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Grant us and all our children | 'T is free mercy, we must own, grace,

(praise, And the gift of God alone. In word and deed thy name to

4. In this vain and wretched world Yea, in each family, thy will

Children are expos'd and tried; And purpose to fulfil.

Many are to ruin hurld,

Few in Jesus Christ abide 864.

T. 22.

And no human prudence can O LORD, who number'st all our Save the soul of fallen man. days,

5. Here's a task, may parents think, Who guardest us in all our ways, Far beyond the reach of art; In whom we live, and move, and But let not your courage sink, are,

(est prayer;-- Grace and wisdom he'll impart, Who know'st our wants, and hear- | Your sincere endeavours bless, 2. Endow all parents with thy love, Hear your prayers, and grant sucAnd give them wisdom from above To educate each child for thee, 6. Hear, O Lord, a parent's prayer, As thy redeemed property.

Let my tears prevail 'fore thee: 3. Grant us and all our children How should I in heaven appear, grace,

If my child were not with me? So here on earth to run our race,

Therefore thou my steps direct, That we in may meet, and Lest my duty I neglect. sing

7. In thy grace my children keep, Eternal praise to thee, our King. That when once, on that great

J. Swertner. day,

Thou shalt come to seek thy sheep, 865. T. 581 or 83.

I may gladly to thee say, PARENTS, weigh before the Lord

“ Here am I, thro' mercy free,

And each child thou gavest me.” The importance of your state;

C. J. La Trobe. Learn from his most holy Word Your whole walk to regulate,

866. T. 79. That each to his family May a blessed pattern be.

I AND my house will serve the 2. All your children are his own, Lord: He hath bought them with his But first obedient to his word blood,

I must myself appear:

(show, Unto him their souls are known, By actions, words, and temper

Full of sin and void of good: That I my heavenly Master know, Yet he saith most graciously, And serve him with a heart sincere. - Suffer them to come to me.” 2. I must the fair example set: 3. 'Tis by you they should be led From those that on my pleasure In the narrow way to bliss ;

wait Grace is not inherited

The stumbling-block remove: As a worldly fortune is; Their duty by my life explain,

T. 586.

T. 167.

And still in all my words maintain | Hear the parents' sighs and prayers, The gentle dignity of love.

When for them before thee weep3. Easy to be entreated, mild, Mercy for our children we, (ing; Quickly appeas'd and reconcil'd, Gracious Lord, implore of thee.

B. La Trobe. A follower of my God; A saint indeed I long to be,

869. And lead my faithful family Onward in the celestial road.

O MAKE each family a temple, 4. Lord, if thou didst the wish infuse, A consecrated house to thee: A vessel fitted for thy use

May we by word and by example

To all around us patterns be: (ing Into thy hands receive: Work in me both to will and do,

To every husband grant that blessAnd show them, how believers true, And to the wives give grace,

To lift up holy hands unceasing; How humbly real Christians live.

C. Wesley. (ad.) Array'd in lowliness,

Thy name to praise.

T. 166.
OUR children, gracious Lord and

With fervour we to thee com-

870. Thou hast redeem'd them by thy blood;

WHO for Israel's consolation Thy blessing on them all descend: Here like Simeon humbly wait, Kind Shepherd, take each little Shall behold the Lord's salvation; lamb

Then their joy will be complete: Into thy faithful arms of love; May we follow his example, Cause them to know thy saving Trusting in God's promises,

Wait for Jesus, in his temple, And thy redeeming grace to prove. Daily offer prayer and praise.

B. La Trobe. 2. On us, their parents, grace bestow, (ness,

871. That we, with care and faithfulMay lead them thee, our Lord, to WE with joy confess, beloved Saknow,

viour, To obey thy word, and seek thy face: Thee, the widow's special Friend ; Teach us the duties of our state, We are objects of thy love and To love each other heartily,

favour, Our children so to educate (thee. Thou on us thy life didst spend: That they may love and follow Thou with more than husband's

J. Swertner. love dost lead us,

868. T. 83. Thy all-bounteous band doth daily IN this world, so full of snares, All our wants thou dost supply; Take our children in thy keeping; | Thus our cruse is never dry.


T. 185.

feed us,

2. Thou hast promis’d for our con- But possess our souls in patience, solation,

Passing thro' this vale of tears : That we shall not come behind Wean'd thereby from things terresIn the gifts, which to thy congre trial, gation

Let us look for joys celestial, Thou dispensest, of each kind : Waiting for that time, when we May we, to thy service dedicated, From all sorrow shall be free. And to thee, like Anna, consecrated,

2. Meanwhile God the Holy Spirit For thy blest appearing wait; Is our pledge of joys to come, Then to heaven our souls translate. Of the bliss we shall inherit

Charlesworth. When above with Christ at home: 872.

Oh, this blessed meditation

Yields us solid consolation, MIDST the trials we experience, That we shall, when time is o’er, May we not give way to fears, With the Lord be evermore.

T. 168.


T. 10.

A. THE NEW YEAR. Of thy most Holy Spirit,

Until we heaven inherit.

6. () God of our salvation, YEAR after year commences,

Withhold no kind donation
And, as our life advances,
We, strength from Christ deriving, In this new year thy favour.

From us, but let us savour
Each year by faith are thriving.

