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Circulation of Monthly Extracts.

Bibles, at the reduced price, to the proprietor of the principal inn in this town, to be placed in the sleeping-rooms, for the use of those who have occasion to take up a temporary residence there. Your Committee would recommend the practice to be adopted as generally as possible; and sincerely hope the good intentions of those who have commenced it will be fully realized."

IX. The following extracts, in addition to the remarks submitted in Chap. I. Section VIII., will exemplify the beneficial effects resulting from the provisions of the Thirteenth By-Law:

Westminster, 1818.-"The plan recently adopted, of printing Monthly Extracts,' from the correspondence of the Parent Society, has been highly beneficial, in exciting new and zealous exertions in the several departments of the society. With these extracts in his hand, every contributor to the Society can trace its increasing progress and success, in opening the treasures of Divine Wisdom to regions hitherto unsupplied with the word of life."

Blackheath, 1818.—“ The occasional circulation of the Monthly Extracts' among persons who knew but little of the extensive labours of the Bible Society, has made the most salutary impression. It has, in many cases, silenced objections, and brought new friends to the cause in which that Society and its Auxiliaries are engaged."

Plymouth Ladies', 1820.—“ Your Committee have, during the past year, judged it expedient to give increased circulation to those very interesting documents, the Monthly Extracts of Correspondence;' having been satisfied of their tendency to excite and maintain a powerful interest in the operations of the Parent Society. By rich and poor they are perused with equal interest. In most of the poorer districts they are regularly circulated; and the eagerness with which they are inquired for, evinces that poverty may restrain the hand, but cannot chill the heart."

Specimens of all the Books and Reports referred to in the ByLaws, will be found in one connected series in Section V. of this Chapter, with such remarks and explanations as may be necessary to illustrate their practical tendency.



1. In places where Auxiliary or Branch Societies are established and properly organized, the formation of Associations generally originates with their Committees: and it will be recollected, that their By-Laws (Chap. II. Sect. III.) are framed with particular reference to this subject. The mode of proceeding, in regard to Associations conducted by Gentlemen, has been explicitly detailed in Chap. III. Sect. IV.; and the members of a District Committee will find no difficulty in accommodating the directions there given to the peculiar circumstances of a Ladies' Society. When the

Facility of establishing Ladies' Associations.

measure arises spontaneously with any Lady, the first proceeding, after forming a provisional committee of three or more Ladies, should be, to request the assistance of the nearest Auxiliary or Branch Committee, who immediately depute a judicious Sub-Committee,-if regular District Committees be not already appointed,-to meet the Ladies, and afford them every requisite aid in carrying the design into effect. It is the duty of those gentlemen to make the necessary arrangements for the general meeting; to conduct the proceedings of such meeting; and to relieve the Ladies of all that part of the business which involves publicity and active exertion.

2. Such is the facility with which a Ladies' Bible Associa tion may be established, and the readiness of the female sex to co-operate in this work of benevolence, that the author has frequently found a few hours sufficient for the purpose. After introducing the subject at the annual meeting of an Auxiliary or Branch Society, and briefly explaining the nature and design of the proposed institution, accompanied with a sketch of the results of similar societies, a meeting of Ladies has been appointed for the same evening, or the following day, when the Association has been regularly formed, and the Committee organised. Whether this plan, or the more deliberate and methodical mode alluded to in the preceding paragraph, be adopted, the following order of proceedings will be found to 'embrace the several heads of business to be transacted.-The entries in italics will be considered as manuscript.


Aylesbury, 18th September, 1817.

At a Meeting convened for the purpose of establishing a LADIES' BIBLE ASSOCIATION for Aylesbury and its vicinity;

Sir James Macintosh, Bart. in the Chair.

A. B. having explained the nature and design of the proposed society, and detailed the beneficial effects of similar institutions in other places, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted; viz.

No. 1. Moved by C. D.; seconded by E. F..

"That a Society be now formed, to be called The Aylesbury Ladies' Bible Association;' of wich the following shall be the Rules and Regulations." (See Rules, Section III.)

No. 2. Moved by G. H.; seconded by I. K.

"That the following be the Officers of this Association; viz.

Lady Nugent......... Patroness.
Lady Macintosh......President.

Order of Proceedings at the Formation of an Association.

[blocks in formation]

"And that the following Ladies be members of the COMMITTEE, with power to add to their number, and to obtain such further patronage as they may deem suitable ;" viz.

[Here follow the names of the Ladies.]

No. 3. Moved by L. M.; seconded by N. O.

"That the following be the By-Laws of the Committee of this Associa tion." (See By-Laws, Section 111.)

No. 4. Moved by P. Q.; seconded by R. S.

"That the Secretaries be authorised to get two hundred copies of the Rules. and By-Laws, and five hundred copies of the Form of the Monthly Reports, printed and to procure the requisite account-books, papers, and collectingbags, for the use of the Association; and that they send, as soon as possible, to the Collectors of each district,


Six copies of the Rules and By-Laws.

A Visiting Book,

A Collecting Book, properly marked and headed.

A Collecting Bag, marked with the number of the district.

A Form of the Monthly Report.

Twenty Bible Subscribers' Cards.

Twenty Transfer Tickets;

And a supply of printed Papers.

On the receipt of which, the several District Committees are requested to commence their inquiries."

