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And still in all my words maintain
The gentle dignity of love.
3. Easy to be entreated, mild,
Quickly appeas'd and reconcil'd,
A follower of my God;
A saint indeed I long to be,
And lead my faithful family
Onward in the celestial road.

4. Lord, if thou didst the wish infuse,
A vessel fitted for thy use
Into thy hands receive:
Work in me both to will and do,
And show them, how believers true,
How humbly real Christians live.
C. Wesley. (ad.)

867. T. 166. OUR children, gracious Lord and God, (mend;

With fervour we to thee comThou hast redeem'd them by thy blood; Thy blessing on them all descend: Kind Shepherd, take each little lamb Into thy faithful arms of love; Cause them to know thy saving name, And thy redeeming grace to prove, 2. On us, their parents, grace bestow, (ness, That we, with care and faithfulMay lead them thee, our Lord, to know, To obey thy word, and seek thy face: Teach us the duties of our state, To love each other heartily, One children so to educate (thee. That they may love and follow J. Swertner.

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viour, Thee, the widow's special Friend: We are objects of thy love and favour, Thou on us thy life didst spend: Thou with more than husband's love dost lead us, Thy all-bounteous hand doth daily feed us, All our wants thou dost supply; Thus our cruse is never dry.

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3. Now a new scene of time begins;
Press on, my soul, to heaven;
Seek pardon of thy former sins,
By Christ it will be giv'n.
4. Devoutly yield thyself to God,
And on his grace depend;
Unwearied walk the heavenly road,
Nor doubt a happy end.

La Trobe.

877.4. T. 167.

FAITH FUL souls their Saviour’s blessing

Crave on each succeeding day, Asking, “Are we onward pressing? What may Jesus have to say? Are the ways of sin unpleasant? Do we hold our Saviour fast? Are we more like him at present, Than we were in seasons past?”

2. Great defects are still revealed;
Short we fall of his blest aim;
Then the conscious soul is filled
With a deep, but wholesome
Earnest to improve the morrow,
We our yesterday review,
While the tear of godly sorrow
Saddens, but enlivens too.
3. Jesus, for thy faithful leading,
Which throughout our course we
We adore thee, still proceeding
Onward in the path of grace:
While another year we enter,
We renew our vows of love,
All for thee resolv’d to venture;
Our benign conductor prove.

J. Schmidt. 878. T. 90. THE almighty Lord of earth and

sky, The God of ages let us praise;

Who reigns, in light enthron'd on high, Ancient of never-ending days; Who lengthens out our trial here, And spares us yet another year. 2. Barren and wither'd, worthless trees, Alas! we cumber'd long the ground; No pleasant fruit of holiness On our dead souls was ever found; Yet mercy stay’d our doom severe: “Oh, spare them yet another year.” 3. Jesus, thy interceding blood From God for us obtain'd the grace, Who mercifully hath bestow'd On us a longer time and space: Thou didst in our behalf appear, And, lo, we see another year. 4. Then dig, we pray, about our root, O Lord, break up our fallow-ground, And henceforth let our gracious fruit (abound; To thy great name's sole praise 0 let us all thy praise declare, And fruit unto perfection bear. C. Wesley. (ad.)

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