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WE laid the first stone of the new build- The friends who have met at Palmerston ings for the Pastors' College on Tuesday, Hall, Wimbledon, have bought the hall, October 14, and the day will ever be one and made it their permanent place of worof the brightest recollections of our heart. ship. We have apportioned them £200, Our loving people from seven in the but they greatly need further aid. morning to ten at night never ceased to

It was a great joy to us to journey to pour in their offerings, each one saying a kind word to the pastor as the money was

Bradford to assist in the opening services

of the new chapel of our brother, Mr. J. given. Happy is the minister who has such a people. Mainly by small sums the

P. Chown. We had a good season in St.

George's Hall, and the Lord was there. amount was made up to £1,000, and the ministers and students brought in another

It is interesting to record that before we .£300. We began the day with prayer,

reached Bradford Mr. Chown's friends had

cleared the new chapel of all debt, and and the students continued the devotions

therefore the collections were divided right on. The day was fine, the people

between the Bradford Infirmary and the enthusiastic, the speakers in good trim,

Stockwell Orphanage. Our share is to be and all was as we could desire it, best of

£125, and we are truly grateful for it; it all the Lord was there. Our enterprise is

cheers us at a time when subscriptions now going on to completion, and if all our

come in but slowly. readers were now to send in their help we should soon crown the edifice. This

At Bedford, on October the 22nd, we will be done, and again we shall have to preached in Mr. Howard's great implemagnify the God of grace. Never before | ment house to three or four thousand was any work in our hands carried out

| people. The collections were divided bewith so little trouble.

tween the Baptist and Wesleyan churches. It is delightful to read the account of

We are coming nearer, for we both hate

Ritualism and neology. Both denominathe meetings of the Baptist Union at

tions have definite views on the great Nottingham; evidently the divine pre

gospel doctrines, and abhor the looseness sence was enjoyed. The address of Dr.

of " modern thought.” Landels on Ritualism was a splendid deliverance. « There is a future for you

The Sunday-school teachers at Taber. Baptists," said Neander, and we mean to

nacle have had a very gracious season of realise it by the Lord's gracious help.

special prayer, and are looking for a great

blessing. The setting a part of a time for Like many of our readers, we were intercession by the Sunday School Union amazed to find the Christian World was a most wise and holy thought, we charging us with believing in the damna- | feel sure that throughout all Sabbath tion of infants. Never did we give any schools which duly observed the occasion inan an excuse for such a calumny; we the largest blessings will follow. O for loathe the notion as we detest murder, living teaching, and the quickening of The newspaper writer must have very sore youthful hearts into immediate conversion withers, or he would not kick out so wildly to God! at the touch of our hand. We accept his We are requested to state in connection handful of mud as the evidence that his with the China Mission that a letter awaits conscience pricked him. As to the editor J. J. S. at 422, Holloway Road Postof the Christian World, much as we dis | office, from T. P. H., 82, Dempsey Street. like his theology, we cannot believe that we may add that we hope the papers upon ne approves of such an assault; we have | China will lead friends to help Mr. Hudson always found him a gentleman, and there- Taylor's Inland Mission, and any sums fore we expect the amende honorable at sent to us will be punctually forwarded. his hands before this reaches our readers.

Baptisms at Metropolitan Tabernacle, A new Baptist interest is to be raised in by Mr. J. T. Wigner :-September 29th, Aldershot. One of our College men is fifteen. By Mr. J. A, Spurgeon:-Octoto commence in a few days.

ber 2nd, fourteen.

Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Statement of Receipts from September 20th to October 20th, 1873.

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£ s. d.

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A Friend, per Mr. Simpson Annan
Nr. James Richards
A Widow
J. G. P.
Mr. W. J. Wilkes ...
A Widow's Thankoffering, A. K.
Mrs. Penaluna
Mrs. Taylor
A Friend ...
Mr. D. Macpherson
D-5, 56,599 ...
The Misses Dransfield
Mr. T. Kennard
Mrs. Matthews

acidews .
Mrs. Varley
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Page
Mrs. Rathbone Taylor
Mrs. Evans
Mr. W. Thomas
Mr. H. Thompson
Mr. Gardiner
Mr. B. Venables
Miss Maxwell


Mr. W. Staple
A Friend in Africa, per Rev. G. Rogers 5 0 0
Mrs. Dodwell
A Friend, Cambrid
Mrs. Bickinore ...
Sale of Jewellery ..
A Friend, from Suffolk
Mr. and Mrs. Pledge

1 10 0 A Sermon Reader ...

