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T. 79.

2. Countless hosts before God's How bless'd will then be my conthrone,


(see: Where the Lamb resideth, When in my flesh I Christ shall And, as God and Man, his own Tho' happy in his love's fruition

To life's fountain guideth, Ev'n here, with him I long to be. Now possess-perfect bliss, Which to us is wanting,

3. What heavenly joy and consolaAnd for which we're panting.


This hope affords unto my heart, 3. What here sickens, sighs, and That Christ, the God of my salvagroans,

tion, There will prove victorious ; Will me receive when I depart; Earthly here are sown our bones, Then in his presence I for ever

They shall rise most glorious; With the redeem'd shall sing his Death and woe,-every foe

praise: Which us here annoyed, O make me ready, blessed Saviour, There will be destroyed. To leave this world, and see thy

face. 4. May this ever blessed hope

Gregor. Fill our hearts with gladness, And ’midst weakness bear us up,

988. Till from sin and sadness

WHILE we anticipate the day We shall be-wholly free,

That calls our longing souls away, And above for ever

What transports fill the breast! Praise our gracious Saviour.

J. v. Assig.

For lo, our great Redeemer waits,

Unfolds the everlasting gates, 987.* T. 184. And calls us to eternal rest.

2. Ev'n now to our expecting eyes AT God's right hand in countless The heaven-built towers of Salem numbers

Ev'n now with glad survey (rise; Thejust, made perfect, joyful stand; We view her mansions, that contain And, freed from all that here en- The angelic hosts, the blessed train, cumbers,

And shine with everlasting day. Inherit now the heavenly land: Our souls, with sweet anticipation, 3. Hither, from earth's remotest end, By faith these glorious realms de- Lo, the redeem'd of God ascend, scry;

(and nation Their tribute hither bring; And from each kindred, tongue, Here, crown'd with everlasting joy, We hear loud anthems fill the sky. To sing his praise is their employ,

To hail with songs the immortal 2. When, O when shall I have the

King. favour

(days, To see the approach of those blest 4. We too shall join the choirs When I shall welcome my dear above, Saviour

(lays? Where all is peace, and joy, and With solemn strains, with joyful love,

T. 14.

T. 14.

Where faith is chang'd to sight: Walking in all his ways, they find Then shall we mix with that blest Their heaven on earth begun. throng,

(song, 2. The church above no other theme And raise the ransom'd sinner's

But Jesus' love doth know; In realms of everlasting light. In joyful hymns they praise his

name, 989.

We do the same below.
THERE is a house not made with | 3. Him in his glorious realms they

Eternal, and above; (hands, praise,
And here my spirit waiting stands, And bow before his throne;

Till it shall hence remove. We, in the kingdom of his grace: 2. My Saviour hy his saving grace

The kingdoms are but one.
Prepareth me for heaven;
And, as an earnest of the place,

992. Hath his own Spirit giv'n.

THERE, where my blessed Jesus 3. We walk by faith of joys to come, reigns Faith lives upon his word;

In heaven's unmeasur'd space, But while the body is our home, I shall a long eternity

We're absent from the Lord. Spend in ne'er-ceasing praise. 4. 'Tis pleasant to believe thy grace, 2. Dear Jesus, every smile of thine But we would rather see;

Will fresh endearments bring; We would be absent from the flesh, And streams of ever-new delight And present, Lord, with thee. From all thy graces spring.


3. Haste, my Beloved, fetch my soul 990.

Up to thy blest abode;

Haste, for my spirit longs to be COME, Lord, and warm each lan

With thee, my Lord and God. guid heart,

Watts. Inspire each lifeless tongue : And let the joys of heaven impart

993. Their influence to our song.

GOD hath laid up in heaven for me 2. Sorrow, and pain, and every care, A crown which cannot fade;

And discord, there shall cease; The righteous Judge at that great And perfect joy and love sincere, Will place it on my head. (day Adorn the realms of peace.

2. Nor hath the King of grace de3. The soul, from sin for ever free,

This prize for me alone; (creed Shall mourn its power no more; But all shall it obtain who love But, cloth'd in spotless purity,

The appearance of his Son. Redeeming love adore. Watts.

Watts. 994.*

T. 205. HAPPY the souls to Jesus join'd, WITH thee, Lord, while I remain, And sav'd by grace alone ;

Thou wilt near thy child abide,

T. 14.

T. 14.


T. 14.

Till, thy perfect aim to attain,


T. 582. · I am wholly sanctified: All my wants, all my distress, "FOR ever with the Lord !” I'll to thee, my Lord, confess; Amen, so let it be ; Soon will come the happy day, Life from the dead is in that word, When all tears are wiped away, 'Tis immortality.


