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HE following sermon having made a great noise through this and feveral other corners of the land; left any Thould think the author is afhamed of his doctrine he there delivered, he allows it to come abroad to the world with the last fermon in the preceding volume. He had begun to preach from that text, If. ix. 6. in November 30. 1731; and having spoke to the two first claufes, he took occafion, June 4. 1732, viz. Sabbath-evening, after the celebration of the facrament at Stirling, to infift upon the claafe immediately following, The government fhall be upon his shoulder, as he has been infifting upon the following part of the verfe ever-fince...

Some were of opinion, that the fubject was unfuitable to the occafion, after people had been at a communion-table, But it would appear, that such as think fo, do not confider, that Chrift did wade to the throne and government of his mediatory kingdom through blood. For my part, I do not know how one can be better entertained, either at, or immediately after he has been at the Lord's table, fhewing forth his death, than by letting him know, that he who was dead is now alive, and lives for evermore, having the keys of hell and death in his hand. What more comfortable to a believer, than to hear that the Lamb flain is now in the midst of the throne, with the reins of government in his hand, especially in a day of trouble, and of treading down, and of perplexity from the Lord God of hofts in the valley of vifion?

Others judged it amifs on fuch an occafion, to touch upon the act of affembly anent the fettlement of vacant congregations, which had been paffed a few days before. All that is



needful to be faid in answer to which is, that the public wound given by that act was fresh, and the hearts of the poor people of God bleeding, to fee themfelves fpoiled by those who should have been the guardians of their spiritual rights and privileges; and what could be more proper than to panfe the green wound, and pour in fome of the healing balfam of gospel-consolation, arifing from the government of their great King, who rules in the midst of his enemies?

The author never pretended to deliver every particular word or fentence contained in his notes, which to him would be the greatest flavery and confinement. But as the fermon ftood in his notes, so it comes abroad; and he supposes that there will be but very inconsiderable variation. Only, the preamble, when he entered upon the text, is added, without which it would have looked fomewhat abrupt befides fomething he had not time that evening to overtake, at the end of the difcourse. He preached two other fermons on the fame clause of the verfe, the Sabbath following, which there was no time to tranfcribe for the prefs; otherwife the difcourfe might have been more perfect, and the omiffions quarrelled by fome been fupplied.


IX. The wrath of man bounded by the power of God.
PSAL. lxxvi. 10.-Surely the wrath of man fhall praife
thee the remainder of wrath fhalt thou reftrain.

X. The name of God glorified in Chrift.
EXOD. xxiii. 21.-Beware of him, and obey his voice,
provoke him not: for he will not pardon your tranf-
greffions: for my name is in him.

XI. The tabernacle of David ruined by man, and reared
up by the mighty God.

AMOS ix. 11. In that day will I raise up the tabernacle
of David that is fallen, and clofe up the breaches there-
of, and I will raife up his ruins, and I will build it as
in the days of old.

XII. The annals of redeeming love, with the Redeemer's
vengeance upon
the grand enemy of the redeemed.

ISA. Ixiii. 4.-For the day of vengeance is in mine heart,
redeemed is come.

and the

of my

XIII. The fovereignty of Zion's King.

PSAL. ii. 6.-Yet have I fet my King upon my holy bill
of Zion.







XIV. Christ the refurrection and the life.

JOHN xi. 25.-Jefus faid unto her, I am the refurrection,

and the life.


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