0 10 0 Mr. Grant ... Mr. J. Portens

1 0 0 Mr. Clark ... The Misses Clark John Ploughman Weekly Offerings at

ept. 21 16 14 12

28 40 03 Oct. 5 32 2 3

12 30 29 1960 4 0

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10 0 16 3 3 0 10

£255 13 3

... ...

0 0

Stockwell Orphanage.

Statement of Receipts from September 20th to October 20th, 1873.

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s. d.

1 0 0 Ö 0 0

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0 0 0 0 10 0

0 10 0 10


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Mr. S. Thomas ...


... * W.T.A.

** ... ... ... ... ... Mr. J. Richards Mrs. Hughes A Friend M.S. Miss Hughes OM Farthings and Halfpence taken at

the Metropolitan Store Sale of Old Cardboard A Friend (Berkhampstead) Miss May Mrs. Beecliff's Bible Class A Widow's Thankoffering (A. K.) ... Mr. J. Wilson ... Mr. R. Toller . Mr. G. Winslade Mrs. Spindler Per Rev. W. Sampson Grateful Sermon Readers Mrs. Best ... Miss Best ... Miss L. Best Mr. T. Buckmaster The Misses Hulbert Mr. G. Lawrence and Friends ... A Scotch Friend J.S. (Norfolk) A.S. W.A. M. D. Wallis A Friend Miss Katie Turnbull Mrs. McAdoo J.T. H., Orders S., Orders ... Every Little Helps ...



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R. E. S. ... ... ... ...
W.F. E.
W.F. E.

... ...

... ... ...
Mrs. Legge
Miss Brown
Mr. T. Kennard
Mr. Benham
Collected by Mrs. Salisbury an

Sibery at Brockley Boad
A Margate Friend..
Mrs. Barker...
Mrs. Green
B., per Mrs. Green
Miss Taylor
Mr. Morris...
Mr. John Daniels
Boxes at Tabernacle Gates
A Friend, per Mrs. T.
A Widow's Mite
Captain Morrison, R.N.
Part of the Tenth
Mr. H. Jelly
Mrs. Cassin
T. R. M.
D. E. T.
Mrs. Rathbone Taylor
Mr. A. Debenham
Collected by Mrs. Stopford
Mrs. Evans, Sale of Bazaar
Mr. J. Roberton
Mr. W. H. Tipper
Mrs. Greenfield
Mr. Ford ...
Miss Maxwell
Mr. Ranford
Miss H. Fells

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1 0 0 14 3 7 2 10

0 6 0 0

4 16 0 i 17 6 4 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 5 0 0 10 0 1 0 0 15 00

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Orphan Boys' Quarterly Collecting Cards.-Apted F. G., 2s 2d; Abbey J., 10s 2d ; Austin, 2s 3d; Baker J., 3s 2: Ball C., 4s 7d: Brooker H,73 3d : Bramble H., 10s: Brownlie W., 23 9d; Brown J., 66 3d ; Bligh F., 3s 5d; Bray E., 12s 6d : Brick E., ls : Bowers A., Li 2s 100: Court R., 2s 7d; Cockerton T., 4s 100: Coles G., £1 10s: Colliers H., 3s 5d; Corke L., ls; Campbell C., 5s 3d ; Chapman M., 2s 6d; Christmas J., 3s 60; Crisp, 1s 9d; Carroll J., 14s 3d; Dawson T., Is 9d; Dean G., 5s; Dixon R., 58 Ild; Digby C., ls 100 ; Dixon T., 6s Ild; Day A., 3s 5d; Davis A., Is 4d; Dalby W., £1: Ellis H., Is 5d; Edmonds B., 3s 10d ; Ehlers R., 2s 4d; Emmet S., 78 4d; Evans T., 3s; Ellis G., 12s 3d; Fourness E., 4s 6d; Fleming G., 5s; Farley J., 2s id; Fanner w., 13s ld; Furby A., 5s. 9d; Gatten J., 58 4d; Godsmark R., 125 60; Gregory, 3s 3d; Heath A., 2s 4d ; Hodge J., 68 3d; Herrieff T., 33; Hearn C., Is 60; Hitchcox S., 8s 1d; Harrowing, T., 6s 6d; Hart F., 4s; Hobson W., per “Aunt Pattie," 2s 6d; IIobbs W., 5s 3d ; Hedges W., Os 9d; Harper A., 58: IIorley B., 10s 4d; Harris A., 23; Hinkley J.. os 4d; Hockheimer W., 6s; Jones C., 2scd; Jones A. C., 5s 9d; Johnson G., 5s 4d; Leak F., 10s; Laker A., Ils 5d; Lee E., 6s id; Ladds W., 4s 9d; Lake A., ls 4d; Maynard J., per “Aunt Pattie," 2s 6d; Matthews W., £1; Mee C. M., 4s; Marsh É., 2s 10s; Morley H., 6s id: Mallett, 4s: Machin, 5s 6d; Nichols M., 3s 60; Okill W., 3s 2d; Phipps H., 7s 4d; Parker G., 16s 5d ; Passingham, £1 is 8d; Paice F., 3s 70 ; Pearson W., 5s id; Parry L., 9s id; Randall W., 33 id: Rogers W., 3s Id: Richardson A.,

