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He has dearly bought my soul 107 He who nought but Christ 504

hath himself the keys 131 who rules both heay'n and 33
hath with a pledge of
776 who striveth for

having triumph'd over 130 who unto his flesh and 819
help'd his saints in ancient 650 will present our souls 575
his mercy doth remember 861 Head and Ruler of thy 707
in the days of feeble flesh 149 of thy church, behold 682
is, and shall remain our 643 of thy congregation 680
is as long as life shall last 938 Heal me, O my soul's

is mine, and I am his 392 us, Immanuel, here we 272
is the head; each member 207 Hear him, ye deaf; his praise, 572
is the rock; how firm he 207 I not the golden harps 978
is the sun of righteousness 207 my requests, O Lord,

is the vine; his heavenly 207 0 Jesus, my complaints 252
keeps his own secure 188 O Lord, a parent's 865
knows the hours for joy 158 the joint petition 464
laid his glory by

198 ye sinners, peace and
left his bright, his glorious 27 Heav'nly Father, to whose 594
left his Father's throne 283

joy and holy

left his radiant throne on 349 Heav'ns kingdom none shall 759
loves and values me, I him 927 He'll never quench the 149
meekly all our sorrows 22 Help thy servant to maintain 594
ne'er shall weep more

853 us thy pleasure to fulfil 187
pardon'd me, like 135 Henceforth myself to thee I 359
prospers all his servant's 713 Here all our wants are well 790
rests now in peace

853 am I, blushing, weeping 94
rises, who mankind has 134

are we richly fed 676
sees us willing slaves 198 by Jesus' precious blood 982
sent his son, with power 153 come I, my Shepherd, 540
shall come down like


doth the Lord of life 105
shows me, how from him 449 I behold as in a glass 105
sings now above

853 I forget my cares and 100
speaks, and listening to 572 I would forever stay 368
that confides in his

158 I'll sit forever viewing 363
that hath help'd me 542 in constant, quick

the Mighty, he the Holy 861 in the body pent

took such in his arms on 953 in thy presence we
turn'd to me in tenderness 20 is a pasture, rich and 332
was offer'd on the tree 246 is an ensign on a hill 105
wash'd away my ev'ry 20 is love divine portrayed 874
who in self-righteousness 775 is the place, where 117
who is by Christ directed 504 it is good for us to be 796
who Jesus' mercy knows 775 it is I find my heaven 363


Here lies in death's embraces 120 His goodness and his mercies 375
many faithful souls are 713

grace subdues the pow'r 572
may we prove the pow'r 613 holy name for ever be

mercy's boundless ocean 237 holy Spirit we receive 276
more than Tabor's 796 looks of grace insure 398
my Sabbath is completed 122 love in times past me 543
on earth, here on earth 935 love is mighty to compel 229
pardon, life and joy 380 love what angel's thought 349
saith our kind, redeeming 785 loving heart we open see 819
stands the promise fair 588 mercy claims our highest 681
we now most humbly 770

mercy every sinner claims 837
when thy messengers

637 meritorious industry 813
when thy people seek 637 name, his nature soar 43
will I stay, and gaze 105 presence fills each heart 984
will I stay engaged in 117

presence sweetens all our 650
Here's a task, may parents 865

purposes will ripen fast 517
my claim, and here 77 redeem'd his praise show 132
Hereto we cheerful say: Amen 733 resurrection's pow'r divine 128
He's full of grace and truth 243 sovereign power, without 756

merciful and kind 265 Spirit cheers my spirit 519

my God, my flesh and 351 Spirit is the sovereign 519
Hidden from all ages past
116 Spirit purifies the heart

in Christ, the

289 sufferings have delivered 957
High in the heav'ns, eternal 154 thorns and nails pierce 100

on his everlasting 713 words with due attention 425
Highest King and Priest 203

wounds are open

Highly favour'd church thou 654 Hither each afflicted soul 775

favour'd cong., Founded 655 from earth's remotest 988

favour'd cong., Lov'd 659 sinners, all repair 116
Highpriest of thy church 670 Ho! every one, that thirsts, 231

on thee I call 204 ye needy, come, and 227
Him I shall see, whose 981 Holy awe pervades my heart 139

