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Influence of the Holy Scriptures, in Suffering and the approach of Death. small weekly allowance certain, I inquired how the remainder of his wants were supplied. Why, Sir,' said he, ''tis true, as you say, seven shillings a-week would never support us: but, when it is gone, I rely upon the promise I find in this Book, Bread shall be given him, and his water shall be sure.' I asked him, if he ever felt tempted to repine, under the pressure of so long-continued and heavy a calamity? Not for the last three years,' said he; blessed be GOD for it!'-the eye of faith sparkling, and giving life to his pallid countenance, while he made the declaration ; for I have learned in this Book in whom to believe: and though I am aware of my weakness and unworthiness, I am persuaded that he will never leave me nor forsake me. And so it is, that often when my lips are closed with locked-jaw, and I cannot speak to the glory of GOD, he enables me to sing his praises in my heart.'

"This, and much more, did I hear during my first visit: and, in my subsequent visits (for I am not ashamed to say, that often, for my own benefit, have I gone to the cottage of this afflicted man), I generally found him with his Bible on his knees, and uniformly witnessed the like resignation flowing from the blessing of GOD upon the constant perusal of his Holy Word. He died with a hope full of immortality, and is now gone to the rest that remaineth for the people of God. And gladly would I sink into the obscurity of the same cottage, gladly even would I languish in the same chair, could I but enjoy the same uninterrupted communion with God, be always filled with the same strong consolation, and always behold with equally vivid perception sparkling before me, the same celestial


"What, I would ask, what but the heartfelt influence of the truths of religion, what but the most decided faith in the promises of the Gospel, could enable a man to sustain such a continuity of affliction, not merely with tranquillity, but with thankfulness? And what can convince an individual of the utility, nay, the duty, of distributing Bibles among the indigent, who does not become persuaded by such an example as this? for all this poor man's knowledge, and all his internal comfort, were derived from the Word of God!"




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1 COR. XIV. 40.

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THE following suggestions are respectfully submitted to those who superintend and conduct the operations of these important Institutions; under a hope that they may facilitate their proceedings, and explain every point of apparent difficulty. In many of them, a degree of repetition, and a minuteness of detail, will be observed: but these defects appear of minor consequence, when compared with the advantages to be derived from a clear and accurate knowledge of the system.

Those passages in the Hints to the Officers which are in Italics, are exclusively applicable to Associations connected with a Ladies' Branch. In every case where difficulty was anticipated, a note has been subjoined; and it is hoped the purport has been rendered sufficiently clear to explain the mode pursued in all Bible Associations, however constituted, and whether conducted by Ladies or Gentlemen.

All the Specimens referred to will be found in Chap. VII. Section V., unless it be stated to the contrary.


1. The President of a Bible Association may render essential services to the cause, by attending the Meetings, and taking the chair of the Committee.

2. A similar remark is applicable to the VICE-PRESIDENTS, one of whom occupies the chair in the President's absence.

3. Punctuality of attendance is highly desirable, not only as an example to the other members, but that the business may commence precisely at the hour appointed, and much valuable time be saved.

4. In the circles wherein they move, these officers may materially promote the object of the Institution, by circulating information on the subject, and correcting erroneous impressions. It is

TREASURER'S Duties-at a Committee-Meeting.

searcely necessary to add, that they will be better qualified to effect this if they regularly attend the meetings of the Committee, and judge for themselves.


The only book of which the Treasurer takes charge is the small Cash-Book-Specimen No. XXII.

The duties of the Treasurer are as follow:


At a Committee-Meeting

1. In the absence of the President and Vice-Presidents, to take the chair, and preserve order.

2. To be intimately acquainted with the several duties of the Minute, Cash, and Bible Secretaries; and with the regular order of proceeding at a Committee-meeting.

3. To regulate the proceedings by the Agenda, or paper of busi ness (See Specimen, No. XII.), then laid before the chair by the Minute Secretary.

4. When a resolution has been moved and seconded, to request the opinion of the Committee by a shew of hands, both for and against.

5. While the Minute Secretary reads the Collectors' Reports, the Treasurer (if not in the chair) will observe that the Testaments LENT are accounted for; make out a list of applications for LOANS; and, when voted by the Committee, fill up tickets for their delivery, and give them to the Collectors. When the Treasurer presides, she requests one of the Collectors to sit at the table, and perform this duty. The regularity and decorum of the meeting should constitute the sole object of attention with the individual who presides.

6. To sign the Cash Secretary's statement, after having compared it with the entries in her own book.

7. ↑ The Treasurer is recommended to fill up her Monthly Report to the Ladies' Branch (see Specimen, No. XXIII.) before she leaves the table of the Association Committee; or to fix a time of meeting with the Secretaries for this purpose. A duplicate copy of this Report should be handed to the Minute Secretary, to paste into the Report Book.

