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T. 14.

2. Children of God, look up and see That he hath such invariably Your Saviour, cloth'd with majesty, To taste his friendship raised,

Triumphant o’er the tomb: As Mary Magdalen and me, Cease, cease to grieve, cast off your Who nought can boast, but know fears,

that he In heaven your mansions he pre- Hath pardon'd our transgressions.

pares, And soon will come to take you

3. How happy feels a contrite heart

Enjoying Christ's salvation: home.

Those who have chosen Mary's part 3. His church is still his joy and And favourite occupation, crown,

Find in our Saviour, day and night, He looks with love and pity down A source of comfort and delight: On her he did redeem:

'Tis this makes life important. The members of that church he

4. He pardon'd me, like Magdalen; knows,

I love him, my Preserver; He shares their joys and feels their

I love him, but (it gives me pain) woes,

I love not with such fervour: And they shall ever reign with him.

When Jesus I shall once behold, Hammond.

I then shall feel as she of old, 134.

When he to her appeared.

Z. and others. ON this glad day a brighter scene Of glory was display'd


T. 185. By God the eternal Word, than when

HAIL, all hail, victorious Lord and This universe was made.


Thou hast burst the bonds of death; 2. He rises, who mankind has Grant us, as to Mary, that great bought

favour With grief and pain extreme: To embrace thy feet in faith : 'Twas great to speak the world from Thou hast in our stead the curse nought;

endured, 'Twas greater to redeem. W. And for us eternal life procured;

Joyful, we with one accord 135.* T. 132. Hail thee as our risen Lord. CHRIST, being risen from the tomb, 2. O thou matchless source of conTo Mary show'd his favour,

solation, And kindly called her by name: She, when she saw her Saviour, When a heart-enlivening salutation

Scarce thy resting moments end, Directly turn'd about in haste, His feet with heartfelt joyembrac'd, we would share thy dear disciples'

To thy children thou dost send : And hail'd her risen Master.

feeling, 2. His holy name for ever be As before their risen master kneelAdored, bless'd, and praised,


Thus shall we with all our heart Humbled the disciple stood, Witness what a friend thou art. And exclaim'd, "My Lord, my God."

Louisa v. Hayn.

137. T. 205. 2. I would go from pole to pole JESUS, who is always near

To behold my risen Lord; To assuage his children's grief,

But content thyself, my soul, Unto Thomas did appear,

Listen to thy Saviour's word; To remove his unbelief;

“ They who me by faith receive, "Come,” he said, “

Without seeing who believe,
my nail-prints

Trust my word and thereon rest, Andmyside the spear pierc'd thro”;” They abundantly are blest.”


138. T. 14. For the holy Trinity THE Lord ascendeth up on high,

Is to us in Jesus nigh.
Deck'd with resplendent wounds; 2. O mig all my wishes tend
While shouts of victory rend the sky, Unto Christ without cessation,

And heaven with joy resounds. He's my best and nearest friend, 2 Eternal gates their leaves unfold, Full of grace, truth, and salvation; Receive the conquering King,

I, when he is present, feel The angels strike their harps of gold, Happiness no tongue can tell. And saints triumphant sing.

3. Holy awe pervades my heart, 3. Sinners, rejoice; he died for you, When I see my great Creator

For you prepares a place; Of man's nature taking part, His Spirit sends, you to endow That he, as my Mediator,

With every gift and grace. Might lay down his life for me, 4. His blood, which did for you atone, And from death might set me free.

For your salvation pleads; And, seated on his Father's throne, Then arose with power and glorious,

4. In the grave for me he lay, He reigns and intercedes.

Grace triumphant to display,
J. Hart.

Proving over death victorious; 139.* T. 83. And for forty days was seen SURELY God is present here;

By his followers, God with men. Since the Lord with grace and fa- 5. When the Lord's disciples saw

Jesus, gloriously arrayed, To my spirit doth appear,

From their longing sight withdraw, As my Jesus, as my Saviour; In a cloud to heaven conveyed ;


T. 22.

Sure, alternate grief and joy (ploy. 15. Lo! glad I come, and thou, blest Did their hearts and thoughts em Lamb,

Shalt take me to thee as I am ; 6. He ascended up on high, Glorious and with honour crowned; Nothing but sin I thee can give; Cloth'd with power and majesty,

Nothing but love I shall receive. And at God's right-hand enthroned, 6. Then will I tell to sinners round, He doth still as man appear,

What a dear Saviour I have found: Pleading for us sinners there. I'll point to thy redeeming blood, 7. God be prais'd, they who are his, And say, “Behold the way to God.'

Cennick, In this present dispensation Nought essential ever miss,

141. Since they share in his salvation; Tho' unseen, he's nigh to all THE Lord, who once on Calvary Who in truth upon him call.


(dead, 8. O when will the time draw near, And rose triumphant from the That he, who to heaven ascended, Pursues in heaven this plan of Shall in majesty appear,

grace, By the heavenly hosts attended ?

The friend of man's apostate race. But we're silent:-to believe 2. There, as our advocate, be Is our lot, while here we live.


(pains; Gr.

Touch'd with the feeling of our

And still remembers in the skies 140. T. 22.

His tears, his groans, and agonies. JESUS, my all, to heaven is gone; 3. In every pang that rends the He whom I fix my hopes upon :

heart, His track I see, and I'll pursue The man of sorrows bears a part; The narrow way, till him I view.

