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her dear husband. "My prayer is answered," she would say; "I am satisfied; my eyes have seen the mission-house, and all the native people. I have talked to them about God, and now I am willing to go to my long and happy home. I must leave you, sister V., with this people, and in the hands of a good God. Do the best you can for them. Tell sister Clark not to forget you. I wish I could tell my friends how good you have been to me. God will bless you." Her distress was intense; yet she never complained. "All I want," she would say, "is rest in the arms of Jesus. Pray that I may have patience, and that I may be composed; for my time is short. Though I suffer, I shall soon be at rest." In this peaceful state of mind she continued, till the morning of Nov. 24th, when she sweetly slept in Jesus, and her remains were buried beside those of her departed husband.

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Mrs. Olive Celina Wadsworth Harris, daughter of Dea. Joseph Wadsworth, of Becket, Mass., was born in Becket, July 6, 1814. She was baptized April 10, 1831, at the age of 16, and united with the Baptist church in her native place. Though deeply conscious of unworthiness, she maintained a uniform Christian deportment, and earnestly desired to be employed in doing good. Her faithful warnings and exhortations made an indelible impression on the hearts of many of her pupils. She was married to Rev. Norman Harris, Aug. 9, 1844; sailed from Boston in the ship Faneuil Hall, July 11, and reached Maulmain, Nov. 30, 1846. She was distinguished by love for her work; and for seven years, at her first residence, was "in labors more abundant." During the rainy seasons, she uniformly assisted her husband in teaching and superintending a large boarding school. In the dry seasons, she usually accompanied him in his preaching tours in the jungle, in which she made herself very useful. When it was appointed that she should leave Maulmain, for the new station at Shwaygyeen, to which her husband had been designated, though it was a trial of her faith, she cheerfully submitted, in the hope of more extended usefulness. Mrs. H. was in feeble health, and but poorly prepared to undergo hardship. She remarked that the thought of leaving Maulmain with her four children for the purpose

of establishing a new mission, in a part of the country where a white female had never been, was more trying to her than her first leaving her native land. But her reluctance was soon overcome, and she said, “Let my friends rest assured that I go cheerfully. In making this trip of one hundred and fifty miles, they were three weeks in an open boat, exposed to the vicissitudes of the weather, and to the attacks of the Dacoits. On the way up, she was attacked by bowel complaint, by which her strength was greatly reduced. This disease, together with fever, and premature confinement, proved too much for one in so feeble a condition, and in a short time after their arrival put a period to her life. Her last hours were hours of triumph, and her sun set in a cloudless sky.

She felt that there was no ground to hope for recovery, and expressed her willingness that the Karens should see in her how a Christian could die. Alluding to an expectation, formerly cherished, of accompanying her children to America, she now remarked that the journey to heaven would be much pleasanter, and would require no outfit to prepare. She took. affectionate leave of her family, and of the Karens, giving them her parting advice. Though naturally timid, such was her composure in view of her departure, that she adjusted her hair and apparel, as far as was possible, for her burial; observing that she was enabled to put on her grave clothes as calmly as if she had been dressing for a friendly call. Her death occurred Nov. 25, 1853, at the age of forty years, and seven weeks after her arrival at Shwaygyeen. The last words that could be understood from her lips were, "Praise the Lord."

For twenty-four years, she had exhibited the graces of a meek and devoted disciple of the Saviour. But it was during her last illLess that she manifested more triumphantly the power of religion. The peace of God seemed to rest upon her, dispelling every fear, and opening to her mind, amid wasting disease, full views of the glorious gospel, and enabling her to manifest its assuring and sustaining power, its triumph over disease and death. The messenger, stripped of his terror, became to her the bearer of welcome tidings, full of immortality. With settled composure she awaited the final summons, until her pure spirit, released from its earthly tenement, sought its home in the skies.

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The fortieth annual meeting of the Board of Managers of the American Baptist Missionary Union, will be held in the meeting house of the Spruce Street church, Philadelphia, on Tuesday, May 16, 1854, at 10 o'clock, A.M.

New York, March 8, 1854.

