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T. 132.

T. 11.

To sing in songs of endless praise | 2. God ruleth in heaven, almighty To Jesus who us bought:

to save,

(we have: We now like Mary wish to sit And yet he is with us, his presence In spirit listening at his feet, The great congregation his triWaiting with lamps prepard and umphs shall sing, (King. dress'd

Ascribing salvation to Jesus our For the Lamb's marriage-feast.

3. Salvation be brought unto God 3. Meanwhile his promises we trust,

on the throne, (the Son ; And join our grateful lays

Let all sing rejoicing, an honour in concert with the ransom'd host, The praises of Jesus the angels To sing redeeming grace:

proclaim, (ship the Lamb. While they who round his throne Fall down on their faces and worappear,

4. Then let us adore him and give The wonders of his love declare, him his right, (and might, And sing, “ The Lamb for us was All glory, and power, and wisdom, Our hearts reply, Amen. (slain ;” | And honour, and blessing, with

J. Cennick.

angels above, (finite love.

And thanks never ceasing for in566.

Countess Huntingdon's H. SING praises unto God on high,

568. To him who us created ; Sing praises to the Lord, so nigh

BRETHREN, let us join to bless To sinful man related :

Jesus Christ, our joy and peace; Rejoicing Hallelujah sing,

Let our praise to him be giv’n, Jehovah Jesus is our King,

Who is Lord of earth and heaven. And gracious Mediator.

2. Jesus, lo, to thee we bow, 2. He calls us brethren, not asham’d Thou, the woman's promis’d Seed,

Thou art Lord, and only Thou;
To bear our human nature;
Yea, heirs of life we now are nam’d,

Glory oforthy church, and Head.
Joint-heirs with our Creator:

3. Thee the angels ceaseless sing, He ever lives our cause to plead,

Thee we praise, our Priest and King; Grants help in every time of need; Worthy is thy name of praise, Praise to his name for ever.

Full of glory, full of grace.
C. J. La Trobe. 4. We thy little flock adore

Thee our Lord for evermore 567. T. 39. Show us evermore thy love, YE servants of God, your great

Till we join the choirs above.

Countess Huntingdon's H. Master proclaim, And publish abroad his most ex

569. cellent name:

(extol, The name all victorious of Jesus BLESS, O my soul, the God of His kingdom is glorious, he rules

grace; over all.

His favours claim thyhighest praise:

T. 22.

T. 22.

T. 14.

How can the wonders he hath

571. wrought Be lost in silence, and forgot?

WE bless the Lord, whose tender love

(above, 2. 'Tis be, my soul, that sent his Caus’d him to leave his 'throne Son

(done: To dwell with sinful worms below, To die for crimes which thou hast And save them from eternal woe. He owns the ransom, and forgives

2. On fallen men he cast his eye, The hourly follies of our lives.

In depths of misery saw them lie; 3. Our youth decay'd his power re- Pitied their state, resolv'd to come pairs,

(years: And suffer freely in their room. His mercy crowns our growing He satisfies our souls with good,

3. A mortal body he assum'd, And filleth us with heavenly food. | Groan'd, bled, and died, and was

entomb'd: 4. Let the whole earth his power At length the work thus finished,

confess, Let all mankind adore his grace;

He rose triumphant from the dead. Let us with all our powers sing 4. To heaven's bright realms he Praise to our Saviour, God, and King. took his flight,

Watts. Beyond the reach of mortal sight:

There pleads with God for ransom'd 570.


Thence will in glory come again. COME let us join our cheerful songs 5. To Jesus, our exalted Head,

With angels round the throne:
Ten thousand thousands are their The glory of his saving name

Immortal honours now be paid; tongues,

Our tongues shall evermore proBut all their joys are one.

claim. 2. “Worthy the Lamb that died,” they cry.

572. “ To be exalted thus;" “Worthy the Lamb," our hearts | O FOR a thousand tongues to sing reply,

My dear Redeemer's praise; " For he was slain for us." The glories of my God and King,

The triumphs of his grace. 3. Jesus is worthy to receive Honour and power divine;

2. Jesus, the name that charms our And blessings more than we can

fears, give,

That bids our sorrows cease: Be, Lord, for ever thine.

'Tis music in the sinner's ears,

'Tis life, and health, and peace. 4. The whole creation join in one, To bless the sacred name

3. His grace subdues the power of Of him that sits upon the throne,

He sets the prisoner free; (sin, And to adore the Lamb.

His blood can make the foulest Watts.

His blood avail'd for me. (clean,

T. 14.

T. 14.

4. He speaks, and list’ning to his 6. But tears of joy must ever flow

New life the dead receive: (voice For Jesus' wondrous love; The mournful, broken hearts re- And when I leave this world below,

The humble poor believe. (joice, I'll sing his praise above. 5. Hear him, ye deaf; his praise,


T. 595. ye dumb, Your loosen'd tongues employ; AWAKE, and sing the song Ye blind, behold your Saviour come; Of Moses and the Lamb:

And leap, ye lame, for joy. Wake every heart and every tongue, 6. Look unto him, ye nations, own

To praise the Saviour's name. Your God, ye fallen race: 2. Sing of his dying love, Look and be sav'd through faith Sing of his rising power; Be justified by grace. (alone, Sing how he intercedes above

C. Wesley.

For us whose sins he bore. 573.

