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of sin, and desirous to be saved. He mysterious are the ways of Providence! is young, and exposed to many tempta- Our dear sister had not yet been pertions. May the Lord guide bim into all milted even to reach the field where truth.

she hoped to live and labor for the hea. 20. Regular church meeting. Two then, ere she was called home to glory. more of our inost active brethren about 6. A soldier called to-day, who was to leave us for Penang. We shall miss once a meinber of the English church them much in the Missionary Society, here, but was excluded for drunkenness. as well as in our social meetings. As He seems truly penitent, and has, for a the temperance effort has been hereto- long time, ceased to drink ardent spirits, fore confined to the church, I under- and desires to be restored to the church. stand it is proposed to have a tempe- He seemed to feel his sin, and his conrance ineeting on Wednesday evening, versation was good; if he feels as he and invite all to lend their aid to the expressed himself, (for God only can cause, who can be enlisted,

judge the heart,) I hope he has been 22. Put up 643 Burmese and Eng- forgiven. lish tracts for br. Steevens, to take to 7. One of the members of the 620 Penang, and prayed the Lord to make Regiment called to-day. He thinks he the little messengers useful. Drew up experienced religion about three weeks a pledge for the temperance meeting, ago. His account of what the Lord had and obtained thirteen signatures, and at done for him was clear and satisfactory, the meeting this evening read and talk- and he stated his desire to be baptized. ed on the subject of temperance-at

12. Another soldier called to-day, which meeting several stated they were who seems to be an inquirer after truth. once drunkards, but now temperate. There are four or five who are thoughtand they called upon all who were ful. O, for the descent of the Holy present, and who habitually took their Spirit in a copious shower, and that the drams, to leave them off, and they would soldiers here may become good soldiers feel better, and enjoy better health. of king Jesus. A small beginning is now made in the 14. Another temperance meeting, temperance cause, and we hope it will and very well attended. I read the prosper. Yea, verily, we believe it will report of the Committee in the House prosper,

of Commons; and made remarks, &c. 25. Another immortal soul has been hurried into the presence of Him, who

Native Baptisms-Death of Koon Doot. has said, “No drunkard shall inherit 24. Lord's-day. Heard Mr. Judson the kingdom of God.”. He had been preach in Burmese, and witnessed the warned to leave off his intemperate baptism of a native convert, who has habits, and when in the hospital a few come out in the midst of much opposiweeks before, the surgeon told him he tion; his wife, and daughter, &c., pres. must leave off drinking ardent spirits, ent, reviling him, and endeavoring to or it would kill him. He did leave off shake his confidence in God. At my for a time, but was obliged to go into Sabbath school this afternoon, this oc, the hospital again soon after, and one currence illustrated our lesson yery day towards evening, on returning to forcibly. Matt. x. 32—42. the hospital from his supper, he was June 1. Attended monthly concert taken delirious, and in a few hours was at the chapel, and afterward at the misa corpse. An examination of his body sion compound—both good seasons—the after death showed that he had killed children of God seem to be awaking. himself with strong drink. He had, the 5. A letter from our esteemed brother day on which he died, drank four drams. W. H. Pearce, of Calcutta, stating His brain was filled with ardent spirits, the call for a mission in Assam, seems and the internal structure of the system to be the absorbing subject just now. eaten and diseased from the use of The Lord seems to open a wide door strong drink. Thus drunkards destroy for missionary operations there, and themselves.

very probably, from thence to China, 27. A very full and interesting tem on the west, via Yunnan. perance meeting this evening. An ac 7. Another native baptized by Mr. count of the death above related, was Judson, the wife of Moung Shwa given by the quarter master serjeant Hmony, the Chinese assistant, formerof the regiment. Two resolutions were ly with brethren Boardman and Mason, passed on the subject of temperance. at Tavoy. Had a full and very inter

May 5. Heard to-day of the death esting Sabbath school. When the of sister Dean, at Singapore. How I children evince a desire to learn, the


labor of instruction is easy. It is my have been beastly drunkards, have daily prayer that the Lord would im- abandoned their cups, and we trust the press the minds of these youth with reform has been thorough. One man heavenly wisdom.

who has for years been habitually in8. A more interesting Sabbath temperate, often punished for crimes school concert this evening at the Eng- comınitted under the effects of ardent Jish chapel than usual, and the attend spirit, once receiving nine hundred ance better.

lashes, which he says he deserved, ap. 14. Saw Mr. Judson baptize two pears penitent, and is hoping, through more natives to-day. In the evening grace, to arrive at heaven. The monththe death and sufferings of our Lord ly concerts for prayer, both for the and Savior were commemorated at the spread of the gospel, and for Sabbath English chapel. It was an interesting schools, have been well attended, and

