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Colchester.-Association at Mr. Elwell's School, Hammersmith.

Association, consisting of fifty young persons, chiefly under ten years of age, by whose united subscriptions she was enabled, before the close of that year, to present a donation of 117. 12s. 8d. to the Auxiliary Society. Under the prudent and persevering direction of the same benevolent individual, this little society continues its laudable exertions; and the aggregate amount of its contributions in the seven years, ending November 1820, exceeds ninety pounds, for which no return of Bibles and Testaments has been required. Several School Associations have been subsequently established in connexion with the same Auxiliary Society, which are thus noticed in their Tenth Annual Report:

"From one of these it appears the sum of 97. 18s. 4d. has been received: from another, organized with a president, treasurer, secretary, and nine collectors, the sum of 107. 12s.; from another, the sum of 11. 4s. 8d. a con-. tribution equally honourable to the parties who made it; and from two schools of poor girls in the parish of St. Peter, 17; making together 221. 15′′. -In addition to these sums, your Committee have to state the receipt of 31. from an Association among the young gentlemen of Mr. Robertson's establishment; and of 51. from one among those of Mr. Seaman's; and from the children of the Lancasterian Sunday School a free contribution of 17s. 10d. in addition to their purchase of Bibles.... .... These may be regarded only as parts of the sums actually contributed by our youth, many among them being subscribers to the collectors of districts in the Ladies' Association; and it is also pleasing to observe, that many of those who have assisted your object have given a considerable assistance to other institutions of a religious nature."

6. In February 1813, a Juvenile Bible Association was established among the young gentlemen of Mr. ELWELL'S School at Hammersmith; which has been conducted with such exemplary attention to system, and characterized by such a degree of perseverance, as entitle it to particular notice. As the members of this little society attribute much of their success to the practical application of their VIIIth, IXth, and Xth Rules, no apology can be requisite for introducing the entire Code of Regulations.

LAWS and REGULATIONS of the Association.

I. That this Association be denominated, "A JUVENILE BIBLE ASSOCIA TION, formed for the purpose of aiding the Funds of the Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, and Hammersmith Auxiliary Bible Society, by Annual Donations."

II. That a Committee be appointed, consisting of nine members, including a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, and a collector; which shall meet every Wednesday; when the treasurer and collector shall give an account of subscriptions received that day, and donations received during the preceding week.

III. That no business be transacted, unless five of the committee be present.

Rules and Regulations of Mr. Elwell's Association.

IV. That all sorts of conversation, or behaviour, irrelevant to the business before the committee, from the time that order is called till the time that the meeting is actually adjourned, be considered disorder, and, as such, punished by a fine of twopence, to be added to the funds of the Association. V. That all Resolutions agreed to by the committee be signed by the chairman.

VI. That a new committee, chairman, secretary, treasurer, and collector, be appointed at the commencement of every half-year.

VII. That, at the commencement of each half-year, the chairman make inquiry whether any evidence of improper conduct can be substantiated against any member of the committee; and that if no such proofs are adduced, each member of the former committee may resume his seat in the new one ;-all vacancies being filled up by election.

VIII. That if any member of the Association give a donation of two guineas, or separate donations to that amount, at or after his departure from the school, he shall become a Vice-Patron.

IX. That those members who, at their departure from the school, give a donation of one guinea, shall be considered Members for Life.

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X. That three deputy collectors be elected quarterly, who shall receive the weekly subscriptions and donations; and that no person be chosen a member of the committee who has not previously passed through the office of deputy collector for a quarter of a year.

XI. That the committee be regular in their attendance on the appointed day; and that no member of it be absent more than once, (unless some sufficient reason for his non-attendance can be assigned to the chairman,) on pain of vacating his seat.

XII. That when the votes are equal, the chairman may give a casting or deciding vote; and shall have the power of calling a special meeting of the committee when he thinks proper.

XIII. That no sort of canvassing or bribery be allowed at the election of new committees, or officers of the Association, or at the proposing of Resolutions.

