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No. Ah, come, thou most beloved 781
A blessed pattern Christ our 824 could we preach in every 734

blessed sense of guilt impart 210 do not of his goodness
cheerful confidence I feel 191 give me, Lord, myself to 456
child of God for ever pants 472 Lord, enlarge our scanty 295
child true happiness may 824 Lord, how apt am I to 447
country I've found

422 Lord, how very short I 309
dying, risen Jesus

might in my behaviour

faithful memory bestow 842 might my heart a mirror 64
guilty, weak, and helpless 18 remain, Ah, remain our 347
heart, in every thought 479 remember me for good 247
heart, resigned, submissive, 479 then my spirit faints 997
lowly mind impart to me 499 then we feel that life 784
mortal body he assum'd 571 whither should I go 248
pardon'd sinner I remain 20 who are we, thou God of 796
patient, a victorious mind 202 who can render thee just 150
second look he gave, which 284 why am I so blest

single eye, a faithful heart 453 why did I so late thee 388
single mind to me impart 507 Alarm’d at their successful 713
sinner on mere mercy cast 290 Alas! and did my Saviour 99
stranger and a pilgrim, I 919

from such a heart as 577
subject I of Christ my King 423 I knew not what I did 284
table for me he prepares


we own with conscious 101
Abide with me, from morn till 902 with shame, I own, that 484
Above the starry sky

559 All fears and terrors, when he 243
Abram rejoiced to see his day 261 glory be to God on high 32
Abundantly our Saviour's 608 glory power and might 277
Accept, O God of our salvation 881 glory to Immanuel's name 30

us as we are, though 339 glory to the Saviour's 200
According to the appointed 64 glory to the sovereign 556

to thy gracious 794 hail, our church's Elder 703
Act full of godlike majesty 791 his glorious work is done 132
Admit us, we pray
783 I ask for is, enough

Adored be the Lamb of God 565 may of thee partake 892
Afflicted souls, a wait the end 531 my hope and consolation 86
Again another fleeting year 876

my own schemes, each 437
as teacher of mankind 64 our days, O Jesus

we raise the strain 206 our woes he did retrieve 66
Against the fiercest pow’rs of 20 praise to thee, my God 906
Agonizing in the garden

righteousness did he fulfil 101



All self-lependence is but 643 And now he pleading stands 198

the bliss which we possess 365 now upon thy throne 378
the merciful are blessed 418 oh, when I have safely 538
the pains and sorrows 115 should I longer journey 343
the pure in heart are

418 since his name we knew 882
the world give praises due 34 this our joyful theme

they who weeping now go 67 though in heav'n exalted 148
things were made by 261

though their bodies turn 766
things with thee are 150 thus, to save our souls 23
those are blessed

641 what then is Jerusalem 644
those who by a beam of 276 when I'm to die

thou demandest, I give up 306 when I stand before thy 430
we, who are his people, 278 when these failing lips 794
who abide in faith and love 550 Angels from the realms of 40
who in Jesus' presence


sing before his throne 811
who love him, view his 962 Anon the clouds dispart 997

your children are his own 865 Another day is at an end 903
Almighty God, thou sovereign 151

harvest comes apace 885
God, thy word is 629 Apostles, martyrs, prophets 971
Although a pardon’d sinner's 939 Approach my soul the mercy 250
but little we can do 315 Arabia's desert ranger

his medicine cause 527 Archangels left their high

Am I longer here, midst 978 Are you form’d a creature

I of my salvation

445 Arise, and seek the things 521
Amazing grace, (how sweet 342 exert thy pow'r

Ambassadors of Christ


my happy soul, arise 20
Amen, Amen, then will in 996 my spirit, bless the day 31
Jesus' words are true 748

ye, who are captive led 22
ruler of thy church 435 Art thou not refresh'd with 647
thou sovereign God of 946 As a little child relies

yea, Hallelujah, Jesus 994 a thick cloud, let all our 463
yea, Hallelujah, Lord

365 birds their infant brood 644
Amidst this world's
509 children we are own’d by