Two Armenian brethren were much interest has been taken in them. present, the fruit of the mission at Bag-| A Bible class of 12 or 15 have for some dad, one of whom was baptized by the months met at the house of one of the Rev. Mr. Groves.

brethren. More than 2570 English 18. Koon Doot, the second Karen tracts have been circulated in this place, convert baptized north of Maulmein, or sent to other places, where we trust was buried to-day. He died of the they will do good. I have also had the small-pox. Never shall I forget the pleasure to put in circulation nearly time when he was baptized, surrounded double that number of Burmese tracts by many of his countrymen, in full view and parts of Scripture. In view of what of two Karen villages, and at a time the Lord has done for us the past six when but few had heard of the death of months, we are led to rejoice and take Jesus, and of everlasting life through courage.

To God be all the glory. him. Having known him from that We insert here an extract from another time to his death, I feel a satisfaction communication of Mr. Bennett, exhibiting in the reflection, that his evidences of a the state of the change of heart, which he has given by

English School. his life, are good, and his happy spirit July 1. The school fourishes, and is now, I trust, before the throne. He promises as much usefulness as our had been employed, for the last three most sanguine expectations predicted years of his life, in the printing depart of it. I hope it may become, in some ment, where he was found faithful, and respects, as beneficial to this part of very useful.

the world, as the schools of the Ameri25. Another temperance meeting, can Board have been to Ceylon. better attended than any former one. It is now ten months since it was Many temperate drinkers have broken opened with 25 scholars-out of which off the habit, and more have it in con- ten months there has been nearly one templation.

month vacation. There have entered 26. A young man of the Regiment, the school in all, 115 scholars, of which an inquirer, called this morning. He number 103 are now in the school, gives good evidence that the Spirit has (though several of the Burmese attend made him free. He wishes to be bap- very irregularly, and some are sick.) tized, but is advised to wait a short time, 12 have left from various causes, mostwhen it is expected some others will bely from impatience of restraint, and a ready to join hin, and profess their love of their former idle habits, though love to Jesus by following him into the three of the number have entered upon liquid grave.

their apprenticeship-one, a Chinese Summary.

boy, in the printing office, and two PorEfforts which have been made to ad- tuguese, one to a ship builder, and the vance the cause of Christ the past six other to a ship captain. The number months, have not been in vain.. As re at present is as follows:- Burmese 47 gards the English department, which –Chinese boys 17-Portuguese 14has fallen to my lot, I have the pleasure East Indians 15-Armenians 2-Hipto say the congregation attending at doos 5– Malay 1--Shan 1-English 1 the chapel, has nearly doubled since --of which number 14 are girls under February last. Seriousness pervades Mrs. Bennett's care, and 35 are boarded, the assembly, and from 15 to 20 are We hope the blessing of Heaven hopeful inquirers-besides five or six has already descended on the school. who give us good evidence of being the A seriousness for some months past children of God. The temperance has rested upon many of the children. cause has prospered, and some who 1 One gives good evidence of a change

of heart, and has asked for baptism. Armenians— The Soldier's Inquiry, Another has asked for baptism, but does

July 3. The Armenian brethren call. not give so good evidence. We fre- edon me to-day as they expect to embark quently hear the children at prayers on for Rangoon on the morrow. They both sides of us, and reading the Bur- have had much conversation with their mese New Testament, and uscful books, countrymen here, and said very emespecially those of the American Ş. S. phetically of them, they know” (what Union. Two members of the school, their duty is,) " but do not do.”

This (Burmese,) are pious, and we have hope was said with reference to repentance of their future usefulness. One of and faith in the Lord Jesus, as the only these was in br. Boardman's school, and

way of salvation. five of our present pupils were formerly

8. As I arrived at the chapel this in the school at Tavoy. 0 for the descent of the Holy Spirit, what he should do to be saved ?" He

evening, a soldier wished to know and a waking up of the dormant ener

is a new case, has only been out to gies of these poor children to behold chapel twice, and says he has been a their own danger, and that of their great sinner. He seemed much pressfriends and countrymen, in bowing-toed down with the load of his sins, which stocks and stones, which cannot save I told him he could only be delivered them. One great cause of the success from at the foot of the cross. How enwhich has attended the Ceylon schools, couraging the truth, the blood of Jeis the length of time the children are

sus Christ cleanseth from all sin." He kept under a moral and religious influ- is an all-sufficient Savior, he will save ence. Our hopes here are the same in

to the utterinost all who come unto some measure, in connection with their God by him. studying the English language, whereby their minds are enlarged and enlight. Burman Superstitions Candidates for ened; and in which there are books suf

