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Jeun. 29, 1972

Copyright 1878, by

New York,


The General Conference of the Meth- to prepare a suitable Hymn and Tune Book for odist Episcopal Church, on the thirti- the use of the Church.

6. No compensation shall be paid to the Cometh day of May, 1876, adopted the fol.

mittee employed in the revisal, except for actual lowing report:

expenses incurred. The Committee on the Revision of the Hymn In accordance with the foregoing resBook have carefully considered the various pa-olution, the Bishops appointed the folpers referred to them, and respectfully report to

lowing persons as the General Conference that they are unanimously of the opinion that a thorough revision of the THE COMMITTEE OF REvision. Hymn Book now in use is imperatively demanded.

Central Section. We therefore recommend

JAMES M. BUCKLEY, Erastus WENTWORTH, 1. That the Board of Bishops be requested to

RICHARD WHEATLEY, John N. BROWN, appoint, as soon as practicable, a Committee of

CHARLES E. HENDRICKSON. fifteen, to whom shall be committed the work of

Eastern Section. revision.

2. That this Committee be selected with refer- DANIEL A. WHEDON, WILLIAM Rice, ence to convenience of location for division into Calvin S. HARRINGTON, GEORGE PRESTICE,

CHARLES F. ALLEN. three sections for working purposes. 3. That when the work of preparatory revis

Western Section. ion shall be completed by the several sections, Francis D. HEMENWAY, ARTHUR EDWARDS, the whole Committee shall be duly notified, and WILLIAM HUNTER, JEREMIAH II. BAYLISS, the work of each section shall be revised; and

CHARLES H. PAYNE. that no hymn now in use shall be excluded without a vote of two thirds of the Committee for its

APPROVAL BY THE BISHOPS. rejection, and that no hymn not now in the collection shall be admitted without a vote of two

To the Committee appointed to revise the Hymn

Book : thirds of the Committee in its favor. 4. That when the Committee have completed

DEAR BRETHREN—The Bishops, at their late their work, they shall submit their report to the meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, very thoroughly exBishops for their approval, and the Bishops ap- amined the result of the labors of the Committee proving, they are authorized to commend it to the appointed under authority of the last General ConChurch.

ference, to revise the Hymn Book of the Method. 6. That after the Committee aforesaid shall ist Episcopal Church. have completed their revision of the Hymn Book, 1. They went through the entire list of the and their work has been approved by the Bishops hymns in the book now in use which the Com. as provided for in item 4, they shall have power | mittee has excluded.

2. They thoughtfully considered every revision tee appointed to revise the Hymn Book. We made in the text of the hymns which the Com-tender to the members of that Committee our mittee has retained.

thanks; and believe the gratitude of the Church 3. They read through carefully, and in many is due these brethren for the labor they have ex. cases repeatedly, every new hymn which the pended, and the wisdom, taste, and good judgCommittee has introduced into the Revised Hymn ment they have shown in aring this most Book.

excellent book. After the Committee had made a few changes By order, and on behalf, of the Board of which the Bishops suggested, the following reso- Bishops, Sition was unanimously adopted, namely :

WILLIAM L. HARRIS, Secretary. Resolved, That we have thoroughly examined,

NEW YORK, June 15, 1877. with great satisfaction, the work of the Commit

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