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7. Thou dost deliver

Among thy ever blessed saints
Thy church in all distress: Ev’n now to rise and dwell.
Thou art our Saviour;
Whate'er may us oppress,

5. To spend one sacred day,

Where God and saints abide, Thro' thee-we gain the victory.

Affords the soul diviner joy 8. One day is better

Than thousand days beside.
Spent in the Christian church,
Thy praise to utter,

6. Humbly to keep the door

Where God, the Lord, resorts, Than thousands spent in search Of joy—in the broad worldly way. A thousand times I love it more

Than shine in splendid courts. 9. This territory The Lord as sun doth light,

7. Thrice bless'd and happy he, Gives grace and glory,

Whose spirit humbly trusts And sanctified delight

For each good gift alone in thee, To all—who on bis mercy call. Jehovah, Lord of hosts.

Watts. (ad.) 10. Yea, his condition How splendid 't is, O Lord,


T. 22. Whom thou admission Dost to thy church afford,

AS long as Jesus Lord remains, And so—to heaven's kingdom too. Each day new rising glory gains ; 11. Thro' grace afford us,

is, and will be so Dear Lord, church-liberty,

With his church militant below. To each good purpose;

2. Our only stay is Jesus' grace, That we our days employ

In every time and every place; With care—thy holy word to hear. And Jesus' blood-bought righteous

Bobemian Brethren.

642. T. 595. Remains his church's glorious dress. LORD of the worlds above,

3. All self-dependence is but vain,

Christ doth our corner-stone reHow pleasant and how fair The dwellings of thy grace and love, lour rock which will unshaken


(stay, Thy earthly temples are !

When heaven and earth are fled 2. To thy divine abode

away. My longing heart aspires,

4. The Spirit which anointed Christ, And pants to see the living God,

By which the apostles were baptiz'd, With ever warm desires.

Proceeding from the church's Head, 3. The sparrow for her young Is given to us and makes us glad. With pleasure seeks a nest,

5. That cause shall never suffer And, wandering far, the swallows

harm To find their wonted rest. (long which rests on Jesus' mighty arm; 4. O Lord, my spirit faints

What man can do we need not care, With equal love and zeal, No foe shall even touch a l'air :


(my God.

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6. For these our God hath number'd | 2. One wish, with holy transport all,


(form: Without his leave not one can fall; My heart hath form'd and still doth If in the least he be so true, One gift I ask, that to my end What will he not in greater do? Thine hallow'd house I may attend: 7. He is and shall remain our Lord,

There may I joyful find a safe Our confidence is in his word;

abode, And, while our Jesus reigns above, There may I view the beauty of His church will more than con

646. T. 96 or 90. queror prove.

THE consecrated house we love, 614. T. 22. Where God vouchsafes to place

his name;

(remove, “As birds their infant brood protect, Nor will we, Lord, from thence And spread their wings to shelter But jointly there thy praise prothem ;'

claim, Thus saith the Lord to his elect,

And daily to thy courts repair, “So will I guard Jerusalem.” To seek thee in the house of prayer. 2. And what, then, is Jerusalem,

2. But oh, the house of living stones The darling object of his care?

We never can negleet nor leave; What is its worth in God's esteem? That temple which the world disWho built it? who inhabits there?

owns, 3. Jehovah founded it in blood, To that in life and death we cleave, The blood of his incarnate Son:

Thro' faith to every member join'd, There dwell the saints, once foes The church diffus'd thro' all manto God,

kind. The sinners whom he calls his own.

647.* 4. Tho' foes on every side assail, This city hath a sure defence; THOU Monarch of all, thou Lord Against her they shall ne'er prevail, God of creation, (bless'd, While guarded by Omnipotence. How wonderful, and yet how

Cowper. Appears in the church thy wise ad



Of which thou art the Head conHOW sweet thy dwellings, Lord, 'Tis here for the needy all help how fair;


(thy wounds, What

peace, what bliss inhabit To keep the eye steady, fix'd on With ardent hope, with strong The sum is and substance, with desire,

poor contrite sinners, My heart, my flesh, to thee aspire; Of all the wise maxims whereby How oft I long thy heavenly courts

they are winners. and thee,

2. What is it that makes us stand My Lord and God, the living God, fast in one spirit,

Lord Jesus, author of our faith?

T. 221.


to see.

T. 14.

What is it cements us?—'Tis onlyWho partake of his salvation, thy merit,

Trusting in his sacred word : Thy wounds and all-atoning death: Bless'd who, in love's bond united, Ye heralds of mercy, with courage To his altars are invited ; good

(blood: In his courts on earth they dwell, Redemption proclaim now in Jesus' There his matchless praise to tell. No heart e'er was broken by Sinai's thunder,

650. But rocks at the message of peace cleave asunder.

OH! happy they who know the

Lord, 3. Art thou not refresh'd with di

With whom he deigns to dwell: vine consolation, (flock, He feeds and cheers them by his Thou ransom’d, highly favour'd word, When drinking with joy of the His arm supports them well. wells of salvation, (rock?

2. To them, in each distressing Which freely flow from Christ the Who now would be fearful? for us and when they plead his love and

His throne of grace is near;(hour, he bled;

(finished !” Who would not be cheerful ? "


power, This doctrine we'll hold and de- He stands engag’d to hear. clare without ceasing;

3. He help'd his saints in ancient His cross brings us peace, 't is the Who trusted in his name; (days, source of all blessing.