S. S. CUTTING, Rec. Sec.

The American Baptist Missionary Union will hold its ensuing annual meeting in the meeting house of the Spruce Street church, Philadelphia, on Thursday, May 18th,'1854, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The annual sermon will be preached by the Rev. Silas Bailey, D. D., of Indiana, or by the Rev. Edward Lathrop, of New York, his alternate.

Brookline, Mass., March 10, 1854.

WM. H. SHAILER, Rec. Sec'y.



"Two friends of Missions.”


Eastport, Washington st. ch. and soc. 192.65; S. sch., to sup. a child in Maulmain Karen Normal sch. 82.35; and to cons. Mariner Small and Howard D. Cummings, L. M. Lebanon, Miriam B. Goodwin to educate a Bassa youth named Daniel Wood 20; Winslow, ch. 5; Belfast, ch. 16; mon. con. 12; Nobleboro', 2d ch. 6; Jefferson 1st ch. and soc. 5; Thomaston, 2d ch. 40; Topsham, ch 25; Lewiston Falls, 1st ch. and soc. 33; Kenduskeag, ch.5; Richmond, E. M. Avery 10; Portland, 1st ch 136.41; mon. con. 50; S. sch. 58.60; Burman Mission circle 88; Free st. ch. and cong. H. B. Hart, tr. 500; Yarmouth, ch. 26.94; Ladies' Burman Miss. soc. 23.06; Calais, 1st ch. mon. con. to cons. Japhet H. McAllister, L. M., 100; 2d ch. 100; S. Sch. for sup. of a child named Noah Smith, under care of Rev. Mr. Johnson, Hongkong 27.53; Sedgwick, 1st ch. 11; Livermore, 1st ch. 6; Waldoboro', ch. 4; Bloomfield, 1st ch. 90; Rev. Chas. Miller 10; to cons. James H. K. Lord, L. M.



Kennebec Asso., Augusta, ch. 18; Farmington, ch. 18.16; West Sidney, coll. 1 56; Rev. A. W. Cummings 1; Cornville, J. Woodman 10; Mrs. S. Woodman 50 cts., Miss A. Benson 12 cts; E. Whittier 4 Sidney, ch. 10.03; per Rev. H. C. Estes, Agent, 63.37 Piscataquis Asso., Dexter, ch. and soc. 3; C. Copeland 5; Mr March 1; Sangerville, 2d ch. 2.50; C. Brown 2; 0. M. Brown 2; Mrs. Sarah Wade 1.50; Miss Julia Brown 27 cts; Athens Village, J. Priest and wife 75 cts; Dover, T. R. St. Clair 5; per Rev. H. C E., Agent, 23.02 Lincoln Ásso. 7.89; Rockland, 1st ch. to cons. Mrs. Sophia B. F. Estes, L. M. 111; 2d ch. 11.73; Thomaston, 1st ch. 9.77; South Thomaston, ch. 8; Hope, ch. 3.23; William Light 1; Islesboro', 2d ch. Rev. D. McMaster 10; St. George, 1st ch. 3.25; Rev. C. Case 3; 3d ch. 8.65; A. Belknap 1; Camden, 3d ch. 3; Warren, ch. 3 ; per Rev. H. C. E., Agent, 188.52 Hancock Asso., Waltham, ch. and soc. 2; Franklin, ch. 5.36; Surry, ch. 11.50; Trenton, 1st ch. 28.15; East Trenton, ch. 12.12; Ladies' Benev. Soc. 5; Hancock, 2d ch. 1; with other donas. to cons. Rev. Walter Marshall, L. M., per Rev. H. C. E., Agent, Oxford Asso., Paris and Woodstock, ch. 7; Norway, Rev. A. Abbot 2; Buckfield, Rev. A. K. P. Small 2.50; Mrs. Small 1; W. Pearson 50 cts; a friend 1; per Rev. H. C. E., Agent,






Saco River Asso., Biddeford, ch. per
Rev. H. C. E, Agent,
York Asso., Shapleigh, 1st ch. per
Rev. H. C. E., Agent,



Waldo Asso., China 1st ch. and cong. 22.27; Rev. F. Merriam 2; per Rev. H. C. E., Agent,



