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and delusion goes on, until, in many | not somebody else discover that bread instances, the infatuation tyrannises is poisonous, and cold water deadly? over the victim with an irresistible There is room also for some enthusiast respotism.” Think of this, ye lovers to get up an Anti-bread-and-butter of Hyson and Souchong! Why does | Association. Where is the man?


On Friday, April 11, which was a real | pledged themselves to raise £1,000 if Good Friday at the Orphanage, the mothers | possible, for our New College home. We and friends of the boys came to tea, and trust their churches will be hearty in the were most happy and delighted. The effort, for there is great need, and we boys sang, and the President talked to trust they will not fail to help. Our work the boys, and then tried to administer is for God's glory, and not for self. comfort to their widowed mothers, speak- Surely believers will generously take it ing to them of faith in God, and of his up, especially those whose pastors have faithfulness to all who trust in him. That been educated by the institution. venerable man, Mr. Moffat, was there,

The Butchers' Annual Festival was and after expressing his pleasure at all he

| held in the Tabernacle, April 15th: Mr. saw, he talked in the most interesting

C. H. Spurgeon in the chair. A large manner to the lads, who will never forget

number of the meat salesmen and master his good advice and the pleasing stories

butchers were present. About 1,200 men which he told them. It was a great

were regaled with a meat supper, and delight to hear that grand old man speak

were afterwards addressed by Messrs. H. ing to children as cheerily as if the dew

Varley, W. Cuff, and c. 8. Spurgeon. of his youth was still upon him.

It was a noble opportunity for proclaimThe London Baptist Association quarierly meeting was held at Mr. Varley's,

ing the gospel. A splendid Bible was

presented to Mr. Varley, as a token of Notting Hill, but the small attendance of

the gratitude of the butchers' men and ministers was very discouraging. Mr. the

| the market porters. The result of these Varley has erected a noble structure, and

annual gatherings is observable in the his schools are so large as to be second to

improved moral tone of those employed in none in the metropolis. It was a great

the markets. The effort is a noble one, and pleasure to see how largely the Lord has

we wish it could be extended to other blessed him. Mr. J. A. Spurgeon, the

trades. President for the year, ably presided. The evening meeting, with the communion,

On Wednesday, April 16th, the last of was a hallowed season. God bless the

the opening services of Victoria Chapel, London Association, and maintain and in

Wandsworth Road, was conducted by Mr. crease its vital energy.

C. H. Spurgeon. The evening meeting The College Conference was a holy fes

was a warm-hearted and enthusiastic one. tiral, altogether unequalled in our expe

and gave promise that the new effort will rience. The attendance was numerous,

be as successful as others which have and the spirit was warm, devotional, and

gone before. We commend Mr. Henderfull of promise The friends at the son, the minister, to the best sympathies Tabernacle entertained all comers, show

of all our friends in the neighbourhood. ing hospitality without grudging, for In answer to many enquiries we beg to which we thank them heartily. The state that we have been offered by an ex. amount raised at the supper, £1,900, was cellent American firm the sum of £5,000 larger than ever, and the enthusiasm of for twenty-five lectures, or at the rate of friends was equal to anything we have | £200 per lecture. Further arrangements ever seen. The brethren assembled heard are also to be made for one hundred or papers read by their brethren which were more lectures, as may be mutually agreed. all profitable and able. Most of them will We have declined these liberal proposals be inserted in the “Sword and the Trowel,” solely because our work is to preach the but it will take time, as we can only give l gospel and not to lecture. We lecture space for them by degrees, for we have now and then for some object which to consult variety in our articles. We | pressingly needs help, but never for perbless the name of the Lord for this year's sonal gain. Although the remuneration happy gathering. The ministers assembled offered is very far beyond anything our

beloved people are ever likely to give us, we will send us prompt assistance. Direct prefer to live of the gospel, according to to C. H. Spurgeon, Nightingale Lane, our Lord's words, rather than to use the Clapham. Lord's time for earning money for our The walls of the new chapel at Balham own purse. If it be said that we might begin to appear above the ground, and the build our College with the money, we memorial stone will be laid in June. More reply that is true; but we feel that our than £1,000 has been subscribed, in addiCollege, which is our own work, should tion to the grant of the London Baptist be built by our own friends. We should Association. not like it to be said that we had to cross The Collectors' meeting at the Orphanthe Atlantic to build our College House age, April 22, was a joyful one. More than because British Christians could not or £180 was brought in. Could not more of would not do it. If all who believe in our young friends take cards or boxes, and our work will lend a hand, the matter will so help the orphans ? soon be accomplisbed. Those who have Baptisms at Metropolitan Tabernacle judged us faithful will greatly encourage by Mr. J. A. Spurgeon:-March 24th, us if, in this most needful enterprise, they nine; March 27th, fifteen.

Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle.

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R. J. May

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Per Mr. T. Middleton". ... ... 1000

... ... 15 0

... 1 0 0

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Statement of Receipts from March 20th to April 19th, 1873.

£ s. d. / A. T. H.

.. 1 15 6 Mr. R. J. May Rev. T. King

5 0 0 Miss Virtue...

Miss R. Virtue
Late Mrs. Whittemore, per Rev. W. A.

Mr. G. Pedley

Mr. Mills ... Mr. Gordon

Mrs. J. W. Brown ... Mr. Middleton

Mr. E. H. Brown.. Mr. Middleton

Mr. Budgett... Mrs. Middleton

0 5 0

A Friend ... Mr. J. Middleton

Mr. J. Edwards

Mr. T. Hubbuck Mrs. Hare

Mr. J. Watchurst

3 0 0 Mr. J. Woodward

W . W . ... ... ... Mrs. T.

100 00 Mr. Tubby ... Mr. G. Moore

5000 The Misses Dransfield Mr. R. A. James

Mr. J. Finch Miss Maxwell

0 100 Mr. H. Read Mr. S. Thomson

10 Mr. C. Russell Mrs. Stevenson

101 Mr. J.B. Mead J, H, W.

Mr. W. Rea ... R. P....

Mrs. Rea ... Mr. Daintree

Mr. C. Taylor Mr. H. Matheson ... ...

Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Mr. Toler ...

Mr. and Mrs. Marsh, Jun. Mrs. Toller ...

100 Messrs. W. T. Marsh and Sons... Collected by Mr. R. Mills

Mr. Matherson ... Miss Nay and Friends

Mr. and Mrs. Alldis . Mr. J. Deverell

A Friend from the Count Mr. S. Chew...

Rev. T, Handford .. Mr. Pettifer...

Rev. D. Gracey ... Captain H. M.

Rev, A. Fergusson A. G. P. .

Rev. G, Rogers A Friend

Mr. Isaac Rogers ... Mr. Whittaker ...

Mr. W. R. Selway Mr. W. Dunn

2 2 0

Mr. R. Evans

Mr. Priest... Mr. Edwards

Mr. P. Gordon Mr. McArthur, M.P.

10.10 0 W.F. W. ul. G. Fitch

10 Mr. W. c. Straker... : Mr. E. Heritage

50 A Friend .. Mr. R Harris

Mr. B. A. Woollard Mr. Padgett...

500 Mr. H. Hadland Mr. J. P. Bacon

0 0 1 Mr. D. Greenaway Mr. and Mrs. Green

3 3 0 1 Mr. Creasey... Mr. D. Church

Mrs. Creasey

2 2 0 Rev. J. A. Spurgeon Mr. W. Thomas

Mrs. J. A. Spurgeon Mr. J, Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Moffat A Friend, per Mr. Duncan

Mrs. Allder ...

Dr. Swallow...
5 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Harrison ...


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Mr. J. W. Brown ...

Mr. R. May...
Mrs. May


Mr. ad Mismith Smith

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Mr. J. Waylen
Mr. and Mrs. Mart
Mr. James Smith ...
Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith
Mrs. Samuel Barrow
Miss Barrow
Mr. W. C. Price
Mr. G. Parmiloe
Mr. W. Farmiloe
Mr. Horniman
Mrs. Horniman
Rev. W. Boyd
Mrs. W. Boyd
Mr. T. Greenwood, Jun. ...
Miss Carrie Greenwood
An Oxfordshire Farmer
A Fellow Worker ...
Mr. and Mrs. Fisher
Mrs. William Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins
Mr. T. Biggs
Mr. G. W. Share ...
Miss Mary Greenwood
Miss Sarah Greenwood
Mr. T. Greenwood...
L. G. O.
Mr. J. C. Barr ...
Mr. and Mrs. Evans
Mr. F. Amsden
Mr. W. Osmond
Mr. and Mrs. W.
Mr. J. Doulton


s. d. 1

Miss Z. Cook
Mr. H. Bowman
Mr. T. Mills

Mrs. Perrott
0 Mr. and Mrs. A. Goodwin
0 Mr. and Mrs. J. Williamson

Mrs. James

Mr. and Mrs. J. Benson ... 2 0 Mr. W. Higgs, Junr. 2 0 Miss Higgs ...

