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1. The importance of this part of the system will be evident to those who have considered the habits of the labouring classes of society, especially in large towns. Either from choice, or from necessity, their change of residence is frequent; and great inconvenience has consequently arisen in carrying the regulations of the Society into effect. After several years' experience of the advantages of this plan, it is recommended, as the most simple and effectual mode of preventing loss to the subscriber, and trouble to the collector.

II. The tickets are printed on stout paper; their size is that of the annexed specimens; and a few of both kinds are given to the respective collectors, with their books and papers. Should more be required, they are supplied on application to the Minute Secretary.

III. In both the cases to which the following Specimens refer, the subscribers removed into other districts of the same Association; consequently the mode of proceeding in reference to such instances will be first considered.

When a Free Contributor or Bible Subscriber removes into ano

First Specimen of the TRANSFER TICKET.

ther district of the same Association, it is unnecessary for the Secretaries to take any notice of such removal in the "List of Free Contributors," or "Bible Book." But when the party removes to a place within the compass of another Association, an entry of the fact should be made, opposite to the name, in the proper book.

IV. In reference to the FIRST SPECIMEN-The collectors of district No. 2, having ascertained that William Hatton had removed to Broad Street, which is not in their district, made the requisite entries in their Collecting-book, and filled up this Transfer-ticket; which was put into their bag, and presented, with their report and money, at the next Committee-meeting. On calling it over, in its turn, it appeared that No. 7, Broad Street, is in district No. 12; and the ticket was accordingly handed to the collectors of that district, who were thus prevented from calling on him before the termination of the quarter, and reminded of doing so at the time. proper

v. The mode of proceeding with regard to Bible Subscribers' Transfer-tickets is somewhat different, and is illustrated by the SECOND SPECIMEN. The collectors having been informed by Elizabeth Day, that she was about to remove to Long Lane, made the requisite entry in their book, and gave her this ticket, properly filled up and signed; informing her, that she would be regularly called on by other Ladies of the Committee, to whom she should give this ticket. A duplicate ticket having been put into the bag, and presented at the Committee, was handed to the collectors of District No. 6, which comprises Long Lane; and being entered in their Collecting Book as a new subscriber, who had paid 1s. 3d., she was called on, in course, on the following Monday.

From the preceding observations, it will be evident, that an Association will require double the number of BIBLE-Subscribers' Transfer-tickets.



Charles,' Plymouth,



William Hatton, a FREE Contributor of 1s. 6d. a Quarter, has removed from this District, and now resides at No. 7, Broad Street.

18th of Oct. 1819.

Caroline Thompson, Collector.

N. B. The last payment was made on the 4th of October.

Second Specimen,-and further Observations on the Transfer Tickets.



Charles', Plymouth,



Elizabeth Day has removed from this District, and now resides at No. 21, Long Lane. Has paid 1s. 3d. towards

a Testament.

25th of Oct. 1819.

Jane Brown, Collector.

VI. The mode of proceeding, in all cases where the subscriber removes from one to another district of the same Association, is thus clear and simple. But as the place to which the individual has removed may belong to another Association, in connexion with the same Ladies' Branch Society, the mode pursued in such case should next be considered.

1. The FREE-CONTRIBUTORS' Transfer-ticket is presented by the collectors, as in the former case, to the Committee, and is given in charge to the CASH Secretary, who hands it over, at the next meeting of the Branch Committee, to the Cash Secretary of that Association into which the contributor has removed; and she delivers it, as mentioned in the Fourth Observation, to the proper collector.

2. The BIBLE-SUBSCRIBERS' Transfer-ticket is, as in the former case, delivered to the subscriber, and the duplicate presented to the Committee; but the latter is retained and filed by the BIBLE Secretary. The counterpart being received by the collectors of the district into which the subscriber has removed, is presented at their Committee, and retained and filed by the Bible Secretary of their Association. At the end of the year, a little bill is furnished by the latter Association to the former; which, after having been checked by means of the duplicate tickets, is discharged by a resolution of that Committee which had received the first part of the payment. All money thus received, is reported by the Bible Secretary, and entered, at the end of the District Collections, in the Cash


Or the claims on all sides may be cancelled, by a resolution of each Committee to that effect, if the amounts be inconsiderable. In Associations connected with the same Ladies' Branch, this is strongly recommended.

Observations on the LOAN TICKETS.