P. Gerhard. 2. As in tempestuous weather


T. 585. A kind and tender mother Her babe from harm protecteth, WHILE successive years are wastAnd safely home conducteth :


Still our God abides the same; 3. Shelters Christ our Saviour His children by his favour,

All his words are everlasting, And proves in each temptation

All his works his love proclaim: Their refuge and salvation.

Men and angels, : 11:

Sing thrice holy to his name. 4. Lord, grant thy benediction To every thought and action;

2. Out of love he man created, On youth and age declining,

And ordain'd him God's delight; Thou Sun of grace, be shining.

Nor was this his love abated,

When man lost God's image bright; 5. O heep our souls and senses Then compassion : 11: Under the influences

Brought redemption's plan to light.

3. Here is love divine portrayed, But hasten through this vale of
So that man the lines may trace; woe,-
See, O man, God's love displayed | And, restless to behold thy face,
In thy Saviour's marred face: Swift to our heavenly country move,

Wouldst thou praise him, :11: Our everlasting home above.
Be thy theme redeeming grace. 3. We've no abiding city here,
4. Bear in mind how Jesus suffer'd, But seek a city out of sight;
He, the righteous, for th' unjust;

Thither our steady course we steer, How his sinless soul he offer'd Aspiring to the plains of light;Unto God for sinful dust;

Jerusalem, the saints' abode, Love thus triumph’d, :||:

Whose founder is the living God. Mighty now to save the lost.

4. Patient th’appointed race to run, 5. Lo, the incarnate God ascended, This weary world we cast behind; Pleads the merits of his blood; From strength to strength we travel Now all enmity is ended,

The new Jerusalem to find : (ou, Man is reconcil'd to God;

Our labour this, our only aim, All the ruin : 11:

To find the new Jerusalem. Of his fall is now made good.

5. Through thee, who all our sins 6. We shall see our Lord returning, hast borne, Then the sav'd their heads shall Freely and graciously forgiv'n, raise;

(mourning With songs to Zion we return, He will change their grief and Contending for our native heaven; Into notes of endless praise:

That palace of our glorious King; As Jehovah : 11:

We find it nearer while we sing. Every tongue will him confess.

6. Rais'd by the breath of love 7. Sing with glad anticipation,


(renew'd; Mortals and immortals, sing, We urge our way, with strength Jesus comes with full salvation, The church of the first-born to join, Jesus doth his glory bring; We travel to the mount of God; Hallelujah, : 1:

With joy upon our heads arise, Lord of lords, of kings the King. And meet our Captain in the skies.

C. Wesley. 875.

LEADER of faithful souls, and
Of all that travel to the sky, (Guide AGAIN another fleeting year
Come, and with us, ev'n us abide, Of my short life is past;
Who would on thee alone rely ;

I cannot long continue here,
On thee alone our spirits stay,

And this may be my last. While held in life's uneven way.

2. Much of my dubious life is gone, 2. Strangers and pilgrims here Nor will return again; below,

(place; And swift my passing moments run, This earth we know is not our The few that yet remain.

T. 90.

T. 14.

3. Now a new scene of time begins; Who reigns, in light enthron'd on

Press on, my soul, to heaven; high, Seek pardon of thy former sins, Ancient of never-ending days;

By Christ it will be giv’n. Who lengthens out our trial here, 4. Devoutly yield thyself to God,

And spares us yet another year. And on his grace depend; 2. Barren and wither'd, worthless Un wearied walk the heavenly road, trees, Nor doubt a happy end.

Alas! wecumber'd long the ground; La Trobe. No pleasant fruit of holiness

On our dead souls was ever found; 877.* T. 167. Yet mercy stay'd our doom severe: FAITHFUL souls their Saviour's “Oh, spare them yet another year.' blessing

3. Jesus, thy interceding blood Crave on each succeeding day,

From God for us obtain'd the grace, Asking, “Are we onward pressing? Who mercifully hath bestow'd

What may Jesus have to say ? On us a longer time and space: Are the ways of sin unpleasant ?

Thou didst in our behalf appear, Do we hold our Saviour fast? And, lo, we see another year. Are we more like him at present, 4. Then dig, we pray, about our

Than we were in seasons past ?”. root, 2. Great defects are still revealed; O Lord, break up our fallow-ground, Short we fall of his blest aim;

And henceforth let our gracious Then the conscious soul is filled


(abound; With a deep, but wholesome To thy great name's sole praise shame;

O let us all thy praise declare, Earnest to improve the morrow,

And fruit unto perfection bear. We our yesterday review,

C. Wesley. (ad.) While the tear of godly sorrow


T. 166. Saddens, but enlivens too.

LORD Jesus, 'midst thy flock ap3. Jesus, for thy faithful leading, Which throughout our course we


Thy ransom'd congregation bless ; trace,

We meet to close another year, We adore thee, still proceeding Onward in the path of grace:

Accept the thanks our hearts exWhile another year we enter,

We are not able to record (press :

The boundless favours we have We renew our vows of love, All for thee resolv’d to venture;



They show that we, most gracious Our benign conductor prove.

J. Schmidt.

'Midst our defects by thee are lov’d.

T. 90.



T. 97. THE almighty Lord of earth and WHO can rehearse, most gracious sky,

Lord, The God of ages let us praise ; The mercy which thou dost afford

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