S 0d ; Rces J., 12s 108; Robinson, 16s id; Roberts G., 13s 6d; Raynor W., 6s 3d; Smith R., 2s 4d; Stratford J., £1 ls 4d; Smith Harry, ls 6d; Simms W., £1; Simpson J., 2s 4d; 'Thornton H., 5s;

3d; Tanner, 2s 9d; White A., '4s 9d: Walton É., 4s 2d: Wood w.'ils 4d: White A.. 9s 20; Wingell S, 2s 6d; Walker D., 10s; Wheeler W, 6s 1fd.; tickets for tea, 178 63.-Total, £35 7s. 54d.

Donations per Mr. Charlesworth.-11. Laurance, 5s; Mr. Groom, £1 ls; Nemo, £1 10s; M. Wilson, 10s; A. Bamber, 8s 3d; H. Hopperton, 10s; Girls' Practising School, Stockwell, és 2d.—Total, £4 10s. 5d.

List of Presents for the Orphanage.-A pig, Mr. F. B. Thomas; a sheep, Anon; one ton of potatoes. Mr. Toller; one pad of apples, Mrs. Waltham; ditto, Mr. Scott; one sack of fiour. Mr. Saunders: sundry vegetables for the sea-side infirmary, and 20 sacks of potatoes, Mr Hogbin; 120 eggs, Janet Ward.

CLOTHING, &c.-One knitted counterpane, Anon; 10 pairs of knitted stockings, “An old lady nearly Blind30 boys' ties, Anon; 2 cotton shirts, Miss Ward; several bed quilts, A. Davies: 30 washleathers, per W. Olney.

College Buildings.

Statement of Receipts from September 30th to Oct. 20th, 1873.

£ s. d.

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F. and M. Woodhans
Miss Hobbs ... ...
M. A. G.
Collected by J. Scowen
Mr. J. Sadler
Mr. James Gillies ...
M. S....
R. M....
Mrs. Tunstall
A Welsh Servant
Miss Hughes
Mr. D. S. Miller
A Mite
Mr. T. Hamilton
Mr. H. Mitchell
Mr. James Smith
Mrs. James Smith ...
Mr. Henry Smith ...
Diyon **
D. Y., Manington ...
Mr. John Angus
Mrs. Kemp ...
H. .
Mr. J. Turner
Mrs. Mary Williamson
Mrs, Sarah Jones
Mr. Ransford
Mr. Frost ...
Mr. G. Barber
Mr. C. Thompson ...
C. B. ...
Miss Sy


Mr. James Mills
Mrs. Hare
Mr. R. Fergus
E. G....
J. S., Norfolk
Mrs. Russell...
A. ... .
Mrs. White ...
Mr. Upsher
Mr. Tabor
Mr. Horsepool
Mr. Pearce ...
Miss Hudson
Mrs. Tiff
Friend, A
W.J. M.
Mr. J. Morris
Miss H. Blackie
A Widow
Miss Speidt
Mrs. Mahon
Mrs. Farrow
Mr. Spriggs ...
Mrs. Sibrey ...
Miss Wheatley
Miss Eldred...
Miss H. Swain
Miss J. Hill
Miss C. Wilson
Miss E. Chapman
Mrs. Case
Mr. W. Bright

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£ 8. d. 1 Mr. Chilvers

Miss Anden ... Mr. Dunn

0 10 0 Miss Figs ... Friend, B

0 3 0 Mrs. Bowes ... A Friend

1 0 0 Mrs. Hearson A Friend

2 0 0 Miss Darkin Mr. J. Cos.