Book, under the head" Bible Secretary."-See No. xv. FIRST SPECIMEN.

VII. Where no Ladies' Branch Society is formed, but two or more Associations are in connexion with an Auxiliary or Branch Society, a similar mode of proceeding may be adopted: and in the Metropolis, the plan of a periodical "Conference" affords peculiar facilities for carrying it into effect.


VIII. This subject may appear of comparatively trifling importance but those who have had experience in the practical duties of Bible Associations, will not speedily forget the difficulties and misrepresentations to which they were subjected before the introduction of this plan, by the adoption of which they have been entirely obviated.

IX. It must be evident that this mode cannot be pursued when the Bible Subscriber removes to a considerable distance, as the expense of postage precludes the necessary intercourse. The usual proceeding in such a case, is, either to refund the money received, or to get the subscriber to authorise some person to continue the subscription, and receive the Bible or Testament. Occurrences of this kind are not very uncommon; and the character and reputation of the society will be best maintained, by immediately refunding the money paid by any subscriber thus circumstanced, who may wish to have it returned.


It has been already observed, that the Association in question has adopted the Loan-Fund plan. For the Rules and Regulations by which it is governed, and a short statement of its more prominent advantages, the 'reader is referred to Chap. VIII. Sect. II. It is now necessary to describe the practical application of these Rules.

1. The Tickets are of the same size as the Specimen, and are printed on stout paper. They are stitched in books, containing 100 Tickets each; and given in charge to the BIBLE Secretary, who places one of the books before the Treasurer at every Committee meeting.

II. In the case to which the Specimen refers, it will be found (see No. 1. Second Specimen) that the collectors describe Mary Candler as destitute of the holy scriptures, " a widow, and very poor;" circumstances which they, very properly, judged to be sufficient grounds for recommending her to the Committee, as a suitable object for a Loan Testament. She was accordingly recommended in their next Monthly Report (see No. x, Second Specimen); and being approved by the Committee, the ticket was filled up by the Treasurer at the table, and handed to the collectors, by

• When the Chair is filled by the Treasurer, she requests one of the Collectors to sit near her, and fulfil this duty.


NO. X.-COLLECTORS' MONTHLY REPORT. Hitherto we have considered the duties of a Collector, only in reference to her character as such; but we have now to view her as a member of the Committee, and as supplying that information which shall satisfy herself, her colleagues, and the public; that the cause of benevolence wherein she is engaged is one that is worthy of pursuit, and that the results of her exertions are beneficial to her fellow-creatures.

1. This Report is contained on both sides of a half sheet of copy paper; and should be filled up previous to the meeting of the Committee, and placed, with the money collected, in the Bag.

II. The importance of these Monthly Reports will be evident, when it is considered, that it is to them we are indebted for the most full and authentic details relative to the domestic proceedings of the Bible Society. The Collectors may be considered as the representatives of that Institution, within their allotted sphere of usefulness; and their reports constitute the materials for those general statements which the Association furnishes to the Branch or Auxiliary Society; as well as an interesting portion of the annual details published by the latter, and transmitted to the Parent Institution. This periodical information, like the contributions by which it is accompanied, may be compared to those rivulets, small but refreshing, that gradually increase the river into which they flow, till the united waters, rolling onward, dispense health and fertility around.

III. An examination of the FIRST SPECIMEN will convince the reader, that the form of this report is so prepared as to save the time and trouble of the Collectors as much as possible: but care should be taken that every blank is filled. The erroneous insertion of a subscriber's name a second time is one of the principal risks against which a Collector must be on her guard. It should be always remembered, that the only information required, under this head, relates to those who have become subscribers, or free contributors, since the preceding report; and that the object is, to enable the Secretaries to keep a correct list of all the contributors and subscribers. All persons giving donations, should be included, during the current year, in the return of "Number of Free Contributors." A reference to the Collecting Book (See No. 11. Second Specimen) will afford any further requisite explanation.

IV. It frequently happens, especially at the commencement of an Association, that the spaces left for the insertion of new sub-scribers' names are inadequate to the purpose. In such case, a piece of paper should be appended to the report, for those names which cannot be inserted in the printed form. It will be perceived, that the other particulars required are also obtained from the Collecting Book; and their importance will be obvious to those who consider how necessary it is to provide a constant check on the books of the Association, in order that any inaccuracy or omission may be promptly corrected,

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