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T. 205.

4. Sick outwardly or in distress | 2. O grant me to desire the pain We may be, 't is confess'u;

That comes in kindness down, But the believer ne'ertheless More than the world's supremest In trials finds he's bless'd.

Succeeded by a frown. (gain, 5. Have we thro' dangerous paths 3. Then, though thou bend my to rove,

spirit low, The shades of death to pass;

Love only shall I see; (blow, Our shield eternal is his love, The very hand that strikes the Our light his glorious face.

Was wounded once for me.

Edmeston. 6. O Lord, we can rely on thee, We bless thy secret hand;

529. Thou between us and misery Of every kind dost stand.

'TIS my happiness below,

Not to live without the cross;
527. T. 22. But the Saviour's power to know,

Sanctifying every loss :
WHEN by adversity I'm tried, Trials must and will befall;
In God, my rock, I will confide; But, with humble faith to see
Midst trials, whatsoe'er they be, Love inscrib'd upon them all,
Rely on his fidelity.

This is happiness to me. 2. I'll trust my great physician's | 2. God in Israel sows the seeds skill,

Of affliction, pain, and toil; (weeds, Resign’d obey his blessed will; (fit, These spring up, and choke the For each disease he knows what's Which would else o'erspread the Ile's wise and good, and I submit. 3. Altho' his medicine cause me Trials make the promise sweet; smart,

Trials give new life to prayer; And wound me in the tenderest Trials bring me to his feet,. It is with a design to cure; (part, Lay me low, and keep me there. I must and will his touch endure.

3. Did I meet no trials here, 4. Lord Jesus Christ, afford me i No correction by the way, grace,

Might I not with reason fear, In every trial thee to praise ; I should prove a cast-away? O let thy sacred will be mine, Worldlings may escape the rod, To thee myself I now resign. Sunk in earthly, vain delight;

W. Foster. But the true-born child of God

Must not, would not, if he might. 528.

Cowper. O THOU, whose mercy guides my


T. 166. way, Though now it seem severe, 'MIDST stormy days and nights of Forbid my unbelief to say,

fear, There is no mercy here.

My anxious soul on thee would rest;


T. 14.

My Jesus, when wilt thou draw near | His aim accomplish’d, each shall see
To heal the sorrows of my breast? For him it was most fit.
O Saviour, till my tearful eye

4. By Christ we're screen'd with Shall draw from thee the promis’d

tender care peace;

From vain and worldly noise: Until the waves of misery

Ye who God's happy children are, At thine almighty word shall cease;

Can in the Lord rejoice, 2. Till then, though clouds inclose And walk in union with your God, me round,


Who is your nearest friend, And darkness hide thee from my Upon life's rough and dangerous Mine ear shall listen for the sound In safety to the end. (road, Of thy dear footsteps in the night;

J. Swertner. Thus waiting till the morn appear When thou upon my soul shalt rise,


T. 167. And with sweet words of promise HERE, in constant, quick succescheer,

(eyes. sion, And heal my wounds, and dry my Bright and gloomy days are seen;

Morton. Yonder, without variation,

Skies unclouded and serene: 531. T. 590. Sufferings here are transitory, WHAT tremblings seize the tra- Light are ev’n the most severe, veller's soul

Set against the weight of glory, Beneath the darkening sky, Which awaits the conqueror there. While awful thunders round him 2. Tho' by threatening storms sur

And lightning flashes nigh; (roll, Soon as the sun again is view'd,

rounded, The clouds are all dispers’d,

Or oppress’d by pain and grief, The face of nature is renew'd,

This poor heart is not confounded,

For in God I find relief: Joys on the pilgrim burst.

On his powerful arm reclining, 2. While passing thro' this shadow'd I affliction's load sustain,

To yonder blissful land, (vale, Bear the cross without repining, Black storms and tempests us assail, Till the glorious crown I gain.

O’er which we've no command : l'nerring Wisdom thus permits

533. His children to be tried ;

HOW condescending ’tis, that He But he that to God's will submits, Who worlds to being spake, With strength shall be supplied. One promise unto worthless me

Should ever deign to make. 3. Afflicted souls, await the end Appointed by our God;

2. Yet countless are his promises, From him deliverance shall descend And who can doubt his truth?

With great increase of good: He'll lead me on throughout my Whate'er the dispensation be,

race, Which he to send finds meet, To hoary hairs from youth.

T. 14.

3. What is bis covenant of love?

A covenant firm and sure; Hills may depart, and mountains

move, And yet it shall endure. 4. 'Tis, that the kindness of our God

Shall ne'er from us depart, That equally his smile or rod Displays his

ing heart; 5. That He will guide us, whom no

T. 9.

power Nor craft can e'er withstand, That not temptation's darkest hour

Shall wrest us from his hand ;6. That truth and mercy, while

we've breath, Shall compass us around, And that with him shall after death

Our glorious lot be found. 7. In all distress to him I'll cry,

I'll humbly trust his word; Nothing I ask will he deny,

For is he not my Lord ?
8. O the rich blessings which accrue

To all who love his name;
His gifts are every morning new,

His bounty still the same.

WHAT, my soul, should bow thee

Perils or temptation ?
Is not Christ upon the throne

Still thy strong salvation ?
2. Cast thy burden on the Lord,

Thy almighty Saviour:
He who death for thee endur'd,

Surely will deliver.
3. Mention to him every want,

Yea, whate'er may grieve thee; If for comfort thou dost pant,

Jesus will relieve thee.
4. Turn, my soul, unto thy rest,

Quickly turn to Jesus;
In his presence thou art blest,

He to thee is gracious.
5. Mourn whene'er thou hast forgot

Him, whose great compassion Never fails, whose blood hath bought

Thy complete salvation.
6. Earthly things do not regard,

Trust in Jesus' favour;
He will be thy great reward
And thy shield for ever.