XIV. That no member be permitted to borrow money out of the funds of the Association.

XV. That a general meeting of the members of the Association be held twice every year, at such times as the committee shall think fit to appoint.

The following is an extract from the Report of this Association, for 1819:

"Besides the advantage immediately derived from your subscriptions and donations, your example brings with it one still greater. It will, doubtless, give you great pleasure to hear, that one of your former members, whose zeal in this cause has often been witnessed, has lately established a Juvenile Bible Association in a school near Portsmouth, and' adopted the rules of your association. Your Committee earnestly exhort other members to follow this example; hoping that, by this means, associations on a similar plan may be formed, and thus a greater number of youthful advocates may arise to succeed those who are now the great supporters of the Bible Society. Your Committee feel happy in the consideration that it is not a fleeting impulse of youthful ardour which has excited you to undertake the support of so great a cause, but a steady determination, arising from feelings of love to mankind and gratitude to GOD, which has influenced your exertions, and directed your operations."

Results of this Association.-Leaf-Square School.-Edinburgh Association.

The average number of contributors is thirty-six; and the total amount already remitted for the general object of the British and Foreign Bible Society, is 231l. 3s. 74d.

In reference to this Association, and to a kindred institution in the same district, the Committee of the Kensington Auxiliary Society, in their Third Annual Report, observe :

"The young gentlemen of Mr. Standen's Academy (Hammersmith) have continued to present their yearly donation of fourteen guineas: while those in connexion with the establishment of Mr. Elwell, of the same place, have raised their former subscription of twenty guineas to twenty-five, and have given five guineas, in addition, to the Hammersmith Association. Let those attend to this fact, who thought that the continuance of juvenile ardour was not to be expected, and that the hopes expressed of this nature were sanguine and unwarranted. For themselves, the Committee still entertain the same hopes; and from no quarter do they less apprehend disappointment than from the young."

At York, Bradford, Exeter, Manchester, Kingston-on-Thames, and a few other places, similar Associations have been subsequently formed. Of these, the Juvenile Association of the Leaf-Square Academy, near Manchester, merits particular notice, in consequence of the zeal and judgment that have characterized its proceedings. It was established in the year 1814: the average number of contributors is about forty; and the amount, collected to April 1820, is 1177. 11s. 3d.

7. As there is no country upon earth which is more indebted to education and the Bible than SCOTLAND-elevated as she has been in the scale of nations through their instrumentality-so there is none that has more strikingly evinced its gratitude, by promoting the extension of the one, and the circulation of the other. In the formation of Juvenile Bible Associations, her youth exhibited an early example, and have continued with steady perseverance their liberal aid. The first institution of this kind in Scotland appears to have been that of the Edinburgh Juvenile Society, established in the spring of 1813, the origin of which is thus described in the fourth Annual Report of the Edinburgh Bible Society :—

"A few young persons connected with a Sabbath School voluntarily began with contributing the small sum of a halfpenny per week on account of the Bible Society: their numbers gradually increased, until some grownup persons considered it their duty to encourage their efforts, and agreed to form them into a society, and to assist in the management of their concerns. It appeared to them, that, by an Association of this kind, besides the pecuniary advantage to the Bible Society, an impression peculiarly favourable might be made on the minds of the young persons themselves. While it cannot be expected that all who become members will do so under the influence of serious feeling, it is at least likely that this Society will contain none openly wicked and profane. By the frequent intercourse of

Glasgow, &c. Associations.—Savings from infancy.

such comparatively well-disposed youths, will the danger arising from bad associates be diminished, the influence of religious example be generally diffused, and the attention of all be habitually drawn to the good ways of the Lord. While engaged in providing Bibles for others, may the God of all grace make them anxious to read and understand their own; and while assisting in the glorious work of making others wise unto salvation, may each of them be made wise for himself!"