Bowdoinham Asso., Greene, ch. 25; Fayette, ch. 31; per Rev. H. C. E., Agent,


Saco River Asso., J. H. Gowen, tr.,
Saco ch. (of which 8.91 is from the
S. Sch,) to cons. James Otis Moore,
M. D., L. M.
Cumberland Asso., J. Chandler, tr.
New Gloucester, ch. and soc. 20.50;
Portland, 3d ch. 10; S. Sch 5;
Bowdoinham Asso., W. R. Prescott,
tr., Hallowell, ch. 48.63; East Win-
throp, ch. 61.37; Ladies' circle 10;
to cons. Sumner B. Pullen, L. M. 120.00
Damariscotta Asso. per tr. 7; New
Castle and Alna, ch. 38;
Penobscot Asso., J. C. White, tr.,
Bangor, 2d ch. 76.72; Old Town,
friends 5; North Newport, ch. 3;
Hampden, 2d ch. 7.28; Rev. David
Steward and wife 8;


Damariscotta Asso., Damariscotta, ch. 200; Nobleboro', 1st ch. 19.25; Waldoboro', ch. 23.53; per Rev. H. C. E., Agent,


Penobscot Asso., No. 4 Aroostook,
Mrs. Anna Fairfield 2; Miss Ade-
line Fairfield 5; per Rev. H. C. E.,
Cumberland Asso., Bath, ch. 50;
Brunswick, Main st. ch. 17; with
other donas. to cons. Rev. A. J.
Nelson, Rev. J. M. Follett and Mrs.
George Knox, L. M., per Rev. H.
C. E., Agent,

New Hampshire.

Newton, ch. 18; Plaistow, ch. 5; New Ipswich, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Goddard 2; Marlboro', ch. 2.10; East Northwood, John L. Crockett 10; Hampton Falls, ch. 10.20; Wm. Brown, for German Mission 3; Stratford, a friend 8; South Hampton, ch. 27; New Hampton, ch. 8.50; Exeter, ch. 3; Rev. P. R. Russell 2; Dover, Franklin st. ch., mon. con. 11; Wilton, ch.5; Fisherville, ch. 25'; 8. Sch. (9 of· which is to sup. Wrought," a Siamese girl) 15;

Milford Asso., Nashua, ch.

Claremont, ch. 61.77; Newport, ch,

15.45; with other donas. to cons. Jotham Allds, L. M., per Rev. E. A. Cummings, Agent,









A "Shady Side Pastor " 3; Norwich, Rev. P. Chamberlin 5; Wilmington, Phineas Howe 10; Lunenburgh, ch. 5; Essex, ch. two members 6; West Halifax, 1st ch. 20; Whitingham, ch. 6; Fairfax, Miss Sarah J. Parker 12; Granby, J. Bachelder 3; Rutland, a few friends 75; Samuel Griggs, for sch. at Sibsagor 25; to cons. Henry Dyer, L. M. Saxton's River, ch. 27; Bristol, ch. 8; Derby, ch. 26; Coventry, Seth Bartlett 5: Mr. Wells 1; Newport, Thomas Baldwin 1; Brookfield, ch. R. S. Bates 1; Zara Howe 1; Martin Rice 1; Wilmington, ch. 8; Mt. Holly, Mrs. Lucy 8. Packer 5; Judson Daniel Packer 1; 250.00 Ludlow, ch. 11.40; Swanton, ch. 1; Burlington, ch. 12; Fairfax, 1st ch. 45; Addison, ch. 18.75; Georgia, ch. 13 50; Mt. Holly, H. White 5; Windsor, ch. mon. con. 27; J. G. Cross, for Teloogoo Mission 25; Townshend, ch. 74.90; Brattleboro', ch. 40; Bennington, 1st ch. 40; 2d ch. 5; Grafton, ch. 27.67; Windham, ch. 19.50; to cons. Joab Holland, Z. L. Taft and Jonathan Cutter, L. M., per Rev. E. A. Cummings, Agent,


Boston, a friend 750; a friend 100; a friend, for the German Mission 100; a lover of Christ and his Mission 4; Rev. R. W. Cushman 10; coll. at United Meeting at the Tremont Temple, after an addr 88 by Rev. J. G. Oncken 177.39; Milton S. Sch., Blossom st. (12 of which is to sup. a boy in Mr. Upham's sch., Cherokee Nation) 37; Charles st., ch., "a widow's mite" 50 cts; Baldwin Place, ch. 374.72; S. Sch., Richard A. Howes, sec. 83.17; Young Men's Bible class, for sup. of a heathen youth at Rangoon, named Yar-pau 25; Harvard st. ch., John Putnam, tr., ann. coll.