10 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Coc... The Misses Dransfield

10 10 Mr. and Mrs. Prout Mrs. Sayer...

0 1 Mr. W. P. Gladwin Mr. R. Evans

Mr. W. J. Todds ... Mr. Bennett...

5 0 0 Mrs. Winser Mr. White

0 5 0

Debtors to Free Grace Mr. Dawe ...

0 10 0

Mrs. Cripps ... Mrs. Licey

0 10 0 Mrs. Knapps Mrs. Paine

0 10 0 Miss Hallett Miss Emily S

o 50 Mr. Crawter Mr. Potier.

10 0 0 Mr. King Miss Jephs ..

0 5 0 Miss Nay ... Mrs. Pash ...

0 2 6 Mrs. Bydawell Mrs. Hooper

0 0 Vrs, Anstey Mrs. Johnson

1 1 0 Mrs. Woodfall Mrs. Buckmaster

Mr. Hodges Mrs. Barrett...

10 0 M. W. ... Mr. Froud ..

Mrs. Bantick Mr. Plant ...

0 10 0 F. .. Miss Skinner

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher S. G.

Miss Alderson Mr. Stiff

0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Pettifer Mr, Crane ...

5 0 Mr. Jeffers ... Mr. Ashley ...

1 0 Mrs. Raybould Mrs. Ellwood

5 0 0 Mr. Adams. ... Mr. Brown ...

i 0 0

Mrs. Price ... Mr. and Mrs. Nisbett

5 0 0

Mr. and Mrs Hayter Mr. A. T. Nisbett ..

1 10 0 Mrs. Wale ... ... Mr. Bradley...

26 Miss Tubby ... Vrs, Bull

1 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Young Mr. Clear

1 1 0 Mrs. Warren Mr. Hale

5 0 0 Mr. Higgs Mr. Ash

0 10 0 Mr. Passmore Mrs. Willcox

1 1 0 G. Emmy and her Brother

1 1 0

Mr. Ranford Miss Maxwell

100 Mrs. Ranford Mr. Hall ... ...

0 15 0 Miss A. Parker E. B., Thankoffering

2 10 0 Mr. Lawson ... A Thankoffering, Vrs,

0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Pri Gratitude ... :..

1 0 0

Mrs, Anton ... Miss M. A. Gatehouse

1 0 0 Mr. Blacks ... Mrs. Gatehouse ...

0 6 0

H. ... Miss Jane Matthew

Mary Ann Baldwin Mr. Coveney

Mrs. Anson ... Mr. Churley

Mr. and Mrs. Tamkin Mr. E. Brown

Mr. Padgett Mr. Spurgeon

Mr. and Mrs. Hockey Mr. W. Mills

2 2 0

Little Alice Mrs. Allom ...

Little Alice's Grandmother A Friend, at Tabernacie ...

Mr. Curry Mr. W. Cooper ...

Mr. W. Olney Mr. and 113. Pope

Mr. Mills Mr. H. Blandford

Miss Goslin Mr. Chandler

A Margate Friend Mr. Jeffrey .

Mr. R. May... Mrs. Humphries ...

Mrs. Stumpf R. B, L. S. D.

Mrs. Cornell B.

Miss Barnett

Miss Julia Chont Mrs. Gur Moore

Mr. W. Siinpson Mrs. Thomas

Mr. Pickering Miss Coker

E. W. Mrs. Plant

Mrs. Davies ... Mr. Longbotham

0 0 Mr. Pierce Miss Knight...

2 6 Mr. Drew Mr. W. H. Marsh

1 1 0

Mrs. Buxton Mr, S. J. Marsh

Mrs. Clare ... Mrs. Scott ...

Miss Swan ... Miss C. Masters

Miss Alice Davey Miss Jude

Miss Hitchings Mrs. Stone.

Miss Hunt

Miss Beale ... Mrs. Croker ...

