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T. 230.

T. 90.

3. Thy gladd’ning oil thou dost | Those precious gifts on us bestow, impart

Which from our Saviour's merits To every poor and contrite heart, flow. Which Jesus as the Saviour knows, 2. Thou heavenly Teacher, thee From whom alone salvation flows.

we praise 4. The feeble souls thou dost sus- For thy instruction, power, and tain,

grace, Anointest all the witness train,

To love the Father, who doih owo Keepest believers in the faith,

Us as his children in the Son. And art their guide in life and 3. Most gracious Comforter we death.

O lead us further every day; (pray,

Thy unction to us all impart, 5. Who can thy operations trace,

Preserve and sanctify each heart. The kindness, patience, truth, and grace,

4. Till we in heaven shall take our Thou showest to Christ's family, Instruct us often to repeat, (seat, Who living temples are to thee. "Abba, our Father," and to be Bohemian Brethren. With Christ in union constantly.

Z. 222.*

224. THOU great Teacher, who instructest

O that the Comforter would come, Christ's flock, and us to bliss con- Nor visit as a transient guest, ductest,

But fix in me his constant home, Who noblest gifts to grant didst And keep possession of my breast; deign

Yea, make my soul his blest abode, To the apostles, thinę anointed, The temple of the in-dwelling God. By thee for that great work ap- 2. Come, Holy Ghost, my soul inpointed

spire, To teach, reprove, and comfort

Attest that I am born again; men, And freely offer grace

Come and baptize me, now, with

fire, Unto the gentile race; Lord have mercy:

Nor let thy former gifts be vain :

Grant me a sense that I'm forgiven, Grant us to be-immoveably Fix'd on their ground, upheld by A pledge that I'm an heir of heaven. thee.

3. Grant me the indubitable seal,

That ascertains the kingdom mine; 223.* T. 22. That powerful stamp I long to feel,

The signature of love divine: TO thee, God Holy Ghost, we o shed it in my heart abroad, pray,

Fulness of love, of heaven, of God. Who lead'st us in the gospel-way,

C. Wesley



225.* T. 217./4. They by the Father are esteem'd,

When thus presented by our SaMY Saviour sinners doth receive,


(deem'd, Whom, with sin’s galling load op- Heald by his wounds, from sin repressed,

They prove the Father's love and Nor man nor angel can relieve,


(heirs, Who have no hope to be redressed ; He owns them as his sons and Who loathe the world and all its And all he hath their own declares; ways,

(grace; Eternal life they now inherit, Dread wrath divine and mourn for Procur'd for them by Jesus' merit; On whom the law pronounceth sen- He dwells in them, in him they live, tence,

(conscience; Since Jesus sinners doth receive. Condemn'd to hell in their own Such wretched sinners find re-5. Might all his loving heart but prieve,


(sion, Since Jesus sinners doth receive. And know his bowels of compas

To sinners, straying carelessly, 2. The fondest mother cannot have Or such as mourning seek salva

tion: Towards her darling such affection

(trace: As Jesus show'd, vile man to save; Him, when on earth midst sinners His love exceedeth our conception: Zaccheus tastes his saving grace ; He left his throne and blest abode, He comforts Magdalen in affliction, To bear the sinner's heavy load;

Regards her tears and deep conAnd since he thro' his death and

viction, suffering,


Her sins, though many, he forgives: Hath made an all-sufficient offer- My Saviour sinners poor receives. Our debt is paid, and we may live; For Jesus sinners doth receive.

6. Behold how he with Peter dealt; Tho' deep his fall, he show'd him

favour: 3. Now is his sympathizing heart Not only when on earth he dwelt A refuge for the most distressed; Was he a sin-forgiving Saviour: He freely pardon will impart; No, he is still the very same, By him their debt is quite erased ; Just, good, and merciful his name; His blood, like the ocean without As he was in humiliation, ground,

(drown'd; So is he still in exaltation: Their sins hath swallow'd up and Repenting souls, you may believe, The Holy Ghost to them is given, Our Saviour sinners doth receive. Who leads them in the path to heaven,

(lieve, 7. Come, sinners, come, tho' vile And prompts them always to be and base; That Jesus sinners doth receive. Returning prodigals he meeteth;


ance ;


He freely offers them his grace, Who slights to-day the invitation, Them with a pardoning kiss he May ever miss of his salvation: greeteth:

(way ? Come now to Jesus, come and live; Why wilt thou stand in thy own To-day he sinners doth receive. Why wilfully be Satan's prey ? Wilt thou sin’s drudge remain for 11. Draw me, a sinner, unto thee,

Thou sinners' Friend, thou gracious ever, Tho' he appear’d thee to deliver ?

Saviour; Do not delay, sin's service leave,

Grant I and all may ardently Since Jesus sinners will receive.

Desire thy pardon, peace, and fa8. Come, ye that heavy laden are, And when temptations would assail, Come, weary, void of self-assist- Let thine almighty grace prevail:

May none who feel sin's condemna. Tho' doubting, ready to despair,

tion, Come but to him without resist- Neglect thy generous invitation:

But all experience and believe Behold his heart with love replete, That Jesus sinners doth receive. Full of desire the worst to meet;

Fr. Leopold Lehr. Long hath he sought for you tho'


T. 205. wretched,

(ed: You to embrace his arms outstretch- SINNERS, come, the Saviour see, O come to him, believe, and live;

Hands, feet, side, and temples view; My Saviour sinners doth receive.

See him bleeding on the tree;

See, his heart is pierc'd for you: 9. Object not, I'm a wretch too base, Find a thousand more, and say,

View awhile, then haste away, Too oft his goodness I have slighted, Too often spurned at his grace,

Come, ye sinners, come with me,

View him bleeding on the tree. I, who was graciously invited : Is your repentance now sincere ?