Baplism-Five baptized. ficient to satisfy the most ardent desires; 12. The brother of one of the nawhich is not the case in Burmese, where tive sisters, who is a heathen, is very ill, a paucity of suitable books is sorely felt. and to-day the Burmese doctor pre

There are now in the school more scribed the following, as sure to cure than 30 who can read in the New Tes- him. “He must build, or cause to be tament pretty well. About half of built a sand Pagoda, with thirty-six them understand tolerably what they pots, each containing a wax candle read, and the others read more mechan- around it, and then he will get well !” ically than otherwise, though all are some of his heathen friends have foldaily improving: 14 scholars are in lowed the prescription; and now if he Arithmetic, and have passed the simple gets well, the pious act of erecting the rules; a class of 8 get a Geography pagoda, will of course have the credit lesson one day, and a Grammar lesson of curing him—and if he should die, the next. Every Saturday the most the prescription will be forgotten. It forward write compositions in English, is not uncommon to see, at the present some of which are very creditable to sickly time, children and even some them, though they all have a tinge of grown persons with an old bone, the the Burmese idiom. The compositions vertebræ of some snake perhaps, or a for some time past have, many of them, little bag enclosing some specific, susbeen on religious subjects. Worship pended around the neck or arm, as a every evening in Burmese, is attended sure and certain preventive of disease. by nearly 40, the most of whom are Were it not for a belief in the power of boarders; and the Sabbath school is the gospel, it would almost seem that well attended. We wish to see our the superstitions of this country would operations extended, and a Burmese never be obliterated. school opened in every neighborhood 13. A very interesting Sabbath around us, out of which the most prom- school concert this evening, though very ising pupils might be taken into the rainy, and though a strong wind carEnglish school; but many places mustried away part of the roof of our house, wait some time, we fear, for want of and let the rain down upon us. Read suitable teachers.

a very interesting letter from br. SteeI would not close this communication vens at Penang, (see close of Journal.] without an earnest request that this 17. An examination of the school. school may be remembered in all your Several of the officers and civilians atprayers, and in those also of the Amer- tended, and the children of the school ican churches.

acquitted themselves better than I ex




pected. The school was examined in , is inserted, partly to illustrate the agency of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geogra- tracts in promoting religious inquiry, and phy, and Grammar. All seemed please preparing the way for the dispersion of the ed with the progress of the pupils.

sacred Scriptures, and partly as an instance 21. At an extra church meeting this of the happy co-operation of private Chrisevening, four candidates for baptism rians in spreading abroad the knowledge of were examined, and unanimously received.

Christ among the heathen. And one who was long since excluded for drunkenness, (see May 6th,) restored. They all gave clear and

STEEVENS TO MR. BENNETT, DATED satisfactory evidence that the change

PENANG, JUNE 25, 1835. which had been wrought in them was of God. The spirit of inquiry seems to “I have much pleasure in informing increase. We long to see a powerful you that I have put a goodly number of outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Burmese tracts into circulation, and 25. Attended Bible class at the some of the Burmans begin to call upon chapel. I have met with them only two me for them, although I live a distance or three times; the number has nearly of three miles from where they are lodoubled, and about thirty were present cated. I am now getting pretty well this evening. The members seem acquainted at their village. I visited anxious to become better acquainted them last night, which is the third time with the best of books. May they be since my arrival. They have a Kyoung, enlightened from on high to understand and a few priests, but no pagodas. the Scriptures.

There are

not many Burmans here--I 26. Lord's-day. Attended Burman understand about 500 persons. On my worship as usual. At 1 P. M. attend- first visit to them, I entered a respectaed my usual Bible class of the children ble man's house, and asked him to acin the school, and at 1-2 past 2 attend- cept of some books from me, when the ed a prayer meeting at br. Osgood’s. following dialogue commenced. Will Had a refreshing season. O, it is sweet you accept of a book from me? What to surround the throne of mercy. Be- book is it?' A book that makes known fore evening services, visited a woman the Eternal God. "Yes, I have a numwho has been a member of the church, ber of these good books by me, and will but who was some months since exclud- show them to you.' With this he went ed, who seems to be on her dying bed. into an inner apartment, and brought Poor woman, she seemed to feel bitter a large number of tracts. When I had against certain members of the church, perused them, I told him that they were and does not appear to feel that in a of the same description as mine ; I then few days she will be summoned before asked him what use he made of them, her Juage.

and where he got them. He told me 30. This evening had another tem that he had brought them from Maulperance meeting, and eight more signed mein, and that he diligently read them, the pledge, making fifty-one in all. not only to his family, but that he fre

31. At an extra church meeting just quently invited his neighbors, and read before Bible class, another candidate to them also. Truly, I was delighted was received for baptism, after which the with this information, and looked up to Bible class assembled, and the interest | God for guidance to enable me to say manifested to understand the Bible, is something in his case. I remained for very encouraging.

