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the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church in North

America, held at Albany, June, 1812. A REVISION of the Psalms and Hymns now in use in the Dutch Church, having been requested and referred to the General Synod, by the Particular Synod of New York; and it being desirable that cur selection of Psalms and Hymns should be improved and enlarged :

Resniced, That the Synod request the Rev. Dr. Livingston to make a selection of Psalms and Hymns agreeably to the views expressed upon this subject; and they appoint the Rev. James F.C. Romeyn, James S. Cannon, Peter Steddiford, and John Sehureman, a committee to whom Dr. Livingston will submit the selection; but for the greater security in a work of such importance, it is resolved, that after it is adopted by the committee, it skall be reported to the General Synod, and obtain their ultimate approbation before it be published.

Ads and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch

Church, held at an extraordinary session, at New York, October, 1813.

The committee to whom Professor Livingston was requested to submit his selection of Psalms and Hymns, reported: That he had accomplished the work assigned him; that they have examined the same, and judge it to be a judicious and excellent selection; that they accordingly recommend it to the General Synod for their ultimate approbation, and suggest the propriety of having it immediately published and introduced into all our Churches.

The General Synod having received the report of the Committee appointed upon the subject of the Psalms and Hymns, and having inspected the selection made by the Rev. Professor Livingston, agreeably to the request of the General Synod in their last session, do express their high satisfaction and decided approbation of the same. It is therefore Resolved, That this selection be forth with published and introduced into public worship in all our Churches. And the General Synod recommend the same to all families and individuals within their communion, to be adopted instead of the book which has hitherto been in use. It is further Resulred, That the Catechism, Articles of Faith, and what has formerly been published with the book of Psalms and Hymns, be also added to the new edition ;—and that the copyright of the book be secured for the express and sole benefit of such students as may attend oor theological lectures, and may need pecuniary assistance.

Resolved, That the Rev. Dr. Livingston be requested to superintend the publication of the first edition of the new Psalm Book, and when published that he affix his name thereto.



From the Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the

Reformed Dutch Church in North America.

SESSION, JUNE, 1830. Resolved, That the Rev. Thomas De Witt, D. D., William M'Murray D. D., Isaac Ferris, and the elders Peter D. Vroom, Jr., and John D. Keese, be a committee to select from the different collections now published Hymns on a variety of subjects, to constitute the second Book of Hymns, to be added to those now in use in all future editions of our Psalm and Hymn Book, and that said committee report such selection to the next General Synod for their approbation.


The committee appointed by the last General Synod, reported a selection of Hymns. Whereupon the following resolutions were adopted.

1. Resolved, That the said additional hymns reported by the Committee appointed by the General Synod in 1830, be accepted, ordered to be published as a second Book of Hymns, and authorized to be used by the churches in the same manner as the Psalms and Hymns now in use.

2. Resolved, That all future editions of the Psalm Book shall contain the Additional Hymns, together with the Canons of the Church, as soon as the Board of Direction of the Corporation shall be able to make the necessary arrangements with the Publisher.

3 Resolved, That a separate edition of the Additional Hymns be pubIished.

4. Resolved, That the Board of Direction of the Corporation be directed to take out separate copyrights for each of the books, and authorize their publication; and that they erintend the publication of the first edition of each book.


The Subscribers, having entered into a contract with the Board of Corporation of the Reformed Dutch Church of North America, for publishing the Psalms and Hymns of said Church, have procured two sets of Stereotype Plates ;—one of a large size, and the other of a small size suitable for the Pocket. They now pledge themselves to keep a constant supply of the above Books, in various kinds of bindings, at reduced prices.







.... 145



Page ALMIGHTY ruler of the skies 22 From all that dwell below, &c. ... . 193 Alinighty God, appear and save 26 Father, I bless thy gentle hand 214 Are sinners now so senseless grown 20 Firm and uninov'd are they 222 Arise, my gracious God

32 For ever blessed be the Lord 246 Amid thy wrath remember love .... 72 As pants the hart for cooling, &c. . 78

G A word in season, spoke with power 97 Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame .. 56 Are all the foes of Zion fools 98 God of my life, look gently down.. 74 Among the assemblies of the great 138 God is our refuge in distress ...... 84 And will the God of grace 139 Great is the Lord our God

87 Among the princes, earthly gods .. 144 God counts the sorrows, &c. 101 Again, my tongue thy silence, &c. 188 Great God, indulge my, &c. ....... 103 Awake, my soul, with fervent, &c. 189 Great God, attend to my, &c. 109 Arise, O king of grace, arise : 20 God of my childhood, &c.