in all my works I seek 320 holy, holy, sings the 932
in his glorious realms 991 inviolate thy fear

to know is life and peace 320 Lamb and Prince of 419
His arm supports the sky 43 Lord! By thy body

blest people still on earth 961 Lord! Holy and

blood thy cause will plead 103 Spirit, we adore thee 168
blood which did for you 138 Trinity

body is dead

853 Honor to the Almighty 170
boundless years can ne'er 160 Hosanna our glad voices 846
church is still his joy and 133

to the royal Son 48
eye the world at once 713

to the Son



Hosanna to their heavenly King 637 How soon, when Satan tempts 449
How amiable !

641 sweet, how heavenly is 412
are thy servants blest, 0 746 sweet the name of Jesus' 59
bitter the cup, none can 543 sweet the precious gospel 573
blest am I, most gracious 334 sweet thy dwellings Lord 645
blest when we can say


sweet to leave the world 619
bright appears the morn'g 310 sweetly this our brother 954
bright these glorious spir. 984 the blood, which from 777
can a sinner here below 472 vast is here display'd 779
can I view the slaughter'd 366 very weak I am

condescending 't is, that 533 wretched they, who still 24
could I bear to be partak. 490 However weak and helpless 371
couldst thou love such 379 Human reason is too shallow 777
doth the old corruption 444 Humble, holy, all resigned 184
eager are my thoughts 448 Humbly to keep the door 642
glad am I, that I have 947 Hunger and thirst are felt no 984
great and wondrous was 127

thirst, disease unkn'n 983
great at last my joy will 433 Hungry and thirsty after thee 317
great our joy will be 998

and thirsty, faint and 697
great the bliss, to be a 332 Hush, dear child, lie still and 914
greatly doth my soul rej. 972

greatly he forgiveness 461 I am a little child you see 833
happy feels a contrite 135

am a poor sinner

happy we, when guilt 526 am assured, nor life, nor 936
heart-affecting Christ to 845 am the chief of sinners, yea 376
highly blest, how happy 331 and my house will serve 866
highly favor'd had I been 91 ask not honor, pomp or praise 493
is Jesus' sacred soul opp. 78 confess, O Lord, with deep 440
is my soul delighted 353 confidently do believe
lost was my condition 286 deliver'd thee when bound 401
much better thou 'rt att. 914 do not praise my lab'ring 156
much we're lov'd by God 387 fall at thy feet

needful strictly to enquire 459 feel how much in debt I am 356
pleasant is love's harm'y 411 feel the load of sin so vast 245
pleasant is our lot, how g. 333 fully am assured

precious are thy tho’ts 339 give myself to thee anew 462
precious is the book div. 10 give thee thanks unfeigned 82
sad our state by nature is 18 gladly will show forth thy 447
shall a young man cleanse 856 hear th' enraptur'd song

shall an infant pilgrim 829 I, and my transgressions 83
shall I follow him I serve 420 know that nought in me 437
shall I meet my Saviour 26 know the weakness of my 465
should I live in constant 946 look to Golgotha





I love his people and their ways 840 If aught should tempt my soul 538
love his tears and suff'rings 840 babes so many years ago

love mount Calvary, where his 840 but his arm support us still 431
love the Lord; he lent an ear 359 Christ is mine, then all is 341
love the Lord who died for me 840 done to obey thy laws 892
love to hear that he was slain 840 early thou wilt take me hence 833
love to think the time will 840 father, mother, children, wife 425
may not to thy courts repair 635 he all my wants supplied 523
must the fair example set 866 he his grace on us confer 843
thee adore, my gracious King 293 he is mine, I need not fear 341
now believe; in thee

248 he is mine, let friends forsake 341
now my soul and frail abode 905 he is mine, then tho' he frown 341
now wish to be