Miss Louisa Higgs
Miss Sarah Higgs
Miss Mary Higgs ...
Mr. and Mrs. Romang
Mr. Romang, Junr,
Mr. and Mrs. Nisbett
A Stranger ...
Mr. and Mrs. Boot

Mr. Harry Boot 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell... 10 Mr. C. Davies 1 0 M. M., Quebec 1 0 Mr. J. Mac1 Mrs. Bartlett's Class 15 0 Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon 0 Dr. Gervis ..

Mrs. Webb .. 2 0

Mr. Ball 0 0 Mr. J. Ball 2 0

A Friend, per Mr.

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1 1 1

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Mr. F. R. Rim..

5 00 1 0 0 100 3 150 3 3 @ 1 0 0 500

Rev. 4. &



Mr. Oxley...,


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are on WO

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Rev. V. J. Charlesworth... J.L. K. Mr. J. Mills... Mr. Neville ... Mr. Vickery E. C. ... Mr. and Mrs. Hale Mr. C. Mace... Miss Payne ... ... Mrs, Payne Mr. and Mrs. Temple Mr. and Mrs. Carr Mr. and Mrs. II. Olney .... Mr. J. Norton . Miss Florence Olney Mr. W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Mrs. Ellwood Mr. and Mrs. Potier Mr. T. P. Fisher ... Mr. W. C. Harvey Mr. W. L. Giles. Mr. W.R. Huntly Mr. E. P. Fisher Mr. J. B. Howard Nr. Redman T. T. and Friend Mrs. E. Hill Mr. T. H, Cook Mrs. Fox Mr. W. J. Mills Mr. T. H. Olney Mr. W. B. Fisher ... Mr. A. W. Fisher ... Mr. A. H. Baynes Miss Bigwood Mr. W. W. Baynes Mr. J. S. McMaster Dr. Under hill Mr. Hellier ... Mr. A. Wilson ! ... Mr. J. Wilson Mrs. Cook Mr. J. J. Cod Mr. C. P. Carpenter Miss Julia Carpenter Mr. W. Mills

50 e 20 00 0 10 6 2 100 5 00 050 5 00 0 13 9

Mr. Hollings
1 0 Thank Offering, R

Mr. W. R. Rickett

Mr. G. Startin
Mr. and Mrs. Ross

Miss Ross
0 0 Mr. W. Izard

Mr. and Mrs. Murrell
Mr. W. Murrell
Mr. C. Murrell ..
Dr. and Mrs. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Downing

Mr. W. Olney
5 0 0 Passmore and Alabaster ...

J. Passmore, jun, ... 1 1 0 Miss Passmore 1 1 0 | Miss Lilly Passmore

Mrs. Willson

Mr. Priestley 3 3 Mr. Galloway

Mr. A. Cameron

Mr. E, F. Lancaster 3 30 S. S. S.

Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Knight
5 0 0 A Sermon Reader ...
1 1 0 | Mr. W. Evans

Miss Walker
Mr. Gowland
Mr. T. R. Phillips.

Mr. Davies ... 2 0 0 1 Mr. Raines ... 3 3 0 J. S, ...

General Dalze
Dr. Beilby ...

Mr. C. H. Goode
2 2 0 Collection at Lake Rond,
1 1 0

Rev. T. W. Medhurst'... 2 2 0 Collection at Monkwearmont 10 00

E, S. Neale .. 3 3 0 2 2 0 Jackson

0 0 2 2 0

Cameron ...

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Collection at Sevenoaks, per "Rev. I

Collection at Lochee, per Rev. I. 10 7 7 Collected at Thetford "by Rev. J. Mr. Fyson



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Welton: Mr. Doggett

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0 0


0 140

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Collection at Cornwall Road Sunday

School, Brixton, per Rev. D. Asquith
Miss Parker's Bible Class, per Rev. D.

