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Nothing, whatso'er it be,
Shall divide my heart with thee.
J. Angelus.

395.3, T. 15.

GRACIOUS Redeemer, thou hast
To come to thee invited; (me

Thy love, to love thee ardently,
Hath my cold heart excited.

2. Thy cross, thy shame, thy agony, Thy wounds and bitter passion,

Have wholly won my heart for thee, And prompt my adoration.

3. The fire of love that burns within,
Is that divine impression,
That thou didst suffer for my sin,
And die for my transgression.
J. Angelus.

396.4 T. 97.

*T IS evident that Jesus loves, His death for us this fully proves; He lov’d the world, a sinful race, He loves the church, his flock of grace, (ev'n me, He loves the children, yea, he loves Who nought deserv'd but endless misery. 2. O may I in his love be blest, Like John, reclining on his breast; And oft, like humble Magdalen, Adore the friend of sinful men, With longing heart attending at his feet, (I meet. Till with a gracious look from him

8. I’ll weep whene'er he's not to me What the most cordial friend can be; Do I not always feel him nigh, And his reviving grace enjoy, Do I not in his sweet communion live, (comfort give. Nought else to my poor soul co

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WHEN duly I weigh, How much day by day Thee, Lord, I have tried, My Friend ever faithful, who for me hast died;— 2. I own the fault mine: Thy patience divine, Which clearly I trace, With tears fills my eyes, with shame covers my face. 3. As Mary ador'd Her Master and Lord, When her thou didst greet, And prostrate before thee, embraced thy feet;— 4. As Thomas with awe, Thy wounds when he saw, His Saviour avow’d, And cried with conviction, “My Lord and my God;”— 5. As Peter replied, His love being tried, “My heart thou dost prove, Lord, thou knowest all things, thou know'st that I love;”—

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3. His looks of grace insure always To me my heavenly calling:

Am I weak, his hand preserves
Me, his child, from falling.

4, My prayersincere—while absent here w From him, my soul's beloved, Is, that my heart's confidence In him be unmoved.

5. Could I with him—spend all my time, In constant love's fruition, Infinitely happy then Would be my condition.

6. Whene’er I mourn—and humbly For comfort to my Jesus, (turn

This already is a proof
That he's near and gracious.

7. They who have grace—our Saviour’s face To seek on each occasion, Never fail to be refreshed With his consolation. Gregor.

399.4 T. 167.

O COULD we but love that Sa-
Who loves us so ardently, (viour,
As we ought, our souls would ever
Full of joy and comfort be:
If we, by his love excited,
Could ourselves and all forget,
Then with Jesus Christ united,
We should heaven anticipate.

2. Did but Jesus' love and merit
Fill our hearts both night and day,
And the unction of his Spirit
All our thoughts and actions sway:
Might we all be ever ready
Cheerfully to testify,
How our spirit, soul, and body
Do in God our Saviour joy.

400. T. 14.

TEN thousand talents once I ow’d,
And nothing had to pay;
But Jesus freed me from the load,
And wash'd my debt away.
2. Yet since the Lord forgave my
And blotted out my score: (sin,
Much more indebted I have been
Than e'er I was before.

3. My guilt is cancell’d quite, I And satisfaction made; (know,

But the vast debt of love I owe
Can never be repaid.

4. The love I owe for sin forgiv'n,
For power to believe, (heaven,
For present peace, and promis'd
No angel can conceive.
5. That love of thine, thou sinners'
Witness thy bleeding heart,
My little all can ne'er extend
To pay a thousandth part.
6. Nay more, the poor returns I
I first from thee obtain; (make
And ’tis of grace, that thou wilt
Such poor returns again. (take
7. 'Tis well—it shall my glory be,
(Let who will boast their store,)
In time and in eternity
To owe thee more and more.

401. T. 11.

HARK, my soul, it is the Lord ;
'T is thy Saviour, hear his word;
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee,
“Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me?
2. “I deliver'd thee, when bound,
And when bleeding, heal’d thy
wound ; (right,
Sought thee wandering, set thee

z. Turn'd thy darkness into light.

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