In all our grief, our grief he shares, 2. The way the holy prophets And rescues us from Satan's snares. went,

(ment, 4. O let us then before his throne, The way that leads from banish- With boldness make our sorrows The King's highway of holiness, known;

(freed, I'll go, for all his paths are peace. And seek, from fears distrustful 3. This is the way I long had His grace to help in time of need. sought, (not;

Logan. And mourn'd because I found it My grief a burden long had been,

142.* Oppress'd with unbelief and sin.

GO up with shouts of praise, 4. The more I strove against their Go up, High-priest, to heaven, power,

(more; | Thou who the ransom'd race I sinn'd and stumbled but the Hast on thy heart engraven: Till late, I heard my Saviour say, Though seated on thy throne, “Come bither, soul, I am the way. Thou deign'st to hear our prayer;

T. 146.


T. 22.

Nor art asham'd to own,

Thence he, your gracious Lorii, That we thy brethren are.

will come

To fetch your longing spirits home, 143. T. 79. And crown your love and labour. WHEN Christ, our Saviour, did 3. Since he o'er heaven bears soveascend,

reign sway, The Father bid his hosts attend, By all its powers attended, And worship his dear Son; (gaz'd, And has more graces to display With loud acclaims of joy they Than can be comprehended; And cheerful Hallelujahs rais'd,

Fear not, for he his blessing pours Adoring humbly at his throne. On such meek, humble breasts as

yours, 2. Can we thy triumphs e’er forget? The objects of his favour. Shall we not worship at thy feet, For all thy griefs and pain ?

145. Yes, we will join the angelic throng, TO thee, Lord Christ, all praise be In singing that eternal song,

giv’n, Worthy the Lamb, for he was for thy ascending up to heaven: slain.”

Support us while on earth we stay, 3. The assembly, which with thee And lead us in the narrow way. at rest

(dress’d, 2. Tho' seated on thy Father's Appears in spotless garments throne,

(own, Bows down and humbly sings; Thou ne'er wilt cease thy flock to We too thy saving name will bless, But always in their midst appear, And thee with heart and voice con- When in thy name assembled here. fess

(kings. The Lord of lords and King of 3. For us to heaven thou didst



To plead our cause, and to attend 144.*

1. 132. To all our wants, yea, to prepare

A place for us, thy bliss to share. RAISE your devotion, mortal Be your exalted Saviour (tongues ; 4. At parting from thy little fold, The theme of your triumphant Thy second advent was foretold ; Extol his name for ever: (songs;

Therefore we wait with eagerness, Lo, angels strike their loudest Lord Jesus, to behold thy face.

Swertner. strings, For heaven and all created things


T. 590. Must sound Immanuel's praises.

WE sing thy praise, exalted Lamb, 2. Ye mourning souls, look upward Who sitt’st upon the throne: For Christ is now preparing (too, Ten thousand blessings to thy name At God's right-hand a place for Who worthy art alone: you;

Thy sacred, bruised body bore Shake off all thoughts despairing: Our sins upon the tree:


And now thou livest evermore; 2. We know thou never canst forget O may we live to thee.

Us, thy weak members here: 2. Poor sinners, sing the Lamb that Yea, when we suffer in the least, died;

Thou part with us wilt bear. (What theme can sound so sweet!) 3. Thou with great tenderness art His drooping head, his streaming touch'd His pierced hands and feet; (side, At what thy children feel: With all that scene of suffering love, When bytemptations we are press’d, Which faith presents to view : Thou know'st well what we ail. For now he reigns and lives above, 4. Thou hast a tender sympathy Yea, lives and reigns for you.

With every grief and pain; 3. Was ever grace, Lord, rich as For when thou wast a man thine,

earth, Can aught so great be nam'd ? Thou didst the same sustain. What pow’rful beams of love divine 5. And tho' in heaven exalted now, Thy tender heart inflam'd:

Yet thou to us art near ; Ye angels, praise his glorious name, Know'st all our weaknesses and Who lov’d and conquer'd thus;

wants, And we will likewise laud the Lamb, And listen’st to our prayer. For he was slain for us. J. Hart.

6. What shall we say for this thy 147. T. 595. But 'fore thee prostrate lie, (love,

And thank thee that thou wast a JESUS who died, is now

To all eternity.

(man, Seated upon his throne:

J. West, The angels, who before him bow, His just dominion own.


WITH joy we meditate the grace 2. The unworthiest of his friends Upon his heart he bears;

Of our High-priest above;

His heart is fill'd with tenderness, He ever to their cause attends, For them a place prepares.

His bowels yearn with love.

2. In all our griefs he takes a share, 3. Blest Saviour, condescend

He knows our feeble frame; My ady ate to be;

He knows what sore temptations I could not have a better friend

For he has felt the same. (are, To plead with God for me.

Watts. | 3. He, in the days of feeble flesh,

Pour'd out strong cries and tears; 148. T. 14. And, in his measure, feels afresh JESUS, our High-priest and our

What every member bears.

4. He'll never quench the smoking Who bear'st our flesh and blood, But raise it to a flame; (fax, And always interced'st for us The bruised reed he never breaks, Before the throne of God:

Nor scorns the meanest name.

T. 14

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