122 Awake, ye saints, to praise, &c. ... 232| Great God, whose universal sway 123 All ye that love the Lord, rejoice .. 256 God, my supporter, and my hope

Great Shepherd of thine Israel .... 130 B

Great God attend, while Zion sings 141 Behold! the lofty sky

39 God in his earthly temple lays Behold! the morning sun ......... 40 God, from his cloudy cistern, pours 176 Blest is the man, for ever blest .... 60 Give thanks to God, &c.

180 Blest is the nation where the Lord 62 God of eternal love Behold the love, the generous love 67 Give thanks to God; he, &c. ...... 184 Behold the blest Redeemer comes . 70 God of my mercy and my praise 190 Blest is the man whose bowels move 78 Great is the Lord, his works, &c. .. 193 Behold! O God, what cruel foes 135 Great is the Lord, exalted high ... 231 Blest are the souls that hear, &c. .. 151 Give thanks to God, most high

.... 233 Before Jehovah's awful throne 168 Give to our God immortal praise .. 235 Behold! the stately cedars stand .. 178 Behold the sure foundation stone . 200

H Blest are the undefil'd in heart ..., 202 How long, O Lord, &c.

27 Behold thy waiting servant, Lord . 208 How fast their guilty sorrows, &c. 34 Blest are the sons of peace

230 How many Ebenezers stand ...... 60 By Babel's stream the captive, &c. 235 How pleasing is thy voice ........111

How long, eternal God, how long . 128 с

How awful is thy chastning rod .. 132 Children in years and, &c.

64 How pleasant, how divinely fair .. 140 Come, sound his praise abroad 162 Hear what the Lord in vision said 151 Come, let our souls address, &c. ... 163 He, that hath made his refuge God 156 Consider all my sorrows, Lord 211 He reigns; the Lord, &c.

164 Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face 171 D

Happy is he that fears the Lord ... 193 David rejoic'd in God, his strength 45 How shall the young secure, &c. . , 204 Deep in our hearts let us record 117 How did my heart rejoice to hear . 220

Had not the Lord, may Israel say .221 E

Happy the city, where their sons .. 246 Early, my God, without delay 107 Exalt the Lord our God..


In anger, Lord, rebuke me not .... 19 F

I love the volume of thy word 42 Fools in their hearts believe, &c. .. 2 In thee, great God, with songs, &c. 44 Far as thy name is known 87 Olift my soul to God ....

50 From foes that round us rise 104 I will extol thee, Lord, on high 57 Father, I sing thy wondrous grace 119 Into thy hand, O God of truth 58 For ever shall my song record ..... 149 I waited patient for the Lord ..... 75 From age to age exalt his name ... 184 In Judah, God of old was known . 130



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It is the Lord, our Saviour's hand 173 My soul of thy protection sure .... 106
I love the Lord; he heard, &c. .... 197 | My spirit looks on God alone ..... 107
If God succeed not, all the cost ... 24 My God, permit my tongue ...... 109
Is there ambition in my heart 227 My God, in; everlasting hope ..... 120
I love thy kingdom, Lord ......... 237 My Saviour, my Almighiy friend . 121
I'll praise my Maker with, &c. ... 250 My never ceasing songs shall, &c. 149
In Zion's sacred gates
257 Mercy and judgment are my song ·

My soul, repeat his praise

175 J

My soul, ihy great Creator praise . 176 Just are thy ways, and true, &c. .. 36 My God, consider my distress

.....210 Jesus, my Lord, doth condescend 48 My soullies cleaving to the dust .. 213 Jesus, my Shepherd, lives

49 My God, what inward grief I feel . 941
Judge me, O Lord, and prove, &c. . 53 My God, while impious men
Judges, who rule the world, &c. ... 103 My God, accept my early vows ....213
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun . 124 My righteous Judge, &c.
Jesus, my God, my all in all ...... 144 My God, my King, &c.