about half an hour, but was obliged to Aug. 2. Br. Brown baptized the five promise the man a portion of the Holy candidates, and in the evening, preach. Scriptures, before I left him. This to a very large and attentive audience, promise I have since complied with, a discourse very peculiarly adapted to for which he was very grateful. He the state of his hearers.

received the Testament from me with 9. This evening, before Bible class, an eye full of joy and gladness, and I at an extra church meeting, one of the hope I was thankful to the Disposer of boys in the school, an East Indian, was all hearts, for the love I felt glowing received by the church for baptism. within me at the time. May the Lord, He is the same mentioned April 15th of his great mercy, bless every means in He has certainly undergone a great out- operation for the promotion of the gosward change, and I trust an inward one. pel, and the enlargement of the Re

deemer's kingdom. My heart has been The following communication, referred to gladdened with the prospect of some of in the preceding journal, under date July 13, I the poor Burmese in this place being







brought to a knowledge of the truth as ment into the Taling language has proit is in Jesus. I do really think that a ceeded to the end of the 2d Corinfaithful old Burman convert might do thians. The principal tracts also are much good here, for God has promised translated. Mrs. Judson is endeavoring to bless those who are faithful in his

to prepare herself to assist in that decause. There are some blessed means partment. And, as soon as the new of grace in this place, the gospel is faith-Taling types are ready, we intend to fully preached by the Rev. Messrs. Dyer commence printing tracts and portions and Beighton. There has been a of the New Testament, for the use of dearth in religion here, but we look for the numerous population in this place, ward for a charge in these things. and all the country east of Rangoon,

very few of whom can read any other

language. sox, DATED MAULMEIN, JUNE 30, 1835.

State of the Mission at Maulmein. Since the beginning of the year, we

WEBB, DATED RANGOON, SEPT. 24, 1835. have received six into the Maulmein The persecution referred to in the follownative church. One has been removed ing letter, began, it will be recollected, at by death, and one has been finally ex- Rangoon the former part of the year. cluded, so that the present number is Kyouk-Kheh, an interesting Karen, ninety-two. I have lately adopted the from the Karen Brook, visited me last plan of employing several pative assist- evening, and staid through the night. ants to itinerate in the town and the | The villages along the Karen Brook neighboring villages, for the purpose of are subject to Maubee city, and have making known the gospel, and distri- shared in common with the other Maubuting tracts. They meet every morn bee Karens in the persecution. I ing in my study to pray and to report the learned from him several interesting labors and successes of the preceding particulars, a circumstance peculiarly day. This gives me an excellent op- gratifying, as we have not before heard portunity for correcting their mistakes, any thing from these villages since the and furnishing them with new topics of first of their troubles. argument and exhortation. I have never The Maubee governor has under his adopted a plan which pleased me so control one thousand houses. Before much, and appeared to be fraught with the persecution, Myat-thah, one of the so many benefits both to the assistants Karen christians, was appointed by him and the people at large. I judge, from the ruler of one hundred houses. When daily reports I receive, that a spirit of in- the persecution began, Myat-thah and quiry and a disposition to listen are every other one who professed to begradually gaining ground, in this un lieve in 'Christ, were seized and fined commonly stupid, obstinate place. As in all to the amount of 400 rupees, to myself, I am never at leisure to go (about $200.). This was a heavy fine, out, being closely employed in revising considering that a Karen seldom has the translation of the Old Testament, property to the amount of $50. Myatand reading proof-sheets of Scripture ihah was deposed from his office, and and tracts. The first volume of the Kyouk-Kheh put in his place. He says Old Testament was completed, in an that among the 100 under him 40 are cdition of two thousand, on the 4th Christians, and have been fined for inst. the second volume having been their religion. He has not yet been previously done. The third and last baptized, though he says he and his (from Psalms to Malachi,) will, we hope, wife, and all his relations worship God, be completed in an edition of three and all suffered in the general persecuthousand, before the end of the year. tion. He says the Karens are afraid to Besides the Old Testament, the presses visit me, but they daily worship God, have been employed in printing our and never worship the nats, or the pastandard tracts, in editions of thirty and godas. Indeed, the whole account he forty thousand. I hope, as soon as the gives of them is of a pleasing character. whole Bible is out of press, to be at

One circumstance which he related leisure to add a few new tracts and incidentally, while it shows the errors elementary works to our present scanty into which the Karens are liable to fall stock, and also to attend to the more without a proper guide, shows also systematic instruction of the assistants, their conscientious adherence to the particularly the younger ones.

instructions which they receive from The translation of the New Testa- those whom they suppose to have

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