expenditures have been $159,779 tributions from the Board of Missions of 61. In addition to the disbursements the Reformed Dutch Church, during the just mentioned, the Board have received year, has been $3,485 34.

the following sums :Periodicals. During the year, many

From the American Bib. Soc. $18,000 thousands of the missionary quarterly

Bible Society of Philadelphia, 5,000 papers of the Board have been distributed, American Tract Soc. N. Y., 9,500 and the circulation of the Missionary


435 Herald has increased from about 13,000

The Soc. in Scotland, Prop. Ch. to about 15,000.

Knowledge &c.

231 New Missionaries. The committee

$33,166 have discharged from service, since the During the present year, larger grants last annual meeting, on account of failure for these purposes will probably be made. of health, and for other reasons, 5 or- The committee have already been nodained missionaries, 1 physician, 1 tified of the following appropriations : printer, and 8 other assistants ; 15 in all. From the American Bib., Soc., $15,000 They have appointed 24 ordained mis- Philadelphia Bible Society, sionaries, 2 physicians, 1 printer, and American Tract Society, 18,800 32 other assistants ; total, 59.—They American Sunday School Union,

500 bave sent forth, as additional missiona

Total, $34,800



Death of Dr. Carey. however, to revive him for a little We take the following particulars of while. During the past cold season, the death of this eminent inissionary, ori- he could again take an evening ride ental scholar, and still more eminent ser- / in his palanquin carriage, and spend vant of God, from a Calcutta paper of much of the day reclining in an eaJune 12, 1831, just received. We shall, sy chair, with a book in his hand, hereaster, give an account of his life, char

or conversing cheerfully with any acter, and distinguished services.

friend that called.' As, however, the We have to communicate intelli- hot weather advanced, he sunk daily gence, to-day, which will be receiv- into still greater debility than before. ed with general lamentation, not lle could take no nourishment: he only throughout India, but through-lay helpless and speechless on his out the world. Dr. Carey has fin- bed, until his skin was worn off his ished his pilgrimage on earth, hay- body, and death was a merciful reing gently expired, early last Monday lief. His dearest friends could not morning. For several years past, but rejoice that his sufferings were his health has been very infirm, and ended, although they mourn his loss his strength has gradually sink un- to themselves and to mankind. til the weary wheels of nature stood The career which Dr. Carey has still, from mere debility, and not run, is worthy of most honorable no. from disease. The peculiarly trying tice. He was a man who stood hot weather, and rainy season of prominently forward from the mass of 1833, reduced him to such extreme the several generations of men with weakness, that, in September last, whom he lived ; and, both for his prihe experienced a stroke of apoplexy; vate and his public character, deserand, for some time after, his death ves to be had in everlasting rememwas expected daily. It pleased God, I brance. He died June 9, 1834, age 73.


THE BAPTISTS IN TENNESSEE It gives us great pleasure to no Are numerous. In East Tennessee tice the extent to which the gracious their numbers are said to have douinfluences of the Divine Spirit are, bled since 1821, and to be now beat this time, enjoyed in building up tween 11 and 12,000. A majority of Zion. Among the Baptist churches members, and a very large majority, in New Hampshire, especially, we as it respects intelligence and weight notice the following churches which of character, are in favor of effort in are thus favored :- Brentwood, promoting the objects of the ConvenNorthwood, Deerfield, Pittsfield, tion, education, &c.

“ Effort BapLondonderry, Nashua, New Ipswich, lists” and “anti-effort Baptists” are Hebron, Lyme, Hillsborough, Hop- distinguished terms in familiar use kinton, Rumney, Newport, Goffs- in Tennessee. It falls out however, town, Gilford, Bradford, Sutton, Mil- that anti-effort Baptists, so called, ton's Mills, and Cornish. May the are some of them making strenuous vital purity of the churches ever keep efforts to put down the erations of pace with their visible prosperity. the effort Baptists. The churches

In Vermont, we notice, as sharing in East Tennessee ought to esteem in the work of grace, the churches themselves happy in enjoying the lain Windsor, Troy, Cavendish, Spring- bors of such ministers as Elder S. field, and Weathersfield.

Love, who preaches at Nashville. In Massachusetts, Lynn. In Middle Tennessee, are 11 or In Rhode Island, Newport. 12,000 members, and 5 or 6,000 in In Connecticut, Norwich. the Western District; making, at

In New York, Hudson, and the the present time, in the whole State, churches in the city, under the care nearly 30,000 members. Let them of brethren Williams and Miller. unite their hearts in love, their minds

Many interesting accounts of re- in counse), and their hands in action, vivals appear also in the South and and go forth in the strength of the West, in which great numbers have Lord, and they will form a strong been added to the Lord. One fact and glorious band. is remarkable. Of 298 persons baptized by R. H. Taliaferro, in Monroe Co.