(For Specimens of the Books, Papers, &c. alluded to in this resolution, see Sect.V.)

No. 5. Moved by T. U.; seconded by W. X.

That the Committee meet at the National School-Room, on next Monday, the 22d instant, at eleven o'clock precisely, in order to divide the town and neighbourhood into convenient districts, and appoint one or more members to each as collectors. And that such meeting be open to any other Ladies **who may feel disposed to join the Committee."


No. 6. Moved by Y. Z.; seconded by A. B.

That the cordial thanks of this meeting be presented to A. B., for the favor of his company and assistance on this occasion."

No. 7. Moved by C. D.; seconded by E. F.

"That the thanks of this meeting be presented to the Chairman, for his able and obliging conduct in the Chair.""

The Chairman having acknowledged the vote of thanks, adjourned the meeting.


In addition to the remarks on this branch of the subject, in the corresponding divisions of the preceding Chapters, the following hints may be found useful:

A clear Explanation of the System should be given.

1. The business should be opened by a Gentleman who is perfectly acquainted with the subject, and competent to explain the nature and design of the proposed institution. Many benevolent Ladies are deterred from offering their services on these occasions, under an apprehension that the duties are arduous, and the time required to fulfil them more than they can spare,-who would cheerfully unite if they understood the simple nature of those duties, and how small the sacrifice of time really is. It is therefore of importance that this, and every other difficulty, should be obviated, and any doubts satisfactorily removed. As the meeting may be considered of a select description, an opportunity is afforded for friendly discussion; and the Ladies should be invited to make any inquiries that may lead to a more perfect knowledge of the system.

11. The Gentleman who moves the First Resolution, should take a concise but clear review of the object and intention of each particular regulation. It is vain to hope, that rules which are not fully understood will be strictly obeyed: and as this code contains no provision which has not been found necessary, every requisite explanation of their practical tendency and effects should be given in this stage of the proceedings.

III. If suitable Ladies have not previously signified their consent to accept the honorary offices of Patroness, President, &c., the Second Resolution may be so expressed as to convey an invitation to those who are selected; or the choice may be left to the future decision of the Committee, and the word "further," at the close of the minute, be omitted. In the appointment of Treasurer and Secretaries, the remarks submitted in the preceding chapters may afford some useful suggestions.

It should be observed, that in Associations connected with a Ladies' Branch Society, no honorary officers but Presidents are elected; the List of Patronage being considered applicable to all the united Associations.

IV. The preceding observation, No. 11., is equally applicable to the gentleman who moves the Third Resolution. As it is the peculiar property of the By-Laws, to point out the manner in which the Rules of the Society shall be carried into effect, they cannot be too clearly illustrated. For this purpose, specimens of the various books, papers, &c., should be exhibited, and their several uses explained; and every apparent difficulty should be met by a clear and explicit statement of the mode of proceeding adopted in other places. If there be not sufficient time to enter into those important and highly necessary details, the discussion of the third and fourth Resolutions may be deferred to the first meeting of the Committee. It will, however, be most expedient to adopt them at this primary meeting, not only to enable the Secretaries to make the necessary arrangements without delay, but to give the ladies present a clear and uninterrupted view of the whole subject.

v. It will be found highly conducive to the interests of the Asso


Proceedings at the First Meeting of the Committee.

ciation, if the gentlemen who take the lead in its establishment meet the Treasurer and Secretaries immediately after the meeting, in order to give them such hints and instructions, relative to their respective duties, as may appear necessary. At this interview, if not previously arranged, the Secretaries may select their several departments, and adopt measures for complying with the provisions of the Fourth Resolution, which should be carried into effect with the least possible delay.

VI. The time appointed for the first meeting of the Committee, according to the Fifth Resolution, will generally depend on the convenience of the gentlemen who attend on behalf of the Parent or Auxiliary Society, and whose presence will be found highly beneficial, until the Association is completely organized. It will save considerable time, if the Secretaries, assisted by gentlemen who possess local information, prepare a list of suitable districts before the first meeting of the Committee, when any requisite alteration may be easily made. The Minute Secretary should send an official notice to every member; and the company of any other ladies who may feel disposed to join the Committee should be solicited. The Cash and Bible Secretaries should see that a suitable place is engaged for the Committee Meeting.

5. The following transcript of the Proceedings at the First Committee Meeting of a Bible Association, with the observations subjoined, will convey a clear idea of the mode of organization :

At the First Meeting of the Committee, held at the National School Room, 22d September, 1817;


Mrs. H., President, in the Chair.

Messrs. A. B., C. D., and E. F., Visitors;

and the following Members of the Committee.

(Here follow the Names.)

The Resolutions of the General Meeting having been read,― 1. RESOLVED, That the duties of the Secretaries be thus defined :

Miss B. A. to be Minute Secretary.

Miss D. C.


Mrs. E. F.




and that the Minute Secretary furnish her Colleagues and the Treasurer with proper Books and Papers.

2. That the following Ladies be added to the Committee; viz.(Here the Names and Address of those who have consented to act, are inserted.) 3. That the following Ladies be invited to join this Committee by the Ladies respectively annexed to their names; viz.

Miss A. R.

[ocr errors]

Miss B.

Mrs. N.

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

by Miss A.
by Mrs. F.

by Miss G.

(Here follow the Names of other Ladies proposed and approved.)

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