Jehovah reigns: He dwells, &c. 159
Joy to the world, the Lord, &c.

Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy, &c. 191 Now, saith the spirit of the Lord .. 15
Jesus the Priest ascends the, &c. .. 192 Now may the God of pow'r, &c. 43

Now let our mournful songs record 47

Now plead my cause, &c.
Keep me from fainting, &c. ....... 215 Now be my heart inspir'd to sing . 83

Now shall my solemn vows, &c. ... 113

Not to ourselves, who are, &c. .... 196
Lord, thou wilt hear me, &c.

17 Lord, in the morning thou, &c. .... 18

Lord, what was man, when, &c. .. 21 O Lord, how many are my foes ... 15
Lord, when iniquities abound 27 O God of grace and righteousness . 17
Lord, I am thine; but thou, &c. ... 33 O Lord, our heav'nly King

21 Lord, thou hast form'd my, &c. 35 Our rulers, Lord, with songs, &c. .. 44 Lord, I will bless thee all my days 64 O God of grace, my cry attend ...

55 Lord, we have heard thy, &c. 81 O Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope

68 Let Sion in her King rejoice 850 for a shout of sacred joy

86 Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin 940 thou that hear'st when, &c. 95 Let sinners take their course 100 O God of refuge, hear my cries .... 99 Lord, thou hast scourg'd our, &c. . . 105 O thou whose justice reigns, &c. 101 Let God arise in all his might 115 O thou, whose hands the,&c. ...... 120 Lord, when thou did'st, &c. 1100 what a stiff'rebellious house

133 Let children hear the mighty, &c. . 133 Our God, our help in ages past .... 154 Lord, thou hast planted, &c. 137 O God, to whom revenge belongs 160 Lord, when thy vine in, &c. ibid Of justice and of grace I sing Lord of the world above ... 141 O bless the Lord, my soul

Lord, thou hast callid thy, &c. 143 | O how I love thy holy law ...... 205
Lord, in a day of pow'r divine .... 148 O that the Lord would guider &c. . 209
Lord, if thine eyes survey, &c. .... 1540 that thy statutes cv'ry hour

Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing, &c. ... 159 O thou, whose grace and, &c. ... ..220
Let Zion in her sons rejoice ...... 172 O happy man, whose soul, &c. .... 224
Lord, thou hast heard thy, &c. .... 199 Out of the depths of long distress . . 226
Lord, I esteem thy judgments, &c. 205
Let all the heathen writers join 206

Lord, I have made thy word, &c. 207 Preserve me, Lord, in time, &c. ... 30
Lo! what an entertaining sight 229 Praise waits in Zion, Lord, &c. ... 110
Lord, in those dark and, &c. ...... 236 Praise ye the Lord, exalt, &c. ..... 231
Lord, when I count thy, &c. ......241 Praise ye the Loril, &c.
Lord, what is man, poor, &c. .... 246 Praise ye the Lord: 'tis, &c. ....,.251
Let ev'ry tongue thy mercy speak 248 Praise ye the Lord: all, &c. ....... 258
Let Zion praise the mighty God .. 252
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord ..... 255


Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord. 61
Remember, Lord, our, &c.

My God, the tempter would, &c. .. 16 Return, O God of love.return ..... 153
My trust is in my heav'nly friend. 20 Remember all my sorrows, Lord .. 215
My refuge is the God of love

25 My God, my God, why hast, &c. 46

Mine eyes and my desire .. 52 Save me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe.. 32
My heart rejoices in thy name 59 Soon as I heard my Father say
My God, the steps of pious men .. 71 Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive 93
My spirit sinks within me, Lord 79 Sing, all ye natiuns, to the Lord ... 113
My God, defend my cause

80 Shine on our land, Jehovah, &c. .. 114
My God, preserve my soul
98 sure there's a rightrons God

12 My God, in whom are all, &c. 102 | Sing to the Lord aloud


... 170

... 249


.. 239
.. 243


Salvation is for ever nigh ...... 143 Thou, Lord, by strictest, &c. .