, Tennessee, “ upwards of 50 were The Union Meeting of Baptists, formerly connected with other de- for Ilinois, was held at White Hall, nominations."

Green Co., on the 9th, 10th, 11th,

and 12th of October, and was conFIRST MONDAY IN 1835.

ducted with much union and har. For some years, the first Monday, mony. or the first day in each year, has J. M. Peck was chosen Moderator, been set apart, in some parts of the P. N. Haycraft, Clerk, and G. Bartcountry, to be observed as a day of let, assistant Clerk. Committees special prayer to God, for his blessing were appointed, and many intereston the churches, and on the Re- ing documents produced; all of which deemer's cause generally. And, in will be published in the Minutes. multitudes of instances, this ob- The state of religion, in general, servance has been followed by sig- amongst the Baptists in Illinois ; nal manifestations of the divine fa- Ministerial Education, and the Alton vor. The first Monday in the coming Seminary; Sunday schools and Biyear has been extensively designated ble classes ; Family Prayer; Foreign for a similar purpose. We hope its Missions ; Home Missions ; on the observance will be no less extensive, pastoral relation of ministers to and that the people of God will be churches; the temperance cause; found waiting on him for å blessing. I religious periodicals and tracts; Bis



ble efforts ; the General Convention | brother Crane, is now refitting, and of Western Baptists at Cincinnati; on the last Lord's day in December and the organization of the Baptist was to be opened, and a protracted Conventiou in Illinois, were all acted meeting held there by some of the upon.

Virginia brethren. Rev. Mr. Adams Delegates were present from sev- of Fredericksburgh, Va., it is undereral associations and churches. A stood, would commence his reguconstitution was adopted, and an ex-lar labors at that place, in conjuncecutive committee chosen. Dele- tion with brother William Crane, in gates were appointed to the Gener- order to build up a place which has al Convention, to be held in Cincin- long laid waste. nati, in November.

On the whole, it is gratifying to perceive a gradual gain and steady

In the last number of the London progress amongst the Baptists in Christian Observer, an Episcopal Illinois, who “ devise liberal things.” work, we observe a work advertised,


called an “ Examination of the Praca BALTIMORE.

tice of Infant Baptism, designed to We are pleased to learn that Rev. prove that it is inconsistent with the H. O. Wyer, formerly of Savannah, principles of the New Testament; has accepted the invitation of the respectfully proposed for the conSharpe street Baptist church, (lately sideration of all those who are deoccupied by Mr. Findlay,) to labor sirous of a Scriptural Reformation with thein in the Gospel ministry, of the church, and who are prepared and has already removed to the to follow truth, wherever it may lead. sphere of his labors.

By a member of the church of EngThe meeting-house, purchased by Iland.

ORDINATION OF MISSIONARIES AT CINCINNATI. At the late Anniversary of the “ West- destined fields of labor. “ They left ern Baptist Convention, which held its Cincinnati on the next morning, and sevsession in Cincinnati, Messrs. David B. eral of the friends accompanied them to Rollin and Samuel Aldrich were ordain- the steam boat. We were much atlected ed as evangelists, with particular refer- in giving the parting hand to these worence to their location among the Chero- thy brethren and sisters, who have left kee and Creek Indians, in the country all to follow the path of Christian duty. assigned to them west of the Mississippi. May their success among the natives be The services on this deeply solemn oc- equal to their devotion to the cause of casion, were as follows :--Introductory their Master !” The kind and Christian Prayer by Rev. J. M. Peck, of Illinois; attentions received by our friends, during Sermon by Rev. J. Wilson, of ken their stay in Cincinnati, will ever be lucky; Ordaining Prayer by Rev. J. cherished in grateful remembrance. Going, of New York; Imposition of We cannot but consider the late hands by Rev. J. B. Cook and A. Morse, meeting of the Western Baptist Conof Ohio, Rev. A. Baily, of Illinois, Rev. vention, as ominous of good. It was T. P. Green, of Missouri; Charge by very gratifying, to see so large a number Rev. A. Bennett of New York; Right of ministers, from different States, united hand of Fellowship by Rev. S. W. in this holy convocation, and consecraLynd, of Ohio; and ihe Concluding ting their energies in aid of the glorious Prayer by Rev. R. S. Gargle, of Ten- cause of truth. This unison of action of nessee. The various performances were the sacred brotherhood, of so many of appropriate and impressive. After these the “servants of the Most High God," services, the Treasurer of the Baptist must be attended with the happiest reGeneral Convention read the instructions sults. A spirit of prayer, with the inof the Board to the missionaries, and dulgence of the most friendly Christian concluded with some general remarks feelings, seemed to pervade the meetapplicable to the brethren, and also to ing. In this repast of fraternal affection, Mrs. Rollin, Miss Rice, and Miss Col- we had the pleasure to participate as burn, who have gone with them to their | SPECTATORS.—Comm.

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