Asquith ...
Collection at Newcastle on Tyne, per

Rev. J. Malins
Collection at Rothesay, per Rev. 8.

Crabb ...
Collecting Box, per Rev. I. L. Gordon
Collection at Burton on Trent, per Rev.

J. T. Overs
Mr. and Mrs. D. Camps, per Rev. J.

Collection at Colchester, per Rev. E.

Spurrier ...
A Friend, per Rev. G. t. Ennals
Mr. J. Fulks, per Rev. H. Bradford
Collected at Ipswich, per Rev. W.

Mr. R. L. Everett ..

0 100 Mr. E. Edgeley

0 10 0 Mr. S. H. Cowell

100 Miss Ererett

050 Mr. J. Neve ...

10 Mr. C. Clarke

050 Mr. J. Cooper

050 Miss M. Everett Mr. W. Wade

.. 0 10 0 M. W. Taylor

05 0 Mr. W. Bayley

... 0 5 0 Collected, per Rev. J. Spanswick

3 0 0
3 0 0
0 10 0

£ s. d. Collection at Deptford, per Rev. D.

Collection at“Grantham, "per Rev. G.

2 7 4
Part Collection at Luton, per "Rev. I.
W. Genders

50C Friends at Whitstable, per Rer. G. Stanley ...

0 10 G Collection at Haddenham, per Rev. I. Smith

10 0 Kincs Cross Collection at Vernon Kings Cross

.. 200 ! Collection at Bromley, per Rev. Tessier 0 0 Collected at Winslow, per Rev. John

Mrs. W. Hawley

Miss S. Hawley

50 E. B. ..

2 0 F. B.

Master SI

2 0
... ... .. 3 6

- 1 3 6
Church at Redruth, per Rev. E. J.
Collecting Box, per Rev. C. Evans ... 015 8
Collection at Langley, per Pev, G. Monk 1 5 0
Weekly Offerings at Met. Tab., March 23 30 29

30 400 5 April 6 41 16 7

, 13 36 7 0

Edwards ...

Rev C. Evans


[blocks in formation]

Stockwell Orphanage.

£ s. s.




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Whale ding, Seun

0 26

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Mr. J. Nutsey

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Statement of Receipts from March 20th to April 19th, 1873.

£ $. d. 1 Mrs. Rutherford

0 6 6 Sunday School, Haddenham, per. Mr. J.S. ...

J. Smith Mrs. Carruthers


5 0 thers.


0 ... ...

H. A. Miss L. Maxwell

0) 100 Collected at Ipswich, per Rev. W. Mrs. Parsons, per Mr. G. B. Simpson... 1 1 0 Mr. Patterson 0 100 Mr. J. Gooding, Senr.

0 26 Mr. T. Young, per Mr. F. Cockrell ... 0) 100 Mr. J. Gooding, Jun. A. T. H.

0 Mr. R. Smith ...

0 5 0 A. Friend, per Rev: T. King

o Mr. W. Archer

0 5 0 Late Mrs. Whittemore, per Rev. W. A.

Mr. R. Girling Blake

Mr. W. Foulger Mr. John Gordon ...

0 Miss Daines

Mr. S. H. Cowell J.H. W.

0 Mr. J. May, Jun.

0 10 0 J. and E. Sangster

0 10 6 Mr. E. Oxborrow, Senr. ...

Master W. Carter R. P....

100 Children at Ela Lane Sunday School...

A Friend per Rev. G. Bowler Miss Katie Turnbull

by 3 6 Mrs. Armitage Sale of Watch...

Lectures at Waterbeach, per Rev. A. 100

Morgan ...

J. P. .. Misa Nay and Friends

0 15 0 Mr. W. Rani Part of Thanksoffering Service, per Rev.

J. W. B. A. A. Rees

16 0 0 Mr. Ford .

100 Mr. Fyson, per Rev. J. Welton... Captain H. M. .

2 10 0 M. M., Quebec Every Little Helps

O 3 4 Rev. J. Smith Per Rev. W. E. Lynn

Mr. D. Macpherson ... 010 0

Mrs. Field ... Francis M. Lym's box

J. A. S. 100 Mr. Pegg 2 0 0

Mr. J. Willia

0 10 0 J. B. C. A Widow's Mite ...

