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Order of Proceedings at an Annual Meeting.

would be increased. It is evident that, in any arrangement of this kind, much will depend on the respective speakers :the length of an address, however, is usually estimated by its interest, rather than the time occupied in its delivery; but it should never be forgotten, that there is a courtesy due to the audience, as well as to those who are invited to take part in the proceedings.




The President, or one of the Vice-Presidents, having been called to the Chair:

1. The Chairman... will open the business of the meeting, and conclude by requesting one of the secretaries to read the Report of the Committee.

2. A. B.

3. C. D.

4. E. F.

5. G. H.

6. 1.K..

7. L. M.

will read the Report, including the Treasurer's account as audited.

will move the Resolution No. 1

"That the Report now read be received, adopted, and printed under the direction of the Committee."

will second the Motion No. 1.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No 2

"That this meeting avails itself of the renewed opportunity now afforded. to express its undiminished attachment to the object and design of the British and Foreign Bible Society; and desires to congratulate the Committee of that Institution on the success of their benevolent exertions at home and abroad."

will second the Motion No. 2.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 3

"That this meeting congratulates the Committees of the several Branch Societies and Associations connected with this Institution, on the progress already made towards supplying the destitute in their respective districts with the holy scriptures, and on the assistance afforded to the Parent Society in extending the same invaluable blessing throughout the world."

8. N. O.

9. P. Q.

10. R. S.

11. 7: V.

12. W. X.

13. Y. Z.

14. B. A.

Branch Societies generally less productive than Auxiliaries.

15. The Chairman.......

will second the Motion No. 3.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 4

"That this meeting participates in the satisfaction which the success of this society, during the past year, must afford to the President, the Vice-Presidents, Officers, and Committee; and that the following gentlemen be the officers and committee for the ensuing year, with power to fill up any vacancies in their number; viz."

[Here insert the names of the Treasurer, Secretaries, and members of the Committee.]

will second the Motion No. 4.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 5


That this meeting cordially acknowledges the kindness of those gentlemen who have attended on behalf of the Parent Society, and who have thus afforded a fresh illustration of that spirit of harmony and love which unites the various denominations of the Christian Church in this work of mercy."

will second the Motion No. 5.

The Chairman having put the question, will move the Resolution No. 6

"That this meeting aknowledges, with grateful respect, the obliging manner in which the Chairman has conducted the business of the day."

will second the Motion No. 6.

The Mover having put the question, will acknowledge the Resolution, refer to the plates for receiving contributions, and adjourn the Meeting to the day specified in the General Rules.



1. It has been already intimated, that Auxiliary Societies are, in general, more productive and efficient than Branch Societies of the same extent; and where the population is of sufficient magnitude, and suitable patronage and officers, with an effective Committee, can be obtained, the constitution of the former may be recommended as preferable.

But there are many situations wherein it may be desirable

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Rules and Regulations recommended for adoption by Branch Societies.

to establish a "Branch Society," but where it may be impracticable or inexpedient to form an "Auxiliary;" and the subject will now be considered in reference to such cases.

2. It will be recollected, that the only difference between the two establishments is this:-that an Auxiliary Society remits its funds to, and draws its supplies of Bibles and Testaments from, the Parent Institution; while a Branch Society maintains a similar connexion with the Auxiliary Society. The extent of privilege, collectively and individually, is precisely the same in both cases.

Where a Bible Association is established within the district embraced by a Branch Society, the latter possesses the same unlimited right of purchasing Bibles and Testaments at cost prices, with the funds and on account of such Association, from the depository of the Auxiliary Society, as the latter enjoys from the Parent Institution on behalf of an Association connected directly with it.

3. The following are the RULES and REGULATIONS recommended by the British and Foreign Bible Society for adoption by Branch Societies; the parenthetical additions being suggested, to render the plan more explicit :

1. That the object and constitution of the British and Foreign Bible Society have the cordial approbation of this meeting.

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2. That a society be (now) formed, to be called "The Branch Bible Society of "for the purpose of co-operating with the British and Foreign Bible Society (through the medium of the Auxiliary Society), in promoting the distribution of the holy scriptures both at home and abroad. 3. That, conformably to the principles of the British and Foreign Bible Society, the Bibles and Testaments to be circulated by this society shall be without note or comment, and those in the languages of the United Kingdom of the authorised version only.

4. That all persons subscribing one guinea per annum, or upwards, or ten guineas, or upwards, at one time, shall be members of this society.

5. That the business of this society shall be conducted by a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, Secretaries, and a Committee consisting of other members, half of whom shall be members of the Established Church; and that members of this Committee constitute

a quorum.

6. That every clergyman, or other minister, who is a member of the Society, shall be entitled to attend and vote at the mecetings of the Committee. 7. That the Committee shall meet once every month, or oftener, on some day to be fixed by themselves.