257; mon.con. 73; to cons. Rufus W. Whiting, Samuel Millard and Albert W. Ladd, L. M. 1st ch., C. P. Chamberlin, tr. 400; South ch. 691.71; Mrs. Eunice Safford, to sup. Wm. Judson Safford in Assam Orph. Sch. 25; Tremont st. ch., Female Miss. Soc., Mrs. E. Drew, tr., to sup. a native assistant under care of Rev. Mr. Bronson 40 ; Bowdoin sq. ch., Joseph A. Pond, tr., to cons. Perkins Boynton, Henry Demeritt, Henry Dyer, M. D., John Peak, John Trull, Mrs. Sarah Blake, Rev. James W. Lathrop and Rev. A. Merriam, L. M. 800; Moses Pond, to cons. Joseph A. Pond, L. M. 100; Otis Tufts, to cons. William Oliver, jr. L. M. 100; Mrs. Nancy Dana, for German Mission, and to cons. Frederick L. Dana, L. M. 100; coll. by Miss M. C. Smith for German Mission, and to cons. Miss Margaret A. Oncken, L. M. 100; Rowe st. ch. mon. con. 264.31; ann. coll. 1.142.75; S. Sch. (of which 25 is for sup. of Margaret D. Baldwin, in Mrs. Jewett's sch. at Nellore) 93.25; East Boston, Central sq. ch., to cons. James Charter L. M. 100;

5948.80 Boston, Mrs. Lebbeus Stetson 5; Mr. and Mrs. Chorley 10; Mrs. Hill 20; Mr. Hill 3; Mrs. S. Taylor 1; coll. by Mrs. Dr. Gould 25; Bowdoin sq. ch., Moses Pond, to cons. Geo. E. Pond, L. M. 100; Rowe st. ch., H. S. Chase 100; Edward Chamberlin 100; Richard Fletcher 50; savings of Charles Howard Gould 1.38: 1st ch., Thomas Richardson 100; Newton, George W. Briggs 1; 1st ch., Gardner Colby 200; Charlestown, 1st ch. 71.37; Cambridgeport, Miss D. Leeas 5; Miss Nancy Manning 5; G. W. Cook 10; M. W. H. 5; J. S. 5; Miss Mary Doggett 5; Mrs. Fuller 20; Mrs. C. 5; a friend 25; for German Mission, per Rev. J. G. Oncken,

872.75 Cambridge, 1st ch., per J. Holman (of

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wh. 100 is for the German Mission) 703.16; S. Sch., for sup. of Levi Farwell at Bassa Mission 25: Judson Soc., "the last payment for sup. of a child in Mrs. Brown's' sch. at Sibsagor" 25; West Cambridge, ch. 117.12; North Cambridge, "Our Sabbath Home "5; Lincoln, Mrs. Tryphena B. Smith 15; Springfield, 1st ch. 55; S. Sch., for sup. of Minor G. Clark in the Karen Norm. Sch. 25; Ladies' Sew: Circle, Harriet E. Ide, sec., to sup. an orphan girl in Mrs. Brown's sch., Assam 25; Augustine Burt, to sup. a child of his name in Assam Orph. Sch 25; Lowell, Worthen st. ch., S. P. Sargent, tr., to cons. James G. Morrison L. M. 153; South Milford, Rev. G. N. Townsend 5; Manchester, ch. 5; Charlestown, 1st ch., Judson Miss. Soc., Mrs. A. H. Edmands, tr., to sup. Emily Waldo in Mrs. Ward's sch. at Gowahati 25; Bethesda ch. 10; Shrewsbury, “M. B. R." 2; Woburn 18c ch., Samuel Cook, tr., of wh. 25 is for sup. of Nathaniel Hutchinson in sch. at Sibsagor, and to cons. Benjamin Millet L. M., 173.60; North Uxbridge, ch. Newell Tyler, tr., 6; mon. con. 5; Groton Centre, ch. 20; Egremont ch. 5; Malden, 1st ch. Charles Merrill, tr., to cons. Elisha S. Converse L. M. 113 77; S. Sch., H. M. Holden. tr., to sup. Moses W. Sawyer in Maulmain sch.

