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Closely I'll follow Christ with 651 Come, ye redeemed of the 30
join'd to thee our 406

ye sinners, poor and 227
Cloth'd in thy righteousness 245

ye that heavy laden 225
Cold is my love; hence sin 242

ye weary, heavy laden 2:27
mountains and the 69 Command thy blessing from 626
Come, all ye souls, by sin 229

thy blessing in this 6:26
approach to Jesus' 778

thy blessing Jesus, 626
blessed Spirit, gracious 210 Commit thou every grievance 157
faithful Shepherd bind 445 Communing with the Lamb 324
Holy Ghost, come Lord 208 Compassion for man's fallen 98
Holy Ghost eternal 220 Complete thy work, and 302
Holy Ghost inspire my 380

thy work, my grac's 449
Holy Ghost my soul 224 Conceal’d amid the gathering 272
Holy Ghost our souls 218 Concern’d for more grace

Holy Ghost the Saviour's 170 Confiding in thy name

Holy Ghost with Jesus 786 Conquering Lord, to heav'n 974
Holy Spirit, come 212 Convince us first of unbelief 210
Holy Spirit on us 216

us of our sin

let us join our cheerful 570

us that the Lamb 219
Lord, and warm each 990 Could I exalt thee worthily 382
lowly souls, that 767 I with him spend all 398
my soul, thy suit 589

we bear from one 377
near, and bless us, 902 we sinners fully tell 811
O my fellow sinners 235

we tune our hearts and 78
O my soul and sing 818 Counsel and deed are one 150
saith thy bride, who 936

me, dearest Jesus 923
einners, come, though 2:25 | Countless hosts before God's 986
sinners, Jesus will 24 Creatures with all their 151
sinners, to the gospel 229 Cross, reproach, and

sinners to your


sinners view the incar. 25 Daily to Jesus we'll look up 843
sinners view the Lamb 100 Dark and cheerless is the 205
soon, O) come

977 | Day nor night, never let us 1
then, and take this 833 of judgment! day of 959
then, and to my soul 282 Dead to the world, when I'm 904
then ye needy sinners, 101 Dear Jesus, every smile of 992
thou divine Interpreter

3 Jesus, when I think on 393
thou universal blessing 52 Lord, accept a sinful 448
to me, saith the Lord 236 Lord my soul desireth 482
to the living waters, 231 Lord thy sovereign aid 298
weary souls, with sin
237 Lord when I trace

with thy saving

593 Lord while we adoring 349
worship at Immanuel's 207 Saviour, bless us from 617



Dear Saviour I resign 292 Endow all parents with thy 864

Saviour let thy powerful 237 him with a heav'nly 921
Shepherd of thy chosen 613 Engrave this deeply in my 402

Shepherd of thy people 638 Enjoy then with the church, 712
Dearest Jesus, come to me 394 Enrich me always with thy 891

Jesus, in this world 351 Enter his gates with thankful 756
Saviour, we adore 260 Ere I close my eyes in

Deep, in unfathomable mines 517 we know our lost

Deeply conscious of

709 we taste the rich repast 770
convinc'd of sin, I cry 437 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord 758
Delivered from this mortal

gates their leaves 138
Desponding soul, thou needst 518

Sun of righteousness 614
Destroy, O Lord, the carnal 305

thanks be thine 355
Devoutly yield thyself to God 876 Every island, sea and

Did but Jesus' love and merit 399 Everywhere, with shoutings 740

ever mourner plead with 5474 Evidence by word and action 659
ever trouble thee befall 542 | Evil and few, as Jacob says 946
I meet no trials here 529 Ev'n now to our expecting 988

the Lord a man become 58 Exalted on his glorious 268
Didst thou, Lord Jesus me


thou not in our flesh 282 Fain would I, dear Redeemer 6
Direct, control, suggest this 886 would I my Lord