Stretch'd on the bed of grief ...... 147 To God I made my sorrows, &c.

Shall man, O God of light, &c. .... ibid

Sweet is the work, my God, &c. ... 158


Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name · 161 Upward I lift mine eyes .........219

Sing to the Lord, ye distant, &c. .. 103 Up from my youth may Israel say · 225

Sing to the Lord most high ....... 169

Songs of immortal praise belong 192


See what a living stone


Searcher and Saviour of my soul .. 215

Vast are thy works, &c.


Sweet is the mem'ry of thy grace . 248 Vain man, on foolish pleasures, &c. 185


The man is ever blest...



Th' eternal Son with power, &c. .. 14 Why did the heathen madly, &c. .. 14

Thee will I love, O Lord, &c...... 34 With iny whole heart, I'll, &c.


To thine Almighty arm we owe ... 37 When the Great Judge, &c.


To bless the Lord our God, &c. .... 38 Why doth the Lord stand off, &c 24

The heav'ns declare thy glory, &c. 41 Why do the men of malice rage ibid

This spacious earth is all the, &c... 49 Who shal) ascend thy, &c.


The Lord of glory is my light ..... 53 When God is nigh, my faith, &c. .. 31

Thro' all the changing scenes, &c.. 63 We love thee, Lord, and we adore 36

The Lord for ever guards the just.. 65 Writhing in pain, our Saviour, &c. 47

Thus I resolved before the Lord ... 73 Where shall ihe man be found .... 51

Teach me the measure of my days. 74 While I keep silence and conceal . 61

The wonders, Lord, thy love, &c. .. 77 When man grows bold in sin


The King of saints, how fair, &c. . 84 Why should I vex my soul, &c. ... 69

"The Lord, the Judge, before, &c. 90 Why do the wealtlıy, &c.


Thus saith the Lord, the, &c. 91 Wliy doth the man of riches grow 88

The Lord, the Judge, his, &c.. 92 Why should the haughty. &c. ..... 96

The God of glory sends his, &c. .... 93 When o'erwhelmd with grief ..... 106

There is a God, all nature cries.... 97 | We bless the Lord, the just, &c. ... 116

"Tis by thy strength, the, &c. 111 Will God for ever cast is off ...... 127

'Twas for my sake, eternal God ...118 When Israel sinu'd, the Lord, &c, . 134
The mom'ry of Christ's, &c. ...125 While life prolongs its, &c.


To thee, most high and holy God . . ]29 With rev'rence let thy saints, &c. 150

To God I cried with, &c.,

.131 Who will arise and plead, &c. 160

Thro' ev'ry age, eternal God ......153 When Pharaoh dar'd to vex, &c. 181

The heathen know thy glory, &c. . 104 IVhen God. provok'i with, &c. .... 187

The Loril is come; the, &c. 165 When Israel freed from, &c.

..... 195

The Almighty reigns, &c.

ibid What shall I render to my God ... 197

To our Almighty Maker, God 166 With my whole heart I've, &c. 210

The Lord, Jehovah. reigns

167 When pain and anguish seize, &c. 213

'The Lord, the sov'reign King 176 When God restored our, &c.

Thus were the tribes from, &c. .... 181 When God reveal'd his, &c.


To God the great, the ever blest ..1-2 Where shall we go to seek, &c. ...
Thy works of glory, mighty Lord With all my pow'rs of heart, &c. 2:38

Thus the eternal Father spake


When I with pleasing wonder, &c. 240

The Lord appears my helper now. 198 With songs and honours, &c. 253

This is the day, the Lord, &c.

To thee, before the dawning, &c. . 202


Thou art my portion, () my God .. 203 Ye sons of pride that hate, &c. 9
Thy mercies till the earth, &c. .. .. 207 Yet (saith the Lond) if, &c.

The least, the freblest of the, &c. .. 216 Ye sons of men, a feeble race ..... 157
Thou God of love, thou ever blest. 217 Ye servants of th' Almiglity, &c. .. 194

To Zion': hill I lift my eyes ...... 218 Ye that obey th' immortal King

The Lord in Zion plac'd his, &c. .. 229 | Ye tribes of Adar, join



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