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25; Missionary Soc., Miss E. H. Bucknam, tr., to sup. a native Karen assistant 60; Barre, ch. 13.35; Ladies' Benev. Soc. 10; N. S Walker 3; Foxboro', ch. 30; Taunton, J. M. Leonard 15; Greenfield, 1st ch. 10; Seekonk, ch. 63.73; Northborough, Samuel Wood 5; Chicopee Falls, ch., to cons. Miss Fanny Briggs L. M. 120; Pittsfield, ch. 73; Reading, Salem st. ch. 28; Framingham, ch. 135; Saugus, J. D. Lawrence 2; Brookline, ch., D. Sanderson, tr. 220; mon. con. 42. 50; S. Sch., for Indian Missions 44.50; Thomas Seaverns 10; Lanesboro', ch., Rev. J. V. Ambler 5; West Dedham, ch. 3; Webster, Milton Paine 5; Newton, 1st ch., mon. con. and other coll. 89.25; 8. Sch., for sup. of a child in Assam Orph. Sch. 25; Gardner Colby 200; Francis Edmond, to cons. James Edmond L. M. 100 ; J. G. Gunder; son, for sup. of child in Assam Orph Sch. 25; Mrs. Capen 10; 2d ch. 13.33; Westfield, Rev. Ámbrose Day 15; Andover, ch. 5; Edgartown, ch. 7; East Haverhill, ch. 20; South Reading,*ch., to cons. Robert C. Wiley L. M. 110; Salisbury, a friend (of wh. 5 is for the translation of the Scriptures) 15; New Bedford, William st. ch., L. G. Hewins, tr., mon. con. 50; S. Sch., Thomas M. James, tr., penny coll., for Karen schools 50; to cons. Smith E. Ladd L. M. Salisbury and Amesbury, ch., a friend of missions 5; Ashfield, Mrs. S. W. Hall, 2; Fiskdale, ch. 7.90; Rev. A. Parker and family 10.10; Canton, ch., for sup. of Rev. F. Mason, and to cons. Willard Shepard L. M. 100; Hingham, ch. 40; Ipswich, J. A. Shores, 3; Feltonville, per Rev. L. E. Wakefield 20; Chicopee Central ch., I. M. Bullens, tr. 53.23; Waltham, ch. C. P. Harrington, tr. 50; Cold Brook, a friend 1; West Springfield, ch. 31; Conway, friends, to circulate the Bible in China 15 ; Ashfield, Miss S. Taylor 1; Lawrence, a friend 5; Roxbury, Dudley st. ch. 700; S. Sch., J. Shed, tr. for sup. of Ko A Bak and wife at Hongkong, 150 and 50 for Nowgong Orph. Sch. Hanover, ch., a friend 5; Danvers, south ch. 51. 75; Chelsea, 1st ch. S. Bryant, tr., to cons. Henry D. Moody and IIarriet F. Bryant L. M. 200; S. Sch., Geo. C. Bosson, tr. to sup. Assamese child named. A. J. Huntington 25; Belchertown,ch and soc.48.73 ; 8. Sch. 1.27; Fall River, 1st ch., C. Borden, tr. 713.02; S. Sch., James Waring, Jr., tr., for sup. of the Mopoon sch near Maulmain 80; Lancaster, Miss L. C. Willard 5; Taunton, ch. 20; Weston, ch. 17.50; Dorchester, North ch. 18; Medford, ch. and S. Sch., William Parsons, tr. 20; Salem 2d ch and soc. 125; S. Sch., for sup. of Benjamin Edwards in Assam Orph Sch. 25; North Middleboro', ch., mon. con. 10; Plymouth, Miss Ábigail B. Judson, for the Malmain Mission and to cons. hers. L. M. 100 Lynn, Jonathan Bachelier, for German chapels 500; Shirley Village, ch. 2.73; Leominster, a few ladies, 75 cts; Amherst, per Kev. E. A. Cummings, agent, Boston North Asso., Winchester, ch., with 58; from 1st ch. Woburn, to cons. Benjamin Abrahams L. M.