An humble, lowly, contrite 479 ground, when parch'd 564
And am I, Jesus, one of those 651 guilty creatures could not 2

as successively we quit 617 his redeem'd from this 712
be it our concern to seek 404 in tempestuous weather 873
can it be, that I should 283 long as I have breath in 556
dost thou say: ask what 590 long as Jesus Lord

if I myself examine
5 long as we on earth

lest I should be ever led 827 man he pities my

Lord, whatever grief or 827 Mary ador'd

may the gospel's joyful 638) much when in the manger 191



As oft as we enjoy this 768 Be our Shepherd ev'ry day

oft this night as my pulse 909 present at our table, Lord 918
our head us move and 406

present with thy servants 722
pardon'd sinners we 338 present with us, Lord, our 760
Peter replied

397 still my heart; these 542
the branches are connected 512 this my one great business 241
the serpent rais’d by Moses 260 this our happy destiny 516
Thomas with awe

397 thou at my right hand 997
thy sheep—may we all thy 660 thou my only treasure 888
thy will, O my Saviour 534 thou my pattern, let me

't was of old, we now may 737 thou my shield and

Ashamed of Jesus, of my God 430 thou our strength, be 379

of Jesus, of my Lord 430 with me, Lord, where'er I 891

of Jesus, of that fr’nd 430 Bear in mind, how Jesus 874
Assist, and strengthen us, 0 220 then the reproach of 429

and teach me how to 891 Bearing my sins' heavy load 937
Assurance of our pardon 768 Before him set an open door 921
Assur'd, that Christ our King 198 Jehovah's awful throne 756
Assure my conscience of her 216 me place dread 241
Astonish'd at thy feet I fall

my eyes of faith 282
at thy footstool 130

our Father's throne 413
At all times may we ready be 404 the Father's awful 381
all times to my spirit bear 546 the heav'ns were

God's right hand, in 987

the Three in One 188
his call the dead awaken 959

the world I make my 310
his cross's foot now tarry 88 thou shalt as Judge

parting from thy little fold 145 thy cross we bow with 258
thy feet-at thy pierced 443

thy face, O Lord, most 152
thy through-pierced feet 976 thy throne we now 689
Attend me, Lord, in all my 919 Begone unbelief, for my 543

me through my 827 Behold, a great, a heavenly
O Saviour, to our 605

at thy commanding 613
the gospel trumpet


for fallen, guilty man 182
Author and guardian of my 321

him, all ye that pass 106
of the whole creation 908

how he with Peter 225
Awake, and sing the song 574

how in Gethsemane 74
my heart, my soul 36

I fall before thy face 21
my soul, and with the 886

my soul, thy Saviour 353

our God incarnate 233
Baptiz’d into his death 762

the Lamb of God, who 233
Barren and wither'd worthless 878

the loving Son of God 101
Be known to us in breaking 697

the man; he beareth 79
our comfort which ne'er 327

the Saviour of





Behold, the Saviour of the 98 Blest is the tie that binds 413

the streams of sacred 97 is the work, O God and 622
the throne of grace


Jesus, gracious Saviour 255
thy prisoner; loose 635 Jesus what delicious 393
to us a child is born 25 Saviour, condescend 147
us Lord, rough stones 404 Saviour, on my soul 407
what love the Father 182 soul, how sweetly dost

Beholding with deep reverence 91 | Blind unbelief is sure to err 517
Believing souls, rejoice and 129 | Bliss beyond compare

we rejoice

285 Body and soul's at thy 725
Beloy'd for Jesus' sake

747 Boldest foes dare never come 125
Beloved, white and ruddy 120 Bonds, and stripes and 429

youths, if 't is your 855 Both to the seraph and the 49
Beside him, we will nothing 362 Bow down, ye followers of the 681
Besprinkle with thy blood my 484 Bow'd down beneath a load 250
Besprinkled with thy precious 910 Bread of life, Christ by whom 793
Bestow on me a simple mind 506 Break, O break this heart of 252
Bethany, 0 peaceful

