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Bible Secretary's Duties-with respect to the Loan Fund.

4. That the checks be filed, and the blanks in the Bible Book opposite to the receiver's name filled up, before the Bible or Testament shall be delivered to the subscriber.

5. To receive the Collectors' Monthly Reports from the Cash Secretary, and regularly enter the names of new Bible subscribers in the Bible Book; mark the Reports in one corner B. S., and forward them to the Minute Secretary.

6. Every parcel of Bibles and Testaments sent from the Ladies' Branch to the Bible Secretary of an Association, ought to be accompanied by an invoice. (See Specimen No. 4, Chap. II. Sect. V.) The particulars of the Bibles and Testaments specified in this invoice should be immediately entered in her book (see No. XVIII. Second Specimen) by the Bible Secretary; who should then fold and indorse the invoice, and hand it to the Cash Secretary of the Association, by whom the amount is entered to the credit of the Ladies' Branch.† 7. Any damaged copies, or those which are badly or incorrectly bound, should be immediately returned to the Bible Secretary of the Ladies' Branch, and exchanged for perfect copies of the same description.

With respect to the Loan Fund, to observe

1. That the Loan Fund be kept distinct from the Depository; the Bibles and Testaments to be marked on the edges of the leaves, when shut, "LENT;" and on the ends, No. (from one upwards); and marked in the title-page according to the Loan-Fund Rules. -See Section II. of this Chapter.

2. The Loan Stock to be always supplied by means of a distinct subscription, separate from the funds of the Society; and the Bible Secretary to invest the amount in the purchase of Bibles and Testaments, at the reduced prices, at the Depository of the Auxiliary Society. The stock to be regularly entered in the "Loan Fund Book."-See No. XXI.

N. B. The subscription for the Loan Fund is generally raised at the first meeting of the Committee; and strangers who may be present are invited to contribute.

3. Frequently to inspect the Loan Stock; and apply to the Collectors for any Bibles or Testaments kept beyond the specified time without having been reported to the Committee. A regular entry to be made in the "Loan-Fund Book" (see Second Specimen of No. XXI.), opposite to the number of the copy, when it is returned, and an acknowledgment of its receipt given to the Collector. N.B. It will save time and trouble if the Bible Secretary fill in

the day and hours of delivery, in ALL the tickets, before they are used. The same time may be specified for Loans as for delivery to subscribers.

Or from the Secretary, or Depositary, of an Auxiliary (or Branch) Society. +Or of the Auxiliary (or Branch) Society.

These observations are inapplicable to Associations which do not adopt the "Loan-Fund" system.

General Hints to the Officers.

Previous to a Public Distribution

1. To get a sufficient supply of Bibles and Testaments in readiness, not only to answer the demands of the Collectors' lists, but a few of each sort in reserve, to answer any unexpected demand.

2. To receive the Collectors' lists; and fill up and give to each Collector, at or as soon as possible after the Committee-meeting preceding a public distribution, a sufficient number of Delivery Tickets, filled up according to such Collector's list, requesting the Collectors to sign them, and hand them to their subscribers.

3. To see the Bibles and Testaments arranged upon the table in front of the chair, each sort by itself, at least an hour before the time advertised for the meeting; and to place a list of the subscribers to be supplied before the Chairman.

4. Immediately after the meeting, to collect the remaining Bibles and Testaments, and the tickets, which should be afterwards filed in order. See Section II. of this Chapter.


1. It will be found to save considerable time, and to facilitate the business, if the Treasurer and Secretaries meet half an hour before the other members of the Committee. This is found particularly useful at the commencement of a Bible Association.

II. The Treasurer and Secretaries should each have a list of the Collectors and their residences, with a specification of the districts to which they are respectively attached; and any alterations should be promptly noticed in these lists.

III. The Secretaries will find it advantageous to paste the Rules and By-Laws, the Rules of the Loan Fund, and other official regulations, inside the covers of their account-books; and the Bible Secretary should have a specimen of the types pasted in the "Bible Book."

IV. The Cash and Bible Secretaries apply to the Minute Secretary, as the Depositary of the Association, for any books or papers they may require.

v. The quarterly examination of the Collecting Books, by calling them over with the Cash and Bible Secretaries' Books, should never be omitted. A special notice of this meeting should be sent to every Collector by the Minute Secretary.

VI. The Presidents, Treasurers, and Secretaries, of Bible Associations, should avail themselves of every suitable opportunity to impress on the minds of Collectors the importance of a steady

These suggestions, it will be perceived, are only applicable where the mode of public distribution is adopted.

These hints are equally applicable to all Bible Associations.


COLLECTORS' Duties-in reference to Selection of Districts.

adherence to the singleness and purity of the object embraced by the Bible Society. The conversation of Collectors with those on whom they call, should, if possible, be such as to preclude their knowing to what religious denomination the Collectors belong; while the latter should humbly and constantly endeavour to adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour in all things."



In reference to their Selection of Districts.

1. Some Ladies prefer collecting near home, and others select a more distant district. This is a matter of individual choice but Collectors are strongly recommended to exercise caution; and having once chosen their district, not to allow any ordinary consideration to induce a change, which is equally injurious to themThe poor, grateful for those visits of selves and to the cause. mercy, gradually become attached to the Collectors; but frequent change of districts impairs, if it do not destroy, this effect, with all its collateral advantages.

2. Similar caution is necessary in the selection of their colleagues. In these weekly visits, and in the considerations which they involve, friendship has found a powerful cement, and relative affection a new and sacred charm. But Ladies will find advantage in consulting the interests of the cause, rather than their own inclinations.