0 5 0 Thanköffering, per Rev. Ä. A. Rees

0911 A. B.... Eythorne and Ashley Sunday Schools,

J. D. ... per Mr. Marshall

2 4 0 Mr. Galloway ... ... 7 10 01 W. W. and Daughter ..

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Mr. Padgett

4 60 0 10 0


Mrs. Sisman...

::::::::::::::::::: : :lo

1 0 0 0 5 0 0 10 0

0 0

10 0 05 0

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Mrs. Denny....
A. B. H.

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Mr. E. B, Sargeant

0 6

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£ s. d. Baptist Church, Nottingham Road,

Collected at Children's Service, per Mr. Upper Tooting ...

ś 0 0

Davis Mrs. C. and Friends

Miss Choat ...

. 0 10 0 Mr. A. Cameron ...

Mrs. Abbott J. M.G. ...

Miss Walker Mr. R. Hughes

Annual Subscriptions :W. A. M. ...

Per Mrs. Withers :H. H....

Mr. J. Huntley...

.. ... 2 0 0 Mr. C. Jayne

Mr, J. 0. Cooper Quarterly Subscriptions collected by

Mr. W. Moore Mrs. Salisbury and Mrs. Sibery at

Mr. R. Oakshett

0 5 0 Brockley Road, New Cross ...

Mr. J. Withers (q

0 5 0 Mrs. Harper

Mrs. Blackman...
A Sermon Reader ...

30 Per F. R. T.:Mrs. McArthur, Barbric

Miss Humphries per Mr. D. McArthur ...

10 0 0
Mr. Townes

... ... 0 5 0
A Mother ... ...
0 1 0

- 0 10 0 T. T. ... ... 0 2 6 | Mr. R. Harding ... ... ...

.. 1 1 0 A Country Minister

0 3 0 Mrs. Ewers, per Mr. J. Manchester ... 10 10 0

£143 17 8 General Dalzell

... ... **.

... 2 0 0 Mrs. Bourne's Bible Class

1ole Class ... ... 1011 List of Presents for the Orphanage.-PROVISIONS :-Box of Sago, Anon, ; 120 Eggs, Miss Janet Ward : Box ditto, Mr. Potier; small Cask of Butter, Mr. Phillips.

CLOTHING, KTC.:-Parcel of Shirts, etc., G. and J. Shepherd. Bacud : 4 Cotton Shirts. Mr. Eley, Kelvedon ; 21 Flannel ditto, North Brixton Hall Ladies' Working Association; Parcel for Sale Room, Mrs. Easty, Ipswich; small' Box of Articles, A. James, Newport Pagnall; 12 Cotton Shirts, Bromley Baptist Chapel Dorcas Society. GENERAL :-Garden Roller, Mr. Vickery ; Foot Ball, Mr. Zimmerman.

Donations :-Party of Americans, £1; Collecting Card, Master Shilling, £1; ditto, Miss Ransor, 3s. 1d. ; ditto, Miss Oraggs, 3s. 5d.-Total, £2 6s. 6d.

Error last month, 9 Bags of Vegetables, Mr. Liddiard, Wantage.

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[blocks in formation]

College Buildings.

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5 00

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Statement of Receipts from March 20th to April 19th, 1873.

S s. d.
Miss Webber Smith and Mrs. Oliver ... 500 Rev. W. Carnes
Miss Burls ....

1 J. P. F. . Miss Marshall

| A Friend . A Grateful Soul

1 0 0 Mr. J. Gardi Mr. H, Hobson

H. . . Mr. R. A. James

Mrs. Dix Mrs. Allder...

Rev. J. Teague Mr. Horniman

Mrs. Grace ... Mr. G. Martina

J. D. ... ... Mr. and Mrs. Higgs

Mr. Anden. Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell

Sermon Readers, Nova Scotia

Mr. D. Keely
Mrs. Tunstall
Mib. 1 Uusi

Mr. and Mrs. Alldis
A Working Woman ...

T. V.T, ...
J. B. ...

0 0
Mr. Frearson
R. F.
Church at Verzon Kings Cross

0000 0 1 0



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