2. Here in the body pent, 2. Amen, yea, Hallelujah,

Absent from him I roam, Jesus, praise to thee be giv’n, Yet nightly pitch my moving tent That a place for me, thro' grace, A day's march nearer home. Is by thee prepar’d in heaven:

3. My Father's house on high ! Ah, how blest will be my case, Home of my soul! how near When I shall behold thy face, At times to faith's foreseeing eye, And, from pain and sorrow free, Thy golden gates appear. Live for evermore with thee.

F. W. Neisser. 4. Ah! then my spirit faints

To reach the land of love, 995. r. 114. The bright inheritance of saints,

Jerusalem above. THE just made perfect, now in 5. Yet clouds will intervene, glory seated

And all my prospect flies; Around the throne enjoy eternal Like Noah's dove, I fit between bliss,

Rough seas and stormy skies. Beholding God our Saviour as he

6. Anon the clouds dispart; is;


The winds and waters cease; Ah, when shall I poor traveller be and sweetly o'er my gladden'd heart To join that happy, numerous com

Expands the bow of peace. pany,

(see. And my Redeemer face to face to 7. “ For ever with the Lord !"

Father, if 'tis thy will, 996.*


The promise of that faithful word

Even now to me fulfil. WHAT happiness,

8. Be thou at my right hand, What joy and happiness,

Then I can never fail; Lord, shall we then possess, Uphold thou me, and I shall stand; When we adore thee,

Fight, and I must prevail. With angels fall before thee,

9. So, when my latest breath And see thy face:

Shall rend this vail in twain, What happiness!

By death I shall escape from death, 2. Amen, Amen,

And life eternal gain. Then will in highest strain

10. Knowing as I am known, Unto the Lamb once slain

How shall I love that word,
Eternal praises
Resound in heavenly places ;

And oft repeat before thy throne:

“For ever with the Lord !” Hallelujah. :11:

J. Montgomery.

T. B. p.

T. 159.

998. T. 249. In thee rejoicing here below,

Evin while in tears we sow:TO God we render praise, Who grants : 11: us new displays 2. O form us all, while we remain Of mercy all our days:

On earth, unto thy praise ; When Christ, the Son of man, again That each one fully may obtain Shall come, the angels in his train, Thy blessed aim thro' grace; May all of us who here

Till we in heaven thy face shall see, 'Fore him appear,

May spirit, soul, and body be Then meet him without fear. Preserv'd by thee against that day 2. How great our joy will be

Blameless, O Lord, we pray.

In heaven, :||: O Lord, where we
Thy glorious face shall see!
We then shall thee for evermore,

As the Lamb slain for us, adore;
In realms of glory bright,

1000. With saints in light

SING Hallelujah, praise the Lord, In hymns of praise unite.

Sing with a cheerful voice; 3. Repeat the solemn strain, Exalt our God with one accord, Worthy :||: the Lamb once slain ! And in his name rejoice : (host, Let all reply, Amen!

Ne’er cease to sing, thou ransom’d Blessing, and power, and majesty, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Thro' endless ages be to thee, Until in realms of endless light Who us by blood hast bought, Your praises shall unite. In mercy sought, And to thy fold us brought.

2. There we to all eternity

Shall join the angelic lays, 999,* T. 159. And sing in perfect harmony

To God our Saviour's praise: NOW, Lord, who in this vale of He hath redeem'd us by his blood, Dost lift thy gracious face (tears And made us kings and priests to Upon thy church, which thee reAnd givest us such peace, (veres, For us, for us the Lamb was slain : That sweetly we anticipate

Praise ye the Lord :The heavenly bliss for which we

AMEN. wait,

J. Swertner




T. 14.

T. 14.

T. 595.


1005. LET God, the Father, and the TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, And Spirit be adored, (Son, One God, whom we adore, Where there are works to make Be glory, as it was, is now, him known,

And shall be evermore. Or saints to love the Lord.


T. 595. 1002.

GIVE God the Father praise, TO God the Father's throne

Give glory to the Son; Perpetual honours raise ;

To God, the Spirit of all grace, Glory to God, the eternal Son;

Be equal honours done. To God, the Spirit, praise. 1003.

1007. SING we to our God above

PRAISE the name of God most Praise, eternal as his love,

high, Praise him, all ye heavenly host,

Praise him, all below the sky; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Praise him, 0 ye heavenly host

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! 1004.

T. 585. GREAT Jehovah! we adore thee,

1008. God the Father, God the Son, NOW the Triune God confessing, God the Spirit, joined in glory God the Father's name adore; On the same eternal throne: To the Son give praise and blessEndless praises : 11:

ing: To Jehovah, three in one.

Bless the Spirit evermore.

T. 11.

T. 11.

T. 16.

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