Dismiss us with thy blessing 632 would I think on all 322
Distracting thoughts and 628 Fainting beneath the cross's 80
Do thou with faith discharge 158 Faith comes by hearing God's 262
Doth howe'er in my frail 441 in the only sacrifice 592
Draw me, a sinner, unto thee 225 is thy gift, thou

me, O Father, to the 189

on Christ's declaration 789
near to Jesus' table 789 Faithful Lord, my only joy 724
Due obedience thou didst 832

souls, their Saviour's 877
Dust and ashes though we be 270

to thee I now engage 293
Dwell therefore in our hearts 212 Faithfully thy Spirit me 440
Fall at his cross's foot

Each moment draw from 298 Far from the world, O Lord, 321
Early hasten to the tomb 113 Farewell, henceforth for ever 933
Earthly affections mortify 484

world, thy gold is 107
things do not regard 535 Father, behold thy son

Earth's glory to inherit 389

fix my soul on thee 500
Easy to be entreated, mild 866

God, thy love we 555
Eat and rest, at this great feast 770

I want a thankful 456
Eden, from each flowery bed 77

in us thy Son reveal 628
E’er since by faith I saw the 112

of all, almighty Lord 187
Effulgence of the light divine 202

of angels and of men 173
Embrace us in thy tender 839

of boundless grace



Father of eternal grace 184 For thee ( may I freely count 402

of Jesus Christ our 763 there thou choosest 041
of Jesus Lord of all 166 these our God hath 643
of mercies, condescend 921 this I'm longing

of the congregation 168 this let men revile my 718
to thy sinful child 291 thou art gracious, wise

whate'er of earthly
591 thou within no walls

Fear not; for this is he 103 thy death, thou art 347

not without reserve 468 us to heav'n thou didst 145
First let us duly count the 425 we have learn'd to love 816
Firstborn of many brethren, 295 we through grace are 281
Fix, O fix our wav’ring mind 270 we unworthy as we are 880

on that face thine eye 103 when their feeble hands 828

thy temple, Saviour, in 860 worthless me, 0 godlike 117
Fix'd on this ground will I 266

you the healing current 235
Fixing all our thoughts 934 Forbid, O Lord, each vain 447
Flesh I bear, and therefore 945 Forgive me, Lord, for thy 906
Flock of Christ, in fellowship 600

the follies of our times 611
of Christ, with exultat'n 806 Fountain of mercy, God of 883
of Jesus, be united 409 Free from the noisy, busy

Foes are round us, but we 421 Friend of my soul, O how 334
Follow to the judgment hall 113

of the friendless and 547
Food, to which the world's a 12 From all anxiety and dread 819
Fools never raise their


all that dwell below the 758
For all put in authority 610 busy scenes we now 619
all who wait upon the 857 Greenland's icy

ever he abides the same 465 him descends a beam of 310
ever here my rest shall be 92 him true hearinly life

ever then remain engravd 352 life and grace, (this we 263
ever with the Lord; Amen, 997 my own works at last I 450
ever with the Lord; Fath'r 997 sorrow, toil and pain 413
food he gives his flesh 818

the doctrines I'll ne'er 5
he thy case doth

518 the provisions of thy 154
him shall endless pray’r 753 thee I am, through thee 156
him shall pray’r unceas'g 754 their being join'd in one 403
mercies countless as the 577 this very day

mercy, mercy, Lord, I ask 455

thy holy habitation 692
our transgressions thou 109

thy majestic throne 678
should I e'er so faithful 277 vanity turn off my eyes 488
that blessed day

853 various cares my heart 546
the joy he set before thee 955

year to year, while we 839
the Lamb of God


thee he hangs, my soul, 573 Gentle is the coercion



Gethsemane can I forget 794 God holy Ghost to thee we 166
Give deep humility; the 592 God, holy Spirit, now impart 7