T. 79.

T, 16.

534.* AS thy will, O my Saviour, Unto thy Father's ever

Was subject and resign’d: Grant that, in deep subjection, To follow thy direction

I may be cheerfully inclin'd. 2. I'll spare all needless thinking, Nor shall my mind be shrinking

Concerning what may be; May I in each proceeding Submit to thy wise lending,

That thou’rt my all suffices me.

536.* STORMS of trouble may assail us,

Yea, life's vessel overwhelm; Yet no danger need appal us,

If our Saviour guide the helm. 2. If with willing resignation,

Free from care we acquiesce In his ways, his consolation

Will alleviate our distress. 3. God is mighty to deliver,

None his power can withstand ; In all trials whatsoever

He will be our gracious friend.

T. 11.

4. When his hour strikes for re- 1 To flee the good I would pursue, lieving,

Or do the sin I would not do; Help breaks forth amazingly, Still He, who felt temptation's And, to shame our anxious grieving, power, Often unexpectedly.

Shall guard me in that dangerous J. D. Herrnschmidt. hour. 537.

3. If wounded love my bosom swell,

Deceiv'd by those I priz'd too well, SOVEREIGN Ruler of the skies, He shall his pitying aid bestow, Ever gracious, ever wise !

Who felt on earth severer woe; All my times are in thy hand, At once betray'd, denied, or fled All events at thy command. By those that shar'd his daily bread. 2. Thou didst form me in the womb, 4. When vexing thoughts within Thou wilt guide me to the tomb; me rise,

(dies, All my times shall ever be

And, sore dismay'd, my spirit Order'd by thy wise decree: Yet He, who once vouchsaf'd to 3. Times of sickness, times of health,

bear Times of penury and wealth,

The sickening anguish of despair, Times of trial and of grief,

Shall sweetly soothe, shall gently Times of triumph and relief, –


(eye. 4. Times, temptation's power to

The throbbing heart, the streaming prove,

5. When sorrowing o’er some stone Times to taste the Saviour's love;

I bend, Al is fix'd—the means and end,

Which covers all that was a friend, As shall please my heavenly Friend. And from his hand, his voice, his 5. Plagues and death around me fly;

smile, Till he bids, I cannot die;

Divides me for a little while, Not a single shaft can hit,

My Saviour marks the tears I shed, Till the God of love sees fit.

For Jesus wept o'er Lazarus dead. Ryland. 6. And oh, when I have safely

pass'd 538. T. 96, or 90. Through every conflict but the last, WHEN gathering clouds around I Still, Lord, unchanging watch be

side view,

(few, And days are dark, and friends are

My dying bed, for thou hast died; On Him I lean, who, not in vain,

Then point to realms of cloudless Experienc'd every human pain:

day, He sees my wants, allays my fears, And wipe the latest tear away.

Lord Glenelg. And counts and treasures up my tears.

539.* 2. If aught should tempt my soul to stray

(way, MY Redeemer knoweth me, From heavenly wisdom's parrow Both in joy and in affliction;

T. 83.


O my soul, now joyful be,

I take; thus with gladness inspired Trust thyShepherd's kind direction: by thee,

(must flee. His own sheep he knows by name, All sorrow and sadness far distant And to bless them is his aim.

5. I plead thy rich promise, O give 2. Unoxampled is that love,

me to drink:

(would sink By which we're with him con- Witb fervour of spirit I wholly nected;

Into thy love's ocean; If we aught distressing prove,

O let true devotion Jesus is thereby affected :

My heart be impelling still onward We his watchful love and care

to move

(love. In all trials richly share.

To Zion, thy dwelling, the city of M. Schwedler. 6. Should bitter be mix'd with the

sweet of my cup, 540.* T. 142.

O grant me with joy all self-will to O FOUNTAIN eternal of life and

give up: of light,

(seek it aright, The cup of dire sorrows, Where all find refreshment, who

Which thou hast drank for us, Pare spring of salvation,

To thine thou dost offer in this And true consolation,

world of pain; From God's holy temple thy living With thee they here suffer, with stream rolls, (thirsty souls.

thee they shall reign. Whose waters flow ample for all ! 7. O therefore, Lord Jesus, permit 2. Let him that is thirsty, encour

me to rest, aging call,

(for all;

Where saints are no longer by sufNow drink of the waters abounding

fering oppress'd; See where the glad river

Where joys beyond measure, Flows full from the Giver;

And fulness of pleasure All ye who are ailing and 'needy In glory transcendent the conquerdraw nigh, (wants will supply.

ors share, (faithful shall wear. This well-spring ne'er-failing your

And where crowns resplendent the

C. I. Koitsch. 3. Here come I, my Shepherd, athirst after thee, (my plea ;

541. T. 585. In mercy receive me, for mercy's

The word thou hast spoken O MY soul, what means this sadCan never be broken;

ness, Thou know'st I am needy and Wherefore art thou thus cast down?

greatly distress’d, (find rest. Let thy griefs be turn'd to gladness, Thou callest the weary to come and Bid thy restless fears begone; 4. Thou river of life dost refresh

Look to Jesus : 11: heart and mind, (good find :

And rejoice in his great name. Those whom thou enrichest eternal 2. Tho' ten thousand ills beset thee Amidst tribulation

From without and from within, The cup of salvation

Jesus saith, he'll ne'er forget thee,

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