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451. T. 22.

WHEN darkness long has veil'd my mind, And smiling day once more appears, Then, my Redeemer, then I find The folly of my doubts and fears. 2. Straight I upbraid my wandering heart, And blush that I should ever be Thus prone to act so base a part, Or harbour one hard thought of thee.

3. O let me then at length be taught, What I am still so slow to learn; That God is love, and changes not, Nor knows the shadow of a turn. 4. Sweet truth, and easy to repeat: But, when my faith is sharply tried, I find myself a learner yet, Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. 5. But Oh! my Lord, one look from thee Subdues the disobedient will, Drives doubt and discontent away, And thy rebellious worm is still. 6. Thou art as ready to forgive, As I am ready to repine : Thou, therefore, all the praise receive; (mine. shame and self-abhorrence Cowper.

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To save my soul, and make me meet Once of thy glory to partake: O might I oft in spirit see How thou wast crucified for me. 3. But, gracious Lord, when I reflect (thee; How oft I’ve turn'd my eyes from How treated thee with cold neglect, And listen’d to the enemy; And yet to find thee still the same, This fills my soul with humble shame. 4. Astonish'd at thy feet I fall, Thy love exceeds my highest thought; Henceforth be thou my All in all, Thou who with blood my soul hast bought; (prove, May I henceforth more faithful And ne'er forget thy dying love.


453. T. 79.

WHEN, having been with guilt oppress'd,

My wandering spirit findeth rest
Thro' Jesus' pardoning grace:
Then I by faith can call him mine,
My needy soul doth then incline
To be in Mary's happy place.
2. My prayer is: Jesus, let me hear
Thy voice, which can instruct and
cheer -
My poor and worthless heart:
For should I cease thy words to
obey, (stray,
And from thy blessed presence
Nature would soon its power assert.
3. A single eye, a faithful heart,
Dear Jesus, to thy child impart,
In every trying hour; (vent,
Reason's tormenting thoughts pre-

Still keep my eye on thee intent, Till sight my faith and hope o'er

power. J. Swertner. 454. T. 22. LORD Jesus, my most faithful friend,

Thy aid unto thy child extend In each temptation's trying hour, That sin may not my heart o'erpower. 2. That spark enkindled in my heart Preserve unquench'd, tho' all the art Of Satan and the world be tried To draw me from thy faithful side. 3. O let thy Spirit stay with me, To groan and speak my wants to thee; Still let him show my every need, And that in thee I’m help'd indeed. 4. Thy faithfulness I oft have prov’d In countless trials quite unmov’d : Thy grace alone can me preserve, When my frail heart from thee would swerve. Z. (?)

455. T. 14.

GRACIOUS Redeemer, Lamb of I thirst alone for thee; (God, I long to enjoy thy saving grace, And taste thy mercy free. 2. For mercy, mercy, Lord, I ask; This is the total sum : Mercy, good Lord, is all my suit; 0 let thy mercy come. 3. Search me, O God, and know my heart, Try me, and know each thought: On me look down in mercy, Lord, Whom thou with blood hast bought.

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Assures me, that thy mercy free
Is not withdrawn from me.
A. Tranecker.

458. T. 159.

MY case to thee is fully known,
On thee I cast my care;
Dear Saviour, that thy will be done
In me, is all my prayer:
0 may I harbour in my breast
No thought that cannot bear the
When thou discover'st by thy light
To me what is not right.
2. Reality and solid ground,
Firm root in thee to gain; (drown'd
To feel thy precious blood hath
Whatever gives thee pain:
'Tis this I want, nor can I be
Content, till I am one with thee,
Until my life is hid in thine,
Till thou art wholly mine.

E. D. Rose. 459. T. 159.

HOW needful, strictly to inquire,
And ask our hearts each day,
“Doth Jesus' love me still inspire,
My thoughts and actions sway?
Am I a branch in Christ the vine 2
Am I his own, and is he mine 2
Do I by faith unto him cleave,
And to his honour live o’”

2. The Spirit's witness, full and Will state the real case, (clear, And either draw a contrite tear, Or thanks unfeigned raise: Hence will the consequence ensue, That the full purpose we renew, To run in faith the appointed race, Supported by his grace.

460. T. 11.

THEY who know our Lord indeed, Find in him a friend in need,

And behold in Jesus' face
Nought but mercy, truth, and grace.

2. They can cast by faith their care On that Lord who heareth prayer; And when they to him draw nigh, He doth all their wants supply.

3. They who him their Saviour
Lowly at his footstool bow: (know,
They to whom his name is dear,
To offend him greatly fear.
4. O how wondrous is his love
To all who his goodness prove;
Deep abasement, heavenly joy,
Their alternate thoughts employ.

5. Wonders without end we see, Countless mercies great and free: Lord, accept our thanks and praise For thy goodness, truth, and grace.

461. T. 14.

WITHOUT a consciousness within Of poverty and need,

An humbling sense of guilt and sin, We are not poor indeed.

2. But all who know themselves aright, Are ready to confess, Instructed by the Spirit's light, Their utter helplessness.

3. How greatly he forgiveness wants, The contrite sinner knows; With inward spirit's ardour pants In Christ to find repose.

4. Who is so full of tenderness And patience, as thou, Lord?

But I must own with shame, alas ! I oft transgress thy word.

5. Oh, from my heart, God Holy

Ghost, This suit I make to thee:

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Lord, may we be faithful
To our covenant found,
To thee, as our Shepherd,
And thy flock fast bound.
2. While we, deeply humbled,
Own we’re oft to blame,
This abides our comfort,
Thou art still the same:
In thee all the needy
Have a friend most dear,
Whose love and forbearance
Unexampled are.
3. Hear the joint petition
We present to thee,
Whose unbounded mercy
Is our only plea:
All that is displeasing
Unto thee, forgive;
More to thy name's glory
May we henceforth live.

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May none amongst us from our None e'er to Christ for refuge fled

Be tempted to depart: Our human frailty need not lead Our souls from him astray:

(Lord | But was by him made whole.

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For he the needful strength imparts THOUGH by nature I’m defiled,

To walk the narrow way.

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Jesus' blood hath made me clean;
He my sin-sick soul hath healed:
Yea, tho’ traces still remain
Of my former sad condition,
When to him for help I cry,
He to soothe my grief is nigh
Lord, remain my kind physician,
I, thy patient, then am sure
Thou wilt work a thorough cure.

t Gregor.

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