345 he is mine, unharm'd I pass 341
once was wh. dead in s. And 444 he shed his precious blood 523
once was wh. dead in s. Wholly 293 my sin’s burd. would oppress 334
open heart and soul to thee 781 on our daily course our mind 894
own, the fault is mine 397 once the plough in hand we 425
plead thy rich promise: 0 give 540 one member honoured be 406
saw One hanging on a tree 284 questioned by thee

see him in the garden 353

the Lord protect me

see him lead a suff'ring life 268 there's a fervor in my soul 318
see him look with pity down 268 thou, O Comforter

see his countenance defiled 80 thou should'st quickly end 764
see his hands and feet extended 80 thou thro’ thorny paths wilt 334
see my Saviour kneeling, 73 thou wilt have me longer 833
see my Saviour languish 79 to Jesus for relief

tell the hours, and days, and 936 to Jesus they appeal
thank thee, gracious Lord, 35 to me experience had not 364
thank thee, that in mercy thou 302 unto us our friends are good 837
thank thee with sincerest 376 with willing resignation

trust my guilt was done away 251 wounded love my bosom swell 538
unworthy sinner

357 yet while pardon may be 964
view the Lamb in his own 282 I'll be like Magdalen at thy feet 244
will a little pilgrim be 841 bless thee, and thou shalt 739
will my heart to thee resign 841 glory in nothing, but only 391
will rejoice in God my Saviour 50 go with thee my Saviour 79
will sing to my Creator 155 make thy wond'rous dying 8:26
wish, as faithful Christians do 493 never cease repeating 288
with sacred sorrow

357 praise thee with my heart 557
with the fallen human race 20 spare all needless thinking 534

would go from pole to pole 137 speak the honors of thy name 61
If any thing in us appears 472 trust my great physician's 527
asked, hast thou already 495

weep, whene'er he's not to 396



I'm lost in wonder and amaze 74 In midst of dangers, fears, and 746
often stubborn, vain and 824

my body when restor'd 945
overcome with humb. sh’me 361 my distress, I rais'd with f. 556
Immanuel, incarnate God 36 my forlorn condition, thou 353
our Brother now 929

my forlorn condition, who 288
to thee we sing 35 my Saviour's intercession 544
Immanuel's meritorious tears 67 our short warfare here bel. 734
Impart to us that needful good 839 peace will I lie down to sleep 909
Impress this truth upon my

274 pity look upon my need 239
thy wounds upon my 444 purest love their souls unite 862
Imprint thine image on my 825 search of empty joys below 231
In a moment stands before us 279 strains of wo our songs shall 121

age and feebleness extreme 941 temptation may we firmly 860
all distress to him I cry

533 that most dark and doleful 769
all I think, or speak, or do 71 that most precious river cl. 825
all our griefs he takes a sh. 149 the grave for me he lay 139
all wants, in all distresses 656 the hope of all this joy 961
all we do, constr’ed by love 128 the hour of dark temptation 12
anguish thou complainest 79 the lonely house of mourn's 414
ceaseless happiness they v. 852 the name of Jesus Christ 711
childhood and in youth 882 the Redeemer, as my Head 262
conversation be sincere 886 thee I live, and move, and 156
converse make me tractable 598 thee I trust by faith 354
darkest shades, if thou app. 896 thee O Christ, is all my h. 245
darkness we stray'd

209 thee we trust for ever 596
darkness willingly I stray'd 388 these our days exalt thy gr. 733
death's dark valley tho' I 887 thine image, Loril, thou 14
duties and in suff’rings too 72 this humble happy frame 496
each heart, O fix thy dwel’g 662 this sepulchral Eden 120
every pang, that rends the 141 this vain and wretched w’ld 865
every tempting, trying hour 921 this world so full of snares 868
evil long I took delight 284 thy blest kingdom we shall 627
fine spotless linen dress'd 982 thy death is all my trust 116
foreign realms and lands 746 thy family, O Jesus 655
heav'n and earth, who is like 689 thy garden here below 511
him complete I shine 358 thy grace my children keep 865
him I trust for evermore 277 thy love and knowledge 514
holy writ it is avow'd 261 thy most precious blood

humble grateful lays 586 thy righteousness array'd 66
Jesus love and peace 671 thy wounds, O Jesus 357
joyful hymns of praise 580 us, and round about us sh'e 639
manifested love explain 282 want my plentiful supply 323
mercy, Lord, remember me 907 weakness, pow'r divine he 501
mercy, Lord, this grace bes. 728 wisdom infinite thou art 151

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