3. Many Ladies will find it necessary, at the commencement of an Association, to be on their guard against the temptation of too extensive usefulness. It is no uncommon circumstance to see a Collector volunteer for two or three districts, particularly when those already appointed to them are her intimate friends or relatives. But it will generally be found, that one moderately-sized district is a sufficient field of labour for mind and body; and, by confining her exertions within these limits, a Collector will rarely find her duties oppressive, but, on the contrary, a source of increasing interest and gratification. Volunteers for the temporary occupation of a district are, however, very desirable in some cases, but only until more permanent Collectors are obtained,


(See Visiting Book, No. 1.)

1. Having been informed, by the Minute Secretary, of the day on which they are expected to commence their visits, the Lady

The alterations necessary in order to render these Hints applicable to Gentlemen's Associations, will suggest themselves to the reader's mind. Those which refer to the "Loan Fund," "Transfer Tickets," or "Public Distributions," are, of course, inapplicable where these parts of the system, respectively, are not adopted.

Collectors' Duties-as regards Visiting:

whose name stands first in the appointment will be furnished with the following Books, Papers, &c.; viz.

[blocks in formation]

2 Specimens of Types.. See Appendix, No. IV.

6 Copies of Rules and By-Laws. See Sect. III, Chap. VII.

An Assortment of Papers explana- See Appendix.

tory of the object for distribution.

N.B. The uses of these several Books and Papers will be found detailed in the Observations prefixed to each Specimen.

2. Having arranged with each other the time for setting out, which should, if possible, be in the forenoon, the Collector to whom they are entrusted prepares the Visiting Book, a few Bible Subcriber's Cards (with the names and address of the Collectors written on the back), a Specimen of the Types, Copy of the Rules and ByLaws, and the papers for distribution (see Appendix), folded and arranged according to their various kinds. Of these last, Nos I. III. V. VI. and VII. will be found best adapted for circulation among the higher classes, and Nos. VIII. IX. and XII. most suitable for the poor; No. X. is specially addressed to Female Servants; and No. XI. to Mariners.

3. As one Collector never calls at the house of another for the purpose of soliciting contributions, the first names entered should be those of the members of the Collectors' families who may feel inclined to contribute.

4. To those benevolent Ladies who are in the habit of visiting the humble abodes of poverty and industry, it may appear superfluous "to observe, that the slightest marks of attention and respect are peculiarly grateful to the poor: but as these hints are intended principally for those who have not yet acquired an intimate knowledge of this numerous class of their fellow creatures, it may not be unnecessary to remark, what experience will soon confirm, that the surest passport to the heart of the cottager is the evidence of interest and kindness.

5. In reference to the "Visiting Book," it will be understood, that the information required relative to the "Number who can read," &c. applies exclusively to the poor, and will be best attained by requesting to know how many can read; as few are

Where the "Committee Card" (see No. iv.) is adopted, one should be given to each Collector; and, in Associations that do not hold public distributions, two books of "Delivery Tickets," (see Specimen, No. vII.), one for Bibles, and the other for Testaments, are given to the Collectors of every district. This may be done in all Associations, if the number of Bibles and Testaments thus distributed be considerable.

Conduct to pursue when visiting their Districts.

willing to acknowledge they cannot, especially to strangers. To obtain this, and all other necessary information, Collectors should avoid the appearance of doing so formally, but suffer the conversation to lead naturally to those points.

6. While one Collector is conversing with the inhabitants, her colleague should select such paper or papers as appear suitable; and, if the party be not perfectly satisfied with the explanation of the object, an intimation should be given that the Collectors will call the ensuing Monday, when the perusal of the papers left may have given a more satisfactory view of the subject.

7. Collectors should be particularly careful not to offer Bibles or Testaments under Cost prices. When evident poverty and discouragement, on the part of the subscriber, render it expedient to deliver the copy before cost price has been paid, it should be done with a clear understanding that the subscription is to be renewed when ability admits.

To excite and perpetuate a habit of saving and economy, is one grand collateral benefit of Bible Associations; and it is evident that the longer this habit is fostered, the greater is the chance of its becoming a permanent principle of action. It is likewise an established fact, that Bibles which are sold are not only more prized, but more read.

8. Parents, who cannot read, should be encouraged to subscribe for Bibles and Testaments for their children who can; and a hint may be beneficially given, of the comfort of sitting down together of an evening, and hearing the child read the sacred volume to the assembled family.

9. The Specimen of the Types will enable subscribers to select the most suitable Bible or Testament: but children, and those whose sight is good, should not be encouraged to subscribe for the higherpriced editions.

10. While one of the Collectors enters the name, &c. of a Bible Subscriber, her colleague should fill up a card, with ink; insert the sum paid, opposite to the date; and explain the object of leaving it.

11. The object of the Bible Society should be fully stated, in plain, simple language; and any questions addressed to the Collectors should be kindly and patiently answered. The principal end of a first visit is to make the design of the Society clearly known.

12. The requisite particulars, and the amount of money received, should be correctly entered in the "Visiting Book," before leaving

the house.

13. Collectors should endeavour to make the poor sensible of the privilege they enjoy, in being thus enabled to obtain so inestimable a treasure by such easy means.

Free Contributions.

1. These should never be accepted from persons who are receiving parochial relief; nor from that class of females too justly termed "unfortunate." But as suitable opportunities offer, both should be

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