8. That the Committee divide this neighbourhood into districts, and appoint two or more of their members for each district, who may associate with themselves any subscribers for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions and donations from the inhabitants thereof; and that they establish proper agents and correspondents in different parts within the limits of this Branch Society.

Rules and Regulations recommended for adoption by Branch Societies.

9. That the whole of the subscriptions and donations received by this Society shall be remitted half-yearly, after deducting incidental expenses, to the Auxiliary Bible Society of -, on condition of such society grant ing to this the same privileges which the Parent Institution grants, in such case, to its Auxiliary Societies.

10. That the Committee shall make it their business to inquire (either personally or by means of Bible Associations) what families or individuals residing within the several districts are in want of Bibles or Testaments, and unable to procure them; and that it shall be the duty of the Committee to furnish them therewith at prime cost, reduced prices, or gratis, according to their circumstances.

11. That such persons as may not find it convenient to become members of this society shall, upon forming themselves into Bible Associations (and sending a copy of their Rules to the Committee), be entitled to purchase, at the depository of this society, under the direction of the Committee, copies of the Scriptures at prime cost, for gratuitous distribution, or sale at prime cost or reduced prices, among their poorer neighbours.

12. That all clergymen, and other ministers, within the sphere of this society, making collections in their respective congregations in behalf of the institution, shall be entitled, on remitting such collections to the Treasurer of this society, to receive Bibles and Testaments to an amount not exceeding one-half of the said respective collections, estimated at prime cost, as shall be found to be needed by the poor in the vicinity; such return of Bibles and Testaments to be claimed within one year from the remittance of the collection. It is recommended, in all practicable cases, to supply the poor by sale, rather than by gift.

13. That a General Meeting of the subscribers be held at


in each year, when the accounts shall be presented, the proceedings of the past year stated, a new Committee formed, and a Report agreed upon, to be printed under the direction of the Committee, and circulated among the Members.

14. That, in the formation of the New Committee, the (President, VicePresidents) Treasurer, Secretaries, and such three-fourths of the other Members as have most frequently attended the Committee, shall be reeligible for the ensuing year. 15. That be President, Secretaries, and


Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Members of the Committee for the year

16. That annual subscriptions and donations be now entered into, and that they be also received by the treasurer, (secretaries,) and the several bankers of this town and neighbourhood.

17. That these Resolutions be published in such manner as the Committee may direct; and a copy of them, signed by the chairman, transmitted to the President of the Auxiliary Bible Society at

18. That the Committee meet the - instant, at o'clock, and prepare, print, and circulate an address on the objects and views of this society.

3. The "Observations" on the Rules of an Auxiliary Society (see Section II. of this Chapter) are equally applicable to those of a Branch Society; and the few verbal alterations which are necessary, in order to adapt the By-Laws (see Sec-. tion III.) to the design of the latter, will readily suggest themselves to the reader.

Observations on the Rules.

4. When one or more individuals feel disposed to establish a Branch Bible Society in the town or district where they reside, they should proceed towards the attainment of their object in the manner described in Section IV.; only deriving the requisite assistance from the Committee of the Auxiliary Society with which they propose to connect themselves, instead of applying to that of the Parent Institution. But as it more frequently happens that the impulse is given by the District Committee of the Auxiliary Society, in fulfilling the duties prescribed by the XVIth By-Law, it may be proper to observe, that much will depend on the prudence and wisdom of their preliminary proceedings. Those individuals to whom the design is first communicated should be persons of local respectability and influence, and the object and plan of the society be thoroughly explained to them, before any measures are adopted for calling a General Meeting and establishing the society. Important as is the design, and replete with blessings wherever it has been steadily pursued, it should never be forced on the public attention, in opposition to the wishes of those who are most competent to judge of its expediency. Delay may sometimes be as much a duty as despatch, and may be rendered more profitable by the prudent circulation of full and accurate information on the subject.

5. The mode of organizing a Branch Society,-the duties of the officers and Committee,-the mode of conducting the Committee Meetings,-and the forms of the books and papers, are so similar to those already described, that it is only necessary to refer the reader to the preceding Sections. Every suggestion which may be found useful to the officers or Committee of an Auxiliary Society, is equally applicable to those of a Branch Society, who should cultivate, by every means in their power, that mutual confidence and good understanding which has hitherto characterized the various parts of the system, and facilitated all their proceedings.

6. Where the seat of a Branch Society is at a considerable distance from that of the Auxiliary with which it is connected, it may be found advantageous to the former to avail itself of the following regulation, adopted in the spring of 1818 by the Parent Society

66 The Committee of the British and Foreign Bible Society, desirous of rendering the utmost practicable facility in furnishing Bibles and Testaments to every department connected with their Auxiliary Societies, respectfully inform the several Committees, that, where it may be found more con

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