5 0 0 B. and Mrs. Green A Little Girl

0 1 0 Mrs Fuller ... Mr. Wheelwright, in remembrance

Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister ... 030 Mr. Muskett

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£ 8. d. 100 0 10 0

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Mr. Hall Mr. Willcoxon Mr. J. Morgan Mr. Andrews Miss Bowles Mrs. Lane .. Amelia and her Brother ... Miss Vining... Miss Bonser... Miss Duncomb E. B.... .. Mr. E. C. Rowley ... T. S. Mr. and Mrs. Drayson Mr. J Stevenson Mr. Thorne A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Mr. Hellier ... A Coal Heaver Mrs. Gosling Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. Gosling Mr. Hyatt Mrs. Woods Mrs. Day Miss Day Miss Jones Mr. J. Westbrook ... Marian and Agnes... A Member ... Mrs. Harding Mr. Davies ... Mrs. Williamson Mrs. Deane ... A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Brown Mrs. Hill A Friend ... Mrs. Davis .. J. S., A Mite Tom ... An American Friend Mrs. Pink ...

0 10 0 1 0 0 1 100 050 0 1 0 0 100 06 0 2 190 050 o 0 100 040 1 0 0


1 0 0 5 00 0 10 0



£ s. d.
0 10 0 A Friend, per Mrs. Parker
100 Mrs. Parker ...
0 Mr. John Keene

Mr. J.C. Barr ...
0 Mr. and Mrs. Romang

Mr. and Mrs. James Cole

Mr. Vickery
10 0 Miss French
26 Mr. Drake ...

0 0 Captain Meldrum ...
50 Ellen and Eliza Tabor

Miss Prior

May and Elizabeth Marshall
100 James and Eliza Cox
0 0 Mr. W. S. Payne

H. A. D.
10 Miss Hazell ...

Mrs. Simpson
Mrs. Hinton

Miss Winslow
1 1 0 Mr. and Mrs. Knight

10 0 Mrs. Skinner

10 Mrs. Grant 1 1 0 Mrs. Morris

2 0 Mr. Parsons
10 0 J. B. and Daughter

10 0 Mrs. Sidrey
0 10 0 E. B.
2 0 0 A Servant

0 Mrs. Crisp

Mrs. Willams
Mr. T. Chester
Mr. J. Tanner
Miss Jenkins
Mr. Bryant
Miss Lamb
Mr. Pallin
Mr. Rea

Miss Wyatt.
5 0 Miss Law
1 1 Herbert

0 K. L. K.
2 6 Mrs. Freeman
2 6 M.

Mrs. Wright
0 0 Charlotte Hadlington
0 5 0 E. W.
0 4 0

Alfred Austin 0 5 0

| L. C. B. 0 1 0

T. s. 2 6 Mr. Benham 0 10 6 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall

06 J. R. 0 2 6 John Morpeth 2 10 0 Mrs. Barrett 1 1 0 Mr. Hornsby 2 2 0 M. A. P. ( 10 0

E. S. 0 10 0 Mr, Murrell 1 0 () Mr. Sundries

Mr. H. Olney
0 10 0 Mr. T. Olney
0 10 0 Mr. W. T. Marsh
0 10 0 Mrs. Marsh
0 5 0 | Miss Emma Marsh
1 0 0 Miss Alice
2 0 0 Pully and Eph
0 5 0 Mr. Gamage
1 0 0 Mrs. Gamage
0 5 0 Miss Gama e

5 0 Miss E. Gamage
0 0 Master A. Gamage

0 0 Miss Gillard 0 10 0

Mr. Goodchild
0 0 Mr. Rogers

Mrs. Davey ...
Mr. Wollacott

A Churchman
0 10 0 Miss Richardson

Miss Butcher


0 10


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0 10 0 0 2 0 0 16 6 0 150 100 0 10 1 1 0 100


K. Captain Ives W. Allan Mrs. King ... A Friend of the Poor Another Friend E. W. ... Mr. Allaway Miss Emily Smith ... G. M. Dr. and Mrs. Gay Mr. Ward .. Mr. S. Child.. Miss Spencer Mrs. W. Evans Mrs. Bainbridge Miss Brown Mr. Leaver Mrs. Watts Miss Fells Miss S. J. Fell Mr. Worth Mr. Russell .. Miss Dymock Mr. Sutcliffe Mr. Llewelly Mr. Miller ... Mr. T. Goodwin Mr. Charlc3 Neville Mrs. King ... Mrs. Morris ... Mrs. Berry.. Mr. Mackey... Mr. Waight ... Mrs. Waight Mr. Lawrence

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