3. Ye pilgrims on the road

To Zion's city, sing: NOT all the angels of the sky, Rejoice ye in the Lamb of God, Nor happy saints above,

In Christ, the eternal King. Have greater cause to praise than I 4. Soon shall we hear him

say, The Saviour's dying love.

“ Ye blessed children, come:” 2. Had I an angel's heavenly tongue Soon will he call us hence away Or seraph's melody, (hung

To our eternal home. My theme should be his praise, who 5. There shall our raptur'd tongues Upon the cross for me.

His endless praise proclaim, 3. For thee he hangs, my soul, re

And sweeter voices tune the song

Of Moses and the Lamb. joice;

Countess Huntingdon's H. For thee, my soul, expires : Then sing his love with thankful

575. voice, Sing what his love inspires.

TO GOD the only wise,

Our Saviour and our King, 4. Till fleeting time shall have an Let all the saints below the skies end,

Their humble praises bring.
And years shall cease to roll,
Due praise shall from his church 2. 'Tis his almighty love,

His counsel and his care, And spread from pole to pole. Preserve us safe from sin and 5. How sweet the precious gospel

death, sounds

And every hurtful snare. In the believer's ear;

3. He will present our souls, This balsam heals his cankering Unblemish'd and complete, wounds,

Before the glory of his face, And dries each anxious tear. With joys divinely great.

T. 595.

T. 166.

T. 83.

4. The Saviour's ransom'd race Is from his gifts to draw a plea,

Shall meet around the throne, And ask him still for more. Extol him for his saving grace,

J. Newton And make his wonders known.

578.* 5. To our Redeemer-God, Wisdom and power belong;

THANKS be to thee, O Lamb of Immortal crowns of majesty,

And heaven's eternal song.

For thy unfathomable grace:
Watts. How many benefits bestow'd

Forgotten and unnoticed pass: 576. T. 90. When I thy love astonish'd see, WITH thanks before the Lord ap

What lengths, breadths, heights,

and depths appear: pear,

Eternity, immensity, Adore his precious, saving name;

These, these its only limits are. His patience, faithfulness, and care, Our humble, grateful praises claim;

579. His goodness none can comprehend, NOW with joyful songs appear, His tender mercies know no end.

Hail with humble adoration 2. Worthy the Lamb, that every Christ the Lord, for ever near breath

(peat: To his ransom'd congregation: His lauds in ceaseless strains re- With the poor he deigns to dwell; Worthy the Lamb, that for his death God with us, Immanuel. Each pulse should to his honour

J. Swertner. beat;

580.* That to his throne the sacrifice Of prayer and praise like incense IN joyful hymns of praise, rise.

Like one man, sweetly raise 577.

T. 14. Voices all united;

With our liturgic lays FOR mercies, countless as the Our Saviour is delighted : Which daily I receive (sands, He'll with gracious ear From Jesus my Redeemer's hands, Our thanksgivings hear, My soul, what canst thou give ?

And we feel him near. 2. Alas! from such a heart as

T. 121.

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581.* What can I bring him forth? (mine, My best is stain’d and dyed with THOU, our Light, our Leading. My all is nothing worth. (sin, Who hast kindly us directed (star, 3. Yet this acknowledgment I'll And protected; For all he hath bestow'd, (make,

When thy mercies, daily new, Salvation's sacred cup I'll take,

We review, And call upon my God.

In the dust we fall before thee,

Lost in wonder, we adore thee; 4. The best return for one like me, None can give thee praises due. So wretched and so poor,


T. 155.

T. 167.

582. T. 590.2. The Lamb who by blood our sal

vation obtained, O GOD, at thy command we rise

Took on him our curse, and death Thy glorious name to bless ; Thee, the great Lord of earth and

freely sustained, We thankfully confess; (skies,

Is worthy of praises, let with one

accord Our joy is now to sing of thee, To triumph in thy love,

All people say, Amen, O praise ye

the Lord. And this (transporting thought!)

Gregor. shall be Our endless work above.


T. 249. 583.

IN humble, grateful lays,

The Lord : 11: of hosts we praise, WORSHIP, honour, power, and His saving name confess; blessing,

Yea, fill'd with holy awe, revere Christ is worthy to receive; The Father, Son, and Comforter: Loudest praises without ceasing Amen, Hallelujah,

Meet it is for us to give: Hallelujah,
Help, ye bright, angelic spirits, Amen, Hallelujah.

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays,
Help to sing our Saviour's merits, His love : ll: we will proclaim,

2. Praise to the slaughter'd Lamb: Help to chant Immanuel's praise. Who died us to redeem;

T. 114. O might each pulse thanksgiving

beat, THE Lamb of God unspotted, pure, And every breath his praise repeat: and holy,

(God, From angels and from men, Who reconcil'd us by his death to To the Lamb slain And from our sins hath wash'd us All honour doth pertain. in his blood,

(lowly Is worthy, that before his footstool

587. All knees should bow, and every tongue confess,

PRAISES, thanks, and adoration Him Lord alone, to God the Be given to God without cessation, Father's praise. Gregor.

To Jesus Christ, our gracious Lord:

For his mercy, love, and favour 585.* T. 39. To us, his flock, endure for ever;

Bless, bless his name with one acO THAT we with gladness of spirit cord ; for ever

To God, the Father, Son, Adored and praised our crucified And Spirit, Three in One, Saviour;

Hallelujah: O might each pulsation thanksgiv- In highest strain ing express,

Praise the Lamb slain ; And each breath we draw be an Let heaven and earth reply, Amen.

anthem of praise.


T. 230.

J. Swertner.

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