The aggregate amounts derived to the funds of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Societies, from this source, to the year 1819, are,

Edinburgh, from seven Juvenile Associations. £.546. 1.0
Glasgow, from six . . ditto
£. 267.19.0

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By similar Associations at Aberdeen, Greenock, Paisley, &c. a proportional degree of zeal and liberality has been manifested; and it is very probable, that in many other parts of Great Britain combined indications of the interest felt by the young in this work of mercy, have been discovered, although the particulars have not been made public. The following is selected from among numerous evidences of an individual desire to contribute towards an object which even children can understand and appreciate. After an interesting meeting in the North of England, a paper was handed to the author, of which the following is a transcript :


"A young person was at the meeting last night, whose exertions in aid of the Bible Society began at perhaps an earlier period than most in the room and as I feel confident that the circumstance excites in her mind no feeling but that of gratitude to GOD, and to her excellent parents, I will mention the fact to you, in the hope of its furnishing a hint for usefulness to others. In her days of infancy, when a penny was given to her for learning a hymn, it was, at her mother's suggestion, deposited in a little box till it had five companions; they were then exchanged for a silver sixpence. A shilling, by the same process, soon occupied its place, or became united to it at once, by a chapter being committed to memory. Whenever ten shillings could be counted, they were placed by the child in the hand of her affectionate father, who returned to his pleased little-one a promissory note for the ten shillings with interest, in due form. On the establishment of the Bible Society here, the several notes were produced, and the accumulated fund was called in:-it amounted to TEN GUINEAS, which were with unspeakable pleasure committed to its better bank, as 'Savings from Infancy, and inserted as such in the first Annual Report of the Auxiliary Society."



In preparing the following regulations, the author has endeavoured to render them as simple as possible; and such observations are subjoined as appeared necessary to make

Rules for Juvenile Bible Associations.-Observations.

the plan perfectly intelligible to those for whose use they are designed.


1. RULES recommended for adoption by JUVENILE BIBLE ASSOCIATIONS.


I. That an Association be now formed in connexion with the Auxiliary (or Branch) Bible Society (or Bible Association), to be denominated The Juvenile Bible Association, for the purpose of contributing towards the circulation of the holy scriptures, without note or comment, throughout the world.”

II. That each Member of this Association subscribe not less than one penny a-week; and that every person presenting a donation of one guinea, or upwards, either at one time or within a year, shall be a member for life.

III. That the business of this Association be conducted by a treasurer, secretary, and a committee, consisting of all the members who collect sixpence or upwards per week: the treasurer and secretary to be chosen annually, and to be eligible for re-election.

IV. That the committee meet on the

day of every month, at

o'clock precisely, and that the business commence as soon as five members are present.

V. That each collector be furnished by the secretary with a collectingbook, numbered according to the order of appointment, for the purpose of entering the names of contributors and Bible subscribers; and that the amount received shall be paid over to the treasurer at every committee meeting.

VI. That if any member of this Association wishes to subscribe for a Bible or Testament for his (or her) own use, or for the supply of any poor child or person unable to subscribe, such subscription shall be received, and the Bible or Testament be delivered when the cost-price has been paid.

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VII. That the whole of the contributions, after deducting incidental expenses, shall be paid by the treasurer, quarterly, to the committee of the Bible Association), to be applied, after paying for any Bibles and Testaments which have been received, to the general object of the British and Foreign Bible Society. VIII. That a general meeting of the subscribers shall be held annually, when the treasurer's account, as audited by the committee, shall be presented, the proceedings of the last year reported, and a treasurer and secretary appointed. A copy of the Report to be sent to the committee of the Auxiliary (or Branch) Society (or Bible Association).

Auxiliary (or Branch) Bible Society (or

IX. That A.B. be treasurer, and C. D. secretary for the year ensuing. X. That a copy of these Rules, signed by the treasurer and secretary, be transmitted to the committee of the Auxiliary (or Branch) Society (or -- Bible Association); and that they be respectfully requested to furnish the Association with their Annual Reports, and with five copies of the "Extracts of Correspondence,” monthly.


1st Rule. If the society be established in a school, it may be denominated" The Bible Association of Mr. (Mrs. or Miss―——'s) School."

2d Rule. In School Associations, the privilege of being lifemembers may be extended to those subscribers who leave the school, but who still manifest an interest in the cause.

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