329 Breathe comfort, where 211
Beyond a doubt, I rest 426

on these bones, so 219
thy utmost wants 588 Brethren, let us join to bless 568
Bid me live-bid a dying 443 Bride of the Lamb, I'm one 651

ús call to mind thy cross 774 of the Lamb, thou 658
Bless ev'ry thought and action 888 Brought safely by his hand 542

me this day, Lord Jesus 888 Burden’d with guilt, convinc'd 592
O Lord, we pray, thy 609 Buried in baptism with our 761
O my soul, the God of 569 But ah! how faint our

us all, both old and 618 But alas! the spark how 116
Blessed are the meek in


all who know themselves 461
are the poor in spirit 418 are there such among us 653
Jesus, all our hearts

examine first your case

Jesus, we implore thee 475 give thyself, my Jesus 301
name of Jesus
62 gracious Lord, when I

they, who are despised 418 hence our confidence 101

who without cessation 418 himself I must behold 390
Blessing and praise we give 130 how happy is the soul 473
honour, glory, might 174 I am proud and

Blessings abound where'er he 753 I shall share a glorious 624
Blest are they, supremely 336 lest my feeble steps

are they, who follow 270 Oh, I'm blind and

are they, who gladly 418 Oh, my Lord, one look 451
be that sacred covenant 923 Oh, the house of living 646
he, that comes to

48 Oh, what off'ring shall I 299
inhabitants of Zion 640 see, the fields are white 742



But since my Saviour I have 268 Can any ill distress my heart 181

since the pure in heart 339 we thy triumphs e'er 143
since words the happiness 811 Cast thy burden on the Lord 535
sinners, who with pung. 276 Cause all disharmony and 220
tears of joy must ever 573 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to 973
there's a voice of

18 Chastise me, when I do amiss 444
thine all-seeing eye then 444 Cheer thy chosen witnesses, 603
thou declarest in thy 964 Cherish us with kindest care 406
thou my kind, almighty 457 Chief of ten thousand, now 619
thy reviving gospel word 239 Children of God lack nothing 163
to Mount Zion we are


of God look up and 133
we can hope, thy word 721

of God who walk by 200
what gentle voice my


of the heavenly 421
while here I'm left 116 Chosen flock thy faithful 679
while on earth I tarry 120 Christ being risen from the 135
who can pay that mighty 402 by his blood aton'd for 761
why do tears, and grief 333 crucified, my soul by 477
will indeed Jehovah 637

how are thy people

yet his mercy to man's 49

is our Master, Lord and 714
By all the saints around his


is risen from the dead 945
all thy grief, thy tears and 73 is the vine, we branches 510
all thy pains for me 947 Jesus is that precious 757
Christ we're screened 531

Jesus once to death 127
day and night our steps


my Redeemer, Lord 374
faith I plunge into this 266

my Rock, my sure 945
faith I see the hour at 268

our ever blessed

faith through outward 71

shall the banquet

faith we claim him as our 381 the good Shepherd,

his own pow'r were all 193 the Lord, the Lord 37
love's closest bonds united 659 the true paschal Lamb 285
my own strength I can't 449 thy all-atoning death 652
sea and land, by night and 920 thy flock doth hunger 787
these may I be warn'd 13

thy wounds and bitter 86
thine illumination


whose glory fills the 205
this sacrament we are 776 | Christians are not here below 424
thy bitter agony


dismiss your fear 131
thy reconciling love 408 Church of Christ be glad 657
thy Spirit me reprove


of Christ sing and 654
thy Spirit's light

of Christ thy

various maxims, forms, and 268 who art arrayed 675

Circumcise our sinful hearts 66
Calvary's mournful mountain 113 Cleanse me, O Lord—my

Can a woman's tender care 401 | Closely by love's sacred bands 945

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