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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1834,

By John ALLEN & Co. In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.



The Editors of the Popular Library propose to publish, at convenient intervals, a series of volumes of standard merit, calculated to interest and instruct every class of the community. Although they have chosen for the title of the series the name of the American Popular Library, it is not to be understood, that it is to consist wholly, or even principally, of American works. Nor, on the other hand, will any work, however popular, be introduced into the series, unless, in the opinion of the Editors, it shall possess such a character as will secure to it a continued reputation, after it shall have ceased to interest by its novelty. In their selections they do not propose to be limited to any one class of works, but to include such books in each department, as shall appear to them to be most deserving of a place in the library of an enlightened Christian family.

It seems to them important, that the attention of sur reading community should be turned to works of more permanent value, than belongs to most of the periodical literature of the day, or at least that it should


not be confined exclusively to works of only a tem porary interest. The spirit of the times appears alsq to demand, that the separation, which has too ofter been made between elegant literature and pure Chris tianity, should cease to exist, and that a Christian lite rature should take the place of that, which has, in many cases, begun and ended in infidelity. It is the design of the Editors of this publication to promote. so far as shall be in their power, the union of polite literature, sound learning and Christian morals. Be. yond this they do not suppose it necessary that they should pledge themselves to the public. A sufficient security for their patrons seems to be provided, in leaving it optional with the purchaser to take only such part of the series as he may choose.

It is intended that a volume of nearly uniform size shall be issued every two or three months, or in such a manner that four or five volumes shall appear annually.

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