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42; So. Framingham, ch. 40.25; Abner Haven 10; Alexander Clark and wife, to cons. Alexander Clark L. M. 50; per Rev. J. Aldrich, agent, Boston South Asso., West Dedham, ch, and cong. with other donas, to cons. Addison Boyden L. M. per Rev. J. A., agent, Taunton Asso., Taunton, ch. to cons. Harrison Tweed L. M. 189.50; Albert Field, to cons. Charles H. Field L. M. 100; per Rev. J. A. 289.50 agent,


Old Colony Asso., Middleboro',Central
ch. and cong., to cons. Rev. J. B.
Burk L. M., per Rev. J. A., agent, 153.26
Worcester, 1st ch. and cong., to cons.
Preston D. Towne L. M. 124; Pleas-

ant st. ch. 20; 3d ch. 39; per Rev.
J. A. agent,

Worcester Asso., Grafton, 1st ch. 23;
Young Ladies' Sewing Circle, 52;

Rhode Island.

State Convention, R. B. Chapman, tr., Providence, 1st ch. 567; mon. con. 253.13; Ladies' Miss. Soc., Mrs. S. N. Bolles, tr., 196; James E. Budlong, to cons. William S. L. Coes L. M. 100; V. J. Bates 10; Mrs. Solomon Townsend 2; a friend 9; 3d ch., Ladies' Miss. Soc., Mrs. William Woodward, tr., 35; 5th ch., S. Sch. A. G. Bennett, tr. 21; 8th ch. 28.36; S. Sch., for sup. of a child in Assam Orph Sch., to be named John Flavel Jolls, 25; Pine St. ch., Fem. Mission Soc. Mrs. J. B. Hartwell, tr., to cons. Mrs. William Ham L. M. 100; Westerly, 1st ch. to sup. a native Karen preacher 40; mon. con. 21; Wickford, 1st ch. mon. con. to cons. J. G. Chadsey L. M. 100; S. Sch. Miss. Soc., to sup. a Karen preacher 25; Lime Rock and Albion ch. 5; Coventry, Caleb Waterman 30; a friend of missions 8; Exeter, Miss. Soc. 20.33; Newport, Central ch., W. H. Barker, tr. 75 ; S. Sch., J. S. Langley 2d, tr., "being the third annual payment to sup. a heathen boy named Henry Jackson" 25; Providence, Friends, for the Karen Mission, 2000; 4th ch. 152.61; S. Sch. 45.39; Female Miss. Soc., Miss H. Peck, tr. 52; to cons. Israel C Grimwood and Jared W. Scovel, L. M. Allendale, ch. 17; Bristol, 1st ch. and soc. J. F. Baars, tr. 70.09; Valley Falls, ch., Miss Stanton's S. Sch. class 1; Richmond, 2d ch. 7;







State Convention, W. Griswold, tr., Essex, ch. to cons. B. H. Stevens, L. M. 100; a friend, for Burman Mission 20; Norwalk, ch. with other donas. to cons. Rev. William Clark Alyat L. M. 70; Preston, ch. 30.32: Suffield, 2d ch. of wh. 67.35 is for German Mission 367.35; Hartford, 1st ch. 150; do. for German Mission 100; South ch. 87.66; do.for German Mission 25; Meriden, ch. 42; Stafford, ch. 17; Cornwall Hollow, ch. 11; Clinton, ch. 6.26; sundry individuals 21.95; New Britain, ch. 41.10; Colebrook, South ch. 40; Plainville, ch. 20; Wethersfield, ch. 11.04; Plainfield, ch. 30; sundry individuals 12.50; 1203.18 Haddam, ch., mon. con. 18; Norwich, Central ch. B. T. Cranston, tr., to