8. The Treasurer to consider herself, upon all subjects before the BRANCH Committee, as the representative of her Association; and as such, present, monthly, a Report; and pay over the amount voted by her Committee to the Cash Secretary of the Ladies' Branch.

* This hint is, of course, inapplicable to those Associations which have not adopted the plan of a Loan Fund.

Should the plan of transmitting Monthly Reports to the Auxiliary (or Branch) Societies with which they are connected, be hereafter adopted by any Associations, this suggestion will be equally applicable to them.

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MINUTE SECRETARY's Duties—at a Committee-Meeting.

9. The money voted should be paid to the Cash Secretary of the Ladies' Branch only at the Branch Committee-meetings.

10. The Treasurer is particularly requested, never to pay any money until furnished by the Minute Secretary with a copy of the vote of the Committee authorising such payment. This copy to be filed as a voucher.


The Minute Secretary takes charge of the "Rough Minute Book," the "Fair Minute Book," and the "Report Book" (see Specimens, No. XI. and No. XIII.); and is considered the Depositary for all the books and papers required by the Collectors, except those relating to the delivery of Bibles and Testaments.

Her duties are,—

At a Committee-Meeting

1. To place the Agenda, or paper of business, previously prepared, before the Lady who presides.

2. To take up the business from the minutes of the last meeting, when they have been read by the Bible Secretary; and either report each of them "Complied with," or move "That it be continued." 3. To call for the Treasurer's Report; read, and attach the same to the Rough Minute Book.

4. To call for the Cash Secretary's Monthly Statement; read, and attach it to the Rough Minute Book.

5. To call for the Bible Secretary's Report; read, and attach it to the Rough Minute Book.

N. B. If what is termed "a Guard Book" be procured by the Minute Secretary, and these Reports be pasted in it, in regular order, after every Committee-meeting, it will save considerable time in copying; as a reference to the page of the Guard Book will be quite sufficient to insert in the Fair Minute Book.

6. To call for Reports from the Collectors of each District, beginning with No. 1, and read audibly the amount of "Free Contributions," "Bible Subscriptions," and "Total;" with the other particulars on the first page; then the "Facts and Observations :" and, if correctly filled up, proceed to reverse them successively upon the table, separating those which require observation, to be read and considered subsequently, whilst the Cash Secretary is adding up her columns.

7. To move that the Reports then read be received.

8. + To read over the list of Loans applied for, and move that they be granted.

In reference to Associations connected directly with an Auxiliary (or Branch) Society, the Treasurer remits the money to the Cash Secretary of such Society, and requests an acknowledgment of the remittance.

+ Where the Loan Fund is not established, this suggestion is, of course, inapplicable.

Minute Secretary's Duties—after a Committee-Meeting.

9. To inquire if any member of the Committee wish to propose any Lady as a Collector or Visitor. The absent person, being proposed and seconded by Ladies who know her, will be received by vote of the Committee, and immediately appointed to a district.

10. To report any vacant districts, in order that they may be supplied with Collectors.

11. To propose new business.

12. To call for the Cash Secretary's Report; and move that the amount be paid over to the Treasurer.

13.*To move that the Treasurer pay over a certain even sum to the Cash Secretary of the Ladies' Branch.

14. To inquire if any Lady have any new business to propose. 15. To read over the Minutes of the meeting before the Committee separate.

After a Committee-Meeting

1. To copy the Minutes into the Fair Minute Book; and enter into the Report Book all the important "Facts and Observations" contained in the Reports of that month; and afterwards file the Reports, date them, and preserve them, with all other documents belonging to the Association.

2. To copy, and send to the Treasurer, the Minute authorising her to make every payment; to the Cash Secretary, a copy of the Minute authorising payments to the Treasurer; to the Minute Secretary of the Ladies' Branch, †t a copy of any Minute requiring her attention; and to every other person whom it may concern, a copy of the Minute specifying the duty to be discharged by such


3. To give the Collectors any instructions they may require relative to their duties; to supply them with Visiting and Collecting Books (see No. 1. and No. 11.), and all other requisites suited to their several districts.

4. To keep a small assortment of the various kinds of papers for the use of the Collectors, and appoint a time when they may be delivered.

5. To issue all notices of Special Committee-meetings.

6. When the District Committee of the Ladies' Branch are assembled to draw up their Monthly Report (each furnishing her quota), the Minute Secretary is to write it; filling up the blanks contained in the printed form, and selecting the most interesting facts for insertion.

7. A copy of the District Committee's Report, as above, is to be

• It is evident, that in reference to Associations connected directly with an Auxiliary (or Branch) Society, this vote will be so expressed. In these cases the remittance is made to the Cash Secretary of the Auxiliary (or Branch) Society, and an acknowledgment requested, which is preserved as a voucher by the Treasurer of the Association.

Or, the Secretary of the Auxiliary (or Branch) Society, in cases where no Ladies' Branch intervenes.

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