God the Father praise 1006 in Israel sows the seeds 529
grace, that as brethren 726 in man's death takes no 266
me a calm and thankful 591 is mighty to deliver 536
me grace in all

is my salvation

me grace to walk with 440 is my Saviour and my 520
me thy heart, my son! 300 moves in a mysterious 517
me thy strength, O God 718 never yet mistakes hath 557
me to read my pardon 590 of all grace, we come to 592
these, and then thy 592 of my life, on thee I call 547
to my eyes repenting 388

omnipotent Creator 893
to our God immortal 153 rais'd him up, when he 128
to the Lord of Lord's 153 reveals his presence; let 558
to the winds thy fears 162 reveals his pres. whom 558
us an humble, active 842 ruleth in heaven,

us ourselves, and Christ 210 who art love, the same 494
Gladly our own poor works 564 whom we serve, our 431
Gloomy thoughts must 549 with us: God appears

Glorious things of thee are 640 God's holy word, which ne'er 2
Glory and obedience

171 only Son-stupendous 380
in the highest be 847 Grace, and a sensation 438
to God, who safe hath 886

and peace from God 686
to God whose witness 431

grace-o that's a

to our great Creator 46

how exceeding great

to the Father give 847

is the only wish and 276
to the Father, Who in 171 Gracious Father, bless this 686
to the holy Ghost 847

Lord! Blessed is 660
to the Son we bring 847

Lord! I wish alone 303
unto Jesus be

Lord ! may we

unto Jesus, The man 171

Lord! our Sheph'd 679
Go, all ye wise, without 423

Lord! who by thy 418
forth, in spirit, go


Lord! with one 699
my soul, go, every day 125

Redeemer, Lamb of 455
then earthly fame and 428

Redeemer, thou hast 395
to dark Gethsemane 113

Redeemer, who for 373
up with shouts of praise 142

Saviour, bless thy 603
witness of the suffering 743

Saviour, mov'd by 53
ye flattering visions 503 Grant, Lord, that with thy 410
God and man indeed

Lord to thy congreg.

be prais'd! they who 139

me a deeper hold on 271
be prais'd; tho' in 481

me a harmless

hath laid up in heav'n 993 me an upright, simple 598



Grant me but this firm faith 779 Hallow'd to thee be every 922

me but this thou great 852 Happiness, delightful name 344
me steadiness
203 Happy meditation

me that meek and 64

race of witnesses

me the grace, while I 97

soul, thy days are 955
me the indubitable seal 224

the children who are 852
most gracious Lamb of 303

the children, who 851
that all of us may


the man, whose 501
that I may henceforth 462

the souls to Jesus 991
that we may love thee 487

the souls who contrite 281
that with thy chosen 655

thrice happy hour of

then, that I may

964 Hark! his dying word: 107
these requests, I ask no 590 how he groans, while 104
thy comforts to my


my soul! it is the 401
unto us continually 838 O my soul, what sing 337
us, and all our childr'n 864 the glad sound, the 57
us in meekness to

the herald angels sing 41
us resignation


the trump of God is 961
us to obey

209 Has he not tended us and 557
we, impelled by thy 728 | Haste glorious day, expected 749
Great defects are still revealed 877 my Beloved, fetch my

God, as seasons

885 thee on, from grace to 428
Highpriest, we view 81 then, O Lord, to thee 455
is the harvest, truly 737 Hath he join'd us to the

is the hidden mystery

25 Have we thro' dangerous 526
Jehovah, we adore 1004

you no words ? Ah! 595
the feast, to which 792 He as a poor mean child 32
Grounded on thy Saviour's 659 ascended up on high 139

blesseth me so sensibly 398
Had I an angel's heavenly 573 bore the curse of all 358

we angels' tongues 167 built the earth, he spread 153

we nought, nought 935 calls us brethren, not 566
Hadst thou not sought me

376 came to seek and save the 24
Hail, all hail, victorious Lord 136 comes, from thickest 57

Alpha and Omega hail 267 comes, the broken heart to 57
Church of Christ

651 comes, the prisoners to
First and last, thou 267

ever lives, to intercede 149
Lamb once slain, thy 560 every where hath way 162
the heav'n born prince 41 fills the sun with morning 153
thou wond'rous infant 38 freely laid his majesty 243
to the Lord's Anointed

754 fulfill'd all righteousness 66
your dread Lord and 196 grants us, for our tears -265
Hallelujah, praise be given 480 guides my soul to living 375


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