cons. Rev. Joseph A. Goodhue L. M. 100; Colchester, ch. 7; New Boston, a friend 2.50; Voluntown, ch. and cong., J. H. Baker, 2 ; Mercy M. Baker, 1; Mary M. and John E. Baker 1; Mrs. L. Fish 3; A. & W. E. Stanton 1; J. W. Spencer 1; A. Spencer 1; B. Campbell, 2; B. Gallup, 2d 1; S. Randall 1'; J. S. Treat 3; A. A. Lewis, 1; Wililam A. Douglas 50 cts.; Missionary Box, 2; a friend, 50 cts; Mansfield, ch., of wh. 12 is for Burman Mission, 36; Branford, ch. 3; Groton, 2d ch. 4; Hartford, Rev. David Wright 5; Southport, Ebenezer Silliman, to cons, him L. M. 100; Bridgeport, ch., to cons. Charles A. Craig L. M. 100; Milton, College st. ch. 6; Lebanon, ch. 20; 422.50 Brookfield, William Biddle, for Ger

man Mission, per Rev. J. G. Oncken,

New Haven Asso., Meriden, ch., to cons. L. Birdsey and A. C. Wetmore L. M., per Rev. J. Aldrich, agent,

New York.

New York City, W. H. Munn, to cons. Emily Augusta Munn L. M. 100; McDougal st. ch. 60; Tabernacle ch. 1563.50; Oliver st. ch., Richard Stout, tr. 2169.18; Female Miss. Soc. 231.58; to cons. Daniel Dean, Mrs. Emma Dean, Mrs. Sarah Jones, Mrs. Rebecca Bell. Mrs. Jane Bridgwood, Samuel Raynor, Martin E. Kingman, William H. Slocum, Robert King, Thomas Phillips, Thomas F. Heron, William S. Heron, John S. Mastin, William A. Brusle, John B. Wetteran, Jacob F. Wyckoff, Mrs. Barbara Bell, Mrs. Janet T. Van De Werken, Mrs. Hannah Watkins, Mrs. Sarah Dougherty, Mrs. Ann Phillips, Mrs. Mary Welden, Mrs. Sarah B. Haviland, and Miss Mary J. Dowlin, L. M. North ch. 50; South ch. 24.37; Piermont ch. 7; 1st German ch., "from German boys and girls from 4 to 12 years of age" 10; Brooklyn, Central ch., Samuel R. Kelley, tr., to cons., Mrs. Elizabeth Kuhlke and John Roberts L. M. 200; S. Sch. Miss. Soc., of which 50 is for sup. of two Karen children named John W. and Cornelia Sarles, and to cons. J. L. De Grauw L. M. 100; Strong Place ch. 750; S. Sch., to sup. Elisha E. L. Taylor in Assam Orph Sch. 25; to cons. A. T. Baldwin, W. A. Gellathy, D. Spencer, L. W. Sirrell, R. S. Chapel, J. P. Allison, George Remsen and Stephen Arents L. M. Lakeville, ch., Elnathan Winans 20; Milo, 2d ch. 1; Rev. J. L. Smith 5; Hoosick Falls, Polly D. Jos in 2; Newbury, ch. 52.98; S. Sch. 18.15; Cornwall, Zion ch. 6.37; Killawog, Allen Cowdry, 2; Rochester, German ch. (with a gold ring) 8; Moriah, ch. 7.50; Crown Point ch., Abel Woods 5; John Burwell 5; Mrs. A. T. Hutchinson 50 cts; Holley ch. 10; Churchville ch. 24; Pavilion, ch., to cons. Ashley Townsend L. M. 168.50; Wyoming ch., to cons. Rev. David Van Alstine L. M. 150; Eaton, ch. 62.62; Clinton, ch. 14; Warsaw, Theron Fisk 5; Pompey, Edmund Hall and son 3; Rome, Court st. ch. 30; Hamilton 1st ch. J. P. Rhodes, tr. 174.84; S. Sch., Emily Taylor, tr, to sup. William T. B ddle in Assam Orph. Sch. 25;




