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O listen to our prayer,

To meet thee us prepare

With due reverence : (feel,

No tongue can tell—what joy we

When thou, Lord, dost thyself reveal.

2. Thee to approach with awe we
Entreating thee our gates to enter;
Our souls and bodies are thine own:
Speak to every church division,
We'll hear thy voice with deep im-
For we are bound to thee alone
To thee in each concern
We'll always humbly turn;
Want we insight,
Let us by thee—instructed be,
Then in thy light the light we see.
3. Thus our bliss will last for ever;
While we enjoy thy love and favour,
And safe beneath thy shadow rest,
We with joyful acclamation
Adore thee as thy congregation,
Thou art our Head and Lord con-
fess'd :
To thee, Ancient of Days,
Be honour, power, and praise
Now and ever . "
Lord, grant that we-eternally

May put our trust alone in thee. Countess Zinzendorf.

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Accept our promises: (sion Thy death, thy wounds, and pasAbide our heart’s confession,

Till we shall see thee face to face.

C. R. v. Z. 707.4 T. 185. HEAD and Ruler of thy congre

gation, Which thou lov'st unspeakably, And to whom thou oft a deep senGiv'st of thy complacency; (sation () regard our hearts within us glow

ing, (o'erflowing, And the contrite tears our eyes While we blush with humble

shame, And adore thy holy name.

2. Jesus, great High-priest of cur profession, We in confidence draw near; (sion Condescend in mercy the confesOf our grateful hearts to hear: Thee we gladly own in every nation Head and Master of thy congregation. Conscious that in every place Thou dispensest life and grace. 3. Thy blest people, trusting in thy merit, On the earth’s extended face, From each other far, but one in spirit, Sound with one accord thy praise: May we never cease to make confession, (salvation: That thy death's the cause of our We to thee, our Head and King, Joyful Hallelujahs sing. Z.

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HIGH on his everlasting throne,
The King of saints his work surveys,
Marks the dearsouls he calls his own,
And smiles on his peculiar race:
He rests well pleased their toil to
Beneath his easy yoke they move,
With all their heart and strength
In the sweet labour of his love.
2. His eye the world at once looks
A vast uncultivated field; (thro’,
Mountains and vales in ghastly show
A barren, uncouth prospect yield:
Clear'd of the thorns by civil care,
A few less hideous wastes are seen;
Yet still they all continue bare,
And not one spot of earth is green.

3. See, where the servants of their A busy multitude, appear; (God,

For Jesus day and night employ'd,
His husbandry they toil to clear:
The love of Christ their hearts
constrains, (hands;
And strengthens their unwearied
They spend their blood, and sweat,
and pains,
To cultivate Immanuel's lands.

4. Alarm'd at their successful toil,
Satan and his wild spirits rage:
They labour to tear up, and spoil,
And blast the rising heritage:
In every wilderness they sow
The seed of death, the carnal mind;
They would not let one virtue grow,
Nor leave one seed of good behind.

5. Yet still the servants of their Lord

Look up, and calmly persevere;

Supported by the Master's word,

The adverse powers they scorn to fear;

Gladly their happy work pursue;

The labour of their hands is seen, Their hands the face of earth renew, Some spots at least are lively green.

6. To dig the ground they thus bestow (clod Their lives; from every soften’d They gather out the stones, and sow The immortal seed — the Word of God: (prayers, They water it with tears and They long for the returning word: Happy, if all their pains and cares Can bring forth fruit to please their Lord.

7. Jesus their work delighted sees,
Their industry vouchsafes to crown;
He kindly gives the wish’d in-
crease, (down:
And sends the promis'd blessing
The sap of life, the Spirit's powers,
He rains incessant from above;
He all his gracious fulness showers,
To perfect their great work of love.

8. He prospers all his servants' toils;
But of peculiar grace he chose
A flock, on whom his kindest smiles
And choicest blessings he bestows,
Devoted to their common Lord—
True followers of the bleeding
By God belov'd, by men abhorr'd,
Distinguish’d by the hidden name.

9. Here many faithful souls are found - (dow’d,

With power of heavenly love en

Full of the light of life, and crown'd

As kings and priests, to serve their God:

With burning zeal for Christ they shine,

Their body, soul, and spirit give,

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