2. Who would still such mercy Your sorrow genuine ? do not fear; grieve? His power and mercy are unbound- Sinners, hear instruction mild; ed,

(founded : Doubt no more, but now believe, None, trusting him, was e'er con- Each become a little child; He saves whom none else can re- Artful doubts and reasonings be lieve;

Nail'd with Jesus to the tree; My Saviour sinners doth receive. Mourning souls who simple are,

Surely shall the blessing share. 10. Think not, 'tis time enough, nor say,

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(sure, God, who is gracious beyond mea

227. Shuts not the door of grace to-day; COME, ye sinners, poor and wretchI'll first enjoy some carnal pleasure: ed,

(sore, No, God forbid ! if you are wise, Weak and wounded, sick and Grace offer'd now, do not despise : Jesus ready stands to save you,

T. 585.

T. 205.

Full of pity, love, and power:

228. He is able,: 11 : He is willing; doubt no more.

SINNER, hear thy Saviour's call,

Lo, he now is passing by ; 2. Ho, ye needy, come and welcome: He has seen thy grievous thrall, God's free bounty glorify:

Jesus heard thy mournful cry: True belief, and true repentance, He has pardon to impart, Every grace that brings us nigh, Grace to save thee from thy fears; Without money, : 11:

See the love that fills his heart, Come to Jesus Christ and buy. Sinner, wipe away thy tears. 3. Come, ye weary, heavy-laden, 2. Why art thou afraid to come,

Lost, and ruin'd by the fall: Or to tell him all thy case ?
If ye tarry till ye're better, He will not pronounce thy doom,
Ye will never come at all:

Nor will frown thee from his face; Not the righteous, : 11:

Wilt thou fear Immanuel ? Sinners Jesus came to call.

Wilt thou dread the Lamb of God, 4. Let not conscience make you

Who, to save thy soul from hell, linger,

Shed his own most precious blood. Nor of fitness fondly dream;

3. Think how on the cross he hung, All the fitness be requireth,

Pierced with a thousand wounds; Is to feel your need of him: Hark, from each as with a tongue This he gives you ; :

: 11:

Now the voice of pardon sounds; ’T is the Spirit's glimmering beam. See from all his open'd veins

Blood of wondrous virtue flow, 5. Agonizing in the garden, Lo, your Maker prostrate lies:

Shed, to wash away thy stains,

Thee to ransom from thy woe. On the bloody tree behold him, Hear him cry, before he dies, 4. Though bis majesty be great, “It is finish'd;" : 11:

Yet his mercy is no less; Sinners, will not this süffice ? Though he thy transgressions hate,

Still he feels for thy distress : 6. Lo, the incarnate God ascended By himself the Lord has sworn Pleads the merit of his blood :

He delights not in thy death : Venture on him, venture freely, But invites thee to return;- (faith. Let no other trust intrude;

Come, that thou mayst live by None but Jesus : 11 : Can do helpless sinners good.

5. Raise thy downcast eyes and see

What bright throngs his throne 7. Saints and angels, join'd in con

surround; cert,

These, tho’ sinners once like thee, Sing the praises of the Lamb; Now have full salvation found: While the blissful seats of heaven Yield not then to unbelief, (room;" Sweetly echo with his name:

While he says,

6. There yet is Hallelujah, : 11 :

Though of sinners thou art chief,—Sinners here may sing the same.

Since 'tis Jesus calls thee, come. J. Cennick

J. Newton, (adapted.)

229. T. 22. 12. Ready the Father is to own COME, sinners, to the gospel-feast; Ready your loving Saviour stands,

And kiss his late returning son; Let every soul be Jesus' guest; Not one of you need stay behind: And spreads for you his pierced

hands. His gospel calleth to mankind.

3. Ready the Spirit to impart 2. Attend, the gospel-trumpet Grace to subdue the stubborn sounds,

(bounds; Calls sinners from earth’s farthest to shed Christ's love in you


(abroad, The year of Jubilee is come:

And witness you are born of God. Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 3. Come, all ye souls by sin opprest,

4. Ready for you the angels wait, Ye wanderers, who are seeking

To triumph in your blest estate: rest;

All heaven is ready to resound, (blind,

“ The dead's alive, the lost is The poor, the maim'd, the halt, the

found." With Christ a hearty welcome find. 4. The message as from God re

5. Come, sinners, to your gracious ceive;

(live :

Lord, Ye all may come to Christ and Incline your ear, and hear his word: O let his love your hearts constrain;

His offer'd grace with joy receive, Nor suffer him to die in vain. Hear, sinners, and your souls shall


Wesley. 5. His love is mighty to compel; His #conquering love consent to

231. feel : Yield to his love's almighty power, HO, every one that thirsts, draw And strive against your God no nigh,

'Tis God invites man's fallen race; 6. See him set forth before your

Salvation without money buy, eyes,

Buy wine, and milk, and gospelA precious, bleeding sacrifice:

grace. His offer'd benefits embrace, 2. Come to the living waters, come; And freely now be sav'd by grace. Sinners, obey your Maker's call : 7. This is the time, no more delay; Return, ye weary wanderers, home, This is the acceptable day:

in Christ is free for all. Come in, this moment, at his call, 3. Ye heavy-laden, sin-sick souls, And live for him, who died for all. See from the Rock a fountain rise:

Wesley. For you in healing streams it rolls

230. T. 22. From Jesus, made a sacrifice. SINNERS, obey the gospel-word, 4. Nothing you in exchange need Haste to the supper of the Lord : give;

(hinde Be wise to know your gracious Leave all you are and have beday;

Thankful the gift of God receive; All things are ready, come away. (Pardon and peace in Jesus find.

T. 22.


God's grace

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