Shushan, ch. 15; Staten Island, 1st ch. 12; Lucy Bushnell 3; Hornby, ch. 15; Clarence ch.. Rev. Augustus Warren 2; James Hunt, 1; Andrew Hull 1; Braman's Corner, Mrs. Slawson 1; Flat Brook, ch. Rev. Moses Field 2; a friend 2.50; Sarah Norton 50 cts.; New Woodstock, Mary P. Fisk 2; Whitney's Point, ch. 13; Hastings, 1st ch., to cons. Richard I. Lyeth L. M. 120; Mt. Vernon, ch. 10; York, ch. 20; Watertown, ch. 15; Glov ersville, ch., to cons. James H. Burr, Emily Corwin Burr and S. Elizabeth Churchill L. M. 265; Mi1o, 2d ch. 10.25; Mecklenberg, ch. 8; Westport, ch. 18; M. M. F. Sawyer 5; Port Richmond, ch. 50; Sandy Hill ch. 50; Williamsburg, 1st ch., to cons. Rev. Samuel Baker, D. D., John Westervelt and Benjamin J. Warner L. M. 350 ; 7086.84 Edmeston, 1st ch. 4; Buffalo Asso., D. W. Williams, tr., Springville, ch. 8; Buffalo, Niagara sq. ch. 28; 8. Sch., for Assam Orph. Sch. 25; per Rev. 8. M. Osgood, Agent, Cattaraugus Asso., P. Burlingame, tr., Richburg, ch. 12; Freedom, 1st ch. 13; Hinsdale, ch. 2; Rushford, ch. 60; per Rev. S. M. O., Agent, Erie Asso., H. Crissey, tr. 5; Stockton, ch. 44.32; Clear Creek, ch. 6.78; Leon, ch. 5; Poland, ch. 2; Ellery, ch. 3; Forestville, ch. 10; Randolph, ch. 1; Sheridan, ch. 1.03; Sinclairville, ch. 7.45; Pomfret, 1st ch.; of wh. 25 is for Assam Orph. Sch., to cons. John Hamilton, jr., L. M. 125; per Rev. S. M. O., Agent,




210.58 Genesee Asso., S. Chapman, tr., Lagrange, ch. 2; Batavia, ch. 40.91; Elba, ch. 17; Oakfield and Alabama, ch. 13; Wyoming, Prof. M. Weed 10; per Rev. S. M. O., Agent,

Genesee River Asso., Pike, ch., per
Rev. S. M. O., Agent,
Harmony Asso., J. B. Burrows, tr.,
Harmony, ch.; of wh. 13 50 is for
Assam Orph. Sch. 41 25; Ripley,
ch. 6; Clymer, ch. 15; per Rev.
S. M. O., Agent,

Livingston Asso., J. H. Norton, tr.,
East Avon, ch., per Rev. S. M.
O., Agent,





Monroe Asso., W. N. Sage, tr., Rochester, Theo. Seminary and University, Judson Society 40; 1st ch. 3; S. Sch. (40 of wh. is to sup. Justin A. and. Jane A, Smith in Assam Orph. Sch., and the bal. for Indian Missions) 80 35; Indian Miss. Soc., to sup. Smith Chrystie in Cherokee Miss 100; 2d ch. 60.75; D. R. Barton, to cons. Charles C. Barton, L. M. 100; A. G. Smith 81 81; Mrs. E. Burke, to educate a child in Assam Orph. Sch. 25; Female Miss. Soc. 4 50; Irondequoit, S. Sch., for Mrs. Van Meter's Sch. 20; Parma, John A. Webster 1; Wheatland, ch. 65; United Henrietta, ch. 40; per Rev. 621.41 S. M. O., Agent, Niagara Asso., B. Van Horn, tr., Lockport, C. Baker 5; 2d ch 55; S Sch., to educate a child named Nathan Brittan, under care of Rev. J. M. Haswell. Maulmain 25; Royalton, ch. 10; Hartland. ch. 74.50; Wilson, ch. 21.25; Akron, ch. 5; Somerset, 1st ch. 5; per Rev. S. M. O., Agent, Ontario Asso., Geo. H. McClary, tr. Phelps, 1st ch. 12; Naples, ch. 27.40; Gorham, ch. 6; Bristol, ch.


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