And we can witness, to his praise,

His love is still the same. 648.*

4. Wandering in sin, our souls he THE great salvation of the Lord found, Abides his church's joy,

And bade us seek his face; To honour him with sweet accord, Gave us to hear the gospel-sound,

Our chief, our blest employ. And taste the gospel-grace. 2. Into the bosom of our Friend 5. Oft in his house his glory shines Both joy and grief we pour,

Before our wondering eyes : Until our griefs shall have an end, We wish not then for golden mines, And sorrows be no more.

Or aught beneath the skies. 3. What comfort, what supreme 6. His presence sweetens all our delight

cares, Do we enjoy, what bliss,

And makes our burdens light; When the Lamb slain appears in A word from him dispels our fears, sight;

(this. And gilds the gloom of night. Might the whole world know

7. Lord, we expect to suffer here, 649.

Nor would we dare repine;

But give us still to find thee near, O HOW blessed is the station

And own us still for thine. Of all those who love the Lord,

T. 14.

T. 168.

J. Newton.

651. T. 14. 3. Gracious Lord, may we believe,

Venture all on thy free grace; HAIL, church of Christ, bought Boldly things not seen achieve, with his blood!

Trusting in thy promises: The world I freely leave;

Faith thy people's strong-hold is; Ye children of the living God,

Their employment daily this, Me in your tents receive.

To proceed on paths unknown, 2. Bride of the Lamb, I'm one in Leaning on thy arm alone.

heart With thee, thro' boundless grace,

4. Christ, thy all-atoning death

Is our life while here below; And I will never from thee part; This bond shall never cease.

Strengthen thou our feeble faith,

Constantly thy aid bestow : 3. Closely I'll follow Christ with In thy mercy we confide,

I'll go thy safest road; (thee, Safely to the end us guide; Thy people shall my people be, Zion, if thy Ilead depart,

And thine shall be my God. Void of life and strength thou art. 4. And am I, Jesus, one of those 5. Lord, thy body ne'er forsake,

Who in thy fold have place ? Ne'er thy congregation leave; Who, gathered round the erected We to thee our refuge take,

Enjoy redeeming grace? (cross, Of thy fulness we receive: 5. O yes, nor would I change my Every other help be gone,

For an archangel's throne; (lot Thou art our support alone; By grace I'll keep the place I've For on thy supreme commands To thee I'll live alone.

All the universe depends.

M. Hehl. 652.* T. 205.

653. RISE, exalt our Head and King; 0 THOU, who out of sin's dark

Praise the Lord who ever lives; Hast us, thy children, called, (night Glad we are his praise to sing,

And hast thy glorious gospel-light He his people's praise receives: Unto our hearts revealed ; On his powerful day they rise,

Abas'd with shame we all Offering free-will sacrifice; Before thee humbly fall, Ilis victorious triumph this,

And render for electing grace Since hell's host defeated is. To thee, Lord Jesus, thanks and 2. Ye who Jesus' death proclaim,

praise. Service yield to him with joy ; 2. The patience, love, unwearied Praise with every breath his name,

Grace to extol be your employ: Abundant grace and blessing, Grace supports us every day, Thou dost bestow from year to Leads us in the narrow way; Are truly past expressing; (year, 'Tis thro' grace alone that we Great mércy thou hast shown Can obtain the victory:

To us, we freely own,

T. 161.


Yet hath thy aim, most faithful

For his grace,

Love, and goodness never ceaseth; With us not fully been obtain'd. He the number still increaseth 3. What rich returns of thankful Of the church in which he rules. From us might be expected, (ness 3. Highly favour’d church thou art Who, that we might show forth thy Still beyond all contradiction, praise,

Midst afiliction, Have been through grace elected: By the Lord who thce redeem’d, But here we blush for shame, Much esteem'd; Unworthy of the name We bear, while of our heavenly call Be an honour to thy Saviour,

Therefore may thy whole behaviour As yet so very short we fall.

Whose great mercy never ends. 4. May we show forth continually, In our whole conversation,

4. Tho'thou hast but little strength, What we to others testify

Let thy faith be mauifested,

And attested
Of thee and thy salvation:
May all men in us see

By unfeigned love to him;
Our words and works agree;

Serve his name Then shall we of redeeming love

With true zeal in every station, To others a sweet savour prove.

As his feeble congregation,

Which relies on his support. 5. But are there such among us

Gregor & z. still, Whose bearts thy love ne'er warmed,

655. Who, tho’their wretched state they Are not thereby alarmed ? (feel, HIGHLY favour'd congregation, O rouse them from death's sleep, Founded firm on Christ the rock, That they may pray and weep, Own with thanks and adoration, And fee as sinners to thy wounds, He's the Shepherd, we his flock; Where for the vilest grace abounds. He's our Saviour,-whose great


T. 155. We've 'midst many trials proved; CHURCH of Christ, sing and re- We're unworthy, yet beloved.

joice, Bring the Lord thro' all thy classes, 2. Think, my soul, how great the Thanks and praises,

favour, Glory, honour, might, and power,

In Jehovah's courts to dwell: Evermore;

Here poor sinners meet their Sa

viour, Since he is our Head and Saviour, And his mercy, grace, and favour

Here the sin-sick souls grow well:

Was not Jesus—always gracious, Richly doth on us bestow.

When we, conscious how we failed, 2. When we on his faithfulness,

To his loving heart appealed ?
Love and mercy duly ponder,
Lost in wonder,

3. In thy family, O Jesus, We desire his name